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Master List of Discussions (12/23/2012)

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Posted 30 December 2012 - 10:24 PM

Here be the Master List for the discussion threads. It's easier to keep track of one thread discussing a topic instead of multiple threads all overlapping and saying the same thing. This thread will be updated as new topics or new discussion threads are needed. Once a thread reaches 400 posts (or 21 pages), it will be closed and a new thread with a link to the previous ones will be created so the discussion can continue.

Keep in mind of the following rules and adhere to it:
  • Threads must have a point to them, and encourage real conversation.
  • Posts must contain relevant content, and be more than a few words. Write in full sentences, and write more than one.
  • NO verses threads allowed (eg. Character vs. Character).
  • Posts in a thread should be about the thread topic, not anything else. No need for any OOC here.
  • Speak English. N0-|- 1337sp33k. If you couldn't read that last sentence, good for you.
  • Messages in Best/Weirdest threads must state why you like it/think it's weird.
  • This is not a spam zone. We know we probably sound a bit redundant here, but don't spam pointless threads or make a million of the same thing with a slightly different twist. And please, before you make a new thread, use the search function!
We will need your help and full cooperation in this thread. Please follow the rules above and make your request here if you're not sure about a new topic you want to open, have opened a new topic or if you have updated a thread...so we can make sure the Master List below is updated as well. Once they have been completed, we'll be removing the post. Other than that, please keep this thread free of spamming.

If you have any questions concerning some threads or some ideas you want to pass along, please PM any available mod online from the Moderating Team and we'll do our best to answer back in a timely matter.

Last update: December 23, 2012

Master List of Discussions



I should have all the links posted within the week. Thank you for your patience. Sena~

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Posted 04 February 2013 - 02:07 AM

I had some free time, so I hope this helps. ;)

Konoha Residents




  • Hatake Sakumo aka "White Fang" *See minor characters discussion
  • Hyuuga Neji
  • Maito Gai/Might Guy
  • Sarutobi Asuma *See minor characters discussion
  • Shizune *See minor characters discussion
  • Yamashiro Aoba *See minor characters discussion
  • Yuuhi Kurenai *See minor characters discussion

    Special Jonin

  • Mitarashi Anko *See minor characters discussion





  • Jiraiya
  • Shimura Danzou (Acting Sixth Hokage/ROOT)*See minor characters discussion
  • Mitokado Homura & Utatane Koharu (Elders of Konoha) *See minor characters discussion
  • Morino Ibiki (Head of ANBU)*See minor characters discussion
  • Sai (ROOT)
  • Shiho (Cryptology Squad member) *See minor characters discussion
  • Uchiha Shisui *See minor characters discussion
  • Uzumaki Kushina
  • Yamato/Tenzo (ANBU member)*See minor characters discussion
  • Sarada Uchiha
  • Next Shinobi Generation


    Current Akatsuki  Members

     Former Akatsuki  Members

Other Characters

    Minor Characters - General discussion for any character that doesn't hold a specific thread...


    Land of Fire

  • Konoha *see section named "Konoha Residents" for list


    Land of Water



  • Shodai Mizukage/First Mizukage *see group Kages
  • Nidaime Mizukage/Second Mizukage *see group Kages
  • Sandaime Mizukage/Third Mizukage *see group Kages
  • Yagura (Yondaime Mizukage/Fourth Mizukage)*see group Kages
  • Terumī Mei (Godaime Mizukage/Fifth Mizukage)


  • Ao (bodyguard of Mizukage) *See minor characters discussion
  • Haku *See minor characters discussion
  • Momochi Zabuza *See minor characters discussion


    Land of Sound

  • Orochimaru - former ninja of Konoha
  • Kimimaro *See minor characters discussion


        Taka (Hawk)/ Hibe (Snake) - Former ally to Akatsuki *see Groups & Clans


    Land of Wind



  • Shodai Kazekage/First Kazekage*see group Kages
  • Nidaime Kazekage/Second Kazekage *see group Kages
  • Sandaime Kazekage/Third Kazekage *see group Kages
  • Yondaime Kazekage/Fourth Kazekage*see group Kages
  • Gaara of the Desert (Godaime Kazekage/Fifth Kazekage)


  • Kankuro *See minor characters discussion
  • Temari *See minor characters discussion


    Land of Lightning



  • Shodai Raikage/First Raikage *see group Kages
  • Nidaime Raikage/Second Raikage *see group Kages
  • Sandaime Raikage/Third Raikage *see group Kages
  • Ē (Yondaime Raikage/Fourth Raikage)*see group Kages



    Land of Earth




  • Shodai Tsuchikage/ First Tsuchikage *see group Kages
  • Muu - The Invisible Man (Nidaime Tsuchikage/Second Tsuchikage) *see group Kages
  • Ōnoki (Sandaime Tsuchikage/Third Tsuchikage) *see group Kages


    Land of Iron

  • Mifune - General *See minor characters discussion

    Land of Rain

  • Nagato/Pein - former leader of Amegakure
  • Yahiko *See minor characters discussion
  • Konan *See minor characters discussion
  • Hanzō of the Salamander - former leader of Amegakure *See minor characters discussion


    Unnamed Nations

  • Uzumaki Karin - Village Hidden in the Grass; former member of Taka
  • Yakushi Kabuto - former right hand man of Orochimaru; former right hand man of Obito

Groups & Clans


    Ōtsutsuki Clan


    Uchiha Clan


    Senju Clan

  • Senju Butsuma*See minor characters discussion
  • Senju Itama*See minor characters discussion
  • Senju Kawarama*See minor characters discussion


    Groups & Organizations

     Other Topics


    General Topics

General Topics of Interest

    Story Discussions



        Character discussions

        Story-based discussions

      Miscellaneous Discussions

Miscellaneous Discussions

    Anime Discussions


    Other Discussions



Random Ideas, Theories & Speculations (RITS)

Best Tobi is ? Theories

  1. The Sage's Staff and Power by ANewLight
  2. Orochimaru's Yamanaka Conspiracy by ANewLight
  3. Juugo's Clan, The Juubi and Natural Energy by ANewLight
  4. The Phoenix & The Dragon by ANewLight
  5. The Uzumaki Shrine and the 27 Masks by ANewLight
  6. Senju Bloodline is Mutative Cells by battousaims
  7. Dr. Rikudou and Mr. Juubi by Yuber
  8. About Minato's Bijuu Powers by Raiken
  9. What is the Juubi going to transform into? by JayW
  10. Shikkotsurin Sage Mode by ANewLight
  11. Itachi's Lies by ANewLight
  12. Bringing Peace by ANewLight
  13. Naruto's KCM1/2 appearance and Minato's BM by Raiken
  14. Sasuke vs Naruto Final Fight by Lone_ant
  15. Bloody Mist, The History of Kirigakure by ANewLight
  16. Mokuton and the Juubi by JayW
  17. Sasuke's Steps Lead Towards The Forthcoming of The World's Peace! by tremik
  18. Plans, Plans, Plans. Everybody has a plan by ANewLight
  19. The Shinigami of the Shiki Fūjin by tremik
  20. Madara's Real Intentions and Revival Arc of Shinju! by tremik
  21. Why Kishi is turning to 'forgiveness' and 'friendship' as a solution for peace? by mrabel
  22. Susanoo A Clan's Absolute Defense by ANewLight
  23. The Death of Naruto, The Birth of a new Sage and Sasuke by ANewLight
  24. The Missing Link - a theory of everything by JayW
  25. Ninshuu / Ninjutsu - a world of opposites by JayW
  26. Kaguya's Mugen Tsukuyomi: The origin of Kekkei Genkai by ANewLight
  27. Conquering the Spirit World/The Distant Continent by Saiyan5nine-tails
  28. The Rise of ANewLight's Super Ultimate Great Big Sakura Theory of Doom remastered in HD and Then Downgraded In Technicolor! by ANewLight
  29. Snakes on a Plane by JayW
  30. Madara's Izanagi Clones... What Else This Could Mean? by ANewLight
  31. How much does Orochimaru know? by JayW
  32. Transmigration by JayW
  33. Mugen Tsukiyomi, The World, and Kaguya's Dream by Yuber
  34. Mark of the Shinju by JayW



Interviews or events


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Posted 17 July 2014 - 04:28 PM

Threads that need to be archived:

Who could be inside Spiral Zetsu (Spiral Zetsu was revealed to be Yamato inside of him.)

[Discussion] Relationships (Part 16)

[Discussion] Relationships (Part 17)

[Discussion] Relationships (Part 18)

Sasuke Uchiha (Part 2)

 [Character] Sakura Haruno (Part 9)
 [Character] Sakura Haruno (Part 10)


Doujutsu (Part 3)


Naruto: Chapter 619 Discussion

Naruto: Chapter 623 Discussion

 Naruto: Chapter 675 Discussion
 Naruto: Chapter 676 Discussion
 Naruto: Chapter 677 Discussion
Naruto: Chapter 679 Discussion

 Naruto: Chapter 680 Discussion

#4 Narubi


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Posted 22 July 2014 - 12:55 PM

Needs to be archived.

Obito Uchiha/Tobi (Part 2)

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