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[RP] Superpowered

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 06:47 PM

Seven days ago the world went insane. Against all laws of logic, individuals everywhere developed incredible powers that defied nature. Governments struggle to contain and control these odd occurrences but they fail. In some places, these empowered people fight for control using their abilities. In others they hide, fearing what will happen if they are revealed for what they are. In Clinton they do both. Some people have become celebrities, living in the light. Others have become shadows in the cities alleys and streets. A lot has happened in a week.

Sun rises on the city. A new day dawns. The people wake.

In a back alley two men wearing hooded jackets meet. One of them hands the other cash; he receives a brown paper bag in return. Genesis, a new drug manufactured by someone with a 'talent', is taking the streets by storm. It fills the user with an intense adrenaline high that makes them feel like they can do anything. Some people perform unnatural feats of strength or endurance - but their body pays the toll. People with torn muscles or broken bones and wide eyes fill emergency rooms, swearing they were fine.

On a city street a man wearing a brightly coloured lycra suit with a big T on the front lies bleeding. His eyes hold nothing but shock. He wheezes out breaths, bright red blood bubbling out of the gunshot wounds in his chest. A man wearing a cheap suit and a balaclava drops a pistol as he realizes he has just shot someone. He sprints down the street, dropping his forgotten stolen money, people parting in fear to let him pass. Both men think the same thing: "It wasn't meant to happen like this".

A door bearing the mark of a notoriously violent gang explodes into pieces as a man wearing a leather biker jacket is thrown through it. The entire bar goes silent as a middle-aged business man walks inside, neatly avoiding the wreckage that was once an entrance. He looks around once at the surprised faces and adjusts his glasses. A biker that had been standing by the door slams a pool cue into the back of his head. It shatters, shards cutting the bikers hand. Unfazed the man throws his assailant across the room as if he had weighed no more than a pillow. "Excuse my interruption", he says. "But it's time for my daily community service"

Sun rises on the city. A new day dawns. The people wake.

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 07:31 PM

A girl and a black swallowtail butterfly dance in red darkness. Something will Happen!

"It must be around here. I see... I feel strong spirit activity around" Thus, the blade is swung down.


Prologue: Death and Strawberry Madao


Meanwhile, somewhere else. 7:13 PM Friday.
"What the?! You suddenly appear and kick Yama-bro, plus you want us to get out of here? What are you saying? You wanna die, huh?"

Selim/36 years old

Hair color/ brown

Eye color/ sunglasses

Occupation/ looking for job

Special Skill/

"Say something, you... Bu... pu" "He kicked Toshi-bro in the face!" "Don't know what's going on, but I've never seen such irrational violence!"
Selim raised his hand and put his pointing finger on his mouth "Shush!" 

Then he pointed towards the broken flower vase by the side of the pole in the corner of the street! "That! What?" 

Then Selim pointed towards the stinky looking thug. "You... talk!"
"Umm... An offering to the kid who died here recently..." 

Selim couldn't understand his words. But he already knew the answer. "But broken!" Another kick in the face.
"Why broken?" Selim shouted angrily!

Selim/36 years old

Hair color/ brown

Eye color/ sunglasses

Occupation/ looking for job


"That's cuz we knocked it over while skate boarding... ?"

Special Skill/ "Ability to see ghosts"


Selim pointed towards the ghost  of the little girl standing right next to him.
"Say sorry!" 
"The fuck you talking about man? You crazy?"
Yama-bro, Toshi-bro and Mit-bro were already up, without a scratch. And they were quite angry!
Without noticing them, Selim cracked his knuckles and gave an angry look at the remaining 2 thugs.
"Now you bad kids! I beat you!"
The thugs responded him with an evil giggle... Then all 5 of them surrounded Selim. And of course, started beating him up.

The girl's ghost took out a notebook from her backpack and started browsing through the pages: "Umm... I don't think you guys are following the script!" and slapped her forehead..."Geez..."


After a while, Selim got back to his senses. He saw that the ghost of the girl was still there, and looked upset. Selim put on a painful but kind smile and said "Sorry girl... I..."
"Oh shut up you Madao! You get all high and might and want to help me, and you can't even beat up a couple kids! Just how useless are you! Dammit just looking at you makes me wanna puke! Go die, you useless old man! Aaaah... I finally said it... I feel much better now ^^"
Then the ghost of the girl happily floated up in the heavens... Selim was still there... in all his humility...
 "Of Tanrim... Neden ben?" (Trans: Oh God... Why me?)

That was a story about a week ago. That morning, Selim was fired because he had mistaken a ghost for a customer... And the boss had fired him for preparing stuff without anyone ordering them. The bosses' final words were:

"I could have overseen the fact that you tend to mistake all the orders because you don't even know English. But how can you mistake an order when there isn't even one? Oh god... You don't understand what I'm talking about, do you? I'm wasting my time dammit!






You are fired... Selim knew what those words meant.


A few hours of mindless wandering ... and Selim eventually discovered he could indeed see some transparent people nobody else could see. He had overhead stuff about people going batshit crazy lately... Maybe he was one of those chosen people? With that determination at hand; he had decided to play the hero. And... As you can see above, his attempt at trying to help a poor little ghost ended up getting himself beaten up bad.


He gave up on the idea. As he had already given up on his life long long ago. Even with superpowers, he was still under the lowest parts of the society. He was just going to rot away... decay and eventually die in this foreign place anyways.


So, he got back to job hunting... Ignoring the ghosts...


Until his other ability ended up becoming... rather unfortunate for him. He somehow was able to get into another job. This time at a local Burger King shop.


While filling two Ice Tea cups, without realizing it himself, he had turned them into walkie-talkie. And most unfortunately, those two cups were going to different customers. The customer on the receiving cup was a girl, whose boyfriend was about to propose her. On the transmitting cup was a jerk, about to ditch his girlfriend after a rather harsh relationship.


The girl was expecting a lovely proposal, but instead, someone from inside the cup called her a "slutty hooker". She had almost choked to death...


And ofcourse, Selim was fired in that instant.


He has been spending his last few days on the street... Given up on the idea of job-hunting, instead searching for a friendly ghost that can somehow speak Turkish.


And he is hungry as hell right now.

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 09:23 PM


Sin Badh


The robed figure opened its eyes to the light of the new born day, a light that for the first time in some while, he faced with conviction and excited anticipation. He had found his Way amongst chaos, and the ground as he stepped of off his bed was not the thing of quicksand that it was days ago.


The sense of purpose was  as thrilling as that tentative moment when, jumping from roof to roof there came a point when he jumped...and never came down.  


~ seven days ago ~



'What is happening?! The ground? Where was the ground?!' He frantically searched as he turned and flailed randomly in the sky, accelerating at great speed in just one direction: straight up. 


~ present ~


'Well, at least I lost those mausoleum guards real quick.', he thought. Sin mixed a cup of coffee and put it on the window sill, sipping it slowly as he gazed out at the darkness being slowly dispelled- turning from black to pink to blue.  


He gazed at the sky.


Now the sky was just one of those things that people take for granted and learn to ignore, especially with gravity to keep you and everything else tethered safe and sound to the ground. But the next time you gaze up at the blue or starry sky, think about it. Think about how you are just now gazing at the face of an abyss that is truly bottomless, that is truly endless. Think about how the only thing keeping you on the ground is something invisible that the very best scientists of the world still do not fully comprehend. 


Then think how dangerously lacking you are in the rope anchorage department.


How, at any moment, you can just fall into the sky. Forever.


It was very difficult at first, but slowly and tentatively, with some mistakes and falls he was finally able to own this power that was bestowed upon him. To put it simply, it was like trying to walk for the very first time. Or learning how to ride a bike. Except this time, it was flying around in the skies. 


He felt the coffee had run out in the cup and he accidentally jerked his hands away, smashing it into large pieces of cup on the floor. Tsk. Tsk. This other power of his though was much, much trickier. 


Shaking his head at his clumsiness, he gathered the broken pieces of the cup into a small pile of cup pieces. Satisfied, he carefully covered the pile with his hands and after a few seconds, returned it to view. Where before there was only the sad pieces of porcelain, what there was now was the cup restored in full. So seamless was this restoration that it was as if the cup had never broken and hit the floor in the first place.


He smiled. It had worked exactly as the first time, yet no matter how many times he did it, he still felt amazed and baffled at the power. When he had discovered that he had a second power, he worked enthusiastically (and feverishly, not being willing to re-enact his experience with his first power), to discover just how many powers did he have and what exactly they could do. He was confused at first at the great number of things he could do, but like a bolt of lightning he was hit with the realization of the true nature of this, his second power, and, aside from Flight, he hasn't yet been able to discover any that deviated from this single unifying principle.


What he can do, it turns out, was very specifically limited, but it had the potential to be incredibly powerful.


Which brings him to the problem. Moving to the sofa, he looked around for the TV remote before patting his pocket and finding it there. The news was full of the chaos brought about by the sudden appearance of power users like him. Moreover, there was the more personal, religious and philosophical problem that these powers brought him. His belief system, the Way, has as one of its core principles, the Equality of each and every man. Indeed, without it, everything else falls apart. And yet here he was now, a person significantly different from any other. Was he even human anymore? 


When the giddiness that his superiority brought him had subsided, he realized the horrible implications and was brought into a severe crisis of faith. It had been so bad that he was, at one point, teetering on the verge of moral apostasy- almost in his madness decided to use his powers to rule and oppress his fellowman.


Three days before today, and after an emotionally draining and harsh wracking of his mind, he had finally come to an answer and knowing the truth of it, he spread it to the masses. Titled, the Network Manifesto, it was a short and simple document detailing the key relevant ideas from The Way that answer the moral and philosophical problems that super powered individuals brought and a framework with which to apply it and address the practical and very real danger that this reality presents.  A few hours of  it being online, the idea has spread like wild fire as something as controversial as this would. Many condemned it as endorsing anarchy or a dangerous vigilantism.  Fox News lambasted it as the cyber group Anonymous' front and attempt to "step out of their collective basements". Still others extolled the wisdom of its tenets and how it helped them "make sense of the chaos of today."


Indeed pretty soon a website / forum, has lead the pack and serves as the "headquarters" of the new movement, a place of both action and discussion. The Network has taken form, and it is here to stay.





Who is The Network?



The Network consists of Everyone, who are Free.

The Network consists of Everyone, who are Equal.


With Freedom comes Responsibility.

With Equality comes Justice.


We are Everyone.

We are The Network.
We are Justice
We are Here

- sample flier left at the scene of Network activity


Aladdin mixed a new batch of coffee and turned his laptop on, opening up the Project Justice subforum and searched for the relevant "Criminals" thread.


It was going to be a good day.

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Posted 02 March 2013 - 12:27 AM

“Well, we’re probably all screwed now.”

A pink haired girl rolled her eyes at her friend’s panicking. Sure they might be quite a bit strapped for money this month, but it wasn’t that bad….yet. This needed some drastic measures though, they had bills to pay and quite a few people who hadn’t quite paid them. Then there was what happened today… “Don’t worry about it, I’ll deal with debt collecting.”

By the middle of the week, all of the more expressive people with powers had gone and removed quite a few places from being competition through some fight or the other. Most food places were putting up signs banning anyone with talents from entering and that was where Millie got another idea.

The next day, she put up a sign with only one new rule; no fighting in the café. The others doubted at first how she’d keep the place in one piece but after she’d shown herself capable of tossing a couple patrons out, they accepted it and moved on. She was sure that some of them also realised that she had a talent or two herself but they didn’t pry and she didn’t elaborate.

At least now she could focus on simply cooking again, once again chewing on a lollipop for her own personal and legal stress relief as she ordered around everyone in the kitchen. The benefits of working with friends, no one bothered to ask silly things like how she managed to get all the delinquent clients to pay? Or where they got extra money? Just sit back and focus on the now and the future.

The sign in front the door was flipped and the Moonlight Cafe was open for business again today.

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Posted 02 March 2013 - 12:49 AM

December 20, 2012

"Hello? Who is this?"

"There are others like you."

"Wait, what? How'd you..."

"They will come for you. Eliminate the competition if you want to survive".

"Is this a prank call? I'm not sure I understa...Hello? Hello?!" then suddenly, the person on the other end, just hanged up.

If Javier had received this call a few days earlier, he'd probably take it as some kind of joke, but after seeing what was on the news, it seemed like it was absolutely true. However, the thing that was on Javier's mind the most was why he received such a call. Others like him? What did that even mean? It wasn't like he had gained a strange ability of his own.....or did he?

Closing his eyes, he focused, concentrating on whatever he need to concentrate on. After a few unproductive minutes, Javier opened his eyes and saw nor felt nothing. I guess he was wrong, he probably didn't have any powers.

Getting out of bed, he was taken by surprise as his feet couldn't find a floor to step on. Looking down, Javier finally noticed that he, along with the rest of the furniture in his room, were floating in midair.

"I still don't understand."

December 26, 2012

The day after Christmas, most were still drunk, literally and figuratively, over the festivities that took place the day before. People were still confined to their homes, away from work and school, the snow-filled streets were practically empty; it was the perfect time for Javier to test his abilities.

With his face and body hidden by the layers of winter clothing he had on, Javier was safe from the prying eyes of whoever was, if there were any, watching him. Bending his knees and pushing his body upward, Javier took to the skies in one single leap; he was no Superman, but how high he had reached and the distance he had covered was indeed impressive. This eventually became his primary means of travel since it was cheaper, faster and more exciting than taking a car.

Leaping, turning and flipping throughout the city and throwing objects around as if he was in a mere playground, Javier was obviously having the time of his life. The past few days were interesting, the sudden appearance of individuals with strange abilities was the only thing the media could talk about, but at present, that didn't really matter to Javier that much.

Being at it for at least four hours know, Javier couldn't help but feel a bit tired. Other than a few glasses of water, he hadn't had breakfast yet. To his misfortune, most stores seemed to have been closed; well, it was technically a holiday, so he wasn't that disappointed.

As he was about to head home, Javier's eyes were drawn to a store, the only store in that block that was actually open.

"The Moonlight Cafe huh?" said Javier as he stared at the cafe's sign. He was hesitant to entire such a place since its design and ambiance weren't something he was used quite used to.

"Well, they probably have food here, I guess its worth a try."

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Posted 02 March 2013 - 04:37 AM

The Beginning of the Legendary Naked Hero!
Harker was an odd boy. Sure, he was thought to be average and fairly typical, but these days it was pretty popular to be a little quirky. Odd was normal now, and hence Harker was an odd boy by that logic. Well, things are getting off-track here. Anyway, this is a tale all about how Harker’s life got flipped turned upside-down.
To Harker, it didn’t start on December 20th, 2012, it all began the very next day. Hell, he was sleeping at midnight, dreaming naughty dreams about Samantha from his algebra class. No, it started the next morning when he got some a very weird phone call by a sexy-sounding girl.
There are others like you. They will come for you. Eliminate the competition if you want to survive.
It was ominous as hell, and Harker, at the time, had no idea what she was trying to say. So he ignored it and went about his day. He didn’t really discover he had powers until later that night when he dropped something on his naked... anyway, Harker learned he got super powers and that was the start of that.
What? You want me to give you a montage of what he did for the next week or so? Well, he’s thirteen. What do you think he did? Yeah, he did pretty stupid stuff to test out his abilities. He almost broke his mom’s car during it too. NO! I will not tell you! Why not? I’m too lazy! Look, the thing is, he’s got powers, and that’s that! Bah, there’s no pleasing you people.
Anyway, long story short, Harker decided to become a superhero just like in the comics. He probably understood that there was some dark, asinine force that is probably arrogant to think they could rule the world or some stupid plot like that, but Harker didn’t care. He had bloody superpowers. What kid wouldn’t be overjoyed at the prospect?
It was now the 26th of December, the day after Christmas, and you know what our little hero decided to do during his winter break? He went out on hero patrol to actually be the good guy. He even already crafted his own hero clothes to go along with it.
Harker was bored stiff. Despite his patrols around the city (garnering weird stares from pedestrians), he had yet to find a single crime occurring. One would think that it was more common for criminals to keep appearing, but so far Harker had found nothing. He went out on hero patrol nearly every night (while training himself with his powers), but his luck was terrible.
His stomach growled, and Harker groaned in agony. He was hungry. Looking around, he found the street he walked to be pretty much deserted. The only thing he spotted that was of any interest was the cafe that was open. Luckily, he had some cash on him. He needed to eat. Without any more convincing, Harker sprinted towards the Moonlight Cafe, unintentionally bumping into a young man.
Catching his wits about him, Harker swiftly turned around, proudly adorning his hero’s outfit and said, Excuse me, random citizen, pardon me for pushing you! I’m really hungry!
Without caring much if he was going to respond to it or not, Harker swung the door open!

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Posted 02 March 2013 - 05:17 AM

Excuse me, random citizen, pardon me for pushing you! I’m really hungry!
Well, this was surprising. Other than finding a store that was actually open, he didn't expect much people to be around at this time, much less a child in a mask.

"Weird kid, with what he's got on, I'm surprised he isn't freezing. I guess I could play along."

Taking off his beanie and lowering his scarf, he faced the young boy.

"Oh, don't worry random kid with a mask. I know how that feels, sort of; I was actually going to get some food too."

Looking around, Javier walked away from the the masked child, taking off his coat and grabbing a seat by the counter.

"Hey kid, since I'm in such a good mood, why don't you go and order anything you want, my treat." 


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Posted 02 March 2013 - 05:45 AM

The Beginning of the Legendary Naked Hero!
Harker merely smiled and entered the cafe, even politely allowing the older man to walk in first. He was a superhero! He needed super manners, at least! Well, that was what Superman did anyway. Well, whatever the case, he entered the cafe and his stomach growled hungrily, telling him to hurry it up with the food! If he could talk to his stomach, Harker would certainly have given it what it deserved. For now, it was food.
Hey kid, since I’m in such a good mood, why don’t you go and order anything you want, my treat.
He stared puzzled at the older man and wondered why on Earth he would offer such a thing. However, he was a superhero now. It was obvious the man was showing him respect for his vigilante justice! Well, Harker certainly wasn’t going to turn down free food!
Hey, thanks for that, mister! Harker cheerfully thanked, taking his seat on the counter next to him. I think I’ll take a steak! Does this place have steak? Ooh, I wonder if they have Pepsi. I can drink, like, twenty cups of those with my steak. I did that before, y’know!

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Posted 02 March 2013 - 05:51 AM

Ken Hunter


Ken woke up to the piercing light of the morning sun feeling incredibly sore. He headed to the bathroom as he let out a loud yawn while scratching his head. Ken looked into the mirror to see that the bruises on his sides were finally gone. Still, the cut on his cheek hadn’t healed yet. “The next time I see those two, I’ll make sure they won’t be able to run for the rest of their lives.” Ken muttered as he continued to look at himself. Still stretching and yawning, he went into the living room and grabbed a seat on the black leather sofa in front of his television. Holding the remote in his hand, he gazed at his fist. “It’s a fitting gift for someone like me I guess.” Ken said to himself. With hundreds of thoughts and questions running through his head, he could only think about what had happened last week.


------------- The Past Week -------------

After getting into a fight with three guys who were all older then him by at least a couple of years, Ken walked home defeated. “So much for fucking friends.” Ken said angrily as he thought about his two friends, Jason and Geoff, ditching him in the middle of the fight. Ken took his usual route home through the junkyard, he could feel the intense pain in his sides growing. “Maybe I should call a cab.” he thought to himself with his hands over his ribs, “Those bastards really did a number me.”


Ken reached into his pocket only to find that his phone was broken. "Damn it! Must have broke during the fight!” Now Ken was furious, everything was going wrong and he didn’t have the strength to walk another couple of blocks. In a fit of rage Ken threw a punch at an old broken down car that had probably been lying in the junkyard for months. As his fist connected with the door of the car, Ken watched as his arm generated a giant shock wave that destroyed half of the car. The other half was sent flying over the junkyard fence into the empty streets in front of him.

“WHAT THE FUCK?!?!” Ken hollered out as he stood there shocked at the sight before him. Not only was the car destroyed, but the fence and other cars behind it were wrecked as well. Ken couldn’t believe his eyes, it was like something out of a video game. With adrenaline rushing through him, Ken somehow got the energy he need to flee the scene. That same night before Ken went to bed he received a phone call on his house phone.


“There are others like you. They will come for you. Eliminate the competition if you want to survive.”

Ken paused for a second and looked at the number that was calling. “Unknown number? This has got to be some kind of joke, right?” Ken said tiredly into the phone. His question went unanswered as the person on the other line dropped the call. Ken was in too much pain, and way too tired to even care about the situation though, he quickly went to sleep right after he dropped the phone.


The next couple of nights, Ken would go to the Junkyard and test his new abilities little by little. At first he tried supercharging his flicks, then he moved on to jabs, and finally full out punches. The difference of strength between the attacks were huge. Eventually, Ken figured out that if he flipped someone the bird hard enough, it would be like they just received a hard slap. On the other hand, if he were to supercharge a really hard punch, he could probably take out a large building. The possibilities were almost limitless.

------------- Present -------------



Ken turned to his phone to see that his parents had just left him a voice message. This wasn’t anything unusual though. About three times a week Ken’s mother and father would contact him through voice message, email, or sometimes even letter, updating him on where they were and what they were doing. Ken let out an annoyed sigh as he played the voice message.


“Hello Ken! It’s Mom speaking. I just wanted to let you know that your father and I have just landed in Moroc-”

Ken stopped and deleted the message, he could care less where they were right now. Especially when he had other things on his mind like his newfound powers and the mysterious phone call he had received. Ken got dressed and left the apartment for a walk outside.


“Maybe I should grab a bite to eat.” Ken said while lighting a cigarette. He then checked his pockets to find that he only had enough money to buy a small meal. “Aww shit, I don’t have enough for the cab?” Ken took another drag of the smoke while deciding on where to go. “I guess I’ll try out this place.”

Ken walked into Moonlight Cafe after putting out his cigarette. He entered to find a boy dressed in what seemed to be a crappy superhero outfit bumping into a well dressed man. Ken shoved past the two without paying attention to what either of them was saying and took a seat at a table. “What do you have to eat in here?!” Ken yelled out rudely staying true to his delinquent nature.


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Posted 02 March 2013 - 06:09 AM

The Beginning of the Legendary Naked Hero!
When the delinquent boy walked in, he didn’t really mind. People were people. However, what he could not stand was how the delinquent rudely shoved him and his new friend while he was chatting! He didn’t even bother to apologise! Frowning, Harker knew what must be done. Sure, he may not have been able to actually meet villainous foes yet, but the least he could do is to help the innocent civilians from rude jerks like him!
Harker removed himself from the counter and turned to face the delinquent that took a seat at the table. Crossing his arms and doing what he thought was a heroic pose, he proudly presented him in front of the delinquent with the hardest glare he could muster and spoke in a booming voice, Excuse me, sir, but you’re being very rude! You shoved my acquaintance and I without an apology, and you’re being disrespectful to the proprietors of this establishment! I urge you to stop at once!
Hopefully, he sounded pretty cool. He thought so...

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Posted 02 March 2013 - 06:38 AM

"Just this morning, a bank robbery has taken place, the means of the break in and the nature of the criminal are under police speculation, however it has been reported that the vault has been melted completely. It is unknown how the culprit has managed this, it is suspected to be an entirely new weapon on the market...",


The fifty inch wall mounted flat screen TV returned to its black and blank state once more as a young man sat on his leather couch, hands creating a bridge for his head to rest upon as he looked down at the shards of china on his table... After a moment he rubbed his forehead, the pile of broken china was once his favorite mug, it had a rather cute cat design and it pains him to have to part with it in such a way... He was lucky he had finished his coffee before this had happened, or more like by the time it had finished progressing, else he'd also have to deal with staining his pants, as well as the scalding hot coffee itself. He sighed as he lay back on the sofa...


"Augh this sucks, of all the powers I get it has to be cracking things I touch...", he was completely aware of the state of the world today. People were suddenly gaining super powers, the media was trying hard to hide it but of course it wasn't working and no one was buying it, here he is sitting in his expensive apartment in Clinton that he managed to buy out. He heard he was going to be on work here for a long term but he got a message that it was going to become indefinite with the new situation... Security and all...


"Man, maybe this wouldn't suck if I could shoot beams or something... I'd be like 'POW'", creating an 'o' with his face, his face froze like that as he made a finger gun with his right hand, pointed directly at the well decorated vase on the shelf. It was something he got at an antique store, since it went well with the apartment's wallpaper, but he was more transfixed on the fact that a light blue bullet erupted from his finger...


And that was how he discovered his powers.


This all took place around five days ago.



Present Day


"... I see, so you want me to fix up some designs set for next season? I thought they were fine, I submitted them well into last year after all... Super powers scene...?", in his free hand there was a ball of what looked to be light, it wasn't radiant, so it didn't look like a floating sun or anything... It was just, a somewhat ethereal ball. Its color continually changed from blue, red, green, yellow, black, white, purple and so on... He was beginning to get the hang of changing its colors, it wasn't important and it didn't affect it at all, but it was fun to watch, and there was a kind of tranquil beauty about it.


"It's been barely more than a week and you want to cash out on it already...? ... Okay okay, I get it. Jeez...", and with that he hung up... His editor had been hawking him about this entire 'super heroes' thing going around now, well the other companies were already trying to profit from it, some more successful than others, so it was unexpected... It just didn't seem to matter from a fashion perspective... Although... Hmmm... Yes, maybe villain and hero-like designs of clothing... Doesn't sound too bad. Now... What was he doing prior to this? Ah right, lunch, lunch. Where to eat today...? As he walked around the city, there were many options but none too interesting, although it wasn't until he went past this place... The Moonlight Cafe...? It seemed like a nice and lively place from what he saw from outside, most people would choose against walking in here, but something was just being promised to happen... As he walked in he watched the scene of someone shoving another aside, and then a kid with a pretty amusing get-up was lecturing the culprit of the shoving... It looked like a normal scene, the 'heroic' kid aside. As he walked in the counter was lined to his right, it was a largely unfamiliar sight in terms of people, but the jacket he recognized...
Just to make sure he walked around and took a seat beside this one. It was definitely him.


"Javier? Fancy meeting you here of all places. I didn't know you were in Clinton", he began.

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Before anyone could answer Ken, the small boy in the superhero outfit approached him with a serious look on his face. Ken watched as the kid crossed his arms while giving him a strong stare. Ken had a blank look on his face, before he could ask the kid what he was doing, the child spoke.


“Excuse me, sir, but you’re being very rude! You shoved my acquaintance and I without an apology, and you’re being disrespectful to the proprietors of this establishment! I urge you to stop at once!”

With the boy done his little speech, Ken was left speechless. He sat there, with no expression at all on his face,  looking at the boy and not even blinking once.


“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!” Ken let out a loud and obnoxious laugh while almost falling out of his chair. He continued to laugh until he could regain his composure, and give the boy a reply.

“Listen, kid. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go along and play superhero somewhere else, and I’ll just continue on with my day, okay?” Ken said while still wiping a tear from his eye. Ken then looked towards the man who accompanied the child along with his friend who had just walked in. “Hey buddy, maybe you should teach your kid to mind his own business!” Ken yelled to the man who he thought was the father of the kid. “And while you're at it, maybe you should help him realize that he isn’t some kind of superhero.” 


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“Hey, thanks for that, mister!“I think I’ll take a steak! Does this place have steak? Ooh, I wonder if they have Pepsi. I can drink, like, twenty cups of those with my steak. I did that before, y’know!”

Javier didn't really know what to say. He just wanted to be polite and help the kid out; he didn't expect him to take a seat beside him. Not knowing what to say, Javier simply entertained the child's request.

"Pepsi and a steak? That I can do, just make sure you can fi..."

Before Javier could finish his reply, the masked kid suddenly disappeared. Looking around, he saw him approaching the dangerously looking man that had bumped them a few moments earlier.

"What's this kid trying to do? Is he looking for trouble?"

Just as he was about to get up to prevent the kid from doing anything stupid, to his surprise, he came across a familiar face.

"Javier? Fancy meeting you here of all places. I didn't know you were in Clinton"

"Alaric? You're the last person I'd expect to meet here. I haven't heard from you for over a week, how's it going?" but before Alaric could even respond, Javier raised his hand, gesturing him to stop.

"Wait a second, I just need to deal with something."

Approaching the kid and the delinquent, Javier couldn't help but over hear their conversation.

“Excuse me, sir, but you’re being very rude! You shoved my acquaintance and I without an apology, and you’re being disrespectful to the proprietors of this establishment! I urge you to stop at once!”


“Listen, kid. I’ll tell you what, why don’t you go along and play superhero somewhere else, and I’ll just continue on with my day, okay?”

After their little exchange, the delinquent-like man approached Javier in a nonchalant manner.

“Hey buddy, maybe you should teach your kid to mind his own business! And while you're at it, maybe you should help him realize that he isn’t some kind of superhero.”
What? Does he think I'm this kid's dad or something?  thought Javier as he raised his eyebrow.

"Thanks for the advice BUDDY, but I really don't need it, he isn't my kid, he just bumped into me earlier. And dude, from what I saw, he didn't do anything wrong, you did. So just cut him some slack, he's just a kid, let him do what he wants."

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The Beginning of the Legendary Naked Hero!
How positively rude! Harker was fuming! Here he was, trying to protect the peace of this fine city, and someone had the nerve to act so rudely to him when he had acted so politely! Harker couldn’t help but glare even fiercer at the delinquent boy, clutching his fingers tightly on his arms. He was truly a superhero! He was not a fake by any means!
I’m not a kid! I’m a superhero! I protect this city from ne’er-do-wells! I even have superpowers! Harker cried out proudly, puffing his chest out.

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Not waiting for a reply, Javier approached the masked child to see if he was alright; from what it looked like, he seemed pretty pissed.

“I’m not a kid! I’m a superhero! I protect this city from ne’er-do-wells! I even have superpowers!”


"Super powers? Could this kid be....Nah, he's probably making this up. He couldn't actually have powers." thought Javier to himself


Before things got out of hand, Javier tried his best to calm the kid down.


"Don't worry about that person, he's just probably going through something. Oh, and sorry, it seems like I kept on calling you kid until know, but I really can't help it. Superheroes usually have names. Come to think of it, I never really got yours."


Extending his arm forward, gesturing for a hand shake, Javier finally introduced himself


"I'm Javier by the way, Javier Cruz, you friendly neighborhood traveler. It's nice to meet you......what am I supposed to call you again? "

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"My, such interesting company here... Where is the waiter or waitress anyways?... Mr. Buddy, maybe you should migrate to another seat. I think you're scaring them away. If you want to eat, there's a nice pub just down the road for your kind", his insult was subtle, as was normal with him. It didn't take long for him to get the idea of everything that was happening, in fact it wasn't hard at all. What he meant by 'your kind' was of course referring to the part of society he fits in, and that was... A trouble maker, thug, and maybe even criminal if it went that far.


Although on the other hand this kid was quite amusing... Superpowers? Well, people of all kinds got super powers, but did this kid really get any as he claims...? He seemed quite confident, this confidence did not stem from childishness either, so there may be some truth.

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As all the antics of those in the lobby went on, the question came up; where were the waitresses?

“You know we do have customers today.”

Well they were all in the kitchen, the few that actually were able to drag themselves out of bed and avoid the hangover from yesterday’s party anyway. Still, from the sounds of things this group was getting rowdy and someone needed to do some work today.




“Well now, don’t we have an energetic group today?”

Millie would have stayed lounging until someone finally caved in and headed out but she heard the potential for a fight and that was something to cut out before it started. For the Christmas season (even though it ended yesterday) she had swapped out her cat outfit for a red and white version. “Christmas might have ended yesterday but still, can’t we keep up the holiday cheer for a couple more days?”

A few menus showed up in her hands as three more waitresses came stumbling out of the back door, dressed in an outfit that was frills on frills. “So, what would our most esteemed guests desire today?”

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The phone rang eleven times and was half way through the twelfth tone before it clicked to indicate that someone had picked up. A quiet rustle of clothes and breathing silence. Waiting. Expecting. After enough time had passed to let Charlie know that his mother had no intention of being the first one to speak he launched right into it,


"I'm dropping out mom," he announced casually, "Seems like I don't really need to be working at all let alone studying. You've seen the news lately right? Looks like I've become one of those people, you know with the weird powers and stuff, pretty cool...pretty cool yeah. The Varsity's pretty much been a mess since the news anyways, lots of drop outs you know, been some real problems actually. The power goes to their heads and they act totally out of character. The quiet bookish kids go after the guys who used to give them swirlies and the macho guys will take any excuse to blast any poor sod who looks at them sideways. The professors have all been frantic over trying to research the new phenomenon. Calling it a new age and things like that. Regular lectures have been suspended. It's been pretty hectic haha. I got two by the way. Superpowers I mean, if I can call them that, seems a bit lame right? One's pretty cool, but the other is irritating as hell. But listen to me going on about myself. How are things at home? How's dad?"


Another rustle of tense quiet before his mother finally spoke, "We're cutting you off Charlie."


He had expected it. Been waiting for it really, but it still saddened him to hear it.


"Yeah haha...I guess I had it coming though," he replied.


"We tried so hard Charlie...I'm just-we're both just tired of you fucking it up. We tried to give everything you'd need to succeed, but never pushed you too hard in anything. You could have been anything you wanted! Why didn't you push through with anything?"


"Maybe because I never really wanted to be anything...I'm fine as is. What more could I want? Work? A desk job? Not too appealing thank you very much."


The silence was now almost absolute and as frigid as ice.


"Goodbye Charlie." The phone clicked and his mother hung up.


He pocketed his cellphone and sighed heavily. That irritating murmuring in his head had started up again almost immediately after the call ended. He tried to zone it out as best he could. He wasn't too keen to hear what the voices in his head had to say right now. Instead he pushed away from the wall and continued down the street. Strange how much things could change in such a short time. It was oddly liberating. He was now his own man. Nothing was holding him down, responsibility mostly out the window, no more expectations. He guessed it had something to do with his power.


His discovery of his ability hadn't been spectacular in any way. No spider bite, radioactivity or science experiment gone wrong, more of a revelation, as if it was something he'd always known how to do, but had been fogged and forgotten. The realization that his current human form was mere convention. So, in the middle of a lecture on computer systems, he tapped into his own strands of DNA and sort of...twisted...pulled and his being, from skin down to his bone began to ripple and change until in his place where he had been sitting was a golden retriever. A dog who most certainly did not have to sit through a lecture and promptly padded out of the lecture hall, its happily wagging tail the last thing the baffled students saw before it disappeared around the corner.


It was a blast really. Every time a new experience. Dog, wolf, buck, lizard, snake, sheep, pig, dolphin, swallow, ape, almost any animal  was possible. There were however complications. For instance the difficulty of flight is extremely underestimated as Charlie learnt when trying a pigeon and spent almost twenty minutes hopping around and fluttering ineffectively before finally being able to take flight not to mention the trouble currents presented. There was a certain manner in which different animals navigated the world that was completely alien to the human experience and Charlie was still struggling to come to terms with it. He was improving however. He had almost gotten the hang of flying but was still struggling with the smaller sea life. His transformations were getting quicker as well. Still birds and sea life were the trickiest while apes were the easiest due to their being so genetically similar to humans he guessed. His favorite however was a cat.


This favoritism was for two reasons. The first being that next to a human a cat is one the least obtrusive and noticeable animals in a city environment and while a dog might get petted and bothered by animal control cats are generally left to their own devices. The second was that people seemed to like cats. Sure they didn't always exactly lay out saucers of milk at every doorstep and Charlie had had quite a few boots and brooms come his way in cat form, but the upside was that he was usually able to avoid such attacks as they were mostly half-hearted. Besides, his young tabby form was just too adorable to hate. He ducked off into an alley and shifted into cat form, padding along behind a cafe. Lately he had been eating in animal form to fill his stomach after running out of money. Seeing as how his parents had cut him off he would probably be dining this way for quite some time to come. He had to admit though that raw meat was becoming boring. Charlie had a taste for something sweeter than mouse or rat today (he had initially been unsure as to whether eating other animals could be morally justified when he could turn into a mouse or rat himself if he wished, but instinct had won over moral quandary in the end).


He padded around the back of the cafe and jumped through the window. Inside the kitchen were a bunch of tired looking waitresses in frilly clothes. It seemed like a good place if any to get some milk and perhaps a slice of cheese cake. He strutted around meowing, rubbing himself against legs and blinking large soulful eyes in an attempt to get attention and sympathy. He had to admit though that he didn't shy from looking up a skirt or two while he was down there.

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the past week


well where do I start here, well i guess i should start on the night i discovered my powers. It was a cold winter night and I was enjoying Kareoke with some friends he met up with, and by the end of the night they where all a bit tipsy and everyone was going their seprate ways and I was stuck with the duty of escorting the girls home....  why am i not as happy as other people are about this? it's simple i have to carry their books from cram school that they had before the party and i wasn't really interested in other girls.


Ok so we where near the appartment building they lived in (I live there to) and some jerks come out talking shit about something about a pretty boy like you should go die and they would take care of the girls. These guys where scum, low of the low, losers and whatever else you can think of.


Now they tried picking a fight with me and pulling on the girls arms, ok i may not like them as girls but i do still consider them friends and NO ONE messes with my friends. So i got real pissed and a spike came out of the darkness and peirced through the mans arm, next a guy got scared and pulled out a knife and lunged at me.... All i had on me where books, in other words paper, well i just got halfly scared and halfly pissed. Ok the adrenaline was kicking in by this point and I held the books for protection and they had hardened into an iron like state.


In the end they ran off, the girls where a bit scared but still thankful to me because i saved them... and i've knowen them for a long time.

and that is how i gained my powers.


later that night i got a call,

“There are others like you. They will come for you. Eliminate the competition if you want to survive.”

didn't care much for the call, it was probably a prank call again.


well for the rest of the week Richard learnt more about his powers, got into fights, got into contact with an organisation that seemed to be alright to him, he killed for the first time and gained a new 'part-time job'... he also had lunch at the same place every day like usual, some things just never change.


the Present,


in some old Wearhouse,


"he dude did you see the look on that guys face when he realised we had powers"


"yea man it was helarius, he even tried protecting his friends from us"


"that was funny, to bad though because of that we had to kill him and his girlfriend"


"oh well we can do whatever we want now we have super powers"


this was the conversation of some low lifes Richard was tasked with 'dissposing of' yes this was his new part time job was 'taking out the trash'.

was this a stroke of fortune, these guys where the same ones who helped Richard discover his powers.


"sorry everyone but could you all please die now" Richard said walking towards the group


"Oi who do you think you are"


"holy shit it's the prick that hurt my arm, I'm going to kill you for that"


"yea we all have powers now so we will get you"


the useless talk of trash where coming from their mouths and Richard didn't even flinch, he would kill they guys easily... they didn't even seem able to use their powers properly.


"here i come little pr-" as he lunged at Richard his jacket came apart and fluttered around as paper slicing the guy and killing him.


the other 2 came at him but he just impaled the 2 with shadow spears from their shadows.


In town,


"man i'm hungry i should go eat lunch" Richard was now walking to his usual lunch spot, Moonlight Cafe.


as he walked in he noticed it was rather lively today. as he sat down a witress came over to him.


"Welcome ~Onii-Chan~ what can i get you today?" the witress asked.


ok lets clarify this now I AM A SIS-CON... not that many people know it.... exept obviusly the people working here.


"I'll just have the usual thanks" Richard said politly hoping that he wouldn't get involved with whatever was going on with the rather loud group


credit goes to Raijuu for combining a fav char with a fav drink 


"all of itano's characters have at least one mental disorder. Even if it's not literally a mental disorder; itano takes it to extremes which practically functions as a mental disorder."

Wise words by wise women.... and a not so wise man


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"Thanks for the advice BUDDY, but I really don't need it, he isn't my kid, he just bumped into me earlier. And dude, from what I saw, he didn't do anything wrong, you did. So just cut him some slack, he's just a kid, let him do what he wants."


Ken started to become annoyed with the man before him. “Oh really? He didn’t do anything wrong?” He asked as he took a couple of steps closer to Javier. “I really don’t care at all.” Ken took a good look at Javier’s face. “Also, I don’t really like the tone you’re using with me.” Ken said angrily as he grabbed Javier’s shoulder with a tight grip.” After this he looked him right in the eyes, Ken wanted to get the message across that he wasn’t playing around anymore. The next thing he probably would have done was toss him by his arm if he wasn’t interrupted again by the child in the costume.

“I’m not a kid! I’m a superhero! I protect this city from ne’er-do-wells! I even have superpowers!”


This sparked Ken’s interest, at first he suspected that the kid was just playing superhero, but now he wasn’t so sure. “He’s probably bullshitting.” Ken thought. There was no way this child could be telling the truth. All Ken did was give the boy a quick look and walked passed him slowly back to his seat. In all truth he wasn’t in the mood to be messing around with some weirdos at a Cafe. Still at his table waiting for a waiter or waitress of some kind, Ken began to grow restless. Ken watched as the kid continued to talk Javier, and listened as he was called by Alaric.

“Mr. Buddy, maybe you should migrate to another seat. I think you're scaring them away. If you want to eat, there's a nice pub just down the road for your kind"


"Your kind."  It was a pretty passive insult. Ken deemed the man as unworthy of even the smallest comeback. He looked towards Alaric with a wolfish smile, and flipped him the bird. Lucky for the guy, it wasn’t supercharged. That doesn’t mean Ken didn’t think about it though. After this, he watched as a cute looking thing in a cosplay outfit came out of the kitchen and addressed the room.

“So, what would our most esteemed guests desire today?”


“Finally!” Ken exclaimed in relief. “Listen babe, you look like you know how to treat a man well. What do you recommend?”