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[RP] Superpowered

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Posted 23 March 2013 - 09:48 AM

Millie herself was kinda curious about the whole 12 jugs of soda thing but as long as it was paid for, she wasn’t about to care that much about it right now. That said if anything stupid happened…..

Like what she could see outside her window actually, yeah that was going to be trouble if they got closer, besides that sister complex provided lots of good business. That gave her an idea actually…..

Her hand shot out into the whirlwind, pulling a stray cat hair loose. “That might not be a bad idea, let’s expand on that. You, little kitty can be the animal guard here. When you help out enough, I’ll consider your debt cleared.”

She pulled an odd looking straw doll out of her pocket at this point, twirling the cat hair around it. “In the meantime, I’ll hold onto this. As long as you’re a good employee, you won’t find out what I can do to you with this doll now.” Her finger brushed the head of the doll gently and at the same time, the cat should be feeling the motion on its head. Of course it could just be wind…..

“And this way you don’t get sold to anyone, so everybody wins! Well, acceptable enough for you kitty?”

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Posted 27 March 2013 - 02:51 PM

Following Richard's movements, Selim desperately braced his hands and tried to free himself from Richard's merciless hands. By himself, he probably wouldn't be able to do so. But the other 2 thugs' ghosts weren't just sight-seeing. Their grudges were just as real and sorrowful as the one possessing Selim. Driving power from such strong negative feelings, they gripped Richard's hand. Richard could feel an invisible force pulling his hands apart from Selim's throat. When Selim got freed from Richard's hands, he hurled himself away. Falling on the ground... coughing.
The Network cards Selim had grabbed had gotten out of his pockets and fell on the ground. In an attempt to get back up Selim put his palms on the ground, pushing himself up. The ghost possessing Selim didn't pay attention to the fact that his hands were over the cards. But the real Selim, inside his possessed body had noticed this. The ghost had sub-consciously activated one of Selim's super-powers. Selim used all his willpower to regain his control, or else this was not going to turn out pretty... But he was just a little too late.
The possessed Selim shouted
After a 0,1 seconds delay, his shout echoed... However, this time it was several times louder, and much more powerful!


The sound was powerful enough to create a sound wave that could physically blast a person away. And the wave was also powerful enough to break all the glass next to the entrance of the Moonlight Cafe.


Luckily, Selim had gained control in the last second and closed his ears with his hands before the sound wave could tear apart his eardrums.


It was the Network cards. The thug had subconsciously turned the cards into walkie-talkies. And there were about 10 of them. With half of them as receivers, and half of them as transmitters. The nearby sounds generated would be recorded and repeated 5 times louder. And the thug had already shouted loud enough.


Selim quickly grabbed the cards and deactivated his ability. However, his throat was still hurting and he couldn't quite get up. Unable to escape from the scene... Selim desperately awaited the doom that was about to befall on his poor self.

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Posted 31 March 2013 - 05:27 PM

Charlie Boy


Out of the two options given the job entailing sitting around and looking pretty as the cafe mascot seemed the most appealing. However he figured that the manager was the one who called the shots and here idea of him working off his debt seemed to involve actual work. It seemed that Charlie didn't have much choice in the matter as the manager produced a doll and plucked one his hairs to affix to it. Charlie was unimpressed if not slightly irritated until a sensation went down his back when the manager stroked the doll's back. The woman had made a bloody voodoo doll of him! He felt cold and sick at the same time as a detailed list of what could happen to him if the manager wasn't pleased with his response.


"Eh...heh...heh...welll I'm not sure what a little ol' cat like me can do for ya, but you don't look like you'd take kindly to a 'no thank you' at this point. Well if anyone starts trouble I'll slice their pant legs to ribbons and maybe even try get at their face. Besides how long does it take to work off one lousy burger? An hours work at minimum wage? Easy!Charlie turned around in the sphere of wind to lie lazily on his back and favoured the manager and her protege with a cat grin.


A shout from outside crashed into the cafe with concussive force, shattering the windows and scattering furniture and food in a disarray of wreckage. The customers and waitresses were dazed and confused. The force of the noise had dispelled the wind holding Charlie up and threw him bodily against the wall. He hissed, instincts taking over and struggled to get up. Apparently the saying about cats landing on their feet didn't apply when they were forcefully flung horizontally. The source of the disturbance seemed to have come from outside the cafe where two men were brawling. He glanced back to where the manager was glaring at the two and sighed inwardly, knowing what would come next. He decided to pre-empt the situation.


"Guess you'll be wanting me to sort that out huh? Just saying though that those two guys just did way more damage than me stealing one damn burger...so you know...maybe doing this thing clears my debt?"


He was already loping towards the street windows as he spoke, his form rippling and growing. His fur lightened from brown to orange with dark stripes. When he arrived by the windows he was no longer an alley cat but a full grown Siberian tiger. He leaped easily through the broken window to land in the street beyond. Charlie prowled towards the two prone figures, a low rumble starting in his chest that began to reverberated across the street as he growled in warning. A few heavy pads took him to stand above the figure lying down. Looking at the other one Charlie smirked in satisfaction. It was the asshole who had givenr the girl in tatty looking clothing enough to buy twelve jugs of soda but wouldn't cop out for a measly burger.


"If I'm in the shit then you two are miles down the crapper and about to get eaten by sewer crocs. Take that as you will. Now stop this crap and get your asses inside to pay for the damages." Charlie bared his fangs at the one that was lying down to imply that there might be other scenarios that could play out that would not be in his favour.

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Posted 03 April 2013 - 10:16 PM

Titus continues on to "The Corner" that was north according to what
Desiree told him in hopes to get his book bag back from the two that
attacked him earlier. Feeling that the word of his fight with the super
strong redneck has now spread, Titus removes his jacket and started
creeping around buildings to find a way to steal back what belongs to


As he gets to where "The Corner" was, Titus
hides on the side of the building peeking at the site only to realize
that "The Corner" was a bar/ hangout/ illegal drug trafficking spot
where some of the thugs, low-lifes, and scum could be found. Chilling
for a few minutes scoping the place, Titus notice his perps walking up
to the bar as they give hand shakes and daps to the other goons outside.
After they made their way in, Titus sneaked behind the building to get
in the place without hassle And once he made it back there, he phases
through the wall ending up in the bathroom. He looks around and then all
of a sudden his blue print senses of the building activated as he
memorized the layout. 


Two men came inside the bathroom

Hey man I'm tellin you, I don't trust those two

Look bruh, they the only ones that will actually buy from us. It's tricky but uuuhhh it's better than nothin.

Yeah but.....what would they possibly want with the whole supply.......they got powers they don't need that shit!

we ask all our clients what the hell they gonna do with our products?
No. They the only ones to buy that kind and agreed on the price.

Aight......aight.....if they come back for us after this then I aint got shit to do with yall anymore.

Man stop being a bitch......we here to make money.

Well....speakin of that....where "he" at?

He said he will be here in 15 minutes.....we just have to entertain our new buyers for the time being.....


overhears the conversation that sounded like a concern about a drug
deal. may one be reminded that Titus himself used to be in the street
game too. As the two guys left, Titus come out of the stall that he was
hiding in since the two guys came in. He sneaks out the bathroom and
walks into the main bar area
where he'd find the two that
attacked him sitting at the far side by the wall and was joined by the 2
individuals that were in the bathroom that Titus overheard. The two
guys from the bathroom offered the other two to join them at the bar for
a drink. as they sat, the one that carried his book bag, laid it on the
floor where it was at the edge perched up by the side. Titus felt that
this was a good opportunity to get his shit back. the guys converse


So when is he suppose to be here?

In less than 15 minutes...

Well I don't have all day. We have much to do and not much time to do it.

Relax...he'll be here. for a deal like this, he will show. he's just coming from another "business meeting".

If he's that busy why didn't he have you do the deal for him

Well arent you in a hurry-

Murdoc, not now.....

Just saying Jax, you seem a bit tense...

Yeah JAX, you do seem tense....here man


The guy offers Jax the drink.

Yeah yeah thanks for the hospitality anyway.

Uh...why do yoall want "that product" anyway

BRUH! we don't ask our clients shit like that.

you don't ask your clients shit like that....lets just say, many people
will be happy thats why. plus its not easy to find "that" anywhere
around here.

Well it's hard to find anyone that wants to buy it from us too. this is why this deal is very important

Amen...I'll drink to that.


the conversation, Titus phased into the floor in order to get a quick
sneak away. his head slowly phases out the floor and he gets closer and
closer to the bag as the guys talk. swiftly and quietly he grabs the bag
and phases through the ground heading back to where he first came in.
He makes it back outside behind the building and checks the bag making
sure the money was still in there. As a sigh of relief Titus looks
around and then heads back to the hotel. Going through an alley he makes
it back out into the open...............


*POW!* Titus gets tackled by what appears to be one of
the guys that attacked him earlier. Titus wrestles with the guy for a
second until he phases into the ground to escape. the guy was
persistently coming after him until he pulled out his handy pipe wrench
from before and clocks the guy then continues walking. He keeps looking
back making sure the man was still out until he turns a corner and is
blocked by the same man he knocked out a minute ago


That was very mean to hit me like that

The fuck....I just-

What? knocked me out? you did.....sort of

up was the other guy Jax that took his bag from before and the one
Titus supposedly knocked out, Murdoc. well another murdoc


think you are slick don't you? You think you can steal your stuff back
from me huh? you have your tricks.....we have ours. I bet you're
wondering how we knew that you stole it let alone where to look for you?



Jax said that, 5 more men walked up from different directions and with a
shock to Titus, these 5 men were all Murdoc. yes Murdoc was capable of
self duplicity, enabling himself to create multiple copies
how ever much he wants. The Murdocs surrounds him ready to brawl


Murdoc as you see has a special ability besides multiplying himself. He
has a telepathic link to his clones. So if one is in trouble, others
will show to assist. Now I know you can got though solid objects and
whatnot but you can't phase from every attack can you?


Murdoc from the front attacks as Titus phases from it and use his
wrench to layout 2 or 3 of them and then started running. as he runs by a
car, the car explodes sending Titus a couple feet back dropping his
book bag again. Jax Walks up and grabs the bag again.
Oh yeah... I forgot to mention that I have a "talent" as well. Jax walks over to a pay phone, grabs the receiver and by the touch, the receiver glows until it exploded. Kinetic energy.......gotta love it....tootle loo! Jax
walks off again as more Murdocs appear and Titus fight them off again.
this goes on for a few minute as everytime Titus gets a bit closer to
Jax, More Murdocs emerge. this was getting annoying and tiring. as he
felt like he was just running in circles not getting anywhere at all.
Getting frustrated, he starts to phase into the ground again and
searched for Jax. Jax confidently walks back to "The Corner" to finish
the deal but Titus found a way to lose the Murdocs and appeared in front
of Jax only to run right through him grabbing his book bag back again
and ran through building to building to lose him and headed back to the
Hotel for Desiree's help



Showing back up to the hotel Titus sees Murdoc sitting on the hood of a car in the parking lot waiting for Titus.


I was wondering when you would show up? I've been sitting here waiting for you with this bitch for a while now.


looks behind into the car as the doors open with two more Murdocs
getting out with Desiree being held hostage. A few moments later Jax
shows up again
you are an annoying
prick you know that? Now I'm losing patience with you. This is my last
time dealing with you. Now you give me the bag or the bitch gets it.


Titus...don't worry about me. don't let these bastards get what they want.


I'll snap her neck, I'll do it.

He will do it. or I can make her swallow a kinetically charges quarter and make her explode inside out. how does that sound?


Titus was in some deep shit. now this has turned into a hostage
situation. these guys got him. He could be an asshole, run off with the
money but have blood guilt in his hands from letting a girl that tended
to him die because of his problems. or give them the money making him
broke again
and letting these ass clowns do what they want with
his money. but the girl will live. There was only one thing to do. There
was no possible way to get to her in time without her being harmed so.....Titus tosses the bag on the ground a few feet in between Jax and himself and a Murdoc clone grabs it and hands it to Jax My kind of guy fufufu


Why the hell do you want my money so bad? you need it for drugs, is that it?

Drugs? sort of ...but you're thinking way to small. How does this sound...."The Superman".

The Superman, who the hell is the Superman? is he your hire muscle or somethin?

muscle? the hell I need hired muscle when i can blow a car up sky high?
no no The Superman is a step to a new age. The superman is what will
make me even more rich. The Superman will make everyones dream come
true. The Superman will turn a regular human into one of us..


What the hell do you mean by that?

Superman is a special drug that can turn a human into a super human
randomly giving them new powers. people like us are sprouting up
everywhere and well there are jealous humans out there. by staying in
the black market we can find those desperate one that want powers and
grant them.....for a price that is.


a fucked up thing to do. what will happen? I doubt it can be permanent
and how do you know it wont cause a fatal side effect?


Don't know, don't care. as long as they're happy, I'm happy. imagine man. a city full of nothing but a superhuman population.


You're nothing more than a fucking monster.


I'm a monster? look uh..homie....what i'm doing right now is protecting
myself from the REAL monsters out there. Lets see how you feel fighting
against a powerful group of super humans who are targeting their rivals
and individuals that could get in their way.
probably look for protection yourself. but enough of this....I have
what i want and theres a little change in plans but soon we will be in
business. now if you excuse me, we will be on our way. oh and if you
come after me again, Murdoc will make sure that pretty girl's face will
no longer be pretty understand? nice talking to you Ty....


Jax and the Murdoc clones walk away.....


Titus puts his hands in his pockets and had a down look on his face. Desiree walks up to him....I-I'm sorry. They came out of nowhere and-

you dont have to apologize. they found a way to keep me in check. Titus sits on Desiree's hood Look I can call the cops. maybe they can help.

cops wont be any help and plus if you tell them that you have a super
powered friend that was robbed by two other super powered guys. the cops
will just let it be. they can care less what happens to us since they
arent having any luck with fighting us.

guess you're right but.....what will you do now? that guy that took
your bag....why would he go through the trouble of trying to make people
happy with powers?


Titus thought about what Jax said and then it just clicked


If I didn't know any better, I think he was building his own personal
army by buying the drugs and then making recurring clients that will
probably want the power more. If he can get power addicts on his side,
he will create a chaotic group of misfits at his control. I mean if he
wanted to create a super powered group, what are your chances of getting
individuals to cooperate with you and helping with a goal of yours?
He's getting power and fame the easy way for himself. if this all
happens then the city will turn red with blood...........the police and
the military is already having trouble with us.
imagine a super powered army seeking to devour this world into chaos. Titus gets up....Sorry
but somebody needs to stop him. it's my money he's using to purchase
the drugs so, it's sort of my fault if all this happens.


Titus.....you know how dangerous they are.....you can fight them alone. do you have anyone that can help you fight them?


No and i don't think anyone's stupid enough to team up with me for this kind of cause. everyone's for them self.


But someone has to be a bit kindhearted to help you


this is the real world, this aint no super hero comic book movie or
anything. I can't just call up the justice league and say "hey heroes i
need Hel-"
Titus thought for a moment when the masked man gave him his "Network" card. Titus pulled it out his pocket staring at it. Nevermind I think i found someone. Stay here, I'll be back later. you can stay in my room until i get back.... Titus runs off to look for the masked man for help.......


But Titus!?......



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Posted 04 April 2013 - 10:52 AM

Millie watched the disaster unfold, unphased with the whole rain of glass thing; she’d long since had the windows in the place replaced with shatter-proof glass. Granted, that didn’t mean much when dealing with people with all manner of powers but at least it ensured that the glass broke into small cubes instead of sharp jagged shards; the last thing she needed was to have to call in an ambulance to clean up people yet again.

Though given that they just broke all her windows and a few of her plates and glasses unfortunate enough to be near the front, yeah, there was going to be blood. Given the circumstances, the cat’s idea sounded pretty sound.

She walked outside, looking down at the sis-con and the one who actually shattered the glass. “You know, the no fighting rule does extend to right in front of my café. Rule of thumb; if you can damage my place, you are too close. But that’s besides the point right now; you two owe me quite a bit. Please explain how you’re paying for this mess without me having to sell your bodies the black market; for some reason recently a lot more people are in need of transplants.”

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Posted 04 April 2013 - 09:51 PM



A week ago

It was an hour passed midnight, the skies were pitch black and the streets ankle-deep in snow. Varick had stepped out of his apartment with the simple purpose of going for a walk and passing by a nearby convinience store. It took a mere ten minutes to get to where he wanted, the place only had five people in it; the security guard, the store clerk and three other customers. Entering the establishment, Varick quietly surveyed the store and slowly positioned himself behind a shelf, partly hiding himself from the view of those around him. A few minutes later, he made his move.


Suddenly, everything in the convenience store, items, people and Varick included, began to slowly float up in midair with only the wall stopping them from going up any further. As expected, everyone had panicked and was clueless to what was happening. Following what was happening, light bulbs one after another, started to break and soon after, everything in the store had quickly fell back down to the ground. With shattered glass and various brands of food scattered on the floor, those that were in the dark-filled store suddenly rushed out in a frightened and shocked state.


Everything had gone according to plan, with no one else in the store, Varick pulled out a flashlight from his pocket and with a smile on his face, started to empty the cash register. 


At present

It was the morning after Christmas and Varick was already up and about. Since his family lived out of the country, he really didn't have anyone to celebrate the holiday with. Roaming the wintry streets, he hoped to come across something interesting, but sadly, Varick only saw a city that was practically empty; stores were closed and not that many people were out. As he walked even further, from a distance, he had seen a shop that was actually open. With nothing else better to do, Varick decided to have a little fun. From where he was, he outstretched his arm forward, suddenly, several cars that were parked outside of the cafe started moving towards a single direction. With their alarms going off, the three cars were slowly compressed against each other, creating a heap of metal, gas and glass. As soon as this happened, Varick simply stood where he was and watched, waiting to see what would happen next.


OOC: Messing with the Moonlight Cafe since most of you guys are there.

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Posted 05 April 2013 - 12:17 AM

Sin Badh

By the time Sin was at the scene of the quake, the culprit, whoever or whatever it was, was long gone. Sin shrugged and thought thathe might as well finish his meal while checking messages. He bagan eating what's left of his croissant, and checked.

Operation Regicide

You all know about the Metahuman Registration Act that has been brewing in the fast track, and if not you may go to the relevant thread or search in the internet for information. It is the first of many laws being legislated here and around the world aimed at the so called "Superpowered". We here at the Network understand that those who have abused their freedom and commit injustice must be brought to face the consequences. But this law in its current form is unconstitutional in its blatant disregard for Human Rights, essentially subverts the presumption of innocence by penalizing individuals not for their actions but for just being who they are. Indeed, by robbing them of humanity it promotes the worst kind of discrimination.

It yokes people, it yokes us as a nation, and it yokes humanity from the achieving its full potential. From exercising and transgressing what before was the human limit.

This is unconscionable.

In this light I propose Operation Regicide, a concerted movement by all Network elements to kill this and similar inhumane bills. We shall do this in a two pronged strategy.

First: Ideological Warfare.
The news media has, predictably, been focusing on sensationalistic negative press. We will combat this by spreading the philosophy of Equality and Justice, Freedom and Responsibility and by bringing to the fore-front the positive aspects of the Superpowered change. Redouble our efforts of bringing friends to enlightenment, Operation Network; and our efforts to bring down criminals, Operation Justice.

Second: Resistance
Support the Human Too faction who are battling this bill in congress. Support the Power Movement by lobbying your local politicians and joining in their protests to bring to light the dire consequences of such a bill.

Stay informed on current developments and we will modify this proposal as events unfold after the first reading.

You are equal. Be just
You are free. Be responsible.

The site has been abuzz with this new major Op, and Sin pondered how best to respond. He has certainly been work hard, but not, apparently effective enough. Watching the big television hanging on the building on the other side of the street, it was apparent that his vigilante efforts weren't even worth a passing mention. Perhaps because he wasn't flashy enough, or perhaps because most ofhis captures weren't really impressive themselves.

He was going to have to be more ambitious.

But how?

"Breaking News..."

That's it! Sin opened up the site of one of the more famous (or infamous) information brokers, and asked his question: "Information regarding the new drug Genesis, particularly, how to take it down?"

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Posted 08 April 2013 - 03:09 PM

Theme song: Allahım Neydi Günahim? (Trans: Oh God, what did I do wrong?)

Selim was desperately awaiting his inevitable death, with his eyes closed. But it didn't come. Somebody else was speaking and his voice was coming from right above Selim. With a little bit of curiosity, and a lot of hope of being saved, Selim opened out his eyes...
A fucking Tiger... A mother fucking, frightening and TALKING Siberian Tiger!
"OHA! Yok deve!! Allahım, benle kafa mı geçiyon ya?" (Trans: WHOA! No fucking way!! Are you messing with me, God?)
Even the Siberian Tigers here spoke English while Selim couldn't. What kind of fucking sense of humor God had? Moreover, this fucking Tiger was showing his teeth to Selim and saying something obviously threatening.
Selim couldn't understand most of it. But a few words didn't escape his attention... "Get eaten" ... "stop this"... "assess inside" ... "pay for the damages"... Selim knew full well what these meant. Especially the last one, he had experienced that problem many times before.
The tiger was basically guarding the place and was threatening to eat him if he didn't pay for the damages. Selim was about to faint from fear... and frustration...
Right after the tiger finished, a women showed up coming out of the Café. From her looks, she was undoubtedly the owner of the place. And she was using some even harder words. But of course, Selim didn't miss the words he was familiar with. "my café"... "damage"... "owe"... "paying"... "sell bodies"... "black market"...
"İnsaf be! Bu kadar da abartılır mı Allahım?" (trans: So fucking cruel! Why go this far, God?)
Just a few seconds ago, Selim had accepted his death. But being eaten by a Siberian Tiger, having his body sold off to the black market? No thank you. This is just too much...
Selim started screaming in terror. He didn't want to die this way...
"NO! NO! WAIT! No kill me! Please? No kill me! No sell kidney! Sorry! Sorry! Please?"
Selim didn't put a stop to his rumbling. He showed the windows.
"I no bad! No me did!" He made an X mark with his arms and shook his head sideways. Then he suddenly stopped for a moment. He was going to blame the ghosts... But he didn't know the English word for "ghost"! Then he remembered the show "Ghostbusters" he used to watch in his younger days. Not helping either. He had watched it in Turkish dubs...
Selim suddenly started humming Ghostbusters Theme while taking a rhythm with his head and snapping his fingers. After humming for about 20 seconds he had finally remembered the word. With hope and enthusiasm he raised his arms high up and shouted:




Selim kept talking with his arms still up


"Yes! Gho~st busters!" (every time he says Ghost busters, he says it in melody) "Gho~st busters break window! No me!"


Selim then pointed out Richard. He didn't know his name, but he did hear one of the ghosts call him "Onii-chan"


" Onii-chan kill bad guys! But I see them. After dead, I see guys! Guys be Gho~st busters!"


Selim then shook his finger sideways and gave an angry look at Richard. It's as if he looked like he was scolding him or something.


"But kill is bad! No kill! Onii-chan kill bad guys! Bad guys angry!" Selim feigned a frown here "Bad guys be Gho~st busters. But I see Gho~st busters! I have super man!" Selim smirked and faked a little muscle show "Like people. In the news! So I see gho~st busters.


But gho~st busters get me. They very angry! They want kill Onii-chan!"


Selim acted like he was struggling with something invisible. He gripped his own throat, he was trying to demonstrate a possession.


"Gho~st busters control me!" They want kill! Onii-chan! Revenge!"


After that he turned back to the owner woman. He smiled!


"But no more! Gho~st busters no more. they go! Not here! I control me. No gho~st busters control me. No more!


But I poor! Very poor! No money! No work!


But I work here, I can! I pay back!



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Posted 02 May 2013 - 05:36 PM

With a new idea in hand, Titus runs off in the direction heading to the Cafe again. Titus last saw the masked man there so he assumed he'd still be around. Still a bit cautious from the recent events, Titus travels the alleys and back roads to avoid getting unnecessary attention from anyone. After a few blocks he finally makes it to the Cafe.


As he walks in he looks around but with disappointment, not seeing him there. He gives an annoyed and heavy sigh as he heads back out. He looks to his left and his right to make a choice where he will start his search. Not having any leads he heads back towards the hotel but thinks for a moment feeling he'd have luck by asking if anyone's seen a masked man acting like a hero wandering around.


he get further into town where the population rose. He asks a few here and there whether they've seen a super hero masked man running around talking about justice and shit while leaving his network card but unfortunately....no one seen him. I mean how hard could it be to find a Masked man who acts like a hero? he gets the attention of another man who looks like he'd be in his 50s Hey you, excuse me! the man looked over with wonder. yes?


I don't wanna hold you up or anything but have you seen a man in a mask acting like a hero?


Umm...No but if I did, I'd definitely would remember something as amusing as that. fufufu playing hero? ......kids these days......but no, sorry son I haven't seen anyone like that around.


Dammit!.....Aight man...thanks anyway... Titus begins to walk off until the older man stops him..


Hey young man... Titus looks bad I haven't seen any hero type people around but I've been finding these weird cards with an eye in the middle lately. I found two of them close to where i live and I think it was near some goons that's been causing trouble. My niece found one as well near a burglar that was tied up....


Titus eyes widened and walked over to the man I don't know how much help that would be for you but I think someones playing hero I suppose. Titus smirks a bit Yep the masked man lays those cards around on criminals and stuff......do you think he's always around this area? Hard to say....I have a buddy of mine that lives about 2 to 3 miles away and he found it there and across town, my doctor said they found cards too. So I'm thinking this guy travels anywhere that has crime. I guess if you listen out for police sirens, he should be close to that area. 


Aight cool....appreciate it man


No problem kid and good luck finding him... The two goes their separate ways. Titus sorta had a lead as he continues his search.......Alright masked man where are you.........