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One Manga Forums Rap Association (OP Edition)

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#1 Sabodew



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Posted 01 May 2013 - 07:59 AM

Welcome ladies, gentlemen, anime-goers, mangastreamers, aliens, kawaii desus, and even yaoi fan girls.

This is the One Manga Forums Rap Association, or OMFRA for short.



This is a place soon to be filled with creative works representing anger, sadness, or glee towards the big 3 using lyrical representations of the soul. No, not souls from soul society, but soul as in our inner desires to express ourselves through rhyme and show the world that we are the greatest manga/anime forum of all time. 


In other words, this is a place to show lyrical expression through rhyme whether it'd be poem, sonnet, or even old school rap. If you would like to post your own creations for the site to see, that is most certainly welcomed. We currently have a small following, but with support from the site members we can grow in popularity and rival the parody section as a place for entertainment and laughs.


Also, if you do not like rap that is perfectly fine. This place isn't solely for rap, but a place to enjoy other people expressing themselves through rhyme. We will try to stray away from using the n-word, for those who may be offended. However, this is the end of my message. Soon we will have a few people post their own lyrical creations for us to enjoy, like, and even save onto our desktops to further enjoy privately in the middle of the night. Without further or do, our member list:


Member List:


ArSoNiSt JoE









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#2 Shivdude



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Posted 01 May 2013 - 08:31 AM

I'm a bit confused as to why this is in the OP section, but as a lifelong advocate of rap I'm definitely for supporting this. I noticed you are against the use of the N* word, it reminded me of a tribe song;


"See, n* first was used back in the deep south

Fallin out between the dome of the white mans mouth
It means that we will never grow, you know the word dummy
Other n*s in the community think its crummy
But I dont, neither does the youth cause we
Em-brace adversity it goes right with the race
And being that we use it as a term of endearment
N*s start to bug to the dome is where the fear went
Now the little shorties say it all of the time
And a whole bunch of n*s throw the word in they rhyme
Yo I start to flinch, as I try not to say it
But my lips is like the oowop as I start to spray it
My lips is like a oowop as I start to spray it"


Check that sampling too :)

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#3 Sabodew



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Posted 01 May 2013 - 01:08 PM

Might as well talk about the recent OP chapter:


We're currently in Block B watching contestants attack

We got Elizabello, Bartolomeo, Bellamy, and even Hyakkudan Hack

Elizabelo's got a cocky attitude with a punch of great magnitude

I guess he's the king for a reason, he's even got Tank Lepanto committing treason


But what kind of man needs an hour charging up to fight?

This guy's slower than Kizaru, a man of light. 

But hopefully all this hype will give me some reason to type

About Bellamy and Bartolomeo's defeat, while I write to this beat.


But you know, losing's gotta be a bish

When you end up facing those little fighting fish

But you gotta face it head on like Abdul-

Oh wait, you got slashed in the back like a fool


By Jeet, this Jafar looking terrorist is bringing in the heat

But Hyakkudan Hack's got enough class to send a fodder on their ass

Without killin' them, but this is One Piece so no one faces death

Except when my man Gladiator Ricky makes them exhale their last breath


And Bartolomeo is just chilling on the sidelines like Sting

I hope he doesn't forfeit like he did on some Fairy Tail fling

The story wraps up with Don Ching Chong exposing Luffy's name

Being butthurt after Garp got finished with him, his ass never felt the same. 

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#4 ArSoNiSt JoE

ArSoNiSt JoE


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Posted 04 May 2013 - 01:12 PM

Sabodew (On the turn -tables): "Wassup y'all it's the OMFRA in the house you feel me? And right now I want to direct your attention to the one and only ArSoNiSt JoE about to do his thing in the booth for the 'RA man. 


Ayo JoE! Tell them what we're about kid. mynicca1.png



ArSoNiSt JoE: "Yeah, yeah it's The JoE reppin' for the OMFRA. We're about to take over the parody game you feel me? Close that photoshop and learn to rhyme son. Look out for my debut album The JoE-matic coming soon.


Sabodew drop that **** son and let me rip it to shreds homey. mynicca1.png


*Sabodew plays the beat*


Spoiler Incarcerated Scarface - Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah


JoE: "Damn...you're playing the Scarface's joint? Aight lemme see if I can do this thing justice"





The 'RA crushes all like a Buster Call we destroy

You pray for our downfall but deep down you enjoy

All the fly ish we post up,

Claim to hate, but the hate you illustrate's fake like makeup,

A SHAKEUP...is what we're givin' the parody game,

Everyone in my crew is out to make a name,

Myself, Sabodew, monster and the big homie Sloan,

Tear a chunk off OMF, and make it our own,


Posts stay on point like Van Augur's aim,

Other posts are lame, our joints gets 20 plus thanks to it's name,

Sabo stay droppin' heat with the ARL vids,

Kame and Sloan stay tearin rap ciphers to shreds,

The JoE got text parodies on lock dog,

Write what I want, care less if I piss off the mods,


Got the game in a chokehold with Whitebeards grip,

Rap parodies give other kinds of parodies hardship,

Be it humor and wit, 'RA posters are always equipped,

Make you laugh so hard you break all your ribs,

Too bad if you're real sensitive like Nami's stiff nips,

This ain't for you, go back to makin' gifs,

of half assed and badly drawn anime vids,

That look like they were animated by 4kids


This is the RA son, and we're about to expand,

even metal heads go "Damn rap parodies are the **** man!",

Posts hit harder than magma fist spam,

you can't blame us for the overwhelming demand,

of lyrical content that can get a man banned,

We're here to stay, so you're gonna have to deal with it,

Don't like what we say? (hahah) Then why don't you do something bout it...



Yeah, yeah, yeah. just a couple bars there for the 'RA son. Haters get hip tossed if they criss-cross with the parody boss know what I'm sayin? I'm out....

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ArSoNiSt JoE's Finest Work:

Spoiler Parodies

Epic stuff from other OMF posters:

#5 Sloan


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Posted 04 May 2013 - 03:05 PM

Don-quix-ote, you got a plan? He's on to it
This monstrosity the Joker stans, I stay monoplizing monopolies
Slave trade, hoes suck well that's pay-day
Flip ******* like real estate, Evil 2 step like it's leap of faith

He's got the Admirals on payroll, Yonkou's getting played like Play-Doh
Don't have to ask, they ask me, Pop a molly I sodomize you entirely
Never ran less I ran through, you dudes got like... losers flu
I see you, I puke steak, cause' thats all I eat, cheese steaks, so no beef comes my way

All fer now. Some Tyga/Riff Raff flow.

Edited by Sloan, 04 May 2013 - 03:20 PM.

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#6 dageo18



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Posted 05 May 2013 - 02:36 PM

yo check it.. heh, i'm about to spin the system figuratively incessant,

living off the essence of an semblance of presence,

instruments as weapons armed with sympathy for symbolism,

in a prism, light, darts, dark invites our inhibition,

types of art and inner vision sized of parts to fit our individual,

pens to scribble story arcs that pile on the centerfold,

middle bends a bitter end not mendable by any chance,

your picking up the pennies attempting to get a city back!!


... excuse me. give me that, this my hat,

I won't take it off, now you see?

sitting flat, on my head, a straw crown of the sea,

call yourself pirates? more like clowns that drown like buggy,

i'v been drinking sake for hours and my haki power's still a lot to tower over you cowards, you grounded sober,

drunk style like lee, and now its over, pounding posters, bounty owner.

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#7 Yersinia



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Posted 05 May 2013 - 05:42 PM


Let me show you something,....let me show you something...

Like a chondroma Luffy puts you in a coma.

Haki pierces through your cellular soma like an electronical device

You'll think "oh **** why did this happen to me ******* twice,

first zoro cutting through my belly and now he my adams apple slice

but everything doesn't stop here, that ***** Nami thunderbolts you to a salami

you cant escape, you begin to cry make an attack now please, TRY

before the sniper puts you in a trap so Sanji can beat your ass like a ******* rat that 

you'll think oh **** why was I born in this crap. Please forgive me I want to live

i dont wanna die chopper comes and brings you medicine you think "thank god"

But there is no god u you ****** frog Chopper rapes you like maniac he goes monster point

and you feel your body numb cuz of all the joint you'll...

... be taking make you realize that it only takes a touch for you to vaporize.... huh-uhu-hu-yeah


You cant win this game its already over but now you have a purple flower

pls take it, hold it and kiss it, nah im kidding dont grab it, its deadly

make a run before the death hunts you like a gun, be ready and

think twice before you meet the tank of the family no other than the man Franky


So Naruto pls dont think your strong just cuz you're blond

You are just a *** who doesnt waant to be alone


Hehe Naruto diss

(And damn so much curses :P)

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#8 dageo18



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Posted 05 May 2013 - 06:39 PM

Hell is jealous cause I'm more heaven repellent

then hellen keller is deaf or needs helping,

defiantly helmet,

you'll never be milking worth unless 

the energy felt me, 

then you'll be melting..


i heard from a bird that words are the power people, without an equal,

i think afterwards they'll find a sequel, just like they found the resource,

crazy to relish relics wether celtic or elven theory elvis peace core,

maybe nothings better than a wednesday at the weed store

on a free shopping spree paid by pimping with their dream force.

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#9 ArSoNiSt JoE

ArSoNiSt JoE


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Posted 05 May 2013 - 07:44 PM

ohhh.png @ the verses in this thread. Good stuff.



Hm...we should come together and do something for the parody thread. I have an idea...mynicca1.png

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ArSoNiSt JoE's Finest Work:

Spoiler Parodies

Epic stuff from other OMF posters:

#10 Yersinia



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Posted 06 May 2013 - 06:03 AM

Y3rsin is here and i gonna show you something
This is crazy...
He heals, he kills, he creates and he destroys
slowly you sufficate into a level you cant enjoy

Cyanosis occur you feel dizzy this is creepy
When you see CC please flee climb to the closest tree, dont hesitate, you're already in a state that will bring you death

He is cc the truest G, make him angry and you will see that you cant mess with the real MC

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#11 dageo18



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Posted 06 May 2013 - 10:56 AM

sayy whhhatt?  

The real MC? CC's threats are empty,

if i wanted to feel scared i'd face death against the M3,

y'all don't wanna tempt me, 

i'm chopper in his MP,

killed your whole crew like kaidou you can't stop it or defend these

war calls, i got more balls than sogeking got enemies,

no no please, i'v been to sea, 

and know those cheap amenities

yo ho team this ship is free and were sailing for the memories.

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#12 Rifle



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Posted 07 May 2013 - 07:52 PM

Why don't you guys do an epic rap battles of history using op characters for those familiar with it?

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#13 Sabodew



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Posted 07 May 2013 - 10:41 PM

Why don't you guys do an epic rap battles of history using op characters for those familiar with it?


I'm currently working on getting a way to do that, in a formal way. 

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#14 TrolonoaZoro



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Posted 07 May 2013 - 11:33 PM

Great idea, perhaps let the people choose which character do a face-off against each other? You know, to keep em interested. 


"Don't worry, nothing is gonna happen to you that won't happen to the rest of us"


#15 retroluffy13


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Posted 08 May 2013 - 12:01 AM

ussop would make the best rapper out of any starwhat. he can pull bull**** out his ass like sneaky little rat.

Edited by sena-kun21, 19 May 2013 - 02:16 AM.

 this is a music video I made for a friend of mine.  give it a listen.  the visuals are pretty dope


also some ear kandy

when you love something..  and I mean. really love it.  you fight for it for as long as you can until you cant stand any longer.  then when its all said and done, walk away with a smile hoping you did right.

#16 Sabodew



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Posted 08 May 2013 - 09:42 PM

ussop would make the best rapper out of any starwhat. he can pull bullshit out his ass like sneaky little rat.



You mean this?

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#17 Sabodew



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Posted 09 May 2013 - 07:56 AM

Chapter 709
Looks like Grandma's house is burning, much to Caribou's surprise
Caribou jumps in to potentially save ol' granny before she dies
She has a picture held in her hand, Caribou takes it away, why?
Turns out Gabull is her grandson and he also likes meat pie
But moving on to the chapter, Don Chin Jao is using his head and chin
In order to beat Monkey D. Luffy and Cavendish to win
This old man is senile, he's damn near mental!
But his skills are freakin' continental!
Splitting Antarctica in half is not easy
Though calling your grandsons "adorable" is pretty cheesy
You're supposed to be a man with a bounty higher than 5 hundred million
If so, why are you facing a bunch of kids? You're a big ass like a Brazillian
No wonder Garp smashed you and put that dent on your head
You're lucky he didn't straight up punch you dead
And you know what he said, "Garp made my ass all red"
That's why you're butthurt, you want him back in your bed
So you're takin' it out on Luffy, you senile old man
You're going against your country's plan, you blow harder than a fan
But I will admit, Don Ching Chong's skills are pretty nice
He could probably stand up to an admiral... who am I kidding, he got beaten by a vice. 
But enough shiz about him, let's get back to Tank
Oh shoot, this guy got murdered harder than the left arm of Shanks
Abdul and Jeet made him walk the plank, took his greedy ass back to the bank
Too bad 2 seconds later THEY got SHANKED
By Bellamy, he stabbed them both on the feet
pulled their jaws backward and murdered Abdul and Jeet
He got the kill, he's got great skill
I hope his next opponent is Blue Gill
But he's facing Ricky, extended his legs so far
spreading em so wide, he probably wants a quickie with Ricky's little ricky.
Looks like Bartolomeo is already ready for that
With his ass out, Hack tried to fist him but his fist went SPLAT.

Edited by Sabodew, 09 May 2013 - 08:00 AM.

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#18 dageo18



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Posted 10 May 2013 - 12:24 AM

I be da G to spit it sweet like mango juices, 

hypnotize the crowd with my jango movements,

you either get alive with the sound or your plain ol' stupid,

put a spring in the step, bellemy's K.O.'d, luffy,

whats he thinking of next? i'm the master with the candy,

asking all the ladies if i can be seeing their panties,

always packing a gum-gum just in case they say i can be,

watch me go all hatchi, sorry if i'm handsy,

don't call me kidd, i'm a man, you understand me?

causing a single man stampede like oda on the fan feed,

never a sore sight with that nami on the vessel,

now just imagine the new nakama's Rebecca,

DD's already been wrecked and the cards all been bet uh,

hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades,

he's already dead there's no Ace to play,

the crews on the way to a place called one piece,

only one real MC, the main character, there's one me.


that ship got us here, this ship will get us there,

then we'll sit in chairs, sippin on the beers,

cheers to the pirate life, its the one we chose,

or it chose us, who really knows, 

but if ya diss our flow we'll make goku look weak,

still no one iller, we go doku doku no mi,

kilo kilo no mi, stacking beli like weights,

is there a break this week? give me it straight,

give me restraints, i'm a militant angst,

feelin the flame of mero mero again.

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#19 Zzkays



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Posted 11 May 2013 - 08:12 AM

You're all a bunch of ******* gimps, get a grip an realise what use are, I actually feel embarrassed for use all

And before anyone replies I'd like to explain myself now since I won't be coming back to these forums. I'm talking about the people who think they're what they're not, whether its a false sense of authority or celebrity over other people ON A FORUM ON THE INTERNET it's borderline retarded, or just pretending to be some rap expert or some sort of stereotypical black person, it's pathetic and it's clear to everyone else, simply by the way use type that use are pretending to be something use aren't, I find myself cringing at alot of posts on this forum.

And even if you actually are black it doesn't mean you're some sort of gangster, seriously alot of use need to wake up

They are just having fun and expressing themselves, why u so serious?

#20 monstertrio



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Posted 11 May 2013 - 10:38 PM

Moria's chin is going ham.

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