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Places of Soul


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Posted 20 November 2014 - 01:18 PM



"That one drug I can abuse in public." @Velvetbrush


"Music is medicine, the melodies and all the contents of one's conscience and mind (expressions)." @Maiaku


"Music is like a padded cell, it seals all of your worries away o.o" @Défectueux


"Structured Sound." @Metal Heart


"Something that invokes emotions/feelings and/or memories, good and/or bad. Either that or the closest thing humans will get to something bigger than us." @ramz91


"Something uplifting, makes me happy and helps get me through the day." @Doan


"Don't need." @taichi


"The words and the sound of your inner voice and soul." @Wingman


"Umm hi? O.O Music is inspiration and entertainment owo" @Hooded Crow


"Music is the order of reality resonated through us." @mihawkgsm


"Arranged sound combinations that together tickle our rhythmic minds and our emotions." @zetruz


"A calculated use of sound arranged in a subjectively pleasing manner." @ZCOverload


"The warm embrace of the most supple nipples." @Red Opus


"An entertaining outlet of artistic linguistics to keep me stimulated in company." @Sloan


Music is Beauty @ddboy102


Ear foodo.o @Mai


"Music is the expression of boldness in expressing what's on one's mind and one's heart." @Dezta


"Music is the beat of our souls come to life." @soccerislife


"Dependsarranged auditory amusement, condensed human emotion, or, perhaps, it's just fun." @Otaku-N.


"Music is like food, there is something for everybody" **Carmelo salute** @ArSoNiSt JoE


"Music that restricts freedom isn't music! ROCK won't be beaten by violence that restricts freedom! Music is FREE! It is the cry of our hearts!" (From Bakumatsu Rock, ep. 1) @Ryuukenloverfan


"An audible and emotional experience in relations to one's self." @Petite Fleur


"Music is something that will influence all parts of your soul." @Relinquisher


"12 isnt quite frankly enough to explain it as im a guitarist. i guess snazzy? haha." @Nyu


"Music is different things to different people." @Baka-Dynasty


"Uhhhhhhhhh. Part of an artist's soul that can captivate the hearts of others." @ilikewaffles


"I think it's a combination of different tones... creating/intensifying feelings and influencing one's mood. Above that, listening to music is a great way to "flee" from reality for a while..." @kleckermaus


"Music is a creative and expressive form of art." @kirstenn:)


"Motivational/Inspirational mood changer." @kame d. kaze


"Even in your darkest times, music can show you the light." @BadCompany


"An art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions. thankyoudictionary" @DrugzRule


hmm...oh, music is essential in my life, and if anyone likes Passenger then we'll be best friends for life. @midnightrider


Some Sounds That Give Me Them Feels, Bro @Hyouzou


 "an art of sound in time that expresses ideas and emotions in significant forms through the elements of rhythm, melody, harmony, and color." @Negative Syndicate


i'm not sure how i would do that.. set for i think music can define us more than we can it.. . @kikyou_e


For me Music is sounds that make you calm when you feel agitated   :) @burningmonkey


"A world within worlds, expressed through auditory means, but connects the deepest." @JDG973



"A chain of sounds that stimulate the listener's emotions." @eemo23


"I'd call it "A theme park of sound". Each song is an attraction, each ride stirs different emotions and creates a new story." @Sanji


"Music is the expression of emotion through the use of rythmic sound." @Raiden


"Art for the ears and there are no rules." @Peleihno


"A combination of rhythms with or without vocals, which composes coherent sounds :)" @Abu Dun


"A self expression of your mood or what you are going through personally." @King Tai


Pretty much whatever I like to listen to. My favorite bands are One OK Rock and Mumford & Sons, which is a total culture clash, I know. I also love Frank Sinatra and Eurodance music. Everything else is just noise that sounds good, IMO. @Hamato_Hikari


"I don't think you can properly define music.

It is a special form of art, and to give it a definition would limit it severely. 
All art should be free to take on whatever form it wants to, so defining any type of art is impossible." @Plague Ichigo


"An amazing human triumph." @RandomRider


"Freedom. Liberation. Contraction and expansion. Unbound self. But mostly, freedom." @Acnologia


"A number of sounds, weak apart but as strong as steel united" @Guardian-Angel


"An arrangement of sounds expressing emotion without need for wordsA universal language." @Makaze


"Music brings a warm glow to my vision, thawing mind and muscle from their endless wintering." -Haruki Murakami- @4everRouya


An amalgamation of sounds that creates any number of emotions in people. @Sev


"Mankind's greatest achievement." @Radu


"Art." @Gnag


a flowing beat @disastrousmaster


... feelings and thoughts given in words of the soul, not the mouth. @asphyxiateD


Letsee then.. "dreams and emotions" are the makeup of music ^^ yepyep~! *so deep* *it hurts*

But that's how I'd define music xD Music is emotional and full of dreams~ @VainDay


Music is a sexy thing that can pleasure you anytime of the day! @Markmus


Musik itu lagu kan? (4 kata tuh) Bahasa Indonesia -> English Music = song, right? (4 words there) @Sheratan


"Arguably any set of noises played together within a reasonable time frame." @mantisstalker


"A set of noises timed to a beat and/or rhythm." @Archshot


Music is a friend that will make you experience strong emotions and help you through dark times. @Maika


Music is my balance and escape. It is essential to my life. @hesoggy_shoehey


My morning rescuemidday pickup, and evening solace. @Mura


"Beautiful." @Insane Soul


"A medium that expresses what words alone cannot." @DaEvilWithin


"Music is emotional." @God Mode


"A testament to the near limitless creative and artistic side of humanity." @Damanos


"The art of expressing thought and emotion through harmonious sounds." @PlasmaWolf


Music is the flow of life put into words and melody. @TheFireSage


"Words and melody which causes the body to react in a rhythmic motion." @DarkNemesis


Inspirationalmotivating art that can tell a story. @Tom Ace


"Music is an art in which you can express yourself in these beautiful ways that makes it sound magical being lyrics or rhythm.. Music is another drug, it can be good and bad and so addicting, and when you find that special genre you just get hooked and stick to it until you find another genre. To me music is my life and feel good moments, they inspire me and make me feel better about myself~ " @Sun Heart


"Music is any sound that provides entertainment for the ears. Within that extremely broad category, there are more specific types of music -- those that use repetition of certain notes, that use special instruments, etc." @d1r31


Wonderful, helpful and lovable! @Neko


Hip hop and rap, is what I grew up on. @BG9


"Audio Art." @ryuzaki07


"Inspiration for the soul." @Strawhats


Organised sounds with patterns I sometimes find pleasing @sic


"Music is a soul's painting. It's free to express unlimited imagination and feeling in any form but confined to a canvas." @timiee


"It keeps me going!"  @Camille


I would like to define music as satan's doing.    :mellow: @Kuchiki Shiba


An expression of self or imagination through rhythm and sound. @Nintendocat


"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words..." @strixflash


"haha thats a really difficult question, music is such a fluid thing, and definitions are so ridged. I guess I'd define music as "evocative", can't do any better without being exclusive     :P @hubris


Music is distraction. (you can interpret it as good or bad kind of distraction imo) @miavizard


I would define music as something that has pleasing sounds to listen to. @kessie


"Music is art for ears and an expression of the soul." @Nmaan


 "music is like a something i need beside sleep    :D @nana


imo. vocal or sounds combined in a way as to make beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotions. @muhdyazed


Sound that is pleasant to hear. @Shiroi


Music = Killer Be Killed by Wings of Feather and Wax @drewbeard


"Is this for a contest or something?" @Frozen_Flare


"Music brings to life, through sound, the essence of one's being." @Passingby


"Source of inspirationrelaxation, and a reason to dance." @Goddess Nike


"Rhythm and pitch intrinsically pleasing to the human psyche." @evilcheeser


"Pleasure to the ears, the mind, the heart." @azer_moli


"An expression of your feelings through sound?" @Kazekage


"Charmer of the soul. Rhythmic heartbeat and word of mankind." @Satoshi


"Inspirational, motivating, comforting, and most of all entertaining." @Yuber


"Sound made melodious and harmonious to express something." @Fulmine


Uhm I don't want to be poetic and just say it is a way to relax    :P @Maco


"I define music as artDepends what kind. I used to be a musician but I retired cause of other businesess, but I sing to myself also once in a while cause music is life to me! The word derives from Greek: 'art of the muses'." @Buster


"Freedomtelling a story, expressing yourself, magical, wonderful, loud, quiet, soothing." @Book.girl


"Well, obviously, it depends on the individual. For me, music is mostly a form of entertainment. Though depending on my mood, it can be much more than that." @TET


"An auditory sound combined to cause the brain to release pleasurable chemicals." @Misty


An expression of peoples soul through rhythmed words. @Kurapika


"It is worth at least trying out if they play their own instruments" @itano123


Anything that sounds pleasingYou know its great when you can tell heart and soul was put into it. @casscat


"The voice of the world, filtered through your ears." @hollowhowl7


"A sound frequency humans like." @Masked Rider


"Music is love, passion, an escape, a revolutionmagic, beauty, a way of life :)" @Tokoya


"Order of sounds intentionally composed that way by a purposeful mind." @Oben


"Reflections of reality given beats, melodies and tunes." @diezdragon


The gathering of rhythm and beats and emotions that electrifies you. @Soul


Life Changing, Revolution, EvolutionAssassin, Depression, Anxiety, PhantasmagoricUnpredictable, Universal, Insightful, Expression. @Ren-san


"What changes or fits the mood you're in." @Shinkaru


I am a nihilist. All music is socially constructed. @crawdad6I6


"The only language understood by us all." @Scorpion2k4u


"Music can embody the soul of both its creator and its listener..." @Dreamcatcher


"The vocal, rhythmetic or instrumental expression of an emotion." @Hadz-x


"Music is a conglomeration of sounds and/or words in a pattern." @FrostyMouse


Beautiful sounds that may potentially or hopefully evoke some sort of emotion. @Urek Mazino


Music is an art formed by the union of certain notes and rythyms

(Scyentific-like answer)
Music is a way to travel, to feel the world and to understand what you have even better, a way of flying away to your dreamworld without sleeping.

(Flower power answer) @Madara D Dragon


"Dafuq i'm confused xD" @MooshiMooosh


Music is love. Music is life. @Tiago


"The second cousin of poetry, one of the easiest ways to express feelings..." @Winterfirefly


"a form of art and literatureIt sums up hate and love." @The Machine


Lmao I'm not going to pretend I'm some intellectual on music or have some deep words for this but the best definition I can give is that

music is everything. It goes with everything. I can't really explain it in good words but maybe when you're playing a game and in a big battle, hey? This song goes really well to this because they're moving to the beat of the music. Or maybe you see some girl you like and you think this song corresponds to her really well, e.t.c e.t.c. That's some of the things I think about when I listen to music sometimes.

Jet~  @JetPk


Music is a Universal Language that transcends cultural Boundaries.


Music is Love.


Music is Life. @Namikaze_Naruto


I would say that music is an art form, an almost-magical craft that can move people and induce emotions within them.  It also works as a form of self-expression, for which you don't need words to convey your feelings. @gamria


"Something that's pleasant to the ears and takes me to another place." @KittyGoesMeowMeow


Medicine. @monstertrio


"why are you asking ? i define music as something that makes me feel the intended emotion" @Miss.J


"Water founten." @Trolonoa Zoro


"Music is emotions, memories, silliness, personality, life etc. - everything." @Neder


Music: any combination of sounds that connects mental, physical and emotional being @Gazhead


Music is love. Music is for the soul. Music is Life. @PunkHazard


Soul. @Solarmvies

An art which brings harmony, unity and serenity... @chie


ever-calming presence in a stress filled life @kyatis


"A blending of sounds that create a beautiful harmony, that's music." @ANewLight


"Inspirational, motivational, centerpiece of life and entertainment." @RebornLima


Vibrational frequency resonance and reverberationMathematics, science, art.  Reason, chaos, emotion, music. @dageo18


"Emotions made manifest in sound" @Tenno


"The logical response is: Music can be any kind of audio sensation that provokes an emotional response. The more descriptive response: Melodic, mellifluous, refreshing, relaxing, motivating, uplifting, sustaining, diverse, cathartic, atmospheric and vital." @KLGChaos


"Various sounds composed in pleasing ways." @~L~


"For me, it's purely a matter of what I like and don't like. Or just whatever mood I'm in. :shrug:" @FongShwei69














Heart-Warming" @Clyde


I would define music as a way of expressing... life. @Shichibukai Ace


Well, I would say, music is someone's inner essence being sent to other people to understandOk, thats probably around 12 words, lol. But what I mean is that words do not need to be used to describe it, it's just that feeling you get as the listener, when you hear a song that you really like. Emotionaly, it touches you, that is what I mean by the essence of the person who made the song, you are feeling it. @Chizi


No music. No dream. @Chicosci


"Emotion. And no problem." @superfranky


"Pleasant for the ears and it relaxes you." @MAX_COLA_POWER!


"Music is a booster, that pushes you through life." @Enbima


"Collective ear orgasm." @Strobacaxi


"idk to me if it has a nice beat and rhythm" @laxus pwns natsu


"A form of communication that allows one to express things nonverbally." @wingman32x


"Pleasing sequences of sounds." @Ryu


xD art made with sounds @Zeando


"Music is sound at play."   @Lone_ant


the sound that defines who you are. @beck26


Music will set you free! Music is like fuel for my car but then, also, for my soul @Hodja


Music: a timeless, universal language of tone, rhythm and emotion. @CDFR-OM


"Err.. are you doing a study or something? A sequence of sounds and pauses designed to stimulate emotions." @StaticVoid


Music is the sound you make when you're on your knees begging for more money. @White Zangetsu


"F**k your boyfriend." @Ganderath


"ALL of the above--and BEYOND Xd" @YoWid






For those who have contributed to the genkidama and haven't done it yet for whatever reasons alike.....I thank you all  :) 

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another story for another day


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Posted 21 November 2014 - 05:16 PM

Okay, just to make things clear: I am not a junkie. 


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Posted 21 November 2014 - 10:58 PM

Okay, just to make things clear: I am not a junkie. 


Coming from someone who clearly abuse's it everyday makes me question that statement. 


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Posted 22 March 2015 - 05:50 AM

@YoWid! Dude! I had no idea you could play piano. That was awesome! :D