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[Quest] Pillars of the Fourth CIrcle

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#61 DaEvilWithin


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Posted 15 January 2015 - 12:19 AM

Oh true quest rewards.


I suppose leaving Theo is a good idea. Maybe give him a potion or something?

#62 Srki



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Posted 15 January 2015 - 11:06 AM

So far consensus seem to be going out while leaving Theodor behind with a potion.

What potion for him, and what, if any, potions for your crew?

#63 Lone_ant



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Posted 19 January 2015 - 06:30 AM

Steelskin for him and Sense for Dancer.

#64 Oben


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Posted 24 January 2015 - 05:37 PM

@Srki You still around?

(If I don't post, take it as agreement to what was said above ^^)

#65 Srki



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Posted 24 January 2015 - 07:39 PM

I was actually waiting for more people to voice agreement or make their own plans.

However, since i didn't check the thread manually, i missed that you guys liked Lone_Ants post.  :blush:


Anyhow, it is too late for me to update now. I will try to get it ready sometimes tomorrow.

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#66 Srki



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Posted 02 February 2015 - 08:29 AM

You feel satisfied as the light of farm emerge in distance. It was late, and you swung sword around far too much for your taste. You ached, you were covered in dirt and blood and you wanted to sleep. 


Taking a potion was an option. but that would be wasteful. 


Clearing the wolves was simple. For all their cunning, they were massive beasts and following tracks of attack squad back to their lair was easy for young Eli. You managed to catch guard by surprise thanks to your superior senses and after that finish the few remaining in the den off. 


Only eight wolves. That was surprising. In general, splinter groups like this one consisted of three to five dozens of beasts, so having only twenty of them was .. uncommon. You could consider yourself lucky for that. 


During the trip, you had little time to converse, being cautious on your way there and tired on your way back. Still, from what little talk you had, you could tell that Eli doesn't like you. Dancer noted that she is like that with everyone and that you shouldn't worry, but it was still curious. Dancer herself, you had chat about your potions and strategy. 


"Senses are good, albeit redundant with Eli around. You couldn't know that though" she smiles. 


"Why eyes?" you ask remembering her strategy both here and back on farm.


"Well, obviously eyes are easiest way to the brain. Direwolves skills is thick, and their muscles act as natural armor. Pretty though for normal arrows to do much. Usually i go for either eyes, or for paws" she grins "If they can't walk they can't bite you"


"As for the potion, agility is best. It allows me to do one shoot one kill pretty much every time. Strenght .. hmm, strenght is nice, allows my arrows to go through their muscles, but it also damages the bow. I'd need something to reinforce bow in that case. Making arrows sharper is better, although strength also increases speed and distance, which is nice"


"I see. And for me?"


"Depends on what you plan on doing. Throwing those nasty bottles of yours, agility for precision or strenght for speed and distance. Fighting with that little sword of yours, strength or agility again. i don't think that you'd like to get hit."


"No, i wouldn't."


"Quite. Various durability potions are not as useful for you. In the end, it depends on what you face. Unlike knights, you have to make sure that you have right spread of potions" she glances at you "And don't skimp on them"


You blush. It was wasteful. But the again .. if there was more beasts in that first attack. Ten more and three you and Theo faced would turn into thirteen. You .. don't want to think how that would have ended. 




Farm was untouched.


After receiving thanks. you excuse yourself from small feast and head to the side building to take a bath. 


Clean, you head to room you shared with Dancer for tonight. 


"So, what are you planning to do now?"


"Hm? Go back to Staburh, take my blessing. You?"


"I could do that, go back to village. Or i could do some other tasks around here. Saving time and all that"


"Hmm .. be careful. If you have enough favor for blessing, take it. There will always be tasks to be had. Taking care of yourself is more important"


You freeze. Although smart, that .. that would mean that


"-others could get hurt. Just imagine if we didn't come here!"


Dancer looks outside, her gaze lost in distance 


"..You are right my little scholar. But remember" she cast her glance at you "Dead heroes are of little use to others"




What will do next: 

-Go back to an level up 

-Head to the cave 

-Head to the road 

-Something else



-Bid her farewell 

-Try to convince her to join your quest(only available if you chose to head to the next quest right away)(you'll need to write in arguments if you want her to join)