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Steps & Tips for Creating Roleplays

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Different Areas of the RP Forum


Understanding the areas of the RP Forum:

  • Main RP Forum. The part of the forum where the RP will take place and members will make their individual posts for their characters.
  • OOC Forum. OOC stands for Out Of Character which refers to the player speaking to other players normally outside of the main RP to discuss how the RP is progressing and plans of where it is going. So the OOC Forum is where players can open a separate thread from the main RP thread to discuss the RP without breaking up the action in the main RP thread.
  • Concept Forum. Where members post their ideas and concepts to help fill them out and gauge the interest level for their RP.
  • Sign Up/Info Cache Forum. This is the part of the forum where members can submit their character sheet for a RP they wish to participate in. It can also be used as an Info Cache where the GM, or other members, and post and edit various information about the RP and their characters to keep track of important information and changes to the RP in an area outside the OOC thread.


Steps for Creating Roleplays

Creating a rolepay must follow this process:

  • A Roleplay (RP) needs to be placed in the Concept Forum first. In the concept thread a member can get help developing their RP ideas and find out who is interested in participating.
  • All Roleplays need to abide by the general OneManga Forum and RP Forum rules. So nothing overly inappropriate or graphic.
  • After a GM (Game Master or person running the RP) thinks their RP is developed enough they can go ahead and open a main RP thread in the main part of the RP forum, a Out Of Character (OOC) thread in the OOC forum, and a Sign Up thread in the Sign Up/Info Cache forum.

Using Social Groups for your RP:

  • Opening a Social Group to run your RP out of is allowed. Some members who run a RP might prefer having more control and power to manage their RP and a Social Group will allow them that.
  • Members still need to open a concept thread in the Concept Forum to develop their idea, but they do not need to create a OOC thread in the OOC Forum or a Sign Up thread in the Sign Up/Info Cache Forum. Those types of threads can be opened and managed in the Social Group where the RP is taking place.
  • Members who use a Social Group for their RP can open up a RP thread in the main part of the RP Forum to help advertise it.
  • Members can also have a OOC thread and a Sign Up thread in the RP Forum but can use a Social Group for their Info Cache if they want as well.

Steps for creating a CYOA style RP:

  • CYOA stands for Choose Your Own Adventure. It is a type of RP that is lighter on story and focused more on moving a character through a bunch of different choices decided by the GM. Players can take turns moving the character through each different choice trying to keep them alive or achieve a certain goal.

Tips for Roleplays


Several tips for helping creating and participating in RPs:

  • Having a basic framework of a story for the RP before opening a concept thread will help things move more quickly.
  • Does the RP have a character profile or character sheet ready.
  • Any stat systems or combat systems of any kind should be tested during conception.
  • If you think something in your RP is against the rules and isn't forum appropriate check with me or another staff member to see if it is before continuing.
  • Make sure all the rules for your RP are explained clearly and well organized.
  • Are the policies for joining fair.
  • Does the RP have enough members to make the RP viable and entertaining. 
  • Sometimes it is best to assign each different players a certain color to use to keep things more organized. So everyone knows who is posting what. Though if you use colored text be sure it isn't too bright to see or becomes hard to read on different forum skins.
  • Introducing posting rotations into your RP if you feel certain members are posting too much and getting to far ahead or if some members don't know when to post.
  • Have a posting time limit so members know when to skip over another player if they are taking to long to post.
  • Take your time when it comes to posting so you can make it the best of your ability.