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General RP Forum Rules & Guidelines

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Posted 23 January 2015 - 01:21 AM

In the RP Forum, like all other parts of the forum, members are expected to adhere to and follow the general OneManga Forum's Rules and Guidelines. Be sure to read over them if you haven't.




General RP Rules & Guidelines


Treat Other Members With Respect: This is the most important rule not only in the RP Forum but on OMF. Be respectful and treat other members how you would want to be treated. Try to understand that members put a lot of time and effort into creating RPs and characters and criticism can easily come off as hurtful. So if the criticism isn't constructive or helpful it would be best to not say anything. Members being thoughtless or demeaning to others can easily kill a RP. It's natural for members to get into arguments and disagreements, but try to remember that everyone is here to have fun and try not to take everything too seriously.


Post Size and Quality: All posts in the main RP threads need to have a minimum of 3 to 4 sentences. In other words about a full paragraph. This is to keep quality up, as short posts are usually not detailed enough. We realize that some people prefer to post in only a few paragraphs and others prefer enormous novel posts. Though the opposite applies, please try to avoid posts that contain large A4 sheets of text. After all, the GM and other roleplayers need to read it as well. Posts that are too long can feel like a chore to read instead of being fun.

Use Paragraph Style, Not Scripting Style Posts: In paragraph form you are capable of describing the situation much better than in scripting format. It also helps break up large walls of text and looks more organized. Think of paragraph style as paragraphs you would find in a traditional novel. Where you are describing the scene and action your character is in with bits of dialogue and internal thoughts laced within the paragraph.


An Example of Scripting Style:

“Character 1: I'm going to get a burger.”

“Character 2: Cool, I'll come with you.”


“Character 1: Sounds good.”


With scripting, there is a lot of conversation, but no detailed action. In the long run, scripting is not beneficial to the RPs. Again though, make sure you post about a paragraph’s worth. The more you put in, the more everyone else has to work with.


Be Sure To Distinguish What Is And What Isn't Dialogue In Posts: Other characters aren't able to hear another player's character inner thoughts. They can only hear and react to dialogue spoken out loud. It is important to make sure that what is spoken out loud is easily understood by other players when reading each others posts so they can react to it if needed. If the text in a post was all formatted the same then it can get confusing for other players to understand what exactly happened. So be sure to use "quotations" and bold, underlined, italicized, or colored text to make it more apparent.


An Example In Paragraph Style:


"Damn, it was all clear just a moment ago", Michael said while taking a moment to catch his breath. "It was supposed to be a simple supply run and now we are stuck in this mess. If only I had a little more time I'm sure I could have gotten more supplies and maybe it would have been worth it." Michael looked at the the rest of the men standing beside him who were also taking a moment to ready themselves for what they were about to face. Some were checking their gear making sure they didn't lose anything in all the commotion and others were readying their guns making sure they were prepared to fire at a moments notice.


Tip: Sometimes it is best to assign each different players a certain color to use to keep things more organized. So everyone knows who is posting what. Though if you use colored text be sure it isn't too bright to see or becomes hard to read on different forum skins.


Use Good Grammar: Make a conscious effort to speak in a proper manner, and to spell correctly. It doesn't need to be perfect, but capitalize letters when needed, use punctuation, and avoid chatspeak / 1337 5p34|<. If you do wind up with a habit of pOStiNg l1Ke tHiS, expect someone to say something about it.

Tip: If you have a character that doesn’t speak English and you want to make that clear in your post, that’s fine. Just be sure to leave notes on what she/he is saying, so we can respond properly. It is a useful tool but keep in mind that even spellcheckers can be flawed.

No Controlling Another Player's Characters Without Permission: This is called Powerplaying. If you post a character other than your own doing something without the permission from the original player or GM that’s powerplaying. Same with other actions you may perform. It’s unfair to the person who was originally in control of that character to have it “stolen” from them in the RP. Unless the rules of the RP set up by the GM say otherwise try avoid doing this.

Try To Avoid Modding Unless the RP Allows It: Modding in RPing is when a player takes an action (usually an attack, but not necessarily restricted to those) against an NPC or player character, without giving them a chance to react. An example of modding would be:

“I fire my gun and blow up the alien’s head!!”

As you can see, the alien had no chance to react to being shot at. In contrast to something like:


“I take my gun and aim it at the alien’s head, pulling the trigger.”

See the difference? The latter example allows a reaction from the alien. Modding is boring and defeats the purpose of doing an RP. It should only be done if the player intending to attack the NPC or character received permission from the GM, or in the case of player characters, from their respective players.

No Godmodding: Seriously though, no godlike, invincible, or overpowered characters. They can ruin a RP for everyone. Try and keep things within reasonable boundaries of the RP and your character at all times. Otherwise, what’s the fun? Some examples of godmodding may be:

  • Unlimited dodges: You dodge attacks all the time, which annoys other users because they can obviously never hit.
  • Know it all nature: Basically, you seem to know everything like you’re an expert on it, even if it’s your character’s first time hearing about it. This can also include asking questions about things you shouldn’t know about, or guessing a lot of things and getting it all correct. It's like you know exactly what's going even though your character has nothing to do with it or never heard of it and you get it right.
  • The All-Seeing Eye: This can also be rather annoying. This is when your character knows everything that is going on in the world, like you’re god, or taking an omniscient view on everything. It can also have tied with teleporting, like if an event interests you even though your character should know nothing about it, but you go over there anyways despite not having a reason to. If you don’t have a reason to move your characters over somewhere they’ve no reason to be in, don’t do it. If you want to go to a certain location that badly, again, talk with the GM and check to see if you’re given the OK (seeing smoke in the air somewhere, hearing a close by explosion, etc).

Post Content Should Stay PG-13: Certain levels of violence and mature material is acceptable, but keep it PG-13. It's sort of a general term used to describe the level of content on the whole forum. So no overly graphic violence or explicit sexual scenes. So this means NO posts describing or detailing any type of rape, sex or foreplay between characters. Of course relationships and certain levels of flirting, such as kissing, between characters is allowed, but any intimate/sexual moments between characters should "fade to black" rather than be described in a player's posts. They should happen off screen/panel.


If you think that the content of your RP may disturb a younger audience, include a warning saying so and why. There are minors on the website so we want to keep content as appropriate as possible. If you aren't sure something is appropriate or not contact me or another staff member first before proceeding.


The Game Master's word is law: In a roleplay, the Game Master (GM) is god. They are the ones that created the RP and are running it. This gives the Game Master the right to alter known events and scenarios to their choosing. Even in a roleplay based on a series such as Naruto, the RP is based in a world of its own which is his/her design. If the GM says something cannot happen then it cannot happen. If they say something can happen then it can. Cannon be damned because in their roleplay it is the Game Master who is boss.

Signing Up & Kicking Players From RPs: Anyone and everyone is free to sign up for any of the RPs here and can submit their character sheets in the appropriate thread in the Sign Up sub-forum. So in the Sign Up thread be sure to include an example of a character sheet for the RP if you are a GM so the players know what to post.

Only a GM may kick someone out of an RP, and only if there is a reasonable cause for it. In other words, “I don’t like how this person RPs/the person in general” isn’t a good enough reason, especially if there is nothing tangibly wrong with the player. However, if a person is not getting the point, not fitting into the genre/setting, not listening, etc., there is a cause for refusing, since that person has been given pointers and still hasn’t made amendments despite it. If someone is not following the RP rules, anyone can contact the GM for a removal request, or a moderator if necessary.


If you feel you are being unfairly treated by the GM then get into contact with the moderators, though expect them to go into a full in depth analysis of the situation. And if you are found to be just causing trouble and are blatantly in the wrong then please do not be offended when you are infracted.