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Guidelines for Concept Threads

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Posted 24 January 2015 - 07:19 PM

Guidelines for Concept Threads


What the Concept Discussion Forum is for:

  • The purpose of the Concept Forum is to serve as a place where members can post their ideas and concepts for RPs to get help building a story and running a RP.
  • It also serves as a way to help gauge how many other members are interested your RP concept. Since if no one, or not enough people, are interested in your idea then a RP can fall apart.
  • If your idea doesn't get much interest from other members you can abandon your old Concept Thread and try again with a new idea in a different thread.
  • If you aren't sure your idea is appropriate for the forum you can check with me or another staff member before opening a Concept Thread.

Steps for opening Concept Threads:

  • Be sure to read over the Steps & Tips for Creating Roleplays and General RP Forum Rules & Guidelines threads. They have a lot of useful information to help members understand the RP Forum and creating RPs.
  • Once you have a RP concept idea you can open a Concept Thread with [Concept] in beginning of your thread title followed by the name of your RP.
  • And example of this would be: [Concept] No Man's Land
  • Having [Concept] in the thread title helps distinguish that thread from the other threads that will have the same RP name in the other parts of the RP Forum.
  • Once you feel your RP concept and idea are complete enough and you have enough members to make it viable you can open a OOC Thread, a Main RP Thread, and a Sign Up thread in the appropriate parts of the RP Forum.