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[Concept] One Piece RP - Uncharted Waters

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#161 Kite



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Posted 11 February 2015 - 01:12 PM

Things here seem to be moving rather slowly. I'll be keeping an eye on this RP, but I don't want to start writing a CS and commit to something that might not even happen. Ya dig?

#162 Hyouzou



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Posted 11 February 2015 - 01:34 PM

I feel Shin might have been put too much on his/her shoulders, what with the new RP forum and stuff. Just relax, Kite. Also, Shin, if you need help, just say so.

#163 Insane Soul

Insane Soul

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Posted 11 February 2015 - 01:41 PM

You can always make a draft, so you can get your idea rolling, and develop it further by the time the RP actually starts.


Shin is reforming a former Graveyard, It is natural for it to take time.

#164 Kite



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Posted 11 February 2015 - 03:42 PM

Oh yeah I'm still interested. Didn't mean to come off as impatient. My bad haha.


Shin also seems to have his hands full atm, so I'll try my best not to give him anymore pressure than he already has.

#165 Yersinia



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Posted 11 February 2015 - 03:59 PM




Character Sheet Example:


Name: Monkey D. Luffy
Age: 19
Race: Human
Appearance: (you all know what Luffy looks like, but a brief description of your character or an image you want to use would go here)
History/Background: Son of Monkey D. Dragon and grandson of Monkey D. Garp he grew up in the East Blue town of Foosha Village. After being saved by the pirate Shanks he decided to become a pirate and sail the Grand Line. (you can post a more detailed background but this was just to help you get the idea)

Dream/Goal: To become Pirate King and return Shanks' hat. 
Crew/Job/Marine/Government Position: Captain of the Strawhat Pirates
Other Crew Members: (optional, but it would be a listing and maybe a small discription of the other crew members)
Devil Fruit: Gomu Gomu no Mi/Rubber Fruit
Weapons/Equipment: none
Special Abilities/Haki:

Special Ability 1: Gear 2 - (a brief description of this ability would go here)

Special Ability 2: Gear 3 - (a brief description of this ability would go here)

Special Ability 3: Busoshoku Haki - (a brief description of how he uses Busoshoku Haki would go here)




This is just a general framework I have for it. It is all subject to change depending on the ideas people have to improve it. So post if you are interested and any ideas you have that might help make the RP better.


Character Sheet:

Name: Razúr Ke'Xanár
Age: 28

Gender: Male
Race: Ancient Human


History/Background: Razúr was born in the Gated kingdom, the only son in the Ke'Xanár family. The Ke'Xanár family was the royalty in the Gated Kingdom, and had ruled for hundreds of years. Razúr's father, Xanár, was a noble man, but strict, sending his son to war at a very young age, only 14 years old. Being taught the law of Kanún, as every kid in the Gated kingdom did, Razúr was a great implementor of besaia, also called the way of honour.


Years went by, and Razúr excelled as a warrior. At the age of 17, he became one of the best generals in the kingdom. During the time as a general, his army has had little to no losses and his father was obviously very proud, but did never show his pride in front of the enemy, especially when it came to the kingdom of the Seven Rivers, the oldest enemy of the Gated kingdom. Unlike the Gated Kingdom, the Seven River was a tough environment to live in, ruled by a king named Aathóros. Unlike the people in Gated Kingdom, who were taught the law of Kanún and thus Besaia, the people in the kingdom of Seven Rivers, were taught the way of Vuatjia, also called the way of misery. Aathóros, knowing that Razúr was growing stronger and that the Gated Kingdom had gained more influence in the New World, had to act fast, but not alone. He had to receive help from a stronger enemy. But he knew that this enemy wouldn't help him in his strive to conquer the Gated Kingdom without a price. 

What were the reasons for this hundreds years long war between these two kingdoms? Land and Gold? No, Aathóros knew very well what was hidden under the soil of the Gated Kingdom, oh he knew it very well. He also knew that this enemy would be very interested in that thing, that would give the owner the power to destroy the world and control it with fear. He knew that under the soil of the Gated Kingdom, there was a weapon, a weapon of ancient times with a capacity of mass destruction, yes, this weapon was Uranoús and the enemy who would help Aathóros to purchase the weapon, was no other than the World Government. 

Genocide! This was the plan. Annihilate the Ke'Xanár family and take control over the kingdom. The world government would take the ancient weapon Uranoús but in return, the Seven Rivers would receive eternal protection from WG. The plan was to strike first as usually from the eastern border, and then the marines would make a blitz attack from western border. The Gated Kingdom would be totally unprepared for the double-sided attack, and once the defenses were overrun, rape and murder of the civilians would occur, especially those of the Ke'Xanár family. 

The day of the attack, Razúr was put to patrol the eastern border together with his men. Little did he know that there soon would be an attack, 20000 men of Aathorós army, with brute force. An unexpected number for Razúr, who only had 60000 men at the time of the day. Razúr tried his best to stop Aathóros army, but with no success. He was forced to retreat, show the enemy his back, something that Besaia wouldn't allow. Therefore, he decided to fight back, knowing that with his devil fruit, he and his army would probably kill half of Aathóros men. The lyssa lyssa no mi (frenzy frenzy no mi/rage rage no mi) was one of the most frightening devil fruits, battle wise. He could easily make his army bloodlusted in no time with Call of Rage, which he did. With a scream, echoing through the kingdom, Razúr and his men became bloodlusted, monstrous. Aathóros knew that Razúrs army was dangerous but he also had an ace up his sleeve. And that was the attack in the western border from the marines. 10000 men of Aathorós army died, 4000 of Razúrs. Numberwise, it was a loss for Aathóros army, but once he overcame Razúr, he sealed him with his devil fruit (tsuri tsuri no mi/tree tree no mi) and killed his army in front of his eyes. Screaming and crying for help, a cannon shot was heared. 15 marine battle ships came ashore. Aathóros army went in the kingdom and began to kill civilians, while Razúr was left sealed with roots, watching the torture of his own people. Days went by and almost every civilian of the Gated Kingdom was killed. The King was beheaded and the head was sent to Razúr. Razúr himself was taken by the marines, and sent to Impel Down, level 6, only at 18 years old, with the crime for hiding an ancient weapon of mass destruction. 

Ten years later, Razúr escaped Impel Down, and holds a gratitude towards the man that made this happen. 

Dream/Goal: Kill Aathóros, and destroy the World Government

Crew/Job/Marine/Government Position: Captain
Other Crew Members: None
Bounty: 440000 million Berri after escaping Impel Down
Devil Fruit: Lyssa Lyssa no mi/frenzy frenzy no mi
Weapons/Equipment: Swordsman (one sword)
Special Abilities/Haki: CoA

Any Other Important Info: Jolly Rogers: 


First time I do this, damn it took some time :)

Edit: I don't, yet, understand the special ability  thing but I will update when I understand more if it!
Edit2: Aathóros ship
The path towards the Seven Rivers
"King's face", facing the Gated Kingdom. The Island got the name "gated kingdom" from this mountain which has paths inside and

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#166 Shin


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Posted 11 February 2015 - 10:27 PM

Okay, I'm ready to move on from the concept area and help everyone create their characters. I adjusted the system enough to where I feel comfortable to move on, and I added a little more detail about the story and where the RP will start at exactly. Such as what is happening in the beginning.







The system has changed some from the first post in the thread, we might need to make some adjustments with your character, but we can discuss that in the OOC thread. Like the detailed history though.