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Guidelines for Sign Up & Info Cache Threads

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Posted 01 February 2015 - 09:29 PM

Guidelines for Sign Up & Info Cache Threads


What the Sign Up & Info Cache Forum is for:

  • The purpose of a Sign Up thread is to serve as a place for members interested in joining a RP to post their character sheets so the GM can easily check over them in one place. Since they can get overlooked when posted in discussion threads like the Concept and OOC threads. It will also allow players to go back and made edits and changes to their character instead of having to repost your character sheet again.
  • Info Cache threads are basically just extra space for the GM of the RP to keep track of important information, like stats, equipment, or location descriptions, in a separate thread for the RP away from the OOC thread. This can make finding and managing that information easier. They are optional, or a GM can use the Sign Up thread as a Info Cache if they desire.
  • A GM also has the option to create a Social Group and use it as a Info Cache. Since it would allow more space for threads and keeping track of information.

Steps for opening Sign Up & Info Cache Threads:

  • After a RP concept is complete the GM of the RP can open a Sign Up thread for members to post their characters in. Just type [Sign Up] or [Info Cache] in the thread title. Example, [Sign Up] No Man's Land and [Info Cache] No Man's Land.
  • Having [Sign Up] or [Info Cache] in the thread title helps distinguish those threads from the other threads that will have the same RP name in the other parts of the RP Forum.
  • These threads aren't meant to be a place for discussion. Please use the OOC thread for that and keep the Sign Up and Info Cache threads free of unneeded posts.
  • Be sure to read over the Steps & Tips for Creating Roleplays and General RP Forum Rules & Guidelines threads. They have a lot of useful information to help members understand the RP Forum and creating RPs.