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Guidelines for OOC Threads

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Posted 01 February 2015 - 10:03 PM

Guidelines for OOC Threads


What the OOC Forum is for:

  • The purpose of the Out Of Character (OOC) Forum is where a GM can open a separate thread from the main RP thread to discuss the RP, such as something specific or where the RP is going, without breaking up the action in the main RP thread.
  • Please try to keep the topic in OOC threads relevant to the RP. There is a General RP Discussion thread in the main RP forum to discuss RP ideas and topics.
  • Also please try to keep the OOC thread spam free. It's usually helpful for all members involved in the RP to follow and read the OOC thread, but if the thread is filled with pages of spam that can become difficult.

Steps for opening Sign Up & Info Cache Threads:

  • After a RP concept is complete the GM of the RP can open a OOC thread. Just type [OOC] in the thread title. Example, [OOC] No Man's Land.
  • Having [OOC] in the thread title helps distinguish those threads from the other threads that will have the same RP name in the other parts of the RP Forum.
  • Be sure to read over the Steps & Tips for Creating Roleplays and General RP Forum Rules & Guidelines threads. They have a lot of useful information to help members understand the RP Forum and creating RPs.