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[RP] One Piece - Uncharted Waters

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Posted 27 March 2015 - 10:28 AM

Sabaody Archipelago
Shipyard of the Pandemonium Pirates, on a Mangrove Tree

Oh boy, thought Crozier, sitting on a branch high in the air.

The feverish music had just stopped, and people fainted or ran away, except for a handful that was now challenged by the musician. The fishmen were about to brawl, and the probably horny woman looked like she was intending to as well. Then Crozier's Den-Den-Mushi rang. It was Hubble.
"Vice-Capt'n, we've found someone. He wants a big sum, but we thought it was worth the price..."
"Good. Take him to the Jenny", Crozier interrupted, "immidiately. Don't get close to the turmoil. Don't bring the Jenny here. Try to get to another shipyard or wherever necessary, but keep her on distance to this place."
"Aye... ayeaye, Sir", replied Hubble astonished
"I'll stay here. It's no place for you – not before you eat a Devil Fruit or can cleave a mountain into two – but it is undeniably interesting. One question, Hubble – do you know a pirate crew of which the captain can transform into some... lightning bird? A Zoan?"
"I... yes. They are no good, Mr. Crozier. The Pandemonium Pirates. Lead by Pandemonium Ukkonen – that's the bird-guy. Dangerous people."
"Do you know if they have a fishman on board?"
"Oh, yes. The Blue Flash... what's his name... whatever, he has a bounty over 100 Million. There's a third guy above 100, Oz, the Golden Flash. Crazy fuckers, some say religious fanatics." They hung up.

Crozier packed out his rifle, loaded, and aimed at the crowd. He pinned the aim on the host of the tourmament – probably that Oz – waiting for something to happen. There was that itching voice back in his head – come on, Franklin, take out some rivals and have some fun – but that was contested by the more mature parts of his brain – are you nuts? - so he just aimed and waited.

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Posted 27 March 2015 - 02:52 PM

"Fucking finally", i murmur as island slowly appears in front of us. I hate sailing so much. There is nothing to do around here. 


"Kukuku, you'd really like to be there right now.", said voice behind me. I hold my reaction as captain slowly moves next to me. She could be real quiet if she tried. "Trouble?" I inquire.  


Although i did have potential for developing that kind of haki, it was never enough of priority to spend time on it. My strengths were elsewhere and i could just ask those who could if need be.  


"More like fun", she states as she leans on the rail, her one good eye looking somewhere beyond. Damn, she was hot. She was also total bitch. "They are really going at it."


I grin. Ain't they nice, giving me something to punch my frustration on. "Can't wait".


She starts giggling. Then laughing. I really didn't like that. "What's the issue?", i ask suspiciously. My blood runs cold as she slowly takes note out of her cloak. 




I take it and open it. 




"Lay low. Prioritize your safety. Wait instructions.


Mr. Zero"


.. someone is going to die.


With a roar i take the barrel i was sitting on and toss it into the sea. Then i put it on fire. Breathing heavily, i turn around and head to the cabin, itching for someone to cross my path. 


Behind me, captans laughter echoed through the ship. 

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Posted 29 March 2015 - 12:24 AM


Shabondy Archipelago 


*yawning* "Man that was a nice nap"


Daikan was resting on the hull of his ship after they came to the Archipelago. He was excited to be in the spot that was the jumping off point to the New World. He had heard from his teammates and the news that this was the place where the supernova's gathered and were introduced to the world. Where the Strawhat's were separated, where a legendary incident happened with the tenryuubito. He couldn't wait to go out and see what the island had to offer. He looked around the ship and didn't see anyone.


Stopping a random crew member he yells "Hey where did the rest of the officers go?"


"The captain flew off somewhere sir, and Oz and Sagara went out around the shipyard with Oz having a huge grin on his face, he gave me a gold nugget and everything!"


Stupid Oz, Daikan thought to himself, leaving without me to go convert some people most likely. "Thanks buddy, don't let them sway you too much with their religious mumbojumbo"


"yes sir" as the crew member went inside the ship.


Daikan knew what he was getting into when he joined this ship. The religious fanatic was someone he could hardly stand to be around, but captain Ukkonen was someone worth of following regardless of who served under him. Daikan had never seen someone so beautifully strong in his life. 


"Anyways i suppose i should go find the stupid idiot and see what hes up to, he does always provide pretty good entertainment, especially if Sagara is with him" Daikan proceeded to run along the ship yard using his CoO to try and spot either of his crewmates. When out of nowhere he hears a blast and some loud noises, he thinks he recognizes the sound of Sagara's guitar so he goes off in that direction.


Using his speed he runs to the shipyard to find a bunch of bodies skewn about on the road and Oz and Sagara matched up against two random people. Using his CoO to see who else is looking he finds a good amount of strong people looking in on the upcoming fights. He notices that the fishermen are both fairly strong in power and that the fanatic was facing off against a swordsmen. He notices that the fishermen especially are eager to prove themselves against each other "should be a good fight" he mutters under his breath and that the swordsman is cracking the ground beneath him "strange" he mutters again as he walks closer to the battles.


He sees that Sagara set up his equipment and so he uses some of his speed to get past the observant's and contestants. He sits down on Sagaras amp yelling out "I see you guys are having fun without me." 


He is content to sit on the amp and see how this fight plays out, he loves chances to see how his crew preform in battle, but he can tell from some of the intentions around that he might not be able to stay out of the brawl.

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Posted 29 March 2015 - 09:36 AM

''This person...nice body but what an ew style...another member of the Pandemonium? What's his name again?'', Xiaosu noticed a new guy who had just arrived at the scene. His speed is quite admirable given the way he moved and some sort of confidence was exuded, too. ''Heh, maybe I won't be able to just sit here and relax after all.''. Just when Xiaosu thought that, the new dude sat down on the amp to take an audience stand. ''So...seems like he doesn't want to fight yet. Good!'', Xiaosu crossed her legs and waited to see the fights.

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Posted 29 March 2015 - 05:06 PM

Oz tilted his head in the direction of Daikan and shrugged in apology. "I would have asked you to come along, but you're probably too weak. Go play with that girl over there."

The warrior-priest turned his attention to his loud challenger and grinned. The man's body looked well built, his will had endured Sagara's attack, and he was a swordsman. He could not have asked for a better opponent.

"Little, was it? I'll be your opponent," said Oz as he began to descend the hill, "Don't worry, I have six years of experience fighting the sword. You might even call swordsmen my specialty."

Once Oz was level with his opponent he fell back into a fighting stance and bounced on his toes. Once. Twice. On the third bounce he leaped off the ground and landed directly in front of Little. Oz jabbed with his left fist and immediately followed it with a right hook. Riding the momentum of his punch, Oz bent his knees and sprung upwards to land an uppercut on Little's chin.

Something doesn't feel right, thought Oz in mid-air. His fists felt like they met heavy metal rather than flesh. He looked downwards in time to see an unaffected Little flash a grin.

"Oh shi-"

"Fenrir's Bite!", yelled Little as he spun in a circle, sword in both hands, and delivered a powerful blow to Oz's midsection. Oz flew into the ground and skidded back towards the hill. He barely had enough time to cough in pain before Little charged with another attack.

"Fenrir's Assault!"

The swordsman whirled towards Oz with blistering pace. Each rotation was closely followed by a current of air which flattened the surroundings. The man took to the air and crashed downwards. Oz dodged the whirlwind without trouble but the resulting shockwave clouded the air with dust. To create air currents with every movement...what monstrous strength, thought Oz. He must have a Devil Fruit. A pitch black shade engulfed Oz's golden gloves and his aloof grin turned wolfish. This was an opponent he could take seriously.

Little's sword struck out of the cloud and Oz parried it. The return swing came swift and Oz caught it with both hands. The ground beneath him cracked from the power and Oz felt his muscles scream in pain. He tried to lift the sword off of him but fell to one knee instead. What power! thought Oz. He released his Thunder Dials and electricity surged through the weapon lightening the load. Oz heaved the sword to the side and renewed his assault. Adrenaline overwrote the stinging in his hands. Left, right, right, left, down. Oz made rapid movements away from the edge of Little's sword and delivered punches to the man's abdomen. The warrior-priest was too fast for the swordsman. He could go faster.

"Divine Absolution!"

Oz accelerated to his top speed. His pitch black fists gained a soft orange glow as friction fought every movement. Flashes of gold was all that could be seen as every one of his punches met their target. The ground was scorched from his movements and a burnt smell permeated the air. A whirlwind of gold raged against Little's body, waiting for the moment the swordsman staggered. He did, and in that moment all the heat, speed, and force of Oz was unleashed onto the swordsman and sent him barrelling into a large tree.

Oz slowed as the rush of battle fled his body. The heat left his gloves and mind, and Oz wiped the sweat from his brow.

It's over, thought Oz, massaging his right shoulder as soreness replaced adrenaline. He looked towards the smoking body of his challenger and froze in shock. There was still light in Little's eyes. Oz scrambled backwards as Little's arms began to extend forward. A thrust was coming.

"Midgard's Serpent Road!"

A blast of air rushed out of the sword and razed everything in its path. Whatever grass was not shredded to pieces was uprooted and tossed aside. The hill Oz once stood on had a gaping hole and crumbled under its own weight. The burnt air that permeated the area had dispersed. Oz looked down at his solid gold shirt and grimaced. He had been hit by less than a third of the attack yet his shirt was in tatters.

Oz threw off what remained of his shirt and approached the recovering swordsman. He had come to a decision. The man was powerful, daring, and loved to fight. He had earned the right to work under the Messiah. The zealot moved to grab Little's shirt, failed to find one, and crossed his arms instead.

"Shut up and follow me!"

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Posted 29 March 2015 - 05:09 PM

„Payment for one to showcase his strength ?” John thought to himself after hearing Sagara’s speech „Isn’t the fight payment in itself ?!” He wondered as the fishman started singing. „Hmm ? Is the song  really that bad ? Why is everyone reacting strangely to it ?” He looked around and could see that a few remained unaffected, still waiting for the initiators of the event to pick their challengers. The fishman picked another of his kind from the crowd as his opponet, as the one that appeared to be a human grinned at him and after talking to a new figure that just made it’s appearance, another fishman at that, he adressed him :


"Little, was it? I'll be your opponent," "Don't worry, I have six years of experience fighting the sword. You might even call swordsmen my specialty."


John grinned and followed Oz in silence as he descended the hill, until the two of them were on the same level. The man was carrying himself with the weight of a warrior, no more words were needed to get him excited at the prospect of this battle. To John’s surprise though Oz suddenly bounced on his toes „Once, twice..he disappeared ?! No, in front of me ! So fast !” Two lightning fast attacks that John could barely tell appart from each other and an uppercut. „But these are soft” John grinned „Softer than my mom’s pear pie” He thought, as he prepared to greet his opponent as a warrior should.


"Fenrir's Bite!"


John quickly spun his body and felt his sword nicely connecting with it’s target, sending Oz’s body flying.


 „Gyohohoh!!” John laughed in excitement and charged towards Oz without a single lost moment.


"Fenrir's Assault!"


No contact ? No rest ! John was getting drunk with the scent of a good battle. His muscles flexed in excitement, wanting to be tested, his palms grabbing the sword even tighter, yearning for the shock that would signal his target got further acquainted with his blade.  He swiftly cut through the dust resulted from his landing with his body, and to his joy found his opponent at the other end of his blade. He felt opposition, but not enough for his target not to succumb to the force behind his attack. Suddenly a surge of electricity went through his weapon and body, stunning him for a second, but he barely felt any pain. He was already in a trance like state. John gave himself and his world to the battle and as the fight continued both he and his world were „consumed” and „replaced”. Two fighters, alone, clashing with all their might. Others would say John was no longer himself, this was the only true self John would now recognize.


Oz was making use of quick movements, much faster than those of the giants John was accustomed to. He was usually the faster one but his opponent was now without a doubt the one having the advantage. His moves appeared to begin sooner that John would make his next attack known, and as an accurate response more often than not. Oz dodged a serie of attacks, and then.


"Divine Absolution!"


John could only see flashes of gold, and the wave of stinging pain would have been much more than just an inconvenience if not for the ocean of ecstasy surrounding him, them, their world. What John was feeling was a peculiar mix of emotions, not fully matching anything we can accurately name, probably closer to „love” than anything else. For this moment, this fight, he had a huge smile on his face as he was sent barreling into a large tree by the power of the technique.


He stood there smiling like that for a second, or was it more ? He could no longer tell the passing of time. He could not indulge himself any longer with the joy of a lost moment, there’s more to be had ! He was standing before he knew how he got back up and both arms on the sword, already knew what will come next.


"Midgard's Serpent Road!"


The serpent unleashed towards Oz blasted through the hill, once stage of the singing fishman, causing what remained of it to collapse under it’s weight. Dust and debris covered the area around him, and John’s expression suddenly changed. His face betrayed nothing but sincere sadness as he loosened the grip on his sword, and his muscles involuntarily relaxed as a reflex to all his past encounters. It died. The moment, the fight, the opponent. It had been years since anyone survived this technique, and not just a few. As he was recomposing himself and accepting his lose, both shock and joy hit him at once when the dust finally cleared. It was alive ! The moment, the opponent, the fight !


OZ threw away what remained of his shirt and started walking towards John.  He was decisive with his movements yet much slower than in the past when he went for an attack. The pain from Oz’s last technique caught up to John’s body as a reminder of the damage he had sustained and the worth of his opponent. He allowed Oz to close the distance between them, following him in silence, and when the hand of his opponent motioned towards him, he moved his own to grab it, only to realize that Oz had stopped himself and now was facing him with both arms crossed.


"Shut up and follow me!"


John was confused, and for a second didn’t knew how to answer. „Follow you where ?”


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Posted 30 March 2015 - 10:24 AM


Jazz was on the lookout for a nice bar to settle in and order some smooth liquor of the best kind – Whisky. He finally found one, although it was atop a giant hill, and the only way to get up was via stairs – Jazz’s greatest enemy. 

   After what felt like a tough adventure on its own, just climbing the winding stairs, the young pirate was finally by the porch of Shakky’s Rip-Off Bar. Although he had no clue what any of that entailed, he stepped inside and was immediately greeted by the pleasant groovy tunes of a piano, played through a record player, as well as the soft murmur of numerous drinkers. 

   It was a smoky bar, with dimmed lighting and numerous booths of drunken, but no less dangerous criminals. This was not a bar with regards to the laws of the archipelago. He felt numerous suspicious eyes watching him as he slowly walked toward the bar counter, where a beautiful woman stood, pouring a tall glass of beer for a muttering gentleman seated by the counter. Jazz could hear the flipping of papers, the clinks and clanks of glasses and bottles, and the occasional talking over the quiet music; but yet he felt something was amiss. There was no happy drinkers in the bar, only tired and anxious pirates. Were they intimidated by Jazz? Did they recognize him?


"Ill have one Whisky, please", Jazz asked the female bartender, whom he figured was Shakky. She was the only figure in the bar that did not look like a looming, paranoid criminal-in-hiding. But even she seemed hesitant, as she leaned in close to Jazz.


"You should probably leave", she said quietly, and just as she did, Jazz could hear glass shatter and furniture flip from behind him, in a dark corner of the room.


"Vagabond pirate…", a male voice from the shadows said, walking closer. "230 million, not bad."


"Please, Cobalt, take this outside. I got enough to clean up since last time you were here", Shakky the bartender intervened with a stern look on her face.

   The man named Cobalt stood tall beside Jazz, holding in his hands a bundle of wanted posters, and a somewhat arrogant look on his face as he inspected the pirate. He had a pair of sunglasses on, and a muscular but slender body, decorated with rings on his fingers and scars all over. The man wore a simple t-shirt and the standard Marine pants, making it quite clear the man was a Marine officer of some sort, and out for Jazz’s head. 

   But Jazz wasn’t going to flee the bar for this Cobalt, no – he had come way too far to just leave without his liquor.


"I’m just here to drink, man", he tried to explain, but the Marine Cobalt did not seem to care. His right hand fingers snapped and cracked as he made a fist, and swung it at Jazz with a force making the nearby glasses spill and clatter. Jazz immediately brought his arms up in front of his face, blocking the punch, but the sheer strength behind it still sent him reeling through the doors of the bar, and landed on the stairs below.

   The Marine began monologuing as he exited the bar, walking toward Jazz, who stood silently on top of the stairs.

"My name is Commodore Cobalt of the G-3 Marine Base and you are hereby arrested, Jazz the pirate."


Jazz was not amused. The attack had not hurt him, but he was now getting irritated by the Marine, as he still only wanted his whisky, and not a fight. He figured his best chance of achieving his goal was to either rush inside the bar and swipe a whisky bottle and then make a run for it, or to fight this Commodore Cobalt and then return to the bar and have his whisky in peace.

   Either way, it was action time, and Jazz was pumped for it – driven solely, like all too often, by alcohol.

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Posted 01 April 2015 - 11:31 PM

Oz chuckled at Little's question. It had been a long time since anyone had questioned their goals.

"That is a good question swordsman," said Oz. "Where do you wish to go? The New World? Raftel? The Moon? Wherever it is, whatever your dream, all you need to do is follow me. By the will of The Messiah and God Eneru, we will have everything. Nothing in the sea nor sky can stop us. The Pandemonium Pirates are invincible."


Oz pointed to the sky, where Ukkonen was rapidly approaching. "Do you see, Little? Do you see the way lightning crackles around his body. Can you hear the thunder that follows after every flap of his wings? Nature itself bows before him; it fumbles over itself to announce his arrival. All is within his power. That is the Messiah. That will be your leader." Oz held out a hand and asked, "Will you join us, brother?"

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Posted 02 April 2015 - 04:43 AM

The Science Pirates
The Dean - Dr. Nemo Ishmael
Shakky's Rip-Off Bar
His search for a suitable coating engineer took him across shifty by-ways and dirty underoots talking to men he wouldn't trust with repairing his sink. Just as he was about to give up and wing it himself based on hazy memories of a handbook, rumor spoke of a peculiar  story- the Dark King himself haunting the archipelago and working as one.
An incredulous tale to be sure, and he was too long in years to let his fancy get the better of him, but he figured any man who gets mistaken for the Dark King must be one hell of an engineer and fighter to boot. He must be to still be in business.
The ramshackle bar and resto that the rumors pointed to was just like any of the other two-penny places all over this lawless area, even the name was in the end an unoriginal gimick of reverse psychology. Entering the place provided no surprises - after all, he already scanned it from outside, but he was hoping to at least find a bearing to set his course. 'Perhaps the bartender will oblige.'
He took a seat at the bar and lit a tobacco to replenish some energy from all that walking (and sometimes fighting) around, waiting as she finished tending to a rugged looking customer.
Suddenly the weary peace of the bar was broken by a gung-ho navyman turned foolish by alcohol. He glanced at the man accused, the very man that the bartender was talking to  before him. He saw that the other patrons remained hunched over their drink, or else grinning at entertainment on someone else's expense. Next the Commodore let loose a powerful blow with his fist sending the man clear off the place. It was a testament to the scalawag's skill and constitution that he was able to redirect and nullify the attack almost completely. 'Interesting.. a bounty of 230 mill, near almost as mine. What have these youngster's been up to nowadays?!'
In his walk around the archipelago, he had stayed clear of the Navy base or navymen, but here is an opportunity he could not let pass. How often do officials go walking around in these parts without even an escort? He stood up and grabbed Jazz's poured whisky, making sure to pay (the actually rip off price) on his way out.
"Hey you forgot this!" he shouted as he threw the drink straight at the back of the Commodore. Cobalt, sensing it, moved deftly aside as Jazz reflexively caught the glass of whisky.
"Tabs on me kid. In exchange, help me with my chore. I've got some questions to ask of this man...", he said moving outside while flexing his cyborg arm.
"... here's the first!" and with that he threw out a straight right with the full weight of his body behind it.

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Posted 02 April 2015 - 10:00 AM




Little listened to Oz’s speech and raised his head to withness the descending thunderbird. His mouth wide open in surprise, he held his breath for a second, amazed by it’s appearance.


„This mythical beast is your Messiah ? Then you are followers of the God of Thunder ? We call him Thor in our lands, and our Clan abides by his rules of courage and honor in battle. The New World is a place i wish to reach, so i shall follow you there if i am welcome on your ship. However brave human warrior, we Little’s bow to no one among mortals.” He points at Ukkonen and continues his speech. „Does he not bleed ? Can he not die ? I shall respect the worth of one chosen by Thor, but my knee will only rest on the ground in defeat and my head shall only bow to a mortal once removed from my body. I’ll give you my sword in exchange for this journey, and i shall crush those that deny Thor’s might, but my pride has no price and there’s none i will call my leader.”

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Posted 02 April 2015 - 10:04 PM


Shabondy Archipelago 


He'd been shot, stabbed, and burned but this was the worst feeling that he ever felt being out at sea. Ace may have fought with many people out at sea but he wouldnt have wished this feeling on any foe. Hunger.... the people of Shabondy Archipelago probably heard his stomach growl before he could reach land. Laying on the deck of the ship he saw the faces of those two old men arguing. Ace was about to stock up on food for the trip but the argument of the those two old men made him wait. "Shabondy Archipelago has the best grilled seaking...." Ace said mocking the old man. Part of it was his fault because he was being nosey but he wanted to see if the food from Shabondy was better than the food he was gonna buy. Times like this did make him missing coming inside to a home cooked meal prepared by his mother.  Manly tears would have fell from his eyes if he didnt see a bubble float infront of his face. The trip felt like it took years to get here but he finally made it and food was the only thing on his mind.


Docking his ship Ace jumped onto the land and walked towards the restaurant. The old man repeated were it was located hundreds of times so he just payed attention to where he was going. The location for the restaurant was odd but curiosity/hunger had taken over by now he had to taste the food for himself. If this was the best place that had seaking in the first half the establishment had to be packed but it wasn't. The owner quickly came out the kitchen with a smile but it turned to an angry hiss. "Get out! I dont want any problems, those pirates fighting outside spooked away my money." With his hands in the air Ace pulled out a seat with the best view and tossed the owner a sack. The man that adamantly wanted the pirate gone tearful welcomed him to his establishment. Quickly apologizing the owner went back inside the kitchen to prepare the meal Ace waited a life time for.


With the owner in the back cooking Ace couldn't help but look outside at the ruckus going on outside. He didn't care for the pirates outside, they ranged from brainwashed pirates to just outright drunks. The sooner he got away from all this the better all he wanted to do was see if the old man's words were true. Coming from the back the chef brought in the biggest slab of seaking still steaming from the grill. Another customer came into the restaurant but Ace payed them no mind his eyes followed the plate as it reached his table. With the fist bite tears instantly rolled down Ace's face and he could see a vision of the old man. "Thank you old man...."


The commotion started by the religious kooks didn't ruin his food, but the muzzle pointing at his cheek did. The grilled seaking he paid a fortune was now ruined by this disrespectful pirate. Ace didn't care for his face being plastered on every island but not being attacked by weaklings was a good perk. Placing his fork slowly on the plate Ace took one last look at the magnificent strip of meat before he closed his eyes. "Did you have to point it to the side I was chewing on?" The stench of cheap alcohol seeped through the pirate's pours, this man was very disrespectful."HYAHYAHYA, the Pandemonium Pirates will make me into a officer if I bring back Crimson Ace's head on that plate!" What those crazy fanatics had going on didn't involve Ace one bit now their mess was ruining his relaxation, this was his limit. Just when he thought the pirate was done the heat from the man's arm went directly for Ace's plate. The juice from the seaking drip on Ace's head as the man gobbled the expensive meal down in a matter of seconds."Wastin a good strip like that doesn't make sense." 


A crimson spark flickered across Ace's eyes as he slowly opened them. "Well, get on with....." A loud bang echoed through the restaurant stopping Ace before he could complete his sentence. With a smirk on his face the pirate blew the smoke from his muzzle then grabbed his sword to finish the job. "I'm shocked you actually pulled the trigger you might have seriously hurt me if i didn't move. But.....without question you follow orders from strangers. Your nothing but a drunk sheep that wondered from your stable." The pirate started to trembled so violently that he dropped his sword and tried to plead his case. In the reflection of his sword Ace stood in front of the weeping man, his cheek was sliced open and the right side of his teeth showed as he frowned."I hate sheep!"  Red sparks stitched his cheek together as he moved towards the pirate. 


Closing the door to the restaurant Ace dragged the toothless pirate towards the group and tossed him towards the captain flying towards the group. "Since none of you think for yourselves and follows orders, LEAVE OR YOU WONT MAKE IT TO THE NEW WORLD!"

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Posted 09 April 2015 - 09:22 AM


Shabondy Archipelago 




Ukkonen preferred to be fully transformed when flying, but this situation called for a stealthier approach. His hybrid form had less of the powers of the thunderbird, and did not cause a thunderclap each time he flapped his wings. It also freed his hands, allowing him to adjust the dials fixed to his glaive. The sniper, seated on a branch of one of the giant mangrove trees apparently failed to notice him. His attention seemed to be focused on the fighting below. 


A clever one, this sniper, Ukkonen thought. There was no better way to eliminate potential obstacles than from a great distance, where you could strike with impunity, unseen and unheard. But Ukkonen was well-versed in such tactics. He tweaked one of the dials on his glaive, as he levelled himself with his target, then pointed the glaive at the sniper. A thin jet of mist shot out of one of the dials, rapidly expanding as it gained distance, growing into a cloud and enveloping the branch the sniper was sitting on. Hopefully, this would block the sniper's vision and disorient him.


At the same time, Ukkonen transformed, his arms retreating into his torso and golden feathers sprouting all over his body. His talons lunged for the falling glaive, grasping it tightly. His feathers crackled with electricity. 


"Hundred Feather Surge: Eneru's Lance!"


A bolt of lightning seemed to erupt from his body, connecting almost instantaneously with the base of the branch, which exploded into a flurry of smoking fragments and embers. The ensuing roar of thunder reverberated among the canopies of the mangroves, swallowing the sound of the explosion.

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Posted 09 April 2015 - 09:49 AM

Sabaody Archipelago
Shipyard of the Pandemonium Pirates


Crozier fell. Well, he thought, that went the wrong way. And he hadn't even shot yet. Slightly disoriented by the shock and the noise in the first two seconds of the fall, Crozier saw the dazzling, crackling thunderbird above him, the famous Ukkonen, who had struck the tree with lightning. Crozier had to admit that it would've been a really cool sight had he been a spectator and not the victim of the attack.

All the other problems aside – like the crashing branch, the monstrous enemy, or the overall situation – Crozier wasn't worried about the height. After all, he had mastered the Tsuku-Tsuku Fruit, which granted the ability to manipulate all impact the user generated. Of course, this also meant to be able to cease out any impact he'd make, so he would land soft as a feather once he reached the ground.

That peace of mind made him not waste any time, and he aimed his rifle while falling, and, shortly before he landed, gave three shots in the brief direction of the Pandemonium, each bullet imbued with 80%, each equal to the destructive force of a siege mortar.

He landed softly and ran away from the coast, trying to find a crowd or another good place to hide.

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Posted 09 April 2015 - 01:39 PM



  Ankoushi closed his eyes as he felt the cold embrace of the sea water comprise his body. Ankoushi didn't know of any place he could call "home" anymore, nor where in the world he would have to go to find such a place, but there was one thing he was certain about; it was underwater. Opening his eyes again, now laced with a thin film that his body naturally produced anytime he went underwater, Ankoushi stretched his arms and felt the strength reverbating throughout his muscles. The angler was now shining with a stronger blue light than usual, probably because of some primal hunter instincts setting in. All Ankoushi knew was that during battle like this, he had no control over the light.


  About ten metres away from him, but at roughly the same level, Ankoushi saw how his opponent took a fighting stance. After giving a slight nod, as if to accept the fight, Ankoushi sped towards the other fishman in a flurry of bubbles that had still been left in his pants and shirt. 


  At first they merely tested each others abilities. Ankoushi fired off several kicks and punches, which his opponent all skillfully blocked or avoided; while in return dodging Sagara's attacks. It was his opponent that got the first couple hits though; probably giving Ankoushi a slight concussion as he sent him back with several powerful punches. Struggling to separate up from down, Ankoushi managed to get in a good kick over Sagara's chin by what felt like pure luck, following up with his signature Atamagawara: Seiken delivered straight towards the spinner shark fishman's face. 


  His opponent immediately regained his posture however. Seeking to take advantage of the two meters between them, Ankoushi immediately swept his angler towards Sagara's arm to keep him at a distance while preparing a flying kick attack using water pressure. The other fishman simply grabbed the angler however, and forced Ankoushi closer with a powerful pull. With both of them refusing to let go, they exchanged several powerful hits like that. 


  Ankoushi ultimately pulled away, trying to regain his composure as Sagara followed him. It was a chase, but only for a brief second. Ankoushi spun in the water, sending a shockwave of underwater pressure towards Sagara with a powerful kick.


  "Ranku: Hyakunenrankyaku!", he shouted.


  His attack connected, sending Sagara flying slightly back into the water. Intercepting the spinner-shark fishman from above with speed no normal human would be able to follow, Ankoushi was nevertheless hit by yet another one of his opponent's powerful fists, and was sent flying out of the water. Hitting the ground and immediately rolling over to his feet, Ankoushi experienced a second of suffocation as he almost forgot to switch over to breathing with his lungs.


  His opponent now also exited the water, and Ankoushi was pleased to see that he was also breathing heavily. They both definitely looked like they had taken several good hits. Without any given command, they both simultanously assumed a fighting stance again before springing at each other. There was a flurry of hits and blood and fists, and then finally it was Ankoushi that was sent flying back. Unable to land on his feet, he did the next best thing and immediately rolled over into a standing position instead. 


  "Oof," Ankoushi mumbled. He felt blood dripping from his mouth as he spoke. "Do you still wanna keep going...?"


  And he assumed his fighting position again.



[*I used all the rolls Shin gave us. Ankoushi is currently at 8 health, and Sagara at 12*]

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Posted 13 April 2015 - 12:05 AM

Near Sabaody Archipelago - Marine Battleship


Vice Admiral Heine


A Marine battleship races across the sea on its way to Sabaody Archipelago. Standing on the deck of that ship's bow is a taller than average man staring out into the sea with a Vice Admiral coat draped over his shoulders. The man's stern face is covered in scars from what appear to be burns. "So I hear the new Vice Admiral Heine was recently transferred to the new G-1 base and he wasn't too happy about it", said a marine on the deck of the battleship looking at the Vice Admiral far enough away so he couldn't hear him. The marine next to him fiddles with a cannon trying to preform some routine maintenance. "Yeah, apparently after the battle at Marineford Heine was promoted from Rear Admiral to a Vice Admiral after Fleet Admiral Sakazuki took up his new position. It seems that Heine had been refusing to accept a promotion to a Vice Admiral for a while because he didn't want to leave his position in the New World", replied the marine who goes back to fiddling with the cannon. "I'd imagine that after cutting your teeth on the pirates in the New World that coming back to this side of the Grand Line has to seem like a demotion even though it was a promotion, haha. Though I wonder why he accepted now?" The two marines hang their heads down in thought both trying to come up with a possible answer.



Scientist Faraday


"That is because it was Sakazuki himself that gave him the promotion", said a voice from behind the two marines. A relatively older man draped in what appears to be a white lab coat staring at them behind a thick pair of dark lens goggles moves along the railing of the ship closer to where the two marines are working. "Oh, Scientist Faraday, we didn't know you were there", replied the marine closest to the scientist."Seems the two of them go way back and have known each other since the Vice Admiral Heine was a child. Apparently it was Sakazuki himself that made the Vice Admiral join the marines after an encounter nearly 20 years ago." The two marines pause for a moment to look at each other in surprise before one responds, "Is that true?" The scientist scratches his chin and replies, "From what I've heard it is. Also those scars that you see on his face were apparently given to him by Sakazuki during their first encounter as well." The two marines again look at the Vice Admiral standing on the deck thinking about what they just learned. "Well none of that is important now. Just finish up your work quickly. It seems that we will be landing at Sabaody shortly." The scientist turns around and begins to walk back down the railing of the ship and the two marines get back to work.



Sabaody Archipelago - Shipyards




"That is my final offer. I can't go any lower. If you don't like it you can go somewhere else to get your ship coated for all I care", shouted a fairly stout bald man whose clothes were covered in oil and grease tattered from spending years working on ships. "It's all about supply and demand my young friend. Sure, the shipyard might be in chaos now, but us shipcoaters are the most valuable commodity here. All those pirates and people racing to the New World need us or else they are stuck. So as you can see business is booming! Hahahahaha!" An annoyed look appears on the young man's face the stout shipcoater was speaking to. He pauses for a minute and adjusts the sword hanging off his shoulder that is nearly as long as him clearly frustrated at the whole situation. "Sure, that price will be fine", says the young man reluctantly. "Great! Pleasure doing business with you", remarks the shipcoater as he walks away with a big grin on his face.


"Ugh, it's going to be such a pain to tell the captain about the price. How about you tell him in a song, José? Haha... José?" The young man looks over his shoulder and realizes the man he thinks he is speaking to is nowhere to be found. He glances over towards an adjacent grove where a lot of fighting and commotion had been taking place during his bargaining with the shipcoater. "I told him not to pay those pirates any attention, but I guess the draw of music in battle was too much. Great, now I have two things to tell the Captain."

The young man takes out a small Den Den Mushi from his his robes and anxiously waits for a reply. "Eh? Sora? Is that you? Did you get our ship coating all sorted?", says a burly and gruff voice from the other end of the Den Den Mushi. "I did, though the price might have been higher than you were looking for, but there is another problem", replied Sora. "Oh? And what might that be?" The young man took a second to think about what he was going to say then replied, "You know about those Pandemonium Pirates that have been causing some commotion in the shipyards lately? Well it seems that José took an interest in them after he heard the sounds of a guitar and headed off in their direction. What should we do?", replied Sora clearly annoyed at the whole situation.  "Maaahahahahahahaha", the gruff voice at the other end of the line yelled out. "You don't need to worry about José. He can take care of himself. Just come on back to the bar and we you can buy me, Roberto and Juliette a drink." The young man ended the call and took a deep breath and breathed a sigh of relief thankful that he wouldn't have to get involved in another hassle after just finishing up one with the shipcoater.



Sabaody Archipelago - Shipyards of the Pandemonium Pirates


José de la Luga


Standing in the back of a crowd of onlookers all watching the battle between the Pandemonium Pirates and some other pirates stood a very tall strangely dressed man with a wooden guitar hanging off his back. He has a large pointed mustache which partially covers his giant grin all somewhat in shadow because of the large oddly shaped hat that he wears. He easily towers over the people in front of him with the tops of their heads barely reaching his chest. As he watches the occurring fights between the other pirates unfold and reach their natural conclusion he cheers and laughs at the free entertainment that he has been given. "What a good show this is!", he yells. He thinks about stepping out from behind the crowd to make himself more visible, but he waits for the rest of the fights to settle before making a move forward.

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Posted 13 April 2015 - 08:15 AM


Commodore ”Rockslide” Cobalt wasn’t an ordinary man. He was among the most well-known Commodores of the Marines, and was thought highly of by his seniors. He had the qualities of a strong leader, his confidence and strength exuded throughout every decision he made - but he had one flaw. He was never much of a team player. He preferred to do his work alone, particularly interested in chasing down pirates of high bounties, and less invested in the duties of peace-keeping and protecting the innocent.

   It was due to this joy of hunting pirates that Cobalt had sought out Shakky’s Rip-Off Bar, where he had heard many big-shot pirates would frequent. In fact, on his first visit, he found ”Red Eyed” Greaves, an infamous pirate with red-shot eyes and a blood-drenched shirt. Cobalt immediately apprehended the man, who was no match for his kicks that could shatter boulders, and punches that created earthquakes. Greaves was incarcerated, and the following afternoon, Cobalt decided to head back to the same bar, which he was now quite fond of; even more so when he caught another big fish - The Vagabond Pirate. This man, he had heard of a lot recently, a man who managed to stir up conflicts wherever he went, and was worth over 200 million. This was a chance he could not pass up, and so he sprung into action. 


Taking the business outside, Cobalt prepared to duel the pirate, who was apparently a swordsman, but that meant no danger for his arms harder than any rock. Suddenly, a bottle of liquor was thrown at him from behind, perhaps by some anti-Marine scum from the bar – he’d met quite a few of those during his years as a base commander – but it turned out to be another criminal, this one he knew just by looking at his face – Ishmael ”The Dean”, a cyborg pirate thought to be retired until recently. 

   Had the lone pirate Jazz finally joined a pirate crew worthy of his infamy? Or was this just a partnership born out of mutual opposition of the Commodore himself? Whatever the reason, Cobalt was confident he could take them both on as long as he kept his cool. He needed to play this safe, take them on one at a time, and judging from how Jazz barely parried his attack earlier, he could at least take him down with certainty.


A fast punch was lobbed by Ishmael, which Cobalt, albeit the force behind it was strong, could easily dodge. The Dean had a mechanical arm, which Cobalt knew would be his greatest weakness in front of the Rockslide, whose punches turned boulders to pebbles and robot arms to scrapyard material.


"Cool it there, Doctor, i’m here for the kid", he said, testing the waters with Nemo, trying to decipher his motives – it could prove useful in the future.

   With that, he spun around to Jazz, whipping out a blasting shockwave with a kick to his neck, attempting to end the battle quickly, or at least send him flying so he could deal with the cyborg without distractions.



Jazz caught the bottle almost instinctively, only realizing seconds later that it was the same bottle he had been wanting to drink before Cobalt attacked him. Now having lost his only motive for continuing the fight with the Marine, he was prepared to make a run for it, but the robotic man who had thrown him his drink wanted him to fight the Marine as payment. 

   Jazz pondered it for a while – he had no reason to feel indebted to the man for getting him his drink, after all, it was a small favor in exchange for a potential death match. On the other hand, he was slightly intrigued both by the actions of the mysterious man who gave him his drink, and by the skills of Cobalt, but none of those warranted a battle, so he decided to flee, drink in hand, but was stopped before he even turned around to run. 


A sharp kick aimed right at his neck, powerful enough to rattle his whole skull even though he blocked it with his arm. Cobalt was way too strong for him, and the kick sent him flying into one of the giant trees of Shabondy. He was now partway stuck in the bark of the tree, coughing up blood and touching his numbed arm to see if it had been broken. After breaking himself free from the tree, he began to skid down the length of the tree, but he was yet again stopped before he had time to flee, Cobalt was flying towards him like a meteorite, and struck the tree with a blow more akin to an earthquake than a kick, creating large cracks in the tree and sending chunks of it flying. However, this time Jazz had enough time to dodge, and the kick didn’t hit him directly, but the sheer force behind it still sent him flying, this time toward the ground. 

   Using the bubbles floating all around, he managed to land softly, and immediately spun around to see where Cobalt was. He was very quick, and had already disappeared from the tree up above, and Jazz barely had time to locate him before he struck him next – this time with a punch aimed straight down to crush Jazz’s head between the rock hard fist and the ground.


Jazz rolled out of the attack, and took a handstand as he sent a kick right back at Cobalt’s face, but his kicks were feather-light in comparison to the Marine’s earth-shattering blasts, and Cobalt shrugged it off before rushing at him with yet another attack. Jazz wasn’t going anywhere, his foe was too powerful. He did need the helping hand of the robot man, and he called out to him as he blocked another one of Cobalt’s earthquake punches with a kick to the side of his arm, redirecting the punch just enough so that it missed his face and tore apart the stairs behind him instead.


"Okay, sure, just…!" he shouted in-between numerous attacks from Cobalt. Taking advantage of the split-second break just after Cobalt reached the apex of another swing of his arm, Jazz leapt past him, toward the man he was to fight alongside. He skid along the ground, turning around to face Cobalt and drew his sword from the scabbard hung over his back in the process. 


"Are you strong?"

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Posted 18 April 2015 - 04:41 PM

Sabaody Archipelago
Wandering around
Late Afternoon

Crozier hid in the crowd for a while. The bullets didn't have any effect - not that he expected them to - and it didn't seem like Ukkonen was still searching for him, so he bought some very tasty pastry and started to walk back to the Jenny. He called his crew and instructed them about the incident, and they told him about their situation. Apparently, the Coating Engineer had run away after he had seen Nelson. Crozier walked past a placard, and then walked back to read it.


it said.






In red ink below it, the announcement read rather desperately:

Crozier, truly astonished, immidiately turned there.

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Posted 18 April 2015 - 07:38 PM






"You ask where I want to go, brother? Let's just say Fishman Island is my first stop; we'll see if I continue further into the New World after that..."


"Well, that's good enough for me.  I was hoping to recruit a few good Fishmen when we pass through there, we ought to be spending a few days in the good old homeland as well."


"Let me warn you, brother. I am a lot tougher than you think, you may not be able to finish your fight that easily.  We're two fishmen, and the sea is right there, so what are we waiting for?"


A wolfish grin crept onto the musician's face.  "You read my mind, brother."  


Sagara left his guitar leaning against his amp on top of the hill, nodding at the newly arrived Daikan.  "Mind watching the equipment for me, Dai?"  With his gear having somebody to watch over it, he followed the other Fishman to the water and dove in eagerly.  


Facing his enemy underwater, the Fishman allowed himself to float lightly with the current that flowed through the area, positioning himself into a fighting stance as he waited for the other of his kind to make a move.  The two held position until at last the other martial artist gave a brief nod, signalling the start of the duel as he rushed forwards through the water.  


The two Fishmen exchanged a rapid series of expertly timed blows, neither landing a clean hit.  Each fighter used the opening to assess the movements of the other, neither making a true attempt to incapacitate the other yet.  Sagara broke the stalemate first, abruptly shifting to his full speed and slipping a flurry of swift punches past his opponent's guard that shoved the angler back through the water in what seemed like a daze.  

Charging in to capitalize on the opportunity, the spinner shark was caught by surprise as Ankoushi's foot caught him on the chin and stopped his rush short as his head snapped back.  Recovering and flipping himself forward, Sagara found his skull meeting the followup blow from the other Fishman and knocking him senseless for a moment.  
Shaking his head to regain his concentration as the blood leaking from his nose drifted off into the ocean, the musician recovered in time to spot the angler's signature appendage swinging towards him like a whip.  Grinning, the shark Fishman's hand snapped out to grab hold of the angler in order to yank his opponent in for a close range battle.  With the two of them forced into close quarters, the martial artists wordlessly exchanged blow after blow, neither backing down.  Eventually, Ankoushi managed to bring a leg between himself and the spinner shark in order to push away in what seemed like a retreat.
Sagara frowned, swiftly following the angler.  Confused, he swam along as he figured that the other Fishman wasn't truly running away, the tide of battle hadn't shifted against him.  He quickly received an answer as Ankoushi spun around, sending a shockwave of water right at him with a swing of his leg.  Oh shit!
Without the time to pull out of his charge and dodge, Sagara instinctively raised his arms to protect himself.  His normally blue skin rapidly shifted to a black tone as he hardened his body in preparation to take the attack.  While his Haki prevented him from being diced up like sushi, the Fishman was nonetheless forced back from the sheer pressure of the attack.  The angler closed in again to follow up on his technique.  Alright then, it's only fair I reply in kind to an attack that strong.
Waiting until the last moment as Ankoushi closed in, Sagara suddenly dodged underneath the incoming angler, drawing his right fist back with its Haki coat still in place.  "Yonsenmaigawara... Seiken!"  Putting his full weight into the attack, Sagara slammed his hardened fist into the other Fishman's gut, the raw force of the strike hurling the martial artist out of the water and onto the shore once more.  Following his fellow Fishman, Sagara emerged from the ocean as well.  
The two faced each other, both breathing hard.  Wordlessly they charged once more, speaking only with fists, kicks, and the occasional headbutt or other less conventional technique.  Finally, the two collided one last time with a cross-counter.  Ankoushi lost his footing and rolled for a moment before regaining a standing position, while Sagara skidded back and dropped to one knee.  
"Do you still wanna keep going...?"
Sagara picked himself up, surprise momentarily crossing his features at the offer of his opponent to continue.  Flinging back his head, the Fishman laughed openly.  "Totototototo!  This is great!  Amazing!  Of all the fellow Fishman Karate users I've sparred with, only Boss Jinbei's been better than you!  Hell yeah, let's keep going!"  He paused to spit out a mouthful of blood before getting back into his own fighting stance.  Giving a bloody grin, he prepared to attack again when a roar of thunder suddenly reached the dueling pair.  His head snapped to look into the direction of the noise, frowning.  "What's Boss Ukkonen doing...?"
He turned back to the angler.  "Sorry, looks like I'll have to take a raincheck on the rest of our match.  But you've more than earned a ride on our ship with that battle.  The name's Sagara.  What's yours, brother?"
Once the Fishmen had been properly introduced to each other, Sagara waded back into the ocean.  "Time to check up on the others, the boss is on the move for some reason."
Concentrating, the spinner shark dipped his hands into the water.  "Fishman Jujutsu: Mizugoro."  Grabbing hold of the flowing waters as if they were a tangible object, the Fishman spun with his "handful" of water several times to build up momentum.  "Kairyu Ipponzeoi!"  Sagara hurled the current upwards, creating a torrent of water that blasted upwards into the sky with its creator riding atop it.
Flying through the air on his water spout, Sagara's path took him past the tree where his captain had recently unleashed his attack.  Saluting the transformed Zoan user, the musician bowed his head in respect as he passed.  "Looking for your own prey, Boss?  The opponents around here seem to be pretty fun."
Waiting until the spout had gone a bit further, he jumped off and dropped freely to the ground where he landed lightly on his feet near Oz and Little.  He picked his guitar back up from where he had left it, slinging it over his shoulder once more  "Damn.  Looks like you won this one, bro.  I'm not complaining through, my fight was fun as hell.  How was the swordsman?  Looks like he proved himself too if you two are just talking."
Feeling like he was ignoring something, the Fishman glanced over to where a young looking pirate was making a scene nearby.  "Uh... What does the kid over there want?"  He raised his voice to call out as he moved a bit closer to the scene.  "Hey, what're you yelling about?  You look kinda familiar, have I seen you somewhere...?"
"Oh wait, I know!  You're that rookie, aren't you...?  The... Maroon Deuce.  Yes, that's it."  He nodded with certainty.  "It's good to see how spirited the youth can be, but you're a bit too young to be traveling with us.  I bet Oz would still be willing to induct you into his religion though.  OI, OZ!"  He yelled over his shoulder to the fellow Pandemonium Pirate.  
"I think this Maroon Deuce kid wants to join the church or something!"  
(Upon some discussion, Diez and I decided to say we stopped at 19-19 HP so as to keep ourselves fresher for plot events and stuff.  If that's cool with @Shin.)

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Posted 18 April 2015 - 09:10 PM


Shabondy Archipelago


@Oben @Damanos @diezdragon @Sanji @Relinquisher @Fulmine @DaEvilWithin


The sniper’s peace of mind during his plummet told Ukkonen that the fall was unlikely to kill him. A Devil Fruit user, then. A pity. Ukkonen did not have to see the sniper taking aim. His impudence was entirely predictable. Three loud cracks ripped through the air.


500 Feather Surge: Lightning Aura!”


Electricity surged from his feathers, cloaking his body in a dazzling cloak of lightning. He was aware of the extreme heat, but it did not hurt. The bullets vaporized as soon as they came into contact with his aura.


Meanwhile, the sniper had safely landed and had merged with a crowd. Ukkonen considered attacking again, this time directly, but decided against it. The sniper wouldn’t be a danger to his crewmates as long as he was within range of his haki, and attacking would definitely involve the crowd. And in any case, Sagara was approaching, riding on flying current of water. The guitar-wielding fishman passed by, asking, “Looking for your prey, boss? The opponents around here seem pretty fun.”


Ukkonen didn’t answer, because Sagara was going too fast to catch his response, but he did find Sagara’s words intriguing, so he followed the fishman after briefly scanning the area for the sniper again. Sagara and Oz were standing in the middle of what could only be called a mess. Bodies were strewn about everywhere, probably the victims of Sagara’s performance, and there was debris and rubble everywhere. It looked like the hill had been crushed by an attack. There were other people standing nearby, including Daikan, and crowd of onlookers was hanging back, trying to avoid the centre.


He landed in the middle of the wreckage, ignoring the eyes that turned on him, and transformed back into a human. “I think some introductions are in order,” he said, crossing his hands and looking at the unfamiliar faces.

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*mention is broken.




The fights' quality are undoubtedly high for Paradise, enough to make Xiaosu watched intently without caring about other things going on around her. As she was observing, some thunder-like sound caught her ear. ''Maybe someone is fighting somewhere else'', though Xiaosu. Some more time passed and the fights are concluded. The Pandemonium pirates did live up to their names. Though it was disappointing for Xiaosu since she didn't exactly get to see their full prowess. Standing up, Xiaosu was going to have some fun with Oz and Sagara when suddenly, that infamous Ukkonen arrived from the sky.


''Aww, what's this? The hottest guy finally showed his face?'', step by step, Xiaosu turned back to her playfully seductive self and smiled at him, ''You're hot. So may we have a date in the cafe?''

Spoiler Favorite male characters in manga/hwa/hua

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