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Amy Valentine - Weapon Alchemist (Seinen)

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Posted 18 September 2015 - 12:45 PM

This manga is one that me and a friend started to make but we agreed on me doing it as we both started doing different manage. I loved the idea and what I could build to it. I took it from a Shonen too a Seinen. I'm just going to put my ideas out there that I had written a while ago.

Here's the synopsis:

Amy Valentine - Weapon Alchemist
Genres: Seinen, Action, Mature, Sci-Fi, Supernatural,
Being able to inbreed alchemy using his daughter, Peter Valentine has tooken alchemy to the next level. A level humans aren't able to control, therefore it corrupted the world. Destined to take it on, Amy Valentine, Peter's daughter, uses her mastery of weapon alchemy and alchemy to take on any opposing evil.

Alchemy Itself
There are 3 Degrees' of alchemy and Alchemic Inbreeding itself.

- Alchemy in the 1st Degree - Using components of a material to create something. All alchemist use this.
- Alchemy in the 2nd Degree - Using technology with alchemy. Basically, speeding up the process OR one can fuse technology with alchemy or themselves. You can literally become a Technology Alchemist.
- Alchemy in the Last Degree (3rd Degree) - Creation alchemy. Almost able to create anything. No one really knows how one is inbreeded with creation alchemy; except Simon Cage.
- Alchemic Inbreeding - Taking the Alchemy Element and injecting it into the individual. You are given the alchemic sign either within or on the body. If you have done this and have an offspring, then they will be born with alchemy in their DNA and an alchemic sign therefore, it is still Alchemic Inbreeding.

Types of Alchemy
- Elemental Alchemy - All alchemist are elemental alchemist in someway or another if you are inbreeded or born with it. Some can control an element better than another.
- Weaponry Alchemy - This seperates normal alchemist from weapon alchemist. They can create weapons with the elements. Some do not like the responsibilities and consequences of being Weapon Alchemist, so they live their lives as normal alchemist.
- Technology Alchemy - Using technology with alchemy. You can even add technology to yourself and become a mechanical human or a machine. Only the nutcases and geniouses want to do this though. These guys usually know weaponry alchemy.
- Life Alchemy - You can take ones life without touching them, but there must be a way you did it. EX: Giving them a heart attack. They also are masters at rebirth and creating new life. They can take a corpse from 2 species and make it into one species. They can create huge alchemic monsters with even elements infused within them. Some can even be a Technology and Life Alchemist. However, to become a Life Alchemist, you must first self sacrifice/suicide yourself with AL25 in your body then only will you be given a second chance at life (You dying by other means will not give you second chances). There are no exceptional matters and you will go to hell. Life Alchemist have there own symbol.
- Creation Alchemy - The greatest form of alchemy. An alchemic god, being able to create and destroy almost anything. These guys literally can create planets or suns if given enough time. No one knows how it become one, except Simon

The Alchemic Symbol
All alchemist garden the alchemic symbol on their bodies or even in it. This alchemic symbol is the essence of their power. Without this symbol, you are no longer an alchemist. You can rip or tear off the part where an alchemists symbol coincides and they are stripped of their power; however, alchemy is still in the DNA. Readding the symbol to ones body by no other than inbreeding it in them has no affect. The inbreeding process gives the birth mark of the symbol. If you inbreed yourself more than 5 times, then you die by chemical explosion in the body. This symbol weirdly gives the alchemist needed combined reactions with their DNA to form alchemy. When Peter Valentine inbreeded his daughter, he had first found this out. Then, somebodies arm that had the symbol on it was ripped off for the first time and everyone figured out this news.

All about Life Alchemist
Life Alchemist can have as much hearts up to how much can fit within their bodies. However, the hearts must be of adequate size to their body size. These guys cannot die unless you destroy their alchemic sign then kill each one of their hearts. Their alchemic sign gives them the power to create life and take it, therefore they can rebirth theirselves even if they do not have a heart. Some alchemist get confused when they destroy each one of their hearts. It's weird because how can you have life without a heart? Their alchemic sign is a heart within itself. Destroying their alchemic sign will get rid of their powers as well, but they will live as a normal human being with however many hearts. When fighting, if their alchemic sign is destroyed, they back away and redo the process of Alchemy Inbreeding. Regiving them an alchemic sign. Some idiotic ones inbreed theirselves more than 5 times and die.

How to become an Alchemist
If your father or mother was inbreeded with alchemy, then you are born with Alchemic DNA and an Alchemic Symbol. You can also become an alchemist by injecting yourself with AL25 and using exactly 25 millimeters of it (5 inches). If anymore is used, it will go with the second count of you using AL25. The process takes 1 day in which the individual will fall asleep the entire day after 1 hour of injection. If you have eaten anything, you will vomit it back up. Before sleep, within 30 minutes you will undergo mass nausea, major weakness, your skin will become very pale (no matter the color pigment, but only that color's most paleness), and when thirty minutes hit, you cannot move and will fall asleep after 30 more minutes (Life Alchemist try to scurry away quickly). Infants fall asleep right after you inject them and aren't really harmed in anyway. Peter Valentine questioned this hard. After this, people found that injections in young adults and over (16 and older) mainly have the symptoms. After you wake up, you are very hungry and will eat anything in sight even if you do not like it. With every injection, it gets worse until after the 5th injection. Your body will explode from chemical reaction no matter the age (on 6th injection) and you will not be able to come back no matter what type of alchemist you are. Only Creation Alchemist are unaffected by the amount of injections you do, but only Creation Alchemist know this. No one knows how to kill Creation Alchemist.

The Process of Alchemy and what Alchemy the Element is
Alchemy as an element is AL25 and on the periodic table, it is by itself. It is in no way compared to Aluminum (AL on period chart). AL25 can become a liquid, solid, and gas but takes on a gooey substance at room temperature. Peter Valentine was the maker of the element by combining alot of substances from several elements and a life form (many believe it was an alien/other worldy being). When using alchemy, your bodies chemicals (after being inbreeded) can chemically react with anything with the symbol on your body and the alchemy in your DNA. Some alchemist can chemically react things faster than others and are masters of an element or each element. The masters of alchemy can make humongous materials and great weapons (even weapons the size of buildings and skyscrapers).

Oh yeah Pete's name will change

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