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Terra Stregada (ch.1)

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Posted 03 August 2016 - 12:19 AM

I definitely can agree with you if Caprice remains the same as she has in Chapter 1 part 1, then she would be the most uninteresting character. I definitely did some research on what kind of name would suit the main character but also what kind of chatacter would choose for themselves. If she would to give herself a positive noun to describe herself, then Caprice would be a decent start. I originally used it as a placeholder but as i wrote the story, the name seemed to roll off the tongue well enough.

In chapter 1, part 2 there is more insight to what kind of person she is and part 3 and 4 should give an idea of what she is going to be as the story progresses.

I definitely wanted to split this up between 2 chapters with 2 even parts, but many readers are divided in how to handle it.

Lastly "any" feedback is better than no feedback. Even if you're not criticizing or finding the flaws, then that's ok. When I hear an opinion it tells me whether I achieved what I wanted regardless if it's good or bad. So far ive been achieving it and it seems to be good.

I do want to let you know I haven't updated part 2 at all and that's the part I've updated the most in Manga Mavericks. The reason why is because there's an adult scene that I believe this forum wouldn't allow me to share so I have to find the moment I censored it and put it in the most updated version from there. Also I really really rushed part 4. Maybe because I was trying to listen to readers that it should all still be chapter 1 by then. But if others say otherwise, I'll reconsider and do some revisions.

Edit: I honestly gave this forum another chance. And I usually don't do that. But hey, for some reason I thought a forum might very grown a bit. But it's far worst than I realized. And I'm reminded again how mods and Admins treat others.

And If that seems disrespectful, remember that it's not a job without its perks. And I see it being taken advantage. If someone thinks still think they deserve more praise, then I'm sorry. But a forum doesn't own my content. If the Admins truly believe that, then I'll take my content and go all within the rules. They can keep the "post" but not my story.

Again,I will update my story elsewhere. If you want to talk about it here or there, I won't mind but I'll probably respond better over there (in my signature) where I feel comfortable sharing my content without someone adding rules or philosophies saying that I don't own my own stories and art.

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