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The Chronicles of Alti

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Posted 31 December 2016 - 04:31 PM

The Chronicles of Alti is a story set on a pseudo-Earth, where magic power and scientific discovery intertwine. There are many story-lines set to take place throughout the history of the planet Alti, its inhabitants (native or not), and the struggles and wars that ensue.

The original writings will be posted before the drawings.

At the beginning of the universe, there was a sea of true entropy. At its center, a Silhouette remained. It became bored of the entropy, and created Chaos: the Being of Creation. Chaos used its powers to craft the world. It created the Elements, Time, and Space, and the powers of Life, Soul, and Mind. Over time, these forces acquired sentience through the powers of the gods, and are known as the Eternals. The Eternals gifted the newly created mortals with small fractions of the powers of the gods, which the Silhouette despised. The Silhouette believed that Chaos betrayed it, and they fought, resulting with each of them being destroyed on the planet Alti. Chaos' remains where crystallized by their own power, and contained elements of who Eternals have not yet assimilated. The un-eternalized elements chose beings on the planet of Chaos' death, Alti, as hosts, who ascended to be Eternal.

Because of the flood of people created by Chaos in a short period of time, he gave them knowledge (including linguistics, engineering, and biology) to compensate for the high demand of supplies that would be needed. Because of this, raw materials are common, the infrastructure needed to process that material into more complex forms is rare, and advanced engineering, at least on the small scale, is common. There are three major races on Alti: Humans, Teres (Humanoids with a bony exoskeleton), and Jarvainians (Boar-like humanoids that live shallowly underground). Rarely do these races get along due to their early history together.

This series is nowhere near completion. In fact, I plan to create many story lines, across multiple characters, across multiple genera (Staying within the action/adventure categories of course), across multiple periods of time. So far, I only have a few series created, of which I will finish before developing the next set. I am developing this primarily for the graphic-novel style of storytelling. This series is likely not be suited for a younger audience, though mature content will still be at a minimum, due to the nature of this series.

COA: Legend of Delta:
This is the first series I am making.
This story is based off a when the Vamaelain (an alien, magma dwelling humanoid race) Empire lost a war with another race due to a plague that prevented Vamaelians from developing reproductive organs, who sent out a cloning pod to the planet of Alti to see if they could cure the plague and help repopulate their race. But due to being captured by an anti-demon group, who believes them to be demons, the eight pre-cloned Vamaelians that where on the ship escaped 30-40 years late, long after the facility had been left in ruins due to an unknown cause. Delta, being the last to escape, (and unaware of others like him) heads out into the world. He meets a smith named Dirvar...


Link for 1-20 (Current: 1)


COA: Rise of Empires:
This will likely be my second series.
This story is based off of Glavi, the Emperor of Galvia. Glavi was one of the first beings created by Chaos. Born as a fully mature being, like everyone else created by Chaos, he is a naturally strong and cunning warrior. Using his skills, and his increasing understanding and control over Wind, he seeks to destroy the great beasts that pose a danger to his race, whilst the ever-increasing threat of demons looms beyond.

COA: Ice & Fire:
This will likely be my third series.
The greatest threat Alti has ever faced is now in full force: A demon with the power to possess the bodies and minds of the fallen. Having been born with the power of Ice & Fire, Kira the Alchemist and Potu the Mercenary are recruited by the Emperor to fight back against this ever-growing force.



COA: Storm of Mind

This will likely by my fourth series.

The Eternal of Mind was the only of the Eternals to fight on Chaos' side, against the Silhouette. Before its destruction, Silhouette wished a curse upon the Eternal, cursing all of its creations with the existence of insanity. For one being may only die in one way, the insane roam Alti, immune to all mortal wounds. Once again, the might of a new force may be enough to cure Alti of this curse.



COA: Fate of Past:

This will likely be my fifth series.

It has been thought that Alti had moved past the time of beasts and darkness, but alas, it has not. In a time of relative peace, none expect the return of the greatest threat the world has ever faced, let alone even more powerful than before. However, the discovery of universal forces possessed by all beings might just turn balance of power.

Preemptive QA:
Q: Will this be free?
A: All writings will be free. The first few drawings of COA: LOD will be free as-well.

Q: What will the style of the writings be?

A: Descriptive, semi-dark, "old-timey," and emotionally descriptive.


Q: What will the quality of the drawings be? Will they be in color?
A: At this point in time, I honestly don't have much experience drawing digitally, so the quality wont be "professional" for a long while.
A: Almost certainly.

Q: ______ you say? Sounds like _______.
A: Any similarities to other series is purely coincidental. The only thing that is based off of other series is indirect, such as character customization as a basis for my own.

Q: How often can new content be expected?
A: Hopefully, at least once a week, depending on how busy I am. (I am not a very busy person, but sometimes there is a lot I have to do.)


Q: How much content can be expected?

A: About 1000-2500 words each chapter/episode.


Q: Why a new link for every 20 chapters?

A: Because its easier to handle, takes less time to load, and its easier to navigate. Plus, all "volumes" will take place in multiples of 20.

Q: What tools do you use?
A: I am using "paint.net" (Don't get confused, that's what the application is actually called, not the website you get it from) for the outer margins, cell outlines, speech bubbles and the sort. I am using a Intuos Draw Creative Tablet and Krita to make the actual drawings. I use Google Docs for writing.

Q: How can I help?
A: Create original concept characters down below. This series is meant to be more realistic than not, so hyper-god-of-ultimate-speed-and-strength characters would most likely be ignored. (Try adding a backstory that doesn't involve any specific location.) Add motivational comments. Lack of motivation is the primary reason I sometimes go weeks without touching the story.

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Posted 16 January 2017 - 11:00 AM

Alright sooo lets get the show starting


-The concept setting reminds me of Pokemon and how Arceus created the pkmn world and shit :D. Dont mind me im weird like that


-Im definetly expecting some sort of Romance in those kind of stories if not then ima be dissapointed.


-Having multiple main protagonist and then having them all meet eachother and shit is something i really like seing in a story but quite hard to write without making everything 2 confusing. Good luck with that


-The genius that i am , is a monster creator when it comes to making up new characters :3 so ill be making one or two for sure but ill wait for the first chapter to be out


-Making it weekly is a shit tons of work might just wanna go for a montly release lol

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Posted 16 January 2017 - 04:21 PM

The link for the series will (likely) forever be posted in the original thread.

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Posted Yesterday, 09:09 PM

Episode 1 (Technically 2, if you count the prelude despite it being a different format) has been uploaded.

This begs the question:

Who is he?

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