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[Info] The Revolution

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Posted 22 January 2013 - 05:24 PM

Name: Annaveya "Ace" Kushrina
Age: 22
Gender: Femmé
Appearance: Much to her dismay, Annaveya always tends to stick out in a crowd. Whether it be her fairly tall composure, lingering at about five feet ten or so, or the very fact that her appearance in general can make most individuals turn their head. With silver hair set against mediterranean skin and crimson hues. The very clothes she wears would catch most offguard, as it is the proud regalia of a Pilot. Whether it is the smidge of mechanic oil on her cheek or the pilot's goggles atop her head. With a leather jacket, pantaloons, and knee-high boots, she can be quite the sight to behold for some. After all, like many Pilots, she almost always carries that arrogant smile aviators are known to possess.

Personality: Intelligent! Cunning! And above all, she has an addiction the very notion of flight and the chance to fly even faster. She repeatedly wins races to fuel her habit, as her base desire is just that: all she wants to do is fly. To feel the crisp breeze of the blue skies upon her cheek, and the frosted touch of clouds in the air.

History: Annaveya grew up the child of a famous mercantile family and steampunk engineers. And it was only natural that she pursue at least one of those fields of study or wealth. Though at the tender age of ten, when she flew her first aircraft, the decision was made for her the second she started pulling high G loops and even barrel rolls the second her papa gave her the controls of their small racing craft. She grew up getting to know the ins and outs, the nuts and bolts of the flighty speeder her father made, and in time she even began to make improvements. In areodynamics to reduce drag, in the engine to increase power, and by the age of fifteen she began to build, and by the age of twenty she finished her pride and joy.

The Swordfish.

Her family had not ever seen, nor had the recent government recently seen a faster craft. Breaking speed, distance crossing, and performance records across the board. And she even expanded the cockpit to allow four poeple to sit at a time! Of course with the proper protective equipment so that they didn't black out in flight.

So now we come to her again this day, sitting beneath her wonderful little craft, oil staining her cheek, and holding a wrench hard at work.

Affiliation: No affiliation.
Power: N/A
Extra: Annaveya is the proud owner of the speedcraft The Swordfish, it's hers, she built it, and it's her labor of love. After all, after every race win comes even more funds to make it faster and more powerful than before! Some governments had asked her if she wanted to ever mass produce and weaponize it, but naturally she kept her copyrighted blueprints and declined! Flying is for fun! Not war!
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