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[Miscellaneous] Latest databook: Vivre Card

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#21 Fulmine



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Posted 09 October 2018 - 03:23 AM

I did say: "which i believe", thus making it clear that it is nothing but an opinion i have, which has not yet been proven or disproven, i think.

And baseless belief is what I'm saying



U realise that that part is adressed in @Tale 's quote, dont u?

I Simply did not want to adress it at that stage, thus doing it twice, i pretty much do so in my answer to said poster...

...I'm talking what that means for the part you quoted from me, not its veracity LOL


And you did do it twice, talking about how magma is stopped as if against a shield

since the splash is clearly armored againt in a far greater area than the swords conecting surface has face. Thus the magma fist, if only the sword was the reason for the defense would have simply moved forward and still hit shanks but in contrast it was completely stopped and not only on the connecting face between magma and sword.

Which doesn't address my question about its effectiveness. It just explains you think CoA can be like a barrier.



And no i dont challange the fact that CoA has not been shown to overcome all DF abilites....

Didn't say you did. Not sure why you felt the need to clarify such thing.




i dont see why Akainu would not let his element continue the attack beyond the range his arm has, if he has the option of doing so (would be stupid somehow)

already said

Not to mention Shanks blocked Akainu out of surprise so it's not like Akainu would have known beforehand to manipulate his magma accordingly.




Moreover magma aint completely solid, its a mix between fluid metal/elements (because of high temperature) and solid ones.

So ur argument with wood is not helping imo since wood is "completely" solid on the outside face (if u discount the water within, which has little effect on its overall solid features, when compared to magma).

Again, already said

And what? CoA lets you hit Logia as if they are solid.



http://mangaseeonlin...575-page-5.html Not only with Shanks but also with Marco u see how Akainus magma splashes around, thus if not defended against with Haki it would DEFINATELY continue its path

And the part with being caught of guard is not valid enough for me too (in the sense we r discussing here) since just like with Shanks he was also caught of guard by Marco yet the magma still splashed.

...His attack vs Marco isn't the giant fist he did vs Shanks...it already had fluid, splashing magma before it hit Marco...


Also he was just attacked by Marco and Vista before so not the same caught off-guard as vs Shanks''



He even talks about armor.

Because that's what CoA is like? Hardening is not like an armor? O__o He was comparing their usefulness



That would also explain why Sentomaru and the Boa sisters had a "visual shield" that was greater than the point the attack Luffy used connected to, just as Ray-sans shield is greater than his hand

That's just pre-TS visual representation. Oda found Hardening post-TS or maybe a retcon. And that visual representation is exactly what I said: impact. It doesn't mean a shield. It's not just One Piece but in other manga, too. It's just a universal manga thing like sfx, spark near head that means the characters notice something and stuffs




sry but i am a bit confused with the coloured part, since i am unsure what exactly u try to point out with this.

If Hardening cannot block then why making a shield is any different? Hardening is also like an armor that should prevent the element to come into contact with your body in the first place but it didn't.


Which is why the question is whether Hardening cancels Hardening or CoA is useless period vs elements' properties. Whether it's in the form of armor or shield is not the point.

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#22 captain kidd

captain kidd


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Posted 11 October 2018 - 05:23 PM

I have seen that arrangement a few times before here, or i have seen someone use that logic and i just didn't correct them (or i did and they didn't care)


I think it is clear there is no "shield CoA" it was just an older version of how Oda drew hardening. instead of the limbs turning black that we now see Oda would make the attacks appear as if they dissipate before they hit the hands of the blockers. This was kinda cool to see, it was awesome to see the first time someone effortlessly blocked luffy's attacks, and seeing the admirals block an earth quake just by holding their hands out. (California could use those guys)


BUT the old visual representation had a few problems......4 problems to be specific

1- it took up a lot of space, you had to have a big enough panel to have room to show the effects of the "shield" looking nonsense oda was drawling (this is a petty reason, the others are better)


2- it may get confused with other effects. See we were lucky, flying slashes were a thing back in chapter 270ish, but it took until vergo and his bamboo for a flying physical attack, so at the time of these "shields" there wasn't too much nonsense flying around the OP pages, but now there are flying physical attacks, who knows what else we will see but there will surely be tons of other attacks that can get confused with the older haki look. how would this even look on swords?


3-  how do we know when it failed? we have seen a few times when luffy or law hit through someone's haki, what could the older "shield" version look like when the haki fails? would oda have to draw the "shield" with a crack in it? or would luffy just be punching through an imaginary "shield". I said in the beginning that the "shield" look was created by the impact of the attack crashing against their haki, the force of the blow doesnt hit their body because oda wants to make it clear it was this invisible armor of haki that protected the people and not their insane durability (if he didnt do that it would just look like everyone knew CP9's "tekkai" move and haki would be even harder to notice) SO..... if the effect is created by the attack failing, if an attack succeeded then there would be no effect? and we would just be wondering why akainu didnt feel the need to use haki to block an attack?


4- this only works for defense, how do we know when someone is using it in offense? MORE effects? would all OP fights just turn into fantastic interactions between effects???? or would this be like awakening and we will only ever get to see one awakened df user per fight (if there are two we would need to wonder if one can transform the other's stuff) one haki user per fight isn't possible really..... unless luffy never fights kiadou. remember back in the wb war, the only way we ever knew someone was using haki was when another person told us. akainu had to compeletly break character and yell "ahh, haki users, this is getting tough" (lol like the WB he fought twice wasnt a haki user) and when aokiji was stabbed the random fodder had to tell us "lol wb used haki, aokiji is dead". TO THIS DAY, we still do not know if kizaru used haki to kick luffy because none of the fodder had the good sense to tell us readers.......ya luffy bleed......but luffy was covered in blood, kizaru could of just knocked blood off luffy's already badly bleeding body with a harmless kick.




no in a rare showing of support for Oda i agree with him retconning the old "shield" visuals and replacing CoA's visual representation with black shading. Oda already doesnt like drawling fight scenes........i am glad he doesn't have to draw 1000 extra lines per punch for these effects.




although..............if we still used the old visuals there wouldn't be any cosmetic haki on luffy's G4...........................forget everything i said we need to go back to the old system...............

captain "Nostradamus" kidd

#23 Fulmine



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Posted 14 October 2018 - 01:33 AM

The cards of Admirals will come out next month. Hopefully there will be some interesting info instead of a bunch of ''???'' mark on their profiles.

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#24 Fulmine



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Posted 15 October 2018 - 11:50 AM

Akainu is confirmed to have Color of Plot-convenience. Well, not matters much since he has zero feat in it LOL

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#25 Marche



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Posted 16 October 2018 - 02:54 PM

Are there any information about Hancock?

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#26 Fulmine



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Posted 17 October 2018 - 12:19 PM

@captain kidd  I remember you used to say Shanks's sword could just be a very good sword to block the magma. Now that's canon...


:o :o :o


Nostradamus indeed...


Found your post (post #55)


Please make the prediction of how Enel-sama comes back and beat...whoever to show post-TSEnel is super God-like! That will come true!!!

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