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One Piece Chapter 936 Discussion

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#21 Frankenstein


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Posted 19 March 2019 - 11:49 AM


So if Luffy can use Haki again, and they know he can, why the hell do they expect the blades of the necklace to kill him? Can't he just protect his neck with Haki?


Just because you can use haki doesn't mean you can block everything. Luffy had trouble blocking Hody's teeth with haki. Those collars can do some serious damage even to a haki user.


Even when you are asleep, your CoO is not. Zoro ridiculousness was exposed once again.

No, you actually need to concentrate to use CoO, Katakuri told us this. The only person that could use CoO while sleeping so far is WB and he's basically the strongest person we've seen in the series.

#22 Shin


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Posted 20 March 2019 - 01:38 AM

What I didn't get is does Queen not realize who Luffy is exactly? That he has a 1.5 Billion bounty and super strong? Did he think that any of his men would be a match for him, especially after removing his cuffs? I dunno, the whole sumo thing feels a bit pointless other than Luffy gets to show off some I guess, but I feel like we are at the point in the story now where I don't get how Queen or his men are still surprised by Luffy who you would think would be quite well known now. Luffy will easily dispose of everyone until the elephant warden shows up and Luffy will beat him too and Queen will be forced to step in just as Big Mom shows up or something probably. I at least hope that Kawamatsu has a good design or ability when he gets released.


The bath house scene was fun. It is a bit annoying how Oda keeps skipping over what could be fun fights that don't involve Luffy. Seeing Sanji try to fight both Hawkins and Drake would be great, but it is a shame we didn't get that. Also Sanji sneaking into the bath house was expected and Nami flashing was a funny way to reveal him, but Drake being weak to women was a surprise. I also like how Drake and Hawkings are both from North Blue and know about the Germa stuff. I like small details like that.


Also it is interesting how Zoro does something after the complains last chapter lol, but it does feels very weird that he is now in another place again. His whole character in his arc feels so disjointed. He was walking in the desert when we first see him, he hangs around with Luffy a bit, winds up on a harbor, then he is on a boat heading to the flower capital, then he is in the desert again with Yasu, then goes to Ebisu town, and now is on a bridge in the snow fighting some big guy after getting his sword stolen and chasing him. There has been no flow or direction it feels like with his character so far. Hasn't been the best.


Still, Zoro is going to fight this guy but it will get interrupted likely and then he will join the resistance probably. Although I figured the witching hour boy stole the sword, but I have no idea how Zoro let his sword get stolen by such a gigantic person. I don't really get how they would sneak up on you, lol.

#23 Strobacaxi


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Posted 20 March 2019 - 02:46 PM

There has been no flow or direction it feels like with his character so far.

Well, we are talking about Zoro here :D

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Posted 21 March 2019 - 07:47 AM

If Zoro does not get laid by a woman by the end of this arc I dont know what to say.

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Posted 21 March 2019 - 06:02 PM

If Zoro does not get laid by a woman by the end of this arc I dont know what to say.

*laughs in Miss Conquine*

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