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Summer 2019 Anime Discussion Thread

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#1 Goddess Nike

Goddess Nike


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Posted 05 July 2019 - 06:18 PM




New thread for the anime season...what's hot, what's not discuss that here.

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#2 Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel


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Posted 05 July 2019 - 06:40 PM

I'm mostly looking forward to Vinland Saga and Danmachi S2, everything else is a bonus.

#3 Chillman



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Posted 05 July 2019 - 10:23 PM

Might actually get into Dr. Stone.
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#4 Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel


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Posted 14 July 2019 - 01:56 PM

My grades for the summer season based on everything I've seen so far

Vinland Saga
Danmachi Season 2
Cop Craft
Demon Girl Next Door

Fire Force
Maidens of the Savage Season
How Many Kilograms are the Dumbbells You Lift?
Astra Lost in Space
A Certain Scientific Accelerator

Dr. Stone
Are You Lost?

If It's for My Daughter I'd Even Defeat a Demon Lord
Okaasan Online
Isekai Cheat Magician
Magical Sempai

Demon Lord Retry
The Ones Within


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#5 durra072



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Posted 16 July 2019 - 08:39 AM

Thats pretty harsh on Dr Stone there

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#6 Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel


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Posted 16 July 2019 - 09:55 AM

Thats pretty harsh on Dr Stone there

I think it's a balance between the first two episodes, I thought episode one was great and would've had it near the top of my list if it was based on that alone but the second episode took me right out of the series for numerous reasons. Still I don't think a C is bad, it's like a 6.5 or 7 on a 10 point scale. Plus I've heard it gets really good later so I have high expectations for it especially since it's 2-cour.

#7 Tokoya



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Posted 16 July 2019 - 10:52 PM

Spring ended up being pretty meh overall, but this summer is actually pretty lit


My favorite 10 are:


Vinland Saga - Best OP and ED of the season, I'm familiar with the source material too and its GOAT....Expect this to be GOAT 

Doctor Stone - Up to date with the manga, easily the most unique and fresh series to come out of WSJ in the past 5 years and it's great


DanMachi S2 - Big fan of the manga and S1 so I'm expecting more of the same

Cop Craft - Reverse Isekai wrapped up in a cop drama that's reminiscent of one of my favorite series (Psycho Pass) so I'm hooked on this

To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts - A good version of Fairy Gone imo

Maidens of the Savage Season - Easily the dark horse of the season and one of, if not the funniest show of the year

Kanata no Astra - Really good space survival series, can already tell that the characterization will be pretty good too (It's a WSJ veteran and is by the creator of Sket Dance)

UchiMusume - This is LITERALLY Wholesomeness The Animation, but I found out about some shit that happens way down the line and I dunno if I can even rep this series anymore :cry:

Lord El Melloi II Case Files - This is a sequel spin-off to my favorite anime of all time (Fate/Zero) and it follows one of the best characters (Waver), the mystery elements in this is top notch too


But other than that, I liked mostly everything that I picked up (Muscles the Animation, Given, Tejina-senpai, Cute Girls Survival Guide and Accelerator to name a few)

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#8 Athos


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Posted Yesterday, 02:11 PM



Oddly enough, I was kind of let down by Vinland Saga. I mean, in the sense that it couldn't live up to my impossible standards. It's a fine adaptation so far, but I waited an hour and a half to see Thorfinn's mom scolding Thors, and what I got was less like a pissed off wife that just gave birth, and more like an angry teenager who was given the wrong ice cream flavor.


Astra and Dr. Stone are both SJ series that I heard great things about, but never actually picked up. Funny thing is, if I had known that they were both succesors of series that I loved to pieces (Eyeshield 21 and Sket Dance), I probably wouldn't be watching their anime adaptations first. They're both looking pretty great so far.


I'm only familiar with the manga version of the Waver mystery series. I don't really like the detective mystery genre, much less one that relies on endless magic jargon to keep me completely out of the loop, but I loved Waver's antics in the manga, so I'm kind of waiting for the anime to cover that already.


To be perfectly honest, I'm only vaguely interested in watching the Accelerator anime because of the unorthodox amount of nonchalant nudity from the manga, but I take it that's not going to be something the adaptation will care to imitate.


I watched 5 minutes of Uchimusume before I gave up. I think I'll just follow the manga. 


Maou-Sama Retry was a mistake.


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