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One Piece Chapter 956 Discussion

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#61 captain kidd

captain kidd


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Posted 24 September 2019 - 02:25 PM

I can't help but imagining a team of former warlords.

Hancock, Mihawk and Buggy team up with Crocodile and Moria. Or, maybe, they get captured and send to Impel Down. There, they team up with Doflamingo and, using Buggy's knowledge of the prison, they escape. And then they team up with Crocodile and Moria.
Maybe even Weevil joins. That way, that would keep having a major influence on the world as a group.

Other than this, what will they do? Mihawk could remain a lone wolf or join Shanks. Even though that would make Shanks' crew overpowered.
Hancock could obviously join Luffy. Weevil might join Marco? Otherwise he wouldn't have any purpose. I can't see Moria joining Blackbeard or Luffy. Buggy could join Luffy, simply to protect himself. But what about Doflamingo? Oda shows him frequently, so it very much looks like he will play a part later in the story, i.e. someone has to break him out. What will Crocodile's role be?

It would make sense for some of the warlords to bond together, as a big "fu** you" to the government, and also to protect themselves.
At least, Crocodile, Moria and Doflamingo would work. Maybe even with Mihawk, seeing as he has a relationship to one of Moria's crew members.

You know what. Screw it

Mihawk to BB's crew.

If oda really wants to wrap up OP in 5 years (more like 15) then this makes all the sense in the world. Now luffy can fight his final pirate enemy for the title of PK and zoro can fight mihawk for the title of strongest swordsman..... although u cant help but feel like he might need to best shanks to keep that title...

And if aokiji can join bb I dont see why mihawk cant.
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captain "Nostradamus" kidd

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Posted 25 September 2019 - 12:44 AM

These in-between Act chapters are so much fun. I love seeing how all the things going on off panel are progressing, but it also makes me really disappointed that every time we check in so much has been skipped over. I would have loved to see what happened at the Reverie with Sabo's group clashing with the Marines in detail, as well as seeing the Marines fighting with Mihawk and the other warlords, but I get Oda doesn't want to shift focus away from Luffy for too long. It would be nice to see a bit more detail with at least one part like we got with the Ace and BB fight maybe.


I doubt Sabo died after Oda created him and went through all the trouble of giving him Ace's fruit. So he and his group are probably captured and maybe Morgans is spreading the news about their capture or false deaths, but Morgans did say that some killer hasn't been found yet. I agree with people that Cobra probably was the one that was killed at the Reverie, and maybe the WG would try and put the blame on Sabo too possibly. Hard to tell. There were so many at the Reverie with Sabo, RA members, Garp, Admirals, CP0, Kuma, and so many more the possibilities are crazy. I do like the little detail that Wapol is leaking info to Morgans.


Also I did like seeing was how worried Dragon was about the Sabo news. It was nice to see Dragon actually show a bit of emotion and worry about something for a change instead of always standing there looking off into the distance. Maybe now he will actually start to act himself. Also I liked seeing Makino again with her kid as it does feel like Oda is showing that they might be important. I still think the kid is Shanks' as that feels like the most logical answer.


No real surprise the WG disbanded the Shichibukai. We saw that coming when Fuji and Green Bull were talking to each other and Mihawk told Perona it would be safer if she left. I do wonder if we will see any of their battles. You would figure to defeat someone like Mihawk they would need at least an Admiral but you would think spreading themselves out so thinly would be a bad move. I guess they might also have those new Pacifista that could be strong enough to help. Blackbeard's response was very interesting too. Glad he is moving now. I wonder if he would want to try and recruit them, steal their fruits, or use it as an opportunity to gain something else. Always figured he would have some use for Dof, Boa would probably join Luffy's fleet, and maybe Mihawk teams up with Shanks, but who knows.


Lastly the reveal of SWORD as some undercover Marine group was pretty cool. No real surprise that Drake is a good guy but Sabo being a member probably means that Garp is one too. Also the reveal that Coby jumped rank up to a Rear Admiral from a Captain probably means he must have done something really impressive at the Reverie. Maybe he is the one that captured Sabo or the RA members? Also I saw that cover image of Sakazuki with that small sword tattoo and I could see him being involved in the SWORD group given how he dislikes the WG. Same with Aokiji looking into BB. Also Coby's reaction to the Big Mom and Kaidou alliance was great. Maybe the marines will now have to send people to deal with them before it gets worse.

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Posted 25 September 2019 - 03:34 AM

There's something about ID that always annoyed me... How are they going to keep Mihawk there? He doesn't have DF so sea stone doesn't drain his strength, he's absurdly more powerful than every jailor combined even without his sword... He'd be gone in a day lol

What exactly do they plan to do if they actually could capture Mihawk?

It was my understanding that if you don't have a fruit and therefore can't be weakened or restrained with seastones, then you would receive daily beatings. That and wouldn't serve you proper meals to keep you weak and fragil.
Either way, to arrest someone strong, they have to beat him/her and after that they have a X amount of time until they get executed. They only have to keep them locked for a few months.
If that wasn't the case then ID should have had more pirates on lvl 6.

I can't help but imagining a team of former warlords.

Like Boa said, they are strong and together they should be able to rival a yonko crew.

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