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The Best Anime of the Decade (2010 - 2019)


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Posted 14 January 2020 - 05:31 PM

Please forgive me if this isn't allowed, but for those who put My Hero Academia as one of their top 10 anime in the 2010s, do you mind giving a reason why? MHA is definitely one of my top 10, but I've had this constant argument with a friend who fails to see why it's pretty great. I need someone who can better articulate the appeal of MHA, lol.

His main critiques of My Hero Academia is that it's too generic and has horrible story/world-building, pacing, and characters/character development. This person also only watches the anime.

He's clearly been watching a different series because Hero Academia excels in all of these
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Posted 15 January 2020 - 11:55 AM

A couple additions -

Most Disappointing Anime-

Gundam: Advent of the Red Comet - WTF happened with this one? What was supposed to be retelling of the original series ended up with nothing but very unlikable characters.


gen:Lock(Granted it isn't anime but a whole lot of people think it is) - This burning garbage pile of crap is borderline racism/stereotypes. I don't get 'triggered' much over Irish or Scottish stereotypes like a love for booze or having a tempter but, damn, it pissed me off when one of the first things Cameron(Scottish) basically said was, "Where's the booze?" I'm also sure not all young Russian/Eastern European(Former Soviet Bloc Countries) people are Goths.


Surprising Anime-

Black Clover - THERE, I SAID IT!


Sword Art Online Aliceizaton - I know I'm going to get some people to ask me, "Graey, have you been smoking crack?" Just hear me out - there is a saving grace to this series and that is the the Main Male Character is NOT -

1) Yelling and screaming his lines every ten seconds.

2) Crying tears of whatever every ten seconds.

3) A complete dumbass in social situations.

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Posted 16 January 2020 - 12:57 AM

I'm really sorry, @Goddess Nike I just now noticed the mention of me in my notification, I'll post my list later after work.






For now, I'd say best Anime of 2010s is a tie between 2011 HxH and JJBA: Stardust Crusaders, but the best OP (visually and aurally), hands down, goes to Kuroshitsuji's Book of Circus OP ("Enamel" by SID).


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Posted 18 January 2020 - 05:36 PM

After the disappointing endings of Naruto and Bleach, I pretty much gave up on anime and manga. I’m now only currently into BNHA and OPM, so I can’t truthfully fill out this list, but as a rabid fangirl, I’m legally required to write down my top ships of the decade. :charm:

Heads up, I view “ships” as a way to appreciate the relationship between two or more characters, platonic or otherwise. Not all relationships are inherently romantic, so keep that in mind.

24. Favorite Couples / Ships (In no particular order~)

Boku no Hero Academia:
Katsuki & Ochako
Toshinori & Shouta
Enji & Keigo
All For One & Me (¬‿¬)

Ichigo & Rukia
Kenpachi & Byakuya

Itachi & Sasuke

One Piece:
Luffy & Zoro
Rosinante & Law
Enel & Me (¬‿¬)

DIO & Giorno
DIO & Enrico
DIO & Me (¬‿¬)

Hunter x Hunter:
Gon & Killua
Chrollo & Me (¬‿¬)

One-Punch Man:
Boros & Me
Garou & Me
Genos & Me
The entire cast & Me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Posted 22 January 2020 - 12:39 AM

This is too hard. I will have to mull over for quite a while. But the easier ones first.

1) Top Ten Anime of the Decade

In no particular order

Ping Pong the Animation

Uchouten Kazoku

Kyousou Giga

The Tatami Galaxy

Yuru Camp



Mawaru Penguindrum

Kuzu no Honkai (this one might be a bit guilty pleasure-ish LOL)

Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica


Honorable Mention: OreGairu, Kokoro Connect, White Album 2, Fate Zero/UBW, Cells At Work, Kekkai Sensen, Steins;Gate, Jojo, HunterxHunter, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu.



The HMs are actually also very good, but with the exception of Shouwa and HxH (which I had to think pretty hard about) I think they lose to the top10 in terms of execution. Basically the top10 are not only enjoyable, high-quality but they get as close as possible to ''perfect'' in all departments (of course, viewed through the lens which is the themes and what the work is trying to convey). Ping Pong, Yuru Camp and Tatami Galaxy especially are literally flawless IMO. Yuru Camp is proof that you don't need big theme or grand view, just an utterly extremely well-executed version of the anime you want to make and it's a 10/10.



2) Most Underrated Anime of the Decade

Kokoro Connect

3) Most Creative Anime of the Decade

Cells At Work (David shows they can do more than Jojo. The animation is beautiful and the content and style are so interesting which says a lot given how I hate chemistry and am indifferent to biology as much as I like maths and physics)


4) Best Romance Anime of the Decade

White Album 2

Kuzu no Honkai

Just Because


5) Best Drama of the Decade

Kuzu no Honkai


Madoka Magica


6) Best Comedy of the Decade



7) Best Sports Anime of the Decade


Kuroko no Basket

Runs With the Wind


8) Best Music Anime of the Decade
9) Best Isekai of the Decade



10) Best Horror / Thriller of the Decade
11) Best Slice of Life of the Decade

Yuru Camp


12) Best Original Series of the Decade

13) Most Surprising Anime of the Decade (Something you had low or zero expectations for that ended up being really good)

Cells At Work

14) Most Disappointing Anime of the Decade (Not necessarily the worst one but something you had high expectations for that weren't met)
15) Best Villains or Antagonists


16) Series with the Best Animation

Ping Pong the Animation

Fate:Unlimited Blade Works (according to the guy at the studio it's just very talented visual engineers)


Tatami Galaxy


17) Best Male Protagonists
18) Best Female Protagonists
19) Best Male Supporting Characters
20) Best Female Supporting Characters

21) Studio of the Decade




22) Best Opening of the Decade
23) Best Ending of the Decade
24) Favorite Couples / Ships
25) Best Fights of the Decade


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Spoiler Favorite male characters in manga/hwa/hua

#26 Graeystone



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Posted 22 January 2020 - 01:51 PM

Falls under Surprising/Favorite Categories-

Black Rock Shooter - Based on Holk's' OC on Pixv. The obscure BlackRock gained an instead following in Japan which led to an 8 episode anime in 2011 or so. Kind of confusing at first but when you get the gist of it, its a pretty good watch.



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#27 YoWid


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Posted 19 April 2020 - 03:33 AM

13) Most Surprising Anime of the Decade  (Something you had low or zero expectations for that ended up being really good)


Bungou Stray Dogs.


Never expected the handling of the historical Japanese writers would be good here.


I love the characterizations of Atsushi Nakajima, Osamu Dazai, and Edogawa Ranpo here.


Anime quality is also top-notch, as expected of Bones.






Accidentally found out about it (and, subsequently, its anime) while playing this surprisingly deep psychological CYOA idle-clicker Android game filled to the brim with the quotes from Western plus Japanese old-timer authors, Alter Ego.

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#28 Meliodas



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Posted 21 April 2020 - 09:32 AM

According to me if I had to select my fav Animes then it would be :-
1.)Death Note
2.)The seven deadly sins
3.)High school dxd
4.)My hero Academia
5.) Hunter X Hunter
6.) Assassination classroom
7.) The attack on Titans

As of now these are my top list ! But there are many other Animes which are great but maybe I don't consider them to be in the top (personal ooenion). Hope it helps everyone !
And I am looking forward for the seven deadly sins new episodes and High school dxd season 5 to come soon !! :-):-):-):-)

#29 azer_moli



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Posted 24 April 2020 - 02:53 AM

1.)Death Note


But Death Note was from the precedent decade. It finished airing in 2007 :/


And Welcome to OMF :)

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