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Soukyuu no Ariadne

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Posted 12 May 2020 - 06:05 PM

I just finished reading chapter 75, these last couple of chapters have been interesting.


We get introduced to Hazan, the third member of the Al Miraj.

Hazan's clash with one of the Seven Swords and Rockwell's companion - McGarrick - has been interesting.

Hazan has managed to hold his own against McGarrick with the sheer force of his kicking power despite losing both of his hands in chapter 74.

Finally I gotta love Caligula, her personality is amusing - especially her interactions with Noish. I am not sure whether her powers is either illusion or transformation though given how she saved both Noish and Lulaloa from Rockwell.

Anyways now that Caligula has been revealed, we now know the identities of 6 of 11 of the Lost 11 - Lacile, Lulalola, Noish, Caligula, Ash and Hydro.

Remember we got introduced to Ash back in chapter 21, where it was revealed that Ash is indeed Lacile's brother way back during the Siu Tribe Mines arc. The Siu Tribe Mines arc lasted from chapters 12 to 23 btw.

As for Hydro, while that particular person hasn't been revealed yet in the series so far - we find out their name during chapter 46, when Noish and Lacile finally reunite after all this time.

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Posted 22 May 2020 - 03:42 AM

We are now in the beginning of a new arc, now that the scans have hit chapter 78.


This Wiefe tribe arc that began in chapter 76 is just shrouded in mystery.

I mean the town of Arcnemy seems to apparently render people that use photon powers like Lacile and Diva utterly useles.

The Wiefe tribe themselves seem very mysterious - I am not sure why they are wearing hooded robes that utterly hide thier faces for.

The town of Arcnemy is just as mysterious as it's inhabitants what with buildings with no doors and windows, disappearing gates and staircases. I mean wtf.

Also I dunno why the Wiefe tribe are forcing Lacile to have a death match with what is basically a clone or doppelganger of himself for.

Anyways that being said, I personally really enjoyed last arc - The Seven Swords arc - a lot.

Best arc in the manga so far imo, especially the way Rockwell beatdown the entire gang. The other Seven Sword member - McGarrick is cool as hell as well.

Not to mention it looks like the gang are gonna get two more new members in the form of both Caligula and Hazan, who are both awesome imo.

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Posted 07 June 2020 - 12:54 AM

Well that was a good conclusion to the Wiefe tribe arc now that chapter 83 of the scans is out.


Nice seeing the revelation of the other remaining 5 Seven Swords members during this latest chapter. We can clearly see that there is division among the Seven Swords members with at least three of them wanting to rescue the King from his imprisonment on Ariadne, the most notable being the Seven Swords leader - Sigmund.

As for the rest of the arc, that was interesting. In chapter 78, we learned that the place where Lacile fought his doppelganger is actually called the Pedestal of the Gods.

Apparently according to the Wiefe tribe's leader explanation in chapter 79, the Pedestal of the Gods has the power to grant people's wishes - even if they are subconscious wishes.

Which explains why Lacile inadvertently created his clone, since it was his own desire to get even more stronger to protect the princess and his friends. Which he does btw, when he finally beats his clone at the end of chapter 80. Where Lacile learns how to use photon energy without the use of either his gloves and boots.

Thanks to that, Lacile is then able to summon his clone again for more sparring practice to make stronger and he nearly accidentally kills Diva during a sparring with her during chapter 81. As is evidenced by all the damage he caused to the ground.

Another interesting thing about this arc is the Wiefe tribe's actual appearance, they all basically look like one another and have some type of connected mind hive network. Kinda similar to that of an ant or bee hive mind network is I understand it.

Though the most intriguing thing about this whole arc, is what Leana saw at the top of her own personal Pedestal of the Gods back in chapter 81. We know that Leana sawcthe countryside, what this really represents I have no idea.

Perhaps this represents her declaration of wanting to explore the world which she stated way back in chapter 1. Or that Leana's intentions of wanting to find the Founding Light is so pure, that the Pedestal doesn't know what to show her.

Anyways the gang all finally get reunited in chapter 82, with Hazan both literally and figuratively kicking a hole through the wall of Arcnemy.

Finally we learned that McGarrick got the worst of it during his skirmish with Hazan last arc. I am just wondering what type of scars Hazan left on McGarrick's right side of his body.

Good arc overall.

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Posted 11 June 2020 - 03:16 PM

Hectic start to the Nomad Town arc now that the scans have hit chapter 85. This arc just began last chapter, in chapter 84 btw.


We have fakers impersonating the Lost Eleven who have screwed up majorly big time by stealing that wallet last chapter from that gangster.

Since a bunch of punks, gangsters and a self appointed wannabe world peace group are all now after these fake Lost Eleven impostors heads.

Though the best thing about these last two chapters are that we have learned the remaining 5 names of the Lost Eleven kids that where previously unknown prior until this arc.

I am just wondering which real member of the Lost Eleven decided to help those impostors out for whatever unknown reason.

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Posted 15 June 2020 - 02:54 PM

Absolute madness in the manga and I am personally loving it, now that we are up to chapter 88 in the scans.


That punk gang - Barracuda - tried ambushing three of those fake Lost Eleven kids out in the city's streets back in chapter 85. Apparently the Barracuda leader has some type of camouflage suit that basically turns its wearer invisible and he uses that to stab the fake Lulalola.

Also during chapter 85, those mafia guys track those fake Lost Eleven kids to their hideout. The mafia are really after the contents of that wallet that those kids stole, which contains data cards that has info about their clients.

Those impostor Lost Eleven kids are forced to abandon their hideout in chapter 86 and then in the sewers they encounter Lionheart. Lionheart btw, is basically a strike force specifically created in order to dispose of the Lost Eleven to ensure that the Great War doesn't happen again.

Anyways those impostor Lost Eleven kids and Lionheart then clash. The fake Caligula then uses Carrier Bomber to blast a hole through the sewers ceiling. Just where Barracuda and those three fake Lost Eleven kids are currently on the streets at btw.

In chapter 87, all those fake Lost Eleven kids start fighting with Lionheart but they quickly get overpowered with three of them getting captured. The others are forced to runaway but they then encounter the mafia yet again.

Finally in chapter 88, we learn that the Barracuda leader captured Kagura who btw is the only true Lost Eleven member outta of all those fake Lost Eleven kids.

Kagura's skill is Carrier Throat, which basically lets him share his photon energy with people nearby if he is within 200 meters of them. Which explains how all those impostor Lost Eleven kids where able to use photon weapons and abilities.

Since Kagura got dragged away, the abilities and weapons of those fake Lost Eleven kids starts to stop working when they fight the mafia since Kagura ain't in range anymore.

At the end of chapter 88, we see Lacile kicking away the Barracuda leader away from Kagura.

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Posted 05 July 2020 - 12:32 AM

End of another arc - this time the Nomad Town arc now that the scans have hit upto chapter 94.


While the outcome of the battles was somewhat predictable what with Lacile first kicking the ass of that Baracuda leader in chapter 89 and then later Lionheart's Captain Horus in chapters 92 and 93.

After Lacile's companions saved all those fake Lost Eleven kids from Lionheart. The ending of this arc was somewhat unexpected.

I personally didn't expect the real Gaiseek as well Kagura to be amongst all those fake Lost Eleven kids.

Interestingly enough we see the fourth and final member of the Al Miraj in chapter 94. Who is that black haired female Gisau who Jiura broke out of one of Lionheart's prisons or holding facilities. We know that her name name is Aura, it was mentioned in chapter 90 btw.

Predictably the gang gained yet another member in the form of Kagura at the end of this arc.

One thing I am really curious about is which member of the Lost Eleven is being held in custody by a certain nation, this was mentioned by Captain Horus way back during the start of this arc in chapter 84.

We can rule out at least 7 members of the Lost Eleven since we know it ain't Lacile, Lulaloa, Noish, Caligula, Kagura, Gaiseek and Ash for sure.

That just leaves Hydro, Boyd, Dark and Cresta outta the unknown Lost Eleven members we haven't met. I personally doubt that the Lost Eleven member being held captive is Hydro tbh, he is said to the oldest and strongest outta of all them.

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Posted 19 July 2020 - 03:28 AM

The scans have now finally caught up to the current arc in the manga, now that the scans have hit chapter 98.


This arc is still ongoing in the raws, since the raws are at currently at chapter 118. Yep, the scans are only 20 chapters away from catching up to the raws.

This arc began back in chapter 95, where the gang first got attacked by bandits and later on in chapter 96 by snipers.

Lacile inadvertently gets saved from the snipers when the Mau tribe inadvertently start shooting photon energy at both the snipers and Lacile.

Interestingly enough the Mau tribe are centaurs that are able to use photon energy.

This whole arc seems to have a Western or cowboy feel to it, since Schreik - the guy who picks up the two snipers in chapter 98 - is basically wearing a big cowboy type hat and he wields pistols just like from one of those old cowboy films too.

Schreik seems to know that Lacile is one of the Lost Eleven and he is after Popol's Lusa manuscript that Popol is carrying.

The only reason Schreik doesn't fight Lacile is that Shreik's boss is attacking the Mau compound.

Schreik's boss seems to be an old bearded cowboy, that's the impression I got from him when I read chapter 97.

That bearded cowboy lackey's seem to be Schreik, those two snipers and most likely those bandits too.

From chapter 98, one of the other main henchmen seem to be a Colossus type dude, who can apparently turn his body entirely into steel just like Colossus did in Deadpool 2.

Schreik's boss other main underlings seem to be a punk and a bald guy wearing two ammo straps on his chest as is seen in chapter 98.

Besides that Lusa manuscript, we know from chapter 97 that bearded cowboy is after the Mau tribe's Rut and the Nui tribe's Golden Grail - whatever two those items really are. Which explains why he is attacking the Mau compound.
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Posted 23 July 2020 - 02:51 PM

Finally the scans have hit the century mark - now that we finally at chapter 100 after long last.


Not to sure on why that group lead by Gladias - that old bearded cowboy guy - captured all the Mau women for.

I am assuming that Gladias's group didn't find the Mau tribe's Rut there when they attacked the Mau tribe's compound earlier.

Gladias himself seems to be insanely strong, it was mentioned by Schreik in chapter 99 that Gladias is a genuine photon carrier survivor from the Great War.

Btw, that vehicle used by that cowboy group and that is being pulled by those two dinosaur looking beasts at the end of chapter 100, looks like one of Tusken raider transport vehicles imo from the Star Wars films.

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Posted 01 August 2020 - 02:17 PM

Scans are now up to chapter 104:


While Lacile was busy using himself as a decoy to help divert the Mau tribe away from the gang's carriage, the rest of the gang expect for Kagura decide to rescue the Mau tribe women from Gladias.

They leave Kagura behind so she can help out Lacile. Meanwhile the Mau tribe women try escaping themselves but they get thwarted by that Colossus like henchman of Gladias.

After the gang finally locate that huge transport vehicle of Gladias's. Gladias personally himself emerges and literally stops Hazan's kick and brushes off Caligula's illusion attack like they where nothing in chapter 104.

That's a really impressive showing from Gladias imo, seeing as both Hazan and Caligula are easily the two strongest members of the gang by far.

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