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[Info] Hunters of the Vile: A Fairy Tail Roleplay

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Posted 29 January 2013 - 01:26 PM

Important Figures


Crime Sorciere


Alexandra Aetheron, Guild Master of Crime Sorciere



Chase Ferros, Crime Sorciere 1st Division Commander



Alvin Montenegro, Crime Sorciere 2nd Division Commander



Elizabeth Thompson, Crime Sorciere 3rd Division Commander



Juliet Nirven, Crime Sorciere 4th Division Commander



Rival Guilds

(Work in Progress)


Magic Council

(Work in Progress)



(Work in Progress)

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Posted 29 January 2013 - 09:42 PM

(To Be Expanded Upon)


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Posted 29 January 2013 - 10:06 PM

Name: Weaver

Age: Seventeen
Gender: Male
Appearance: The proud mark of his guild is displayed openly on the centre of his chest.



Personality: Contrary to his wild, vicious appearance, and flame magic, Weaver is far from being a brash youngster with a kneejerk reaction. He is shrewd, calculating, and cunning. Unfortunately, that is the extent of the contradiction. He is just as his vicious as his image suggests. Weaver looks down on the weak and beats those beneath him with no mercy. He cares little about the feelings of others; the only thing he wants is for the guild to be known as the strongest in the world by any means necessary. The only person he shows true compassion for is his godmother, the guild master, Alexandra Aetheron.

History: Weaver doesn’t know much about his parents; his earliest memories were of him being raised by his godmother, Alexandra, in Crime Sorciere. As a child, he admired the mages around him and wanted to learn magic as soon as he was allowed to. Naturally, this didn’t take long and he grew to have an affinity to using fire magic. He trained his body and mind day and night so that he could someday participate in the Dark Raids Crime Sorciere participated in, hoping to help the family he was raised in.
However, as he grew stronger, so did his arrogance. Weaver started to look down on the weaker mages of the guild, believing that they were bringing down their reputation and making the guild weaker because of their negligence. He even began to hate some of the mages close to his age and found some of their lackadaisical approach to be insulting. Weaver began to hold a grudge on those that barely did anything to contribute to the success of Crime Sorciere.
Eventually, his dark feelings were unleashed in a brutal beating of a fellow guild member. It was only because of his status as Alexandra’s godson and his familial love for her protected him from being excommunicated. Nevertheless, he was strictly punished. Until it was time he was deemed mentally ready, Weaver could not join in on any Dark Raids. Although this upset him, he was smart enough to realise what needed to be done. So, he began to wait patiently until he would finally be given permission.
Mage Rank: B-Rank
MagicFiendfyre – Weaver’s brand of fire magic that is far more powerful than normal fire magic. Its destructive potential is limitless, but Weaver is continually striving to increase its potency and power. However, one thing to know about Fiendfyre is that it can burn magic.
Signature Spells:

  • Combustion: Weaver explodes in destructive flames that spread out around him, and then appears in another location by way of another explosion. He doesn’t really teleport, but rather moves his body fast enough to appear there as if he did.

  • Fyresting: Weaver fires a thin needle of flames from his fingertips like a gun. Though it does not seem like much, it is a concentrated blast of fire, increasing its potency and lethality, which can burn through almost anything. Upon human flesh, it will burn through the skin and past through the body, setting aflame their insides.

  • Body of Embers: Weaver transform his body or parts of his body to pure fire. Attacks on him can be phased through, making it easier for him to dodge attacks.

  • Kindling: Using Body of Embers, Weaver can phase his body or a limb into a person’s body, and cause its innards to erupt in flames. It brings unimaginable agony into the recipient of the spell, but can be broken by Weaver if wants to.

  • Basilisk Blaze – Lethal flames surround Weaver, burning his surroundings to ash or melting them. His flames take the shape of the deadly basilisk and shoots forward to consume all in its path, importantly Weaver’s enemy and opponent.


Hell: Weaver creates a dome of flames surrounding him and his opponent, and the ground becomes a molten pit because of the heat. The heat inside the dome is absolutely terrible, and Weaver can hide in the walls of fire surrounding him and the opponent.
Inventory: He needs nothing with him.

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Posted 30 January 2013 - 12:04 AM


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Posted 30 January 2013 - 12:08 AM



[Cybele and Dad]

Name: Cybele Clay

Age: 17

Gender:  Female


Appearance:  Her guild mark is on her left hand.



She is a pleasant and friendly young lady, even a bit flirty and coy, if somewhat rough around the edges and unwilling to endure any non-sense from anyone. She has quite a tongue when it comes to insults. She is quite rebellious and has major issues with authority figures. Like her dad, for instance. She is a girl with a lot of drive and big ambitions. She wants to make it big in this world. She loves to fight, and she does not fight cleanly either. She is bright and she has no compunction about lying. Her drive and ambition tends to make her envious of those who do well.  She has quite a temper and when she gets mad, it is not pretty. She has a strong artistic bend ,mingling nicely, if somewhat destructively, with her strong individualism.  



Her story is a boring one. She was home educated. Her dad brought her up alone, his wife having passed away before Cybele could remember her. He was a mage, you see, though Cybele has never been quite sure what kind of magic he performed. He was infuriatingly opaque about the subject. A good magician does not reveal his tricks, he would say. She agreed. She also never revealed to anyone her little tricks. He gave her a complete education, from mathematic to etiquette. He would make her into a perfect lady, the pinnacle of culture and refinement.


The problem was that she was bored. So bored. As she grew older she could barely endure the long days spent inside the family mansion. It was richly decorated and ornate, almost baroque, but it was also empty.  Her contact with the outside world was carefully monitored and filtered by her Dad, who seemed to believed that it may contaminate her.  Perhaps he believed her too fragile for the outside world? She certainly didn’t feel very fragile. She was in fact incredibly strong. At twelve she could already life her old man of his feet and into the air. Was it her lack of human contact beyond himself? Well, that was a bit of a conundrum, don’t you think? After all, he is the reason she has not stepped outside yet. Was he afraid that she would do
something rash and get hurt?

Well, perhaps he was not completely wrong on that account.


After all, this is the girl who joined a Guild devoted to the elimination of evil in the world, fighting against the nastiest of nasty.

She had planned her evasion for almost half a year. That fantasy haunted her mind day and night as she prepared to escape the stifling parental concern of her father. Although he had a strong control over the literature she could and could not read, he felt it necessary that she should do reading of her own in her spare time. When she was not drawing, or sculpting in the basement, she would read newspapers (Dad could not resist reading the journals) and history books, and other fictions. He did not have much going in the way of fiction or the sort beyond the classical prose which he made her read. While full of fantasy, it was also full of text that hit you in the head like a sack full of bricks. Her mother, though, seemed to have been a fan of lighter fares, and Dad seemed to have been unable to get rid of the memento, doing his best to put it out of her girl’s reach. She was not deterred. She reveled in them in her spare time, unbeknownst to him. She became much more willing to deceive, even if her Dad thought her to never lie. The plan proceeded smoothly, impeccably in fact. It would have worked, too, if it wasn’t for the fact that joining the Guild also meant

you had to sign a release form. She could lie of course, but she didn’t have any proof that she was indeed an adult. If she wasn’t an adult, or show that she was without guardians, she would not be allowed join. Also, they contacted her Dad. He came to pick her up, shocked and angry.  She was dragged kicking and screaming from the lobby.


From this point on she no longer bothered to hide her animosity toward her life and him. The next three weeks were incredibly unpleasant. Neither side seemed willing to concede. And yet he did. With a certain look of resignation, but also, she thought it surprising, amusement but also deep interest, he allowed her to enrole in the Guild.   And she did just that. Unbeknownst to him, she had big dreams for her own life, and she felt, in a picture of the world fed by the adventures and deeds of the heroes of the past, that she could make it to the top if she became one of the top mage of this world. And what better way to this than by fighting evil?


Mage Rank: C-rank, more like :C rank. 



Earth Make/Geomancy – she can manipulate the element of Earth. She can also shape it in various shape and form, whether decorative or utilitarian,  not unlike a sculptor.  


Signature Spells:

Earth Make - Stone Ocean: she can turn the consistence of the ground into a liquid form. To her opponents it is like quicksand, for her it is like water to a shark. A landshark.

Earth Make – Entombment: huge slabs of rock erupt from around her opponent to imprison them. She can then collapse the raised earth or them or simply keep them prisoner.

Earth Make – Idol; Model 1:  she can shape animated idols made of earth. Model 1 are well-rounded fighter, about 6 foot tall and with the constitution of
a strong adult male of that size. They are fairly quick and pack a serious punch.They mostly use their fists, but they are also equipped with a black obsidian sword, but are otherwise not specifically designed for battle.

Earth Make – Idol; Model 2: an animated idol designed for defense. Big and cheery looking, it stands at about 8 feet, with large hands
and a round body. Think of a cross between Makuhita and Hariyama from Pokemon. It is fairly slow, but incredibly resilient. It also packs a nasty punch.

Earth Make – Stone Touch: she can turn organic matter into stone. She also has the power to undo it. Complete petrification does not
entail death, unless shattered.

Overdrive:  Diamond is Unbreakable

Cybele ups the ante by transforming the Earth she is using into diamonds, upping the defensive and offensive capacities of her magic.


Sketchbook & Pen – so that she can draw or jot down




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Writing Resources

[Blood History]

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Name: Jeanne d' Luc

Age: 17
Gender: Femmé


While in combat, Jeanne has the appearance of a Knight draped in pale
armor that brilliantly shines in the sunlight. The Helm is particularly
strange, while the full length of her pastel blonde hair extends from
the back; it is almost eerily angelic, of woeful expression as two thin trails of black flow from the black ports of it's eyes, as if the magic weeps
while it wreaks destruction upon her adversaries. When she draws upon
her sword while in combat, a pair of exquisite wings of luminescent gold
extend from her shoulderblades, and as she fights, feathers slowly fall
in her wake. The rest of the armor is naturally just as intricate as
the helm and wings, with the texture of feathers and leaves laced with
gold emblazoned against silver. It is a full plate regalia, even down to
heavy gauntlets and boots, and the simple longsword she holds at her
side becomes something else entirely. It becomes a long, smooth, curved
blade of fiery ivory, nearly five feet in length. What is so
odd about this getup is that in spite of it's seemingly credible weight,
she moves as if it were as light as a feather.

Also, hertattoo is on the center of her spine, right between the two
shoulderblades. Visible when in her regular clothes, of course.

Outside ofcombat however, Jeanne has a completely different appearance. Usually
wearing a white blouse, a black skirt, and satin black thigh-highs. What
is odd about this is that she holds a longsword at the back of her
waist, with the hilt to her right side ready to be drawn at a moment's
notice. With a pair of brilliantly blue eyes and a long length of blonde
hair that reaches down to her thighs, Jeanne can be easy on the eyes,
and is more often than not the face of the Guild's bar while serving

While in combat, she is silent. Quiet, harsh, and critical. Not
uttering a single word unless spoken to, and only if it's necessary.
However, while out of combat and in her regular clothes, she's
hopelessly upbeat to a fault, kind, sweet, and genuine. Though at times
her combative self may leak into her day-to-day life.

History: Jeannegrew up without a family, without a home, and within the limiting
constraints of an orphanage. It was when she was peddling some small
child's toys and wares on the street that an individual found her on the
street, and it was because of him that her life underwent an incredible

That individual was Chase Ferros, the commander of Crime Sorciere's first division. And he saw within her an unbelievable
light. It was striking, overwhelming, impossible to not notice, yet
here she was, trying to sell some toys to eat the next day.

Quickly taking her beneath his wing when she was merely twelve years of age, she
quickly came to know the man as her adoptive father. Though as they
both soon found that harnessing that light within her was more difficult
than it would've seemed. It was not until one day on her fourteenth
year that they both discovered something particularly strange: by simple
coincidence, she took hold of a sword in a weapons shoppe, and it
erupted into a white flame. All along for those two years, all she
needed was something to focus her magic on.

With naught but the most intense of training for the next five years under
Chase's watch, Jeanne rapidly grew to grasp and understand her magic.
Even learning how to craft and shape objects to the point of luminescent
swords of white flame circling viciously about her form before slicing
through the air towards her adversaries in devastatingly precise and
coordinated motion. She continued to practice with such dedication, that
some of her fellow guildmates began to poke fun at her father, joking
that she just might pass him up in a few years time.

Mage Rank: C

Magic: Holy Guardian -
Upon drawing her blade, Jeanne undertakes the appearance of an Angel of
Judgement. With beautiful intricate armor of white, and a curved sword
of white flame. Two brilliant wings of gold sprout from her
shoulderblades, and the feathers upon her back are what limits her
ability to maintain it. As she fights, feathers fall, and once they are
gone, her power is dimished as well. And it takes a day or so for it to
return. Though she can hold that form for a far greater time now, than
she had as a child. At least an hour or so. For an idea, see here:


Signature Spells:
-Divine Shield- At any one time, Jeanne can summon from several to nearly one dozen holy
blades to aid her in her defense. In defense, they can interlock
together and protect her from physical and magical damage

-Divine Wrath- Once summoned, Jeanne can go on the offensive by having not only her own
sword, but the weapons she conjures forth in turn. In combination with
her martial prowess with her own blade, it can be truly a devastating

-Judgement- Focusing her magic into a singular attack while in Guardian Form, Jean strikes
an enemy in melee range with a devastating explosion of white flame. It
is purifying to some, and devastating to others. Healing allies that
happen to be within range of the blast, and incinerating adversaries

-Templar's Verdict- It is quite simple, Jeanne strikes her enemy with the combination of her
own strength and focused magic in a devastating single target attack.
Dealing purified holy damage, it is powerful enough to cleave a boulder
in two with grace and ease.

-Exorcism- It is quite simple. If there is any creature, or even any humanoid to
which uses the dark arts to their advantage, this ranged blast of raw
holy energy from her palm will deal extensive damage to them.


-Avenging Wrath- If there is ever an adversary that cannot be brought down with the list of
skills above, Jeanne enacts her most powerful attack. Combining at
least several of the three dozen swords she holds, she creates a massive
two-handed claymore of purified light. One swing unleashes a
devastating, fast moving wave of purified holy flame that
incinerates all in it's wake. It ranges in power, pending on the number
of swords she wishes to merge into one.

Inventory: The sword on her hip. So called "Lightbringer" by her adoptive father, is the key focusing element for her and her magic.

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Character Sheet


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Cookermans 1


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Spoiler Cede Papyrus

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Name: Cornelius Faustus von Hohenheim XVII. aka Faust XVII.

Age: 16

Gender: male

Appearance: His guild mark is right above his heart


Personality: He is a calm, silent but very friendly kind of guy. Also he awkwardly smiles too often and at the worst situations. He is a strangely kind hearted person, considering the situations he was in in his life, though from time to time a dark-side inside him may come to the surface. After all someone can’t be trained as a weapon without any psychological impact.

History: He is a descended from the “von Hohenheim” Family, mostly known for their evil mages, through history, who all shared one common name: Faust. Cornelius also got that name as middle name and often since his childhood was only reduced to that name, so much that he accepted it for himself.

His father and mother both, started to taught him magic when he was 4 years old and as every Faust they taught him the lost Magic “Helheim Bridge”. Faust XVII. also got an older brother named Johannes Faustus von Hohenheim, who is roughly 3 years older than him. Through his own effort and with the library of the von Hohenheim mansion he learned another magic that had much more appeal to him and he started to practice that magic in secret.

When he got 6 years old his father and older brother started to do illegal magical experiments on him, which are done to every boy in the family, to enhance his physical and magical abilities. These were painful and cruel rituals and experiments and it is only thanks to his own Willpower that he survived them. Instead of crying and shouting, all he did during the tortures was smiling.

With 14 years he had finished his “qualification” and was said to become the next heir to the von Hohenheim Family: Faust XVII. Though unlike all his other family members Cornelius was a kind hearted person and didn’t want to become the next heir, also he was quite confused why not his older brother became the next heir, but he soon ousted all thoughts about his family.

He broke out of the mansion and left his family and background behind. Of course his family wasn’t very pleased with this and soon Faust XVII. had a lot of bounty hunters after him. As a powerful mage he had little to no problems to defeat all the bounty hunters or hide from them, especially when looking at his magic “Shadow Asgard”.

After 2 years of hiding and running around in all of Fiore, he heard about the hunter guild “Crime Sorciere” and he smiled. He wants to start a new life and to repent for the sins and evil doing of his family and it seemed to him that this Guild would be the perfect place to do so.

So he went to join the guild and hoped that they won’t reject him because of the family he comes from and in the
deepest of his mind he fears the day that his brother himself would come to bring him back. But with a strong guild in his back he may be able to even face that obstacle, so he smiled again.

Mage Rank: C



Helheim Bridge – A lost Magic that can bring back the dead for a short amount of time without personality and with improved physical capabilities. The magic also improves the users Endurance because of the connection to the underworld and constant life energy transfer that comes together with the magic, which is also used to make the undead stronger than normal humans. No one ever truly mastered this magic, so the limits of it are unknown. It is taught in the “von Hohenheim “family since the first generation. (Helheim is the realm of the dead in Norse mythology.)

Shadow Asgard – A type of shadow magic with great versatility and powerful offensive spells. (Asgard is the realm
where the Gods live in Norse mythology.)

Signature Spells:

Gladsheim: A basic skill of “Shadow Asgard”, which uses the surrounding and the own Shadow to “coat” one’s body
with it and so enhances the durability against physical and magical attacks of the body. (Gladsheim is the meeting hall of the 12 male Aesir in the Norse Mythology)

Shadow Step: Another basic skill of “Shadow Asgard”, which lets the user travel through shadows at great speeds. Of
course when there are no shadows present this skill can’t be used.

Roots of Yggdrasil: The third basic skill of “Shadow Asgard”, which turns the surrounding shadows into some kind of ropes which then wrap round one or more enemies to hold them on places. It can also be used to strangle an opponent. (Yggdrasil is the world tree in Norse Mythology)

Mjölnir Crush: The 4th and last basic skill of “Shadow Asgard”, which forms a hammer out of a shadow and throws it at the enemy to do high crushing damage. It’s the main offensive spell. (Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor in Norse Mythology)

Rise of the minor Draugr: He summons one or several Draugr from Helheim to serve his command. The more Draugr he summons the weaker they are. (Draugr are the undead in the Norse Mythology)


Overdrive: Ragnarök: The Final Spell of “Shadow Asgard”. All Shadows around are used to form a humongous sword which is then hurled/crushed down on the opponent(s). It is the highest damaging spell of “Shadow Asgard”. (Ragnarök is the apocalypse in the Norse Mythology)


Frigg’s Skull –  A skull made out of lacryma that can store a decent amount of magic, though it can only absorb magic from offensive spells. The holder of this item can later use the magic stored in it to perform one of his own spells, and thus has not make use of his pool of magic.

Hohenheim Key – A magical item that can show the way to the mansion of the von hohenheims and also can open the front door of the mansion.

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Spoiler Sengarou the Lightning Wolf

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