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Official One Piece Spoiler Thread (No Discussion)

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Posted 31 January 2019 - 02:40 AM

Source: Mangatail

  1. Sanji's Raid Suit Ability is Stealth.

  2. Big Mom survived and Chopper find her on the beach but she has lost her memories

More Info:

-Robin is searching for Poneglyph in the castle and was found by agents of Oniwaban (a group of government-employed undercover agents).

*-*The suit number is 3 and it's called "Stealth Black" an ability that Sanji always wanted.

*-*Law knows the Raidsuit since he's from the North Blue.

-Momonosuke, Tama, and Kiku found Big Mom together with Chopper

Big Mom

-Page One transforms into Human Beast mode and blows away Sanji, but he suffers no damage due to the Raid Suit. Sanji attacks Page One from above his head who is being off guard thinking he already defeated Sanji. Page One shouts in pain. Scene changes.

More detailed spoilers coming soon.


from: https://www.reddit.c...r_931_spoilers/

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Furinji Saiga

    Luffy X Zoro

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Posted 31 January 2019 - 10:30 AM


Long summary with added info translated from redon's spanish so words may be off slightly

-Sanji's transformation is similar to that of his brothers, very Sailor Moon XD

-Page One tries to bite Sanji but he dodges him with great speed. After a few moments where we don't see Sanji, he appears with a very powerful kick in the stomach to Page One who falls against some houses.

-After the kick Sanji becomes visible, the effect is like Absalom when he used his power.

-We see a little flashback of Sanji being a child, reading a book about the Suke Suke devil fruit. Then we see the scene in Thriller Bark in which Sanji is angry with Absalom for having the abilityathat he had always dreamed of.

-Page one gets up and changes to his hybrid form. If there were any doubts, it's a man who has "Page1" tattooed on his chest.

-Page one launches for Sanji to tear him up but Sanji stops the attack with a kick. However, Page One has more strength and stamps Sanji against houses.

-Sanji rises like it's nothing thanks to the Raid Suit. Page one thinks he's already defeated him, but Sanji, who jumped high, throws himself from the sky and hits Page one.

-This blow we don't see because the scene changes to Usopp, Franky and Law escaping the area while Page One cries in pain in the background.

-We pass to the Shogun's castle. As the party goes on, Robin goes to a room full of documents and starts reading them.

-As she reads the document, she hears a voice behind her. Turning around she sees 10 ninjas around her (the designs are great, typical of Oda).

-A door opens and appears the head of this group. He has a very long head (it looks like a "conehead ") and ear lobes like Enel. He wears a kimono, sunglasses and has a very long goatee.

- Switches to the beach of Wanokuni, where we have Chopper with Kiku, Tama and Momonosuke. Chopper goes up a few branches of bamboo and sees something giant on the beach.

-As the Chopper approaches he discovers that it is Big Mom and remains in shock. The rest discusses the situation but Chopper tries to shut them down so they don't make noise and wake up.

-finally Big Mom wakes up but doesn't know who she is, has lost her memory.

Credit to Miss Coquine :aww:

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Posted 06 February 2019 - 09:49 AM

Source from Redon, Scotchinformer and Mangatail.

Chapter Title: Shogun and Oiran

Cover Page: Caesar is writing a hiring poster devotedly to hire people to help him build lethal weapons. A goat is eating his paper.


At the banquet, everyone is immersed in the music Komurasaki is playing.Oniwabanshu questioned Robin. Robin claimed herself to be Witching Hour Boy and that she is here to investigate the money flow in the Flower Capital.The head of Oniwabanshu gives order to arrest Robin. Robin is attacked. The next second she turns into flower petals and escapes. Yup that Robin is merely a substitute using her DF power. While escaping, Robin contacts Nami, Shinobu, and Brook and tells them there are at least 11 ninjas in the mansion.The head of Oniwabanshu orders them to continue pursuing Robin. Robin returns to the banquet.Orochi shouts at the people at the banquet: It's the 20th year after Kouzuki Oden's death and is said to be the year of revenge according to his wife. Oden's will still exists in this world.One of his men appears to be impatient and says: Here he goes again...Orochi goes on: "Do you remember the extraordinary power of the Nine Red Scabbards? The one with leadership skills among them, Kinemon, is a man with a quick and smart mind! ""They will revive after these 20 years and get prepared!!! In order to take my head!!! "His men don't care a bit about his words.Orochi mentions the Yokotsuna incident in Kuri, the fact that Jack's henchmen were attacked, and the soba-stand incident (Sanji), the fact that Yakuza were attacked by the Ronin (Zoro). "They were all directed by Kinemon behind the curtain!"Upon hearing Orochi's words, Kyroshiro tells him "I wish the Kinemon's Nine Red Scabbards appear! I'll take them down without even blinking."Orochi immediately praises Kyroshiro and continues: "Oden died in front of my eyes but his son is still alive! No one has ever found that brat's corpse! The bloodline of the Kouzuki Clan has not been ended! They are still working to revive the Kouzuki Clan! I believe that they want Kaido's head too."His men are trying very hard not to laugh. They think that their boss is delusional.And they hear laughing - from O-toko.Orochi is furious for someone laughing at him. He wants to kill O-toko but Komurasaki stands out and stops him.Orochi still wields his sword. Komurasaki stands in front of O-toko and slaps Orochi right on his face.Everyone is panicked and one of them tells Komurasaki to "kneel and apologize immediately".Komurasaki is dead serious and says: "I will not bend my knees to anyone! You can kill me, a harmless woman, but I'm a samurai's daughter and I will never yield or surrender!"Orochi is so furious that he turns into Yamata no Orochi. Komurasaki is facing danger.At the same time, Oniwabanshu finds Robin. Everything is in chaos, and Kyroshiro clenches the hilt of his katana. END.

No break next week.

Additional Info:

There's a double page of Orochi's form, 2 heads in the right page and 6 on the left.


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Posted 14 February 2019 - 10:27 AM

Chapter 933 : Samurai’s mercy

Cover: Enel blowing bubble gum with frog(s)

Orochi is the user of the mythical zoan snake-snake fruit, it seems that each of his eight heads have their own ideas and nature.

Orochi demand an apology from Komurasaki, but she refuse. Orochi is furious, but he still love Komurasaki for her beauty, so he let out his anger on his subordinates near him by biting them, the whole banquet is a mess.

However, he eventually reach Komurasaki and held her inside his mouth.

One of Oniwabanshu saw Robin and realized she’s the intruder, then summons Raijin and Fujin to seize her.

That’s when Brook shows up.

Otoko and the ninjas were scared as hell when they saw this great skeleton demon. Shinobu and Nami were about to join in the rescue, but they realize there’s someone hiding behind them, Hanzou the ninja. Hauzou saw Shinobu and remembers when she was such a beauty that could even rival Nami.

Hanzou: "Sorry, I have mistaken you for someone I knew"

Shinobu was so angry she attack his balls. She then use ninjutsu to rotten the ceiling, which fall heavily on Orochi’s head(s) and forced him to spit Komurasaki out.

Kyoshiro then appeared with his blade and ask Komurasaki if she’s prepared, and when she said yes, he waved his blade and down goes the most beautiful woman in Wano. Kyoshiro realize that Komurasaki had Kinemon’s drawing held in her hand.

Orochi was heartbroken, he ask Kyoshiro for his reasons Kyoshiro: "This is my mercy as a saimurai toward Komurasaki"

Orochi let out his anger on Otoko and was going to swallow her along with Robin. Nami appears and summon thunder with Zeus.

In Okobore Town, Tsuru offer Big Mom and foods, who seem to have returned to the naive state she was when she’s a child. Big Mom: "Udon? Is there a lot of mochi bean soup? Then let’s go!"

Only 9 days till the final battle.

No break.

Source : https://orojackson.c...spoilers.60750/

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Posted 20 February 2019 - 06:15 PM

Spoilers from reddit but I'm not sure about the source so, grain of salt and all.

From TalkOP:
Chapter 934: Hyogoro of Flower
Cover:Usopp laying down on a picnic blanket, surrounded by parrots


Luffy is threatened by the guard who ate the alpaca smile fruit, who stated that it’s impossible for him to break out with the handcuffs on him, and he will chop down his arms if he resist.

The old man in the mine was beaten by a guard with 6 legs, the old man seem to have swallow something when he panicked, the guard noticed it and Luffy had to come to rescue him with his handcuffs on. The results of this incident are unknown.


At the end, Queen of the three calamities arrived at the mine prison.


Map of Wano: With the Flower Capital at the center, at the upper left is the Kibi area, down left the Udon area, where the mine is located. To the west the Kuri area; Headmountain, Bakura Town, and Amigasa Village. To the right of the Flower Capital there’re the Habu port and the graveyard of north. Onigasima is at the bottom of the map.


Total 15 pages including the cover, no double page
Break next week

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Posted 21 February 2019 - 04:55 AM

From redon
The Big Mom pirates are all good. They continue on their boat in the sea, specifically in the area of the rocks before reaching the waterfall through which they fell.
- Perospero has a Vivre Card of Big Mom and it seems that they plan to look for her but I think Smothie gives another idea (I'm not clear about it at all).
- Tengu talks to Tama and tells hee to quit (he speaks with a Den Den Mushi mini).
- After the conversation we see the group of Big Mom, Chopper, Kiku, Tama and Momonosuke mounted on a giant lizard like Jack had (in fact, I think it's the same). He has some bumps on his head, possibly Big Mom has tamed him XD
- Big Mom has a typical Japanese hairstyle, similar to Robin or Komurasaki. It is here when we see the map of Wanokuni and they tell us that this group goes to the mines.
- We also see that Momonosuke talks about Zoro and a very serious image of him appears.
- We went to the group of Nami, all have managed to escape and are with Kanjuro in a snowy area east of the capital. There is a lot of text in this scene, I do not know what they are talking about.
- In the capital we see people crying in the streets. Then we went to Sanji's group (with Usopp, Franky and Law), who is also crying over the death of Komurasaki (I think). This group is on the outskirts of the capital.
- Sanji looks thoughtfully at the Raid Suit while Usopp and Franky give him the quarrel (I do not know why XD).
- We go to the prison where the jailer with the smile of the alpaca, talks to Luffy while spitting on him without wanting to. It is a guy with the body of a man and head of alpaca XD
- Then we see the jailer with 6 legs hitting the old man, that despite the beating he eats all the udon of the soil that he has achieved without wasting anything. In this scene we see in the background another jailer who is a user of the Smile of the elephant, is a guy with a very large body and an elephant head in the stomach.
- Luffy comes running to the rescue, but I do not see what happens you suspect that Luffy is giving a beating to the jailer.
- The chapter ends with Queen arriving at the mine on a kind of giant 4-wheel motorcycle while his men girtan his Name.

To be effective In combat, a warrior must not feel for his enemy. Close your heart to their desperation. Close your heart for their suffering. The road ahead is long and unforgiving. No place for a boy. You must be a warrior.

- Goku to Gohan.

 stop dreaming

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Posted 06 March 2019 - 11:24 PM

Unverified Source


Chapter 935 : Queen

Cover Page : Smoker was smoking but getting extinguished by Fire Brigade Mouse


-Luffy kicks the scorpion guard to save grandpa Hyou

-The guards yell to execute Luffy

-Queen's bounty : 1.32 billion zeny

-Raizo came to save luffy

-One of the warden is a headliner with elephant Smile DF

-Raizo runs past one of the cell but mysterious prisoner from chap 924 stops him.

- He asks whether momonosuke is alright. He appears to be Kawamatsu, one of the 9 Oden's servant

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Furinji Saiga

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Posted 07 March 2019 - 05:04 AM

Chapter 935 Queen
Cover: the mouse fire brigade thought it was on fire and put out Smoker’s smoke

The vice warden of the prison, Sortia(monkey smile), get the report that the key to the sea stone handcuffs was stolen by a man with big face.
He’s of course talking about Raizou, who’s hurrying over to Luffy’s side now that he got the key.
Luffy knock the scorpion guard Dafgo(?), a headliner, on to the ground.
Other guards: “Death Penalty! Death Penalty!”
The prisoners all thought grandpa Hyo and Luffy were going to died and start crying.....
Dafgo(?) think there must be something wrong with the sea stone handcuffs, but the warden stated that Luffy just have a stronger will than normal people there’s nothing wrong with the handcuffs.
Luffy: “I am training right now! I hope when I take this thing off, I will become stronger!!”

The warden, headliner(elephant smile), Babargy(?) shout: “But you won’t even get to see tomorrow’s sun!” and attack

Luffy was knock onto the ground in one hit, grandpa Hyo hurry over to check on him.

Then a guard report to the warden that Queen have arrived, Luffy complain that if only he could use Haki.

Queen arrive, holding a picture of Komurasaki in his hand, he’s a big fan of her as well. His bounty is 1.32 billion.
He’s here to check if everything’s alright and the warden told him that they’ve got 3 problems;
Eustass Kid has escaped
Key to the handcuffs was stolen
Strawhat Luffy is going on a rampage right now

Queen stares and shout “why don’t you go after them!”

Ebisu Town
Law and the others were welcomed by Yasu, who told them that Zoro just left, it seems that his sword had been stolen.
Then they realize Sanji’s gone, they think he might be in the place that he wants to be.....

Nami, Robin and Shinobu arrived at the public bathhouse of the Flower Capital.
But it allows both gender!! Such a heaven!
A bunch of men stares at Nami and Robin and start drooling. One of them told Shinobu to get out of the way.
He received Egg Buster in response.

The topic returns to Hyogoro the Flower, who’s very kind to the citizens, completely different from the Kyoshiro they have right now.
Shinobu tells them that she used to work under Fukurokuju, but then she couldn’t accept how they obey every order from Orochi and decided to leave.

Luffy and Hyo were captured and send to Queen, Hyo beg that they let go of Luffy, which is of course impossible.

When Raizou’s very worried, he hears a voice, he demand the identity of the voice.
Voice: “ It’s me, Kawamatsu, is lord Momonosuke alright?”

Credit to Miss Coquine :aww:

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Posted 14 March 2019 - 03:57 AM


#610 Furinji Saiga

Furinji Saiga

    Luffy X Zoro

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Posted 20 March 2019 - 05:57 AM

From Etenbobby:

Chapter 937
The color spread consists of the strawhats and many features of pirate such as parrots and monkey.

In the death game that’s going on in the mine, Luffy once again remember Rayleigh’s teaching, his Haki using skills will improve.

The saimurai that stole Shusui said it’s a black blade, that seem to remind Zoro of something.

Suddenly, a voice calling for help, it comes from Otoko and a geisha who’s protecting her.

It’s the man slayer Kamazo, he’s an assassin send by Orochi to go after Otoko.

Against a enemy like this, Zoro use inferno oni-giri 







Credit to Miss Coquine :aww:

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Posted 28 March 2019 - 02:24 AM

source: https://www.reddit.c...r_938_spoilers/


"Source: Baidu and Recon

Cover Request : Crocodile with birds

- Gyukimaru leaves Oihagi Bridge while Zoro faints.

- Inuarashi talks with Kinemon about tattoos.

- In Flower Capital, Kyoshiro talks about tattoos too.

- Sanji has been beaten by Nami.

- The girl with Toko heals Zoro wounds.

- Break next week"


more info:


Source: Baidu and Recon

Cover Request : Crocodile with birds

- Gyukimaru leaves Oihagi Bridge while Zoro faints.

- Inuarashi talks with Kinemon about tattoos.

- In Flower Capital, Kyoshiro talks about tattoos too.

- Sanji has been beaten by Nami.

- The girl with Toko heals Zoro wounds.

- It seems the girl Zoro saved, falls in love with Zoro.

- It is confirmed that Zoro have beaten Kamazou.

- Last page is about the girl who is named "Hiyori" and she is looking for her brother "Kozuki Momonosuke".

- Break next week







source : same as above

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Posted 10 April 2019 - 10:56 PM

Chapter 939 Old Hyo doesn’t forget the way

Zoro reveals his identity, and Hiyori feel relieve as he’s as expected an allie of her older brother. Otoko is one of the few close friends who knew this secret.

The reason that Hiyori doesn’t get sent to the future is because in case she didn’t get to meet up with Momonosuke, the Kouzuki clan won’t died off.

The allies that Zoro doesn’t know of—Kawamatsu, Denjiro, Ashuradoji—Hiyori doesn’t know where they are as well.

Luffy and Hyo are fighting against Madilloman, user of the armadillo SMILE. Luffy looks like he’s not attacking, but he’s actually trying to use the technique that Rayleigh and Sentomaru used, that can blow the enemies away without touching them, he thinks with this he might even be able to crack Kaido’s scales.

Hyo, who realize what technique Luffy was trying to learn, demonstrate that technique and defeat Madilloman with it.


posted by EtenBoby from oro jackson

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Posted 17 April 2019 - 03:31 PM

Source: ScotchInformer, Etenboby and from the One Piece Preview #22-23

Chapter Title: Seed(s) of Rebellion

Cover Page: Bartolomeo is playing with dolls. The dolls look like straw hat crew, Bartolomeo is waving his fingers like doing magic.


- The events go back to Nami and the rest, there is a talk between Yasu and the rest.

- Back in prison, Luffy still tries to practice punching without touching the enemy!

-Luffy uses the conquerors haki again on the soldiers.

- Caribou appears with Raizo in his body.

- Kawamatsu is still in the prison and shows his shadow as happened in previous chapters. Obviously Grandpa Hyo is trying to remember the way out of prison.

-Last Page: Big Mom appeared with others in front of the Prison.

More info:

"Chapter 941 will receive a colorful cover for the manga exceeding 450 million copies sold around the world, as well as the cover of WSJ magazine for One Piece.

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Posted 24 April 2019 - 08:45 PM

Source: @LanceDragonite, @Spytrue and @Etenboby Found on Reddit
Chapter Title: The Celebrity of Ebisu Town
Jump Cover: Luffy is wearing an armor knight, a sword and a shield with Mugiwara's jolly roger engraved.
Cover Page: Straw hats asking for a ride on the side of the road in the desert.
Full Summary:
Flower Capital—Orochi’s subordinates were going to report to him about the arresting of the Witching Hour Boy.Orochi was still affected by Komurasaki’s death and shouts at them telling them that he doesn’t care.But they still told him anyway, Orochi was shocked to hear that he’s still alive. After talking to Kyoshiro, he decided that the witching hour boy will be executed on the day of Komurasaki’s funeral.
Udon: Prisoner Mine—Kaido told Queen that Komurasaki is dead through a transporter snail, Queen starts crying. Luffy and Hyo step into the ring and wait for today’s matches to begin. Luffy is now like a ball because he secretly ate too much oshiruko last night.
Kuri: Head Mountain—Is on fire.
Bakuro Town—Holdem tell his subordinates to show how pathetic Shutenmaru the bandit is through transporter snail.
Ringo: Northern Graveyard—Brook wonders into Zoro’s room and saw Komurasaki laying on Zoro’s chest.Zoro tell him that she’s Hiyori, Brook is shock. Brook then tells them that a lot of big things happened lately; the oiran was killed, the Witching Hour Boy was captured. The Witching Hour Boy is actually Yasu, Otoko’s father. Otoko and Komurasaki rushes out to save him, Zoro follows.
Flower Capital—A lot of people gathers. Nami and Shinobu are also there, they were suprised to learn that Yasu’s the Witching Hour Boy. Yasu was one of the Daimyo who served the Kouzuki Clan, known as“Daimyo of Hakumai”, and he helds high dignity.Yasu: There’re two things that I need to apologize to everyone. Otoko runs to the location of execution.Yasu: After that, I can smile as I pass on to the other world.
More Info:
- Chapter only has 15 pages.
- According to redon, Sanji and Usopp are also in the area (the same place where Zoro is heading)

More details about the cover page:
- Luffy is jumping in the center of the image with his inflated arm, where he has written the phrase "End of the sea".
- Robin is sitting on a suitcase. Zoro behind her unsheathing his sword.
- Usopp lifts a part of the road and below is Brook hidden. From it comes his soul and in his hand he puts "Panty Heaven".
- Sanji is in the background, he has a sign that says "With you to Anywhere". Nami is in front of him and he has a tattoo on her thigh that says "Spa Resort".
- Chopper hitchhiking with a shirt that says "Cotton Candy Kingdom".
- And Franky goes to the bottom on one of his robots, with a bazooka in his hand. Beside it there is a post with several signs indicating different directions and places (Somewhere, Home, Hell, Cotton Candy Kingdom, Beach or Come on! Arcadia).
Jump Cover:

Cover Page:
Hyori and Otoko laying on Zoro's chest:
Yasu hanging on a long wooden cross
Yasu: There’re two things that I need to apologize for!!
One thing that I need to tell that idiot Orochi!!
I’ll laugh as I pass on to the other world!!)
Luffy and Hyogoro being fat:
Translation: ??: It’s true identity......!!Orochi: Why is he alive......!!?

Queen crying:

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Posted 09 May 2019 - 09:49 AM

source: https://www.reddit.c...r_942_spoilers/


From @DrHiriluk & @EtenBoby

Chapter 942 - Title: “Daimyo of Hakumai” Shimotsuki Yasuie.

Cover art: Mont D'or eating cheese and drinking with rats.

- 2 first pages are a Yasu flashback with Oden (we can see his shape).

- X Drake and Hawkins guard execution cross.

- Orochi arrives in a palanquin and shoots to Yasu. Then Orochi soldiers shoot Yasu too.

- Toko, Hiyori and Zoro see all. People from Yasu town are crying and smiling at the same time

- Yasu is smiling all the chapter, even when he dies.

- Shutenmaru arrives to the execution too, he's behind the cross and Orochi's subordinates (they can't see Shutenmaru).

- Kinemon and Inuarashi arrive too at the same place.

- At the end of the chapter, after Yasu death, Hiyori stops Zoro. Then she hugs him and cries.


More spoiler from @EtenBoby
Chapter 942 “Daimyo of Hakumai” Shimotsuki Yasuie

Yasu remembers his past with Oden.
He’s born in Hakumai and was respected by the samurais, but young Oden only wants to head out to sea.

It shifted to Bakura Town, location of execution, Orochi’s subordinates are telling the people of Yasu’s crimes.
Yasu had lead people to act against Orochi’s force, therefore he shall be killed.
Even though he said he’s the Witching Hour Boy, but his true identity is the “Hakumai Daimyo” Shimotsuki Yasuie.
Now, Yasu reject the claim that he’s the Witching Hour Boy, he say that he only said so to cause disturbance.

Flower Capital: Entrance
A bunch of people from Ebisu tries to get into the Capital.
They learned that Yasuie’s not dead and are overjoyed, they try to see him again.
On the other hand, Otoko and the others are still on the way(Attention: Zoro’s not lost).

Shift back to Yasu.
He says that the Kouzuki clan has long lost the power to fight back, but because he couldn’t accept it he spread the rumor in the Capital and he needs to apologize for that.
Due to that picture many innocent people were arrested, all because of Orochi’s fear.

That’s when Orochi arrives.

Yasu shouts to him: Let me said the spell that has been taunting you again; a narrow-minded man such as yourself can never catch up to Shogun Oden.

After that he was shot and executed, and Otoko and the others arrived.

The people all cries, but the people from Ebisu town were laughing with tears, including Otoko.
Zoro wants to stop them from laughing, but Hiyori stops him and tell him the reason; that’s just how they are, doesn’t matter if they’ve sad ,they can only laugh, their facial expressions have been taken from them, because of the SMILE fruit that Kaido and Orochi brought!

Break Next Week

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Posted 09 May 2019 - 11:10 PM



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Posted 23 May 2019 - 03:09 AM



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Posted 30 May 2019 - 05:38 AM

source: https://www.reddit.c...e_944_spoilers/

One Piece Chapter 944 Title : " Partner "
Cover page :
Hancock blushing after she made a monkey wear a straw hat (The same monkey is wearing a t-shirt with Luffy on it)
Execution ground No.1 :
Orochi was furious to see someone stand out and save O-toko.
He shouts and orders his retainers to kill anyone who dares to interfere with the execution.
Zoro throws O-toko to Sanji to let him protect her and uses 720 pound phoenix as an attempt to slash Orochi.
But he was stopped by Kyoushirou.
A dinosaur-like monster opened his big mouth in front of Sanji and O-toko. That dinosaur is Drake of course.
Nami et al joined the chaotic fight as well. Franky shielded Zoro from the bullets and grabbed Yasu's dead body.
Seeing the situation, Orochi rushed into a palanquin and went in the direction of the castle.
Udon :
Luffy encourages and cheers for his nakamas in front of the screen.
Meanwhile, Kamazou and Kid are escorted back to Udon together.
Kid feels Kamazou's laugh extremely familiar. Kamazou seems to be one of his retainers from before.
Yup, that voice, Kamazou is Killer[/size].
Kid asks Killer what exactly did Kaido do to him so that Killer becomes that he is now.
Kid growls to those around him: "Who did this to my nakama???"
Killer is shedding tears.
He only smiles but doesn't even say a word. It looks like Killer is one of the victims of SMILE.
Queen soaks Kid and Killer into water with their head downwards and deals with Luffy's attack with practically no effort.
He tells Luffy that he won't pull these two (Kid&Killer) out of the water before Luffy dies.
Luffy is furious.
Meanwhile, there is a very loud noise outside the mine and Queen's retainers reports that they have lost contact with the guards at the gate.
There comes Big Mom's drooling face. (There are four words on Big Mom's head)
Chapter End


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Chapter release and break schedule. I don't know if this is the best thread for it but I figured some might find it interesting. Remember that Oda has monthly breaks for health reasons given that overworking is a growing cause of death in Japan.

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Queen's DF seems to be Sauropoda dinosaur type DF? I'm not familiar with dinosaurs types... Correct me if i'm wrong


BM vs Queen

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