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Official One Piece Spoiler Thread (No Discussion)

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Posted 06 June 2019 - 06:13 AM

Sources: @siyporg @redon


- Big Mom beats Queen.

- The chapter begins with Orochi escaping to his castle. Orochi looks back, seeing the explosions in the battle, and laughs at the situation.

- Zoro and Kyoshiro continue to fight, while the first is angry and even somewhat tired, Kyoshiro maintains absolute coldness while fighting with him.

- Orochi's Oniwabanshu comes on stage with Fukurokuju in front. Fukurokuju searches through some papers and sees Zoro's Wanted, then orders his subordinates to catch him.

- One of the Oniwabanshu women plays her instrument and attacks Zoro with what appears to be sound waves.

- Sanji has given Toko to Usopp to escape with her, which Usopp does at the moment XD

- Drake tries to bite Sanji again, when he tries to dodge he notices that Drake's tail comes from one side and does not manage to dodge it.

- Drake stamps it on the ground, but Sanji gets up without a problem.

- Brook is responsible for protecting Hiyori, uses his soul to scare the members of the Oniwabanshu.

- Law goes to the cage to try to get his nakamas but there is Hawkins to stop him.

- Hawkins draws his sword and cuts one of his arms a little, but the wound goes to Shachi, who has been bewitched by Hawkins with Bepo and Penguin. The face that Law puts upon finding out is a poem.

- Sanji continues to escape from Drake's bites, while escaping he sees Hiyori, who is being harassed by the Oniwabanshu (he locates her as if he had a telescopic XD scope).

- Sanji goes to her to save her but Zoro goes ahead by taking the Oniwabanshu out of the way.

- Hiyori grabs Zoro while he runs and despite the discomfort of the swordsman. Sanji breaks his heart to see the scene (another face to frame in this chapter XD).

-We now go to the Kinemon group, which is outside the city.

- We see that Kinemon is being beaten by Shutenmaru while Inuarashi asks them to stop.

- Kinemon kneels before Shutenmaru asking him to join them, Shutenmaru takes a swig of sake and leaves.

- We went to the prison. There is a great smoke and behind it a giant shadow.

- Big Mom, on a brutal double page, appears before them. Everyone, from Luffy to Queen, to the rest of the prisoners or members of the Beast Pirates, are left with Enel's face when they see her.

- Chopper, Kiku, Tama and Momonosuke have also entered the prison. Kiku decides to put a handkerchief on his head to go incognito.

- Queen begins to transform immediately.

- Luffy, realizing that Big Mom does not remember him, tells him if he can get 2 guys who are in the water (Kid and Killer are at the limit). Big Mom asks if there is Oshiruko there.

- Queen has just transformed, is the user of the Ryu Ryu not My Brachiosaurus model. Queen tells Big Mom that all the Oshiruko there is is from him and that he does not intend to give her anything. His subordinates look at each other because they know that there is no Oshiruko for him either.

- Chopper and Kiku come to the area where they are all together and suddenly they see Big Mom throw herself towards a dinosaur.

- Big Mom, very pissed, stamped Queen on the floor with a single punch ...


More info soon.


(Translation: Queen: There’re still plenty of Oshiruko left but they’re all mine...I won’t give you even a drop of it old hag!!! Subordinates: (Actually there’s none left!!) Dragon-dragon fruit ancient model Brachiosaurus

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Posted 20 June 2019 - 04:32 AM


From Redon.
- Chapter 946: "Queen Vs. Olin".
- In the cover, Kinemon and Otsuru are on a date with a tanuki and a foxy (fan request).
- First half of the chapter is Queen Vs. Big Mom with some amazing double pages.

From @Vegapank
-More spoilers:
-Most of the fight Big Mom beating Queen
-Big Mom holding a Queen's head and hold his body
-Because the fighting Kid and Killer got helped
-Big Mom holds oshiroko but she surprised that it is empty and then begins a tantrum
-Because of the rage of the Big Mom, she starts to smash the place, Luffy is able to extract his handcuffs and Hyo after he used Luffy's haki to throw away the handcuffs.
-Hyguro refuses to move and escape from the front of the angry (Big Mom), and Big Mom tries to strike Hyo with strong blow but Luffy intervenes, and the separation ends

-Non of them appeared
Zoro, Sanji , Brook , Nami and Robbin
-Big Mom after she spinning Queen then threw him away he lays on the ground without movement and return to his body gradually,
like Kaido
-Raizou and Caribou are trying to free the prisoners


Detailed Summary
From @EtenBoby
Chapter 946 Queen Vs O-Lin
Big Mom slam Queen onto the floor and shouts: Give me the Oshiruko! You damn lizard!
Queen is furious that BM call him a lizard: How dare you call me that
O-Lin defeats Queen with 2 moves.
Kid and Killer were affected by the battle, but luckily they got out of the water because of it.
The Beast Pirates, upon witnessing Queen’s defeat, decides to contact Kaido. But the communication system was destroyed so they can’t contact Onigashima.
It shifts to Udon executive tower, Raizou has already sneak in to steal the key to Kawamatsu’s hancuffs. Caribou had told him the weak spot of the communication system, allowing him to destroy it.
Shifts back to O-Lin, who have successfully acquired the pot with Oshiruko in it, she opens it and found it empty.
The words slips out of Luffy’s mouth: that Oshiruko does taste great.
Big Mom turns and attack Luffy.
Luffy was driven to the edge of the ring, he tells Big Mom that he’ll die if he falls off so he can’t back off any more.
Big Mom: who’s Big Mom and who are you?!
Turns out that Big Mom didn’t get her memories back, she’s getting the Oshiruko so she can share it with the villagers who saved her.
The angry Big Mom knock both of them off the ring, and Luffy take off their collars just in time and safely lands on the ground.
Knowing how terrifying Big Mom is, Luffy tries to get Hyo to run with him, but Hyo refuses and stand right in front of Big Mom!
He said: It is only in time of life and death that your skills will improve
So Luffy give up on running and decide to face Big Mom heads on to protect Old Hyo, he shouts: come! Yonko!

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Posted 27 June 2019 - 04:22 AM

From @EtenBoby
947 Queen’s Gamble

Luffy used the technique that was definitely used that Rayleigh back then, but he was so desperate during the process he couldn’t remember how exactly he was able to do it.
But what he just used surpasses the Ryuo that Grandpa Hyo was trying to taught him, if he could completely master it he’ll be able to save themselves from Big Mom’s punch.

Luffy and Grandpa Hyo were blown away when they try it for the second time and failed, Grandpa Hyo is fine because he was guarding with Ryuo.
Ryuo, or Haki, is an invisible armor that you can use for both defense and offense, but if you take it a stage farther, the Haki will become a power so great that it can reach the interior of the opponent’s body and destroy them from within.
Even though Luffy destroyed the collars from within unconsciously, but it’s good enough, after saying that Grandpa Hyo fall to the ground...
Or so we thought, but he still has enough strength to dodge Big Mom’s attack and leave the rest to Luffy.

While chasing Luffy, Big Mom destroys the
prisoner ironworks and head towards the melting furnace. If Queen couldn’t stop her, of course the others wouldn’t be able to as well.
After regaining his consciousness, Queen has an idea and give out instructions to his subordinates.

If you head in a straight direction in Udon, you would definitely ended up coming back, when Big Mom actually came back,
Queen uses oshiruko as a bait in the sky and attacks her with Brachio Bombs which exploded on her head.

The impact help her regains her memories, and became very energetic.
Queen and the others thought they were doomed but she fall asleep.
Taking this opportunity, Queen orders to tie her up with 100% pure seastone chain, which they wrap around her body 100 times, then hit her with 100% animal anesthesia.
Aside from the minimum amount of guards, all of them needs to get on a boat and escort Big Mom to Onigashima before she wakes up.

After Queen and his subordinates left, Babanuki is in charge of Udon.
Udon is completely cut off from the rest of the world because of the smail situation.
Luffy starts rampaging since there’s no more opponents.

From @Vegapank
More spoilers:
-Big Mom her memory recovered and stare at Queen, he scared of her
-On the cover page Brook with seagulls
-Flash back about Rayligh removing the collars
-Luffy and Hyo destroy the walls when Big Mom hit them
-Luffy and Hyo escaped and Hyo is injured
-Illustration of Luffy's hand as an example of the level of the haki with a stone, but Luffy's power destroy the shield and the stone crashes.
-Queen turned to dinosaur and climbed the mountain then jumped and hit Big Mom on her head with his head but didn't affect her

-Queen hit to Big Mom didn't affect her but helped her to regains her memories
-Queen fell and returned to his body
-Big Mom lays to sleep while she is smiling and Queen take advantage of that to chain her
-Queen take Big mom to Onigashima
-Last page Luffy is excited


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Posted 27 June 2019 - 07:44 AM


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Posted 04 July 2019 - 12:37 AM

"From @EtenBoby

948 Introducing Kawamatsu the Kappa

New cover story “The Fire Tank Pirates that had successfully escaped”

To make sure things doesn’t get out of control, the prisoners stop Luffy.

In order to give the prisoners hope and to get them out of Luffy’s way, Kawamatsu receives the key and someone’s favorite sword and break out.

Okiku and Raizou has revealed their identities, and they sees that Grandpa Hyo really is Hyogoro.

Okiku is going to stop them from reporting to Kaido.

Break next week

From @LanceDragonite 
A new kind of sword appears in the chapter. It's called Love Sword (愛刀) or something like that."


source + 2pics (including 1 of Kawamatsu):



More info from Reddit:


"Chapter Title: Introducing Kawamatsu the Kappa

New cover story: “The Fire Tank Pirates that had successfully escaped”


To make sure things doesn’t get out of control, the prisoners stop Luffy.

In order to give the prisoners hope and to get them out of Luffy’s way, Kawamatsu receives the key and someone’s favorite sword and break out.

Okiku and Raizou has revealed their identities, and they sees that Grandpa Hyo really is Hyogoro.

Okiku is going to stop them from reporting to Kaido.


Break next week

(The Info will get updated)


Additional Info:

- Kiku's epithet is Remaining Snow.

- This chapter consists of 17 pages.

- A new kind of sword appears in the chapter. It's called Love Sword (愛刀) or something like that.


Raw Pics:

Kawamatsu Reveal

Translation: "Retainer of the Kouzuki Clan Kawamatsu the Yokozuna.

Kawamatsu: Kawamatsu the Kappa!!! Will now join the battle!!!"

Last page (Kiku transformed into a demon?)

Translation: "Raizou: True, we are just the ghosts!!!

Chopper:Huh?!! You’re a man?!

Okiku: I’m a girl at heart.

Chopper(?): Your face is scary!!

Beasts Pirates: He’s the rival ninja of Fukurokuju, “Raizou of the Mist”!!

Beasts Pirates: Then who’s Luffytarou?!!

Babanuki: This is like those jokes lord Orochi brought up. I have to report this to Kaido-san somehow!!!

Okiku: No......now that you’ve seen it, I would have to close your mouth""




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Posted Yesterday, 11:00 AM

Sources: @Redon, @hiktoj, @Etenboby

Chapter Title: Zombie

Cover Page: It's about straw hats inside swimming pool with a large gorilla.

Full Description:

- In order to stop Luffy and the others, the guards start shooting the Plague rounds made from viruses.

- Their target is not Luffy and his group, but all the prisoners.

- If you got hit you’ll get a infectious disease and feel burning pain until you die.

- It’s a weapon created by Queen, its name is Zombie.

- The guards command the infected prisoners to get close to Luffy’s group, they use them like biochemical weapon.

- The prisoners protest in pain: We wouldn’t be like this if you outsiders didn’t appear, it’s impossible for you guys to take down Kaidou, get out!

- Upon hearing this, Luffy touches them and yell: this kind of thing have no effect at all!

- He continues: I promised Otama that I’ll save this country, to let everyone eat to their hearts content, we are here to defeat Kaidou! There’s no reason for us to get stopped by our comrades, you guys decide whether you want to follow Kaidou or follow us!

- The prisoners were all moved by Luffy’s speech.

- Babanuki saw that this is not going well for them and decided to take advantage of them talking and hurl a large amount of Plague rounds at them.

- But it was put to a stop immediately by Luffy, who said because he saw a dangerous future.

- Then he turns to the prisoners: now, it’s up to you guys!

- 8 days till the final battle—successfully dominated Udon without being noticed by the enemy headquarter.

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