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[RP] Superpowered

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 06:47 PM

Seven days ago the world went insane. Against all laws of logic, individuals everywhere developed incredible powers that defied nature. Governments struggle to contain and control these odd occurrences but they fail. In some places, these empowered people fight for control using their abilities. In others they hide, fearing what will happen if they are revealed for what they are. In Clinton they do both. Some people have become celebrities, living in the light. Others have become shadows in the cities alleys and streets. A lot has happened in a week.

Sun rises on the city. A new day dawns. The people wake.

In a back alley two men wearing hooded jackets meet. One of them hands the other cash; he receives a brown paper bag in return. Genesis, a new drug manufactured by someone with a 'talent', is taking the streets by storm. It fills the user with an intense adrenaline high that makes them feel like they can do anything. Some people perform unnatural feats of strength or endurance - but their body pays the toll. People with torn muscles or broken bones and wide eyes fill emergency rooms, swearing they were fine.

On a city street a man wearing a brightly coloured lycra suit with a big T on the front lies bleeding. His eyes hold nothing but shock. He wheezes out breaths, bright red blood bubbling out of the gunshot wounds in his chest. A man wearing a cheap suit and a balaclava drops a pistol as he realizes he has just shot someone. He sprints down the street, dropping his forgotten stolen money, people parting in fear to let him pass. Both men think the same thing: "It wasn't meant to happen like this".

A door bearing the mark of a notoriously violent gang explodes into pieces as a man wearing a leather biker jacket is thrown through it. The entire bar goes silent as a middle-aged business man walks inside, neatly avoiding the wreckage that was once an entrance. He looks around once at the surprised faces and adjusts his glasses. A biker that had been standing by the door slams a pool cue into the back of his head. It shatters, shards cutting the bikers hand. Unfazed the man throws his assailant across the room as if he had weighed no more than a pillow. "Excuse my interruption", he says. "But it's time for my daily community service"

Sun rises on the city. A new day dawns. The people wake.

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Posted 01 March 2013 - 07:31 PM

A girl and a black swallowtail butterfly dance in red darkness. Something will Happen!

"It must be around here. I see... I feel strong spirit activity around" Thus, the blade is swung down.


Prologue: Death and Strawberry Madao


Meanwhile, somewhere else. 7:13 PM Friday.
"What the?! You suddenly appear and kick Yama-bro, plus you want us to get out of here? What are you saying? You wanna die, huh?"

Selim/36 years old

Hair color/ brown

Eye color/ sunglasses

Occupation/ looking for job

Special Skill/

"Say something, you... Bu... pu" "He kicked Toshi-bro in the face!" "Don't know what's going on, but I've never seen such irrational violence!"
Selim raised his hand and put his pointing finger on his mouth "Shush!" 

Then he pointed towards the broken flower vase by the side of the pole in the corner of the street! "That! What?" 

Then Selim pointed towards the stinky looking thug. "You... talk!"
"Umm... An offering to the kid who died here recently..." 

Selim couldn't understand his words. But he already knew the answer. "But broken!" Another kick in the face.
"Why broken?" Selim shouted angrily!

Selim/36 years old

Hair color/ brown

Eye color/ sunglasses

Occupation/ looking for job


"That's cuz we knocked it over while skate boarding... ?"

Special Skill/ "Ability to see ghosts"


Selim pointed towards the ghost  of the little girl standing right next to him.
"Say sorry!" 
"The fuck you talking about man? You crazy?"
Yama-bro, Toshi-bro and Mit-bro were already up, without a scratch. And they were quite angry!
Without noticing them, Selim cracked his knuckles and gave an angry look at the remaining 2 thugs.
"Now you bad kids! I beat you!"
The thugs responded him with an evil giggle... Then all 5 of them surrounded Selim. And of course, started beating him up.

The girl's ghost took out a notebook from her backpack and started browsing through the pages: "Umm... I don't think you guys are following the script!" and slapped her forehead..."Geez..."


After a while, Selim got back to his senses. He saw that the ghost of the girl was still there, and looked upset. Selim put on a painful but kind smile and said "Sorry girl... I..."
"Oh shut up you Madao! You get all high and might and want to help me, and you can't even beat up a couple kids! Just how useless are you! Dammit just looking at you makes me wanna puke! Go die, you useless old man! Aaaah... I finally said it... I feel much better now ^^"
Then the ghost of the girl happily floated up in the heavens... Selim was still there... in all his humility...
 "Of Tanrim... Neden ben?" (Trans: Oh God... Why me?)

That was a story about a week ago. That morning, Selim was fired because he had mistaken a ghost for a customer... And the boss had fired him for preparing stuff without anyone ordering them. The bosses' final words were:

"I could have overseen the fact that you tend to mistake all the orders because you don't even know English. But how can you mistake an order when there isn't even one? Oh god... You don't understand what I'm talking about, do you? I'm wasting my time dammit!






You are fired... Selim knew what those words meant.


A few hours of mindless wandering ... and Selim eventually discovered he could indeed see some transparent people nobody else could see. He had overhead stuff about people going batshit crazy lately... Maybe he was one of those chosen people? With that determination at hand; he had decided to play the hero. And... As you can see above, his attempt at trying to help a poor little ghost ended up getting himself beaten up bad.


He gave up on the idea. As he had already given up on his life long long ago. Even with superpowers, he was still under the lowest parts of the society. He was just going to rot away... decay and eventually die in this foreign place anyways.


So, he got back to job hunting... Ignoring the ghosts...


Until his other ability ended up becoming... rather unfortunate for him. He somehow was able to get into another job. This time at a local Burger King shop.


While filling two Ice Tea cups, without realizing it himself, he had turned them into walkie-talkie. And most unfortunately, those two cups were going to different customers. The customer on the receiving cup was a girl, whose boyfriend was about to propose her. On the transmitting cup was a jerk, about to ditch his girlfriend after a rather harsh relationship.


The girl was expecting a lovely proposal, but instead, someone from inside the cup called her a "slutty hooker". She had almost choked to death...


And ofcourse, Selim was fired in that instant.


He has been spending his last few days on the street... Given up on the idea of job-hunting, instead searching for a friendly ghost that can somehow speak Turkish.


And he is hungry as hell right now.

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