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Rules and Guidelines

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Posted 09 March 2013 - 01:55 PM

Rules and Guidelines for OneManga Forums

  • Be respectful: This is rule number one at OMF. Being respectful means not attacking other users or staff, arguing points but not people, and articulating opinions in an unconfrontational manner. Debate, don't argue. Criticize, don't insult. Remember that behind every username is a person and the mask of relative anonymity that the internet provides doesn't mean that the things you say aren't real. Note that this rule encapsulates concepts like fighting, flaming, trolling, bashing, and similar.
  • Post intelligently: A community is defined by its members, and cultures perpetuate. One of the original goals of OMF was to create a community for meaningful manga discussion. Before posting, think about what you are about to say and how it contributes to the site and its culture. While in-jokes and references have their place, consider what you really want out of a manga forum. Don't pander to the lowest common denominator; do your best to make in-depth, intelligent posts and commend those who do the same. With this in mind, avoid "chat speak" and gratuitous use of slang.
  • Report, don't respond: When people break the rules (most often by not being respectful), report the post and move on with your life. Responding drags you down to their level, reduces the quality of the community, and can lead to disciplinary action.
  • Don't mini-mod: Unless your name is in a special color, it's not your place to tell people off. Politely informing them that they are breaking the rules is fine, but there's a line between concerned member and power-hungry pseudo-mod. Don't cross it.
  • Keep it PG-13: As a manga forum, we attract primarily a younger demographic. This includes pre-teens. As a result, OMF is not the place for discussing the consumption of drugs and alcohol, nor for strings of curses, nor for sexually explicit images. Note that the strictness of this rule scales to where in the forum you are. Discussion threads for mature manga may contain more mature content.
  • One account per person: Duplicate accounts are forbidden here in order to better keep track of who everyone is. Note: this doesn't mean that two people posting from the same computer is not allowed.
  • No pornography/hentai: In line with the PG-13 rule, there is absolutely no porn/hentai allowed here. This also applies to mature manga discussions. Posting a link to a page from the manga is allowed; posting crude photoshops, not so much.
  • No spamming/advertising/image spam/in before the lock/first posts: Spam is any posts that don't contribute to the topic. Advertising is posting links to sites in order to generate money (not allowed anywhere) or posting links to sites for the sole purpose of generating traffic (use your signature for that). Image spam is posting images that don't contribute to the conversation at all. In before the lock posts and first posts are posts that add nothing to discussions in replies right before a thread gets locked or as soon as it's opened, respectively.

Our member base has always made OMF a great community. Remember that you help define how the culture of the site is. Use that power wisely.

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