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[RP] Keraion: Chapter One

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Posted 14 March 2013 - 04:59 PM




Kentigem was on his way to a meeting. Not just any meeting. It was a meeting of the Gods. Other beings like himself. Normally these meetings were only ever called if there was problem. Specifically a problem that they couldn't deal with by themselves. Things like those were rare. Kentigem had his own problems to deal with. The animals who are normally so calm around him were acting up. Even in the mortal world strange things were happening. The Dragons have been whispering to him. They say dark beings are coming. Things that not even the Gods could foresee.

The God of Instinct broke out of his thoughts instantly as the smell of flowers filled the air. It was an incredibly familiar scent. One that all of his beasts were born into the world sensing. Of course his creatures wouldn't be much without a place to live. That's why the domains of Kentigem and the God closing in on him were so close.

"Brother Aitan!" The immature God shouted with a large smile plastered onto his beast-like face. It had been so long since he'd seen Aitan that he almost forgot what he looked like. Of course the Gods never physically look the same anyways, but he hadn't sensed his refreshing energy in years. Right now Aitan seemed to be wearing the appearance of a creature that looked like a plant. The colors on him were ever changing and the leaves were constantly growing, dying, and regrowing. It seemed as though the seasons had mixed into one and all their scents floated into Kentigem's nostrils. "Do you know what we're doing?"

"Sadly, no I do not," There was a silence while Aitan's body began to discolor and rot, "But Therron called us so it cannot be good." Kentigem wasn't one to worry, but at this point he could help but do that. Aitan was always right. Especially now that Kentigem thought about it. Therron may have been the God of Chance and he loved to play pranks, but he'd never do something this serious. Kentigem unconsciously let out a low whimper. He'd known something was wrong in the mortal world for awhile now, but he pushed it aside. Of all the Gods he was probably the worst one to have noticed first. Especially considering his instincts told him to ignore it completely. Just as the whimper had ended, Aitan and Kentigem entered a "room". To call it a room was an insult in itself, but there wasn't any word to truly describe what it was. It was where every God's domain met and it was ever changing. Sometimes it was a room, others it was a field, sometimes even the ruins of a dead city. It was a masterpiece of the Gods.

"ABOUT TIME YA GOT HERE!" The God of Chance yelled at Aitan and Kentigem. Inside it was almost empty. Therron was laying on the large stone table in the center. At least he was laying on his spot of the table. It was always something different. This time his portion of the "stone" table had been turned into a large danish that he laid on top of, occasionally taking bites. "YA GOT ANY IDEA HOW LONG I BEEN WAITIN!?" Therron yelled again as he snapped. Instantly, both Kentigem's and Aitan's portions of the table had seats for them to sit in. Of course both these seats were made of danish.

Aitan sat down in the seat Therron made for him, but it was hardly a danish when Aitan sat down. It quickly grew moldy and then plants grew out of it until it was just a big mess of leaves with Aitan at the center. Kentigem followed suit and took his own seat. Though his seat quickly changed into a large bear that Kentigem sat on like it was a horse. "So what is this about anyways?" Kentigem asked with a confused expression. He knew full well what it was about.

As Kentigem looked around, he noticed plenty of seats were not filled. "Where are the others?" The God of Instinct spoke before anyone could answer his previous question. It seemed that five of the Twelve were missing. It wasn't surprising that Ra'id and Vruyk weren't there, but Lona. Japheth and Gladys should be here.

"Where the fuck do you think Lona is!? She's trying to seduce her new boytoy," Duvessa laughed right after she said that atop her bone throne, "I say good luck to fucking her! Ra'id has no interest in things that require doing anything! Much less love!" Duvessa continued to ramble on, but the others just zoned it out. She was clearly still sour how Ra'id had turned her down as well. Seriously though, Kentigem had no idea what they saw in that lazy bastard. Not like Kentigem wanted either Lona or Duvessa anyways. They were far too stupid for him.

"Anyways, it appears Therron has some... unsettling news," Sihtric said quietly from the other side of the table, "And I must say that I agree with him. Something needs to be done," The God of Knowledge finished as he looked back to Therron. Sihtric clearly already knew what was going on. Nothing escapes his eye when it comes to new information. Heck, he might have even learned it as he said that sentence!

"Annnyyyyywhhhhoooooo... there was this guy who came into one a my domains and messed up da whole area! I tried ta stop him, but I couldn't do anything because he was a mortal. A Branded mortal," Therron said quickly. No mortal would be able to piece together his words because of just how quickly he was talking. Good thing they weren't mortals. Before any of the Gods could say what was on their mind, Therron continued, "And he wasn't a Branded a any God I know," The Gods stayed silent for a second. Each was clearly processing the information. The Gods aren't allowed to directly interfere with another God's Branded, but they would know who branded the mortal. Kentigem's mind raced. He had a person do something similar. A man or... whatever it was tried to brand someone that Kentigem had already branded. Now said branded is hardly even a person. It's as if he's a husk.

"So what do you propose we do?" Blysse asked as he finally stopped zoning out.

"We wait." Elsdon said with authority. The Gods had nothing else to say to each other. All they knew was that they'd call a meeting if any of them found something.

As Kentigem got up and went on his way back home, he wondered if this is why Ra'id had called a competition over whose Branded could unite Keraion. The more Kentigem toyed with the idea, it made more sense. Ra'id went out of the way to avoid doing work. Why would he try to involve himself with human world now?



It was a gift that the Branded always found their way to exactly where they needed to be. The Gods had a special plan for these unique individuals. Whether they succeed or fail was up to them. Would they live up to the challenge before them, or would they die?

Spoiler Oricolm, Woodshade (Vafhudr)

Spoiler Zandara, Ostholt (Sailor, j0kercards)

Spoiler Jeguan Isles, The Accursed Island (Rogue, Valoraxe)

Spoiler Houton, Wilderness (Pitou, ~L~, itano)

Spoiler Eiradon, Iaeno (VorgX)

Spoiler Ywahim, The Pit (Eger, Liar)

Spoiler Duogan, ??? (SliceAndDive, Trouble, Darkoda)

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Posted 14 March 2013 - 08:03 PM

Events certainly hadn't unfolded as she had expected.


Her plan for the day essentially called for a wandering down the road, find a good inn for the night and get some well deserved rest! However, as she heard some commotion in the distance, it seemed that her plans were about to be rather abruptly foiled. Coming upon the scene, her eyes widened from beneath the cowl of her white hood as a man with a large sword looked ready to bear that very weapon upon an elderly gentleman!


"Great, just greeaaaaat." Muttered a sarcastic voice about her ankles as she looked down to see none other than her familiar, Miko. The cat's tail flicked irritably as his azure hues looked up to the girl, and even beneath that hood of hers, he could sense the frown. "You want to intervene don't you?" This was affirmed by an anxious nod, as with a deafening feral roar, the simple looking tabby cat abruptly transformed into a bedazzling, crystalline LION of absolutely massive size! With razor claws akin to the same, massive paws padded across the earth towards the man with the sword while she began to channel an enhancement spell to drape the elderly man in armor!


Yet someone who had snuck up behind the princess had other plans!


A whip wrapped around her wrist and yanked, bring an abrupt break in her concentration, as the events unfolded and they found themselves at a three way draw. It was unbearably tense for a few lingering moments, only to suddenly be broken by the cackling laugher of the elderly man. Miko came surging for the girl's defense, swiping the whip away and looming in an unimaginable towering way over the whip's owner while the youthful renegade glared at the man from beneath her hood! Just exactly what was he going to do to that old man?!


Was this girl who bore a whip this sword-users comrade? Was she going to have to fight for her life against two bandits!? Concentrating for a second, and flicking her arm towards Miko, she chanelled an enhancement spell that enravelled the Lion's head, forward paws, flank, back, and even tail in an absolutely magnificent set of magical armor! While she took a step back, clutching onto her staff and preparing for the worst!

Spoiler The Denizens of the RP Corner, written by Trouble, Mischief, or what have you. And a little special piece by and old friend at the end.

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