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[RP] The Mortal Age

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Posted 25 March 2013 - 09:24 PM


The Mortal Age

The Gods have abandoned the world and mortals have declared themselves its new master. Do we call this brash arrogance or courageous ambition? What's the difference? I do not know. I wish I did. I wish I could of answered the solitary priest why he felt so alone as he silently wept through the night in a forsaken shrine. I wish I could answer the boy who asks me if all the darkness is truly gone in the world. I want to be able to meet the eyes of the kindly woman who hands out bread and asks when her trials will end. What I have to say they don't want to hear. Truth can be such a bitter poison to swallow. If they knew the answers would they regret their questions? Never. So proud they are of their "accomplishments" that I doubt they would ever understand the real depth of their folly. They attempt to convince themselves that all is right in the world even as it rots right out from under them. Turn a blind eye all you wish but that won't save you and in the end I'm not convinced anything could which is the problem. The sin was never their burden to bare but it must fall onto someone.

If they will not do it. I shall.

If they will not see it. I shall.

If they will not end it. I shall.

I will do all that they cannot and in the end they will thank me but until dusk comes and the new day dawns I will be their thankless destroyer, their merciful betrayer, and their dearest enemy.

The Blighted Thicket

Dead Men Walking

The Night Is Near

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Posted 25 March 2013 - 09:51 PM

It had been a beautiful day.


With the lingering shine of the sun that glimmered off of the hilt of one of her cavalry sabers, Minerva Fairchild walked proudly with a regal stride about the marketplace. She knew the onlooking envious stare of smiths and merchants alike upon her family's legendary craftsmanship, yet she dismissively brushed it off of her shoulders. There was no way that any soul would even dare ask a Fairchild of their weapon, curiously, the Black Sheep's daughter would eye the other merchants and their wares, selling to customers who could ill afford a finely crafted runic weapon like the two she wore about her waist.


However, there was one that did catch her interest.


Passing an Urshard, her eyes wistfully cast a gaze over the sign bearing the merchant's name and her specialties. Nellgath? That's an incredibly odd name... Gently nudging her cousin a smooth, almost imperceivable movement of her head towards the new merchant's wares would gesture her interest. Much to her dismay however, the first Rat would explode and engulf a distant merchant's booth in flames. A long, low, disappointed sigh would pass slowly between her lips while she drew upon one of her Sabers.


As a Lieutenant in the Lion's Mane, she was obligated to take action.


And it seemed her action was cut out for her as two men bearing swords of their own dove towards the two diamonds in the rough. Charging recklessly, she would simply punish such recklessness as they charged, and in the eyes of most, the next actions would be hard to catch. Deftly parrying both of their strikes aside powerfully to throw the two men off balance, the Fairchild would easily cut them down, cleaving down into their central chest cavity with a generous sweep of blade. This thankfully caught the attention of most of their compatriots. Two utterly famous nobles standing in the midst of the fire proudly, the glisten of the fires signified her drawing her second blade; her Father's.


Falling back to back with Leonora, Minerva would smirk as she looked over to her cousin's shoulder. "I count no less than seven in front of me, and several more in front of you. Take them half and half, oui?" While she said this, her cousin would watch as her eyes became encompassed in a brilliant white light, which began to trace wickedly jagged paths down her cheek. Looking back to the oncoming assailants with an arrogant tilt of her head, the Fairchild would take quick action.


There was what seemed to be simply the crack of a whip. And before an eye could blink, Minerva was standing behind her seven. They wanted to move, they willed themselves to move. But with the precise flick of her blades, they came to realize something horrific. A spattered mark of blood arced across the cobblestone. Their blood.


Before the eyes of all, the attackers would fall to pieces.


They had certainly picked the wrong market to ambush.

Spoiler The Denizens of the RP Corner, written by Trouble, Mischief, or what have you. And a little special piece by and old friend at the end.

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Posted 26 March 2013 - 12:50 AM

Cain Braddock


Cain sat there in the bar all alone taking another swig of his drink. He had been following the news about Lockjaw for quite some time now. “Old Mike is back in town huh?” Cain said with a smile on his face before taking another gulp of the rum. He knew that this was his chance to get some questions in about his father. Maybe Lockjaw could give him a starting point for his journey. First Cain would have to beat some sense into him of course. Before he could finish his drink though along came three of Lockjaw’s pirates with a rather mean expression on their faces.

“Empty your pockets, and say your prayers punk!” Exclaimed one of the pirates. The three of them had every exit covered.

Cain hopped out his seat and quickly tied on his blue bandana. “Before I beat you guys up, I’ll ask you one question.” He said nonchalantly while putting on his spike knuckles with his back towards them all. Before he could ask his question though, two of the pirates charged at him with weapons in hand. Cain quickly knocked out the first one to his right with a spinning backfist that easily broke the man’s jaw. The second one coming in on his left threw a dagger at Cain aimed for his head. He quickly dodged it and gave the pirate a little bit of his own medicine by throwing one of his knives at the thug. The flying blade hit his shoulder causing the now wounded pirate to fall over. Cain followed up with a hard kick to his head to knock him out as well. Cain then looked towards the last pirate who stood in front of the exit. Lockjaw’s pirate had a shocked expression on his face.


“Hey, don’t look at me like that! I was just going to ask a question until your friends here rushed me!” Cain said with his scimitar now unsheathed and pointed towards the last pirate. Cain took another step closer to the frightened man before asking him his question.

“Where can I find Lockjaw?” Cain asked seriously while pointing his scimitar at the pirates throat.

“H-h-he’s at the ship! Not too far from here actually!” Lockjaw’s lackey said nervously. He dropped the sword in his hand in fear of being killed. “Please! Just let me go!”


Cain let out a loud laugh before tossing the man out of the bar through the front entrance. “That was for wasting my time!” he said jokingly while exiting the bar. “Now to find Lockjaw!” Cain exclaimed with a grin on his face. Finally he would be one step closer to figuring out if his father made it or not. Even though most of him believed that he was dead, Cain wanted to believe that there was still a chance that he was alive. Until he got an answer though, Cain would carry on the will of The Mavericks and see what the world had to offer.

Thinking about The Mavericks and Lockjaw reminded Cain of the days of when the now infamous pirate was known as Michael Locke. Back then Cain was a child and Locke was part of The Mavericks. Cain never knew him too well, but since Lockjaw was once a Maverick he must have shared the same ideals they all stood for. Though he wasn’t sure why Michael Locke decided to leave the crew, Cain guessed that it probably had to do with Locke craving for power. That was what most men held in common in Relorth. They all wanted fame and power, and they would do anything to acquire it. Cain started to head towards Lockjaw’s ship. It was time he had a word with the captain. 

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Posted 26 March 2013 - 02:10 AM

Howl Aleister
Merchant, Diplomat, Gentleman
I’ll have my people draw up the contract immediately. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you, Aleister,” the president of Driller Mole, a remarkable guild that braves the treacherous mountain range that separates Sabia and Lycoria to mine precious minerals, said, and extended his hand forward.
Aleister, a man with silver hair and cool, blue eyes, quirked a tiny smile at the president, taking his hand. Yes, with this contract, both our companies and countries will soon flourish.
His name was Howl Aleister, brother of the Queen of Lycoria, member of the Aleister Shipping Company, and now the head of its newly-formed branch, Aleister Land Logistics Division. After hours of negotiation, Howl and the president of Driller Mole came to an agreement as to what the terms of their cooperation would be. However, to shed light on its significance, a brief look into their respective countries is required.
Deep within the mountain range that acts as a natural border between Sabia and Lycoria lay a treasure-trove of metals and other minerals. In this current age, these resources are now important materials used in many aspects of daily life. For years, Sabia and Lycoria dug into their side of the mountains, excavating these resources for themselves. Though there have been third-parties that mediate the flux of precious metals and minerals between countries, never before had both countries directly traded with one another in this particular area.
Back to the agreement between Howl and the president of Driller Mole, the former played dual roles: a merchant for Aleister Shipping Company and representative of Lycoria. This meant that Howl held a lot of freedom when it came to what he could offer on the table. Naturally, the president of Driller Mole simply could not waste such an opportunity if there was a profit!
Overall, the terms were simple. A portion of the ores collected by Driller Mole would be reserved for and bought at a cheaper price by Lycoria. In exchange, routes were provided to the guild that would allow them to traverse the mountainous terrain less dangerously, thus providing more efficient and safer excavations. Of course, there was also another side: Aleister Shipping Company. What was their profit? Easy; it was the transportation of the materials between Driller Mole and Lycoria. And who would be in charge of overseeing its transportation? Aleister Shipping Company’s Land Logistics Division.
Come back tomorrow to finalise and sign on the agreement. For now, I urge you to enjoy yourself. It’s the Summer Gala after all.
Yes, you’re right. I’ve been so busy with work that I’ve nearly forgotten. Howl chuckled lightly.
’tis the life of a businessman, Aleister.
The two shared a parting laugh before Howl dismissed himself from the president of Driller Mole’s office. The building had not been very large, it was only enough to showcase their prestige, but Howl knew that their main operating centre was nearer the Sabian mountain border where they kept the resources they excavated. The building he was in was simply the “storefront” where they handled business with other merchants.
The streets of Enthir were bustling with activity. People of all type could be found in such a place. It was called the “City of Dreams” and for good reason. Anyone in the world could come to Enthir and become rich if they worked hard at it. Granted, there were some unscrupulous fellows (there was never avoiding that), but, overall, the city was a fair battleground that allowed for new competitors to grow.
As Howl stood in front of the doors of the Driller Mole office, he had the appearance of a serious and confident merchant. But with one release of his breath, that all changed. With childlike enthusiasm, he pumped his elbow back and punched the sky!
Ha-ha! I did it! I secured the deal! I did it! I did it! I did it! Howl shouted, jumping up and down in joy. Rookies and amateurs that would walk by would think him to be an odd fellow for acting so exuberantly, but the peddlers and experienced merchants grinned knowingly. What kind of businessman was not happy when a sale was made?
He ended his little jig, but he could not wipe away the smile that was on his face. Howl decided to reward himself for his hard work, planning to browse around the shops all over the place. Ever since he came to Enthir, he had been doing nothing but work; he managed to secure some contracts with a few suppliers and traders, but none of them were as big as the one with Driller Mole. It was only just to take a short break before he resumed working again.
As he turned a corner into a busier area of the marketplace, Howl spotted a rat scurrying past him. He crinkled his nose and grimaced nervously. Ew, a rat... He muttered, quickly moving away from the disease-riddled beast. Perhaps it was this one action that saved his life as after he created a gap between him and the rat, the animal exploded. And darkness consumed Howl.
When the merchant came to, his vision blurred, his head spun, and his ears rung uncomfortably. Howl felt a soft bundle wrap around him, and as he took in his immediate surroundings he noticed he was lying atop a stack of carpets. He managed to get onto his feet, but his legs wobbled uncontrollably. Slowly, his hearing was slowly turning to normal as was his vision, and soon he saw the nightmarish before him.
Fire was consuming several shops and stands as people ran away screaming in utter terror. On the ground were several men, women, and even children that looked like they had been torn apart by some dynamic force. These bloods and corpses made him sick, and Howl vomited onto the cobblestone streets. Across the way, he saw a rat exiting an alley and towards another booth. His eyes widened as he witnessed a explosion engulf the stand. The proximity of the blast knocked him back against the carpets, but had been far away enough not to disrupt his sense.
What is going on? Howl asked in panic, wiping away remnants of vomit off his lips with his sleeve. He tried to stand up and was more successful in doing so this time. Although he had yet to recover his equilibrium, Howl was able to begin negotiating his perception of what is now reality. Rats were exploding, and people were dying. His first instinct was to run away.
He pushed himself off from the stack of carpets and began his retreat. Howl pondered where to go, and immediately thought to go back to the port area. The inn he stayed in was around there, and he knew guards were bound to be there. Though he doubted the guards could handle exploding rats, Howl felt it was a better choice than go off on his own.
Suddenly, his ears perked and he felt a chill run down his spine. Something in his mind screamed for him to jump to his right. Howl listened to his body and tumbled to his side. His mouth gaped open when he spotted a man in black narrowly miss slicing him with a blade. 
Howl gulped down bile, and shouted, Wait, who are you? Why are you attacking me?
The man in black did not answer, and was ready to strike him again. This time, Howl reacted quicker. Glancing to his side, he spotted broken cobblestone made by the explosions lying next to him. The merchant grabbed the rubble, and threw it at his assailant. Not even bothering to care if it hit him or not, Howl stood up and forced himself to run, entering into one of the nearby narrow alleys.
Looking behind him, the man was giving chase, and Howl had no idea why he was being targeted. He noticed some people ran past him, but his assailant did not bat an eye. It was clear that he was his mark. Howl bit his bottom lip and ran, his mind reeling with fear at the idea of being killed. Why did have to happen after he had enjoyed such momentary happiness? Frankly, he was scared. Howl did not want to die, and he had left his crossbow in his room at the inn.
Howl entered another street, and it was no different from the last. He looked to his left and gasped in horror as he spotted more men in black approaching. He contemplated turning around, but he would only meet his previous attacker. Chancing it, Howl ran out into the street and went right. A sharp pain unexpectedly arose from his left shoulder, sending him tumbling onto the street. Howl investigated and found a dagger having pierced him. Blood trailed from the wound, and though it would not kill him, it was still painful.
However, fortune seemed to favour him. Although he had fallen unceremoniously onto the ground, Howl had landed in front of a gorgeous young woman wielding two sabres. Though he was in pain, and was filled with unrelenting panic and fear, Howl could not help but admire the exquisite beauty right before his very eyes. He was tired, having little stamina, and he used up his strength to flee from his pursuer.
"Beautiful," he whispered warmly, gazing at her tiredly. With half-lidded eyes, panting and wheezing, Howl softly asked the fair woman before him, Please. Save me.

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Posted 26 March 2013 - 08:28 AM

Summer Gala... If not for the opportunity for the most profitable bargains ever; Nellgath would not even have bothered coming over to Enthir at such a day. People all over the city was buzzing and swarming all around, as if they'd miss every chance if they didn't do so. She wouldn't blame them about this though. If she had as little time as these midgets had; she too would probably hurry. Thankfully, she saw no need for such hurry. She was probably going to live on for about ten times more Summer Galas than normal humans anyways.
With that said, it would be wrong to say sheis didn't have other regrets though. She had sold out all the wares she brought with herself much earlier than she anticipated. Sure, she made some decent profit. However, with some more time to spare here in Ethnir she was now thinking of alternative ways to make even more money.
Though, looking around the city had only bothered her more. She had to deal with all those people, especially kids, gawking at her as if they had seen ghosts or something. Well, it would be rather harsh to blame them though. Sometimes, even Nellgath herself would get surprised upon the sight of her own reflection. It was that rare to see an Urshard nowadays. But being gawked at still bothered her, as a woman. And especially kids' stares. Nellgath didn't like kids. Actually, she didn't like anything soft, fragile or squishy... Like the wooden handle of the axe in her hands. Wait... An axe?
"Umm... Nell; you've been staring at my axe for 10 minutes now. I know, I told you to get a good look at it and tell me if it's a fine axe or not... But... aren't you taking your time a little too much?"
"Sorry about that. I was... ... distracted."
This guy... Oh right; he was one of the newcomers from the Golem's Hand. They had told her not to be too harsh on him so he doesn't lose his enthusiasm for smithing... But Nellgath couldn't just do that. The handle of the axe was so fragile she couldn't even understand how it even manged to lift the huge chunk of metal attached to its tip.
Nellgath raised the axe, and slammed it on the stone pillar right next to her. The blade didn't seem damaged, but the handle couldn't stand the impact and and broke apart. The blade flew high and landed right in front of the poor newcomer. The other guildmates around rose up in an uproar at first. They deliberately told her not to be so harsh!!! However, once they saw her eyes. They gave up. There was no way to stop her criticisms now.
"Oh my god! My axe! What are you doing Nell? I've spent so much time trying to forge it!"
"The blade of the axe passes... But the handle is just horrible. Listen carefully! This is an axe! And axes have handles! Do you know what that means? It's not an even an axe without a handle!"
"What does that even mean? It's not like it's the handle that deals the blow is it?"
Nellgath slapped her face... Just how big an idiot was this guy?
"Are you kidding me?  If a handle is not strong enough to withstand the impacts, there is simply no meaning having a tough blade.  See your axe on the ground? Your blade was surely heavy and tough. However, because the handle was weak as hell, it couldn't pack up much of a force. If you had used a metallic handle, the axe would even smash this pillar next to me. Well, using metal would make this already heavy axe even harder to swing around. One way to solve this would be to use a quality wooden handle, instead of this... stick. Oak is quite a good candidate for this business. But it's rather expensive. My personal opinion would be to use light metallic alloys, like bronze, for the handle."
The other guild members sighed with relief. At least she was constructive. The newbie was horrified and enraged at first, but by the end of Nellgath's lecturing his eyes were sparkling with admiration and interest.
And then...
BOOM... An explosion just several yards away from this bunch of smiths and crafters... And a few more explosions in the close vicinity. And even more explosions could be heard from afar.
All the members of the guild packed up their merchandise with lightning speed. Packing up when facing danger was a reflex for a merchant after all. However, Nellgath felt no need for such a rush. Partly because of her Urshard blood. But the real reason was that she had already sold out. And now she was kind of glad she had sold out already. She calmly looked around, trying to understand how the heck was there an explosion in the garden around the guild house. Nellgath hadn't seen any suspicious looking people enter the garden, nor jump in from the fences.
Before looking around further. Nellgath got up and walked to the door that enters the guild house. Everyone else was already inside with their precious merchandise. She reached out a certain brick placed among the other bricks of the wall. The brick was placed high enough so normal humans could not reach it. Nellgath pushed the brick and a "click" sound could be heard. Followed by the sound of a round stone object rolling around. The sound was coming from inside the walls of the guild house. The sound was travelling around the house. Every time it passed over a window or another door, another "click" could be heard, followed by a metal fence falling and closing the windows and doors. It was an emergency defense mechanism Nellgath built about 5 years ago for the guild house.
After pushing the brick, Nellgath turned back and walked towards where the nearest explosion occurred. There she saw the splattered blood and the remainders of a tiny creature. She was more or less getting the hang of what was going around. And her guess was proven right when she saw a rat crawling around the outer fences that surrounded the guild's garden. There was something taped on its back. And the rat suddenly exploded. creating a hole in the fence wall.
At first, Nellgath couldn't help but admire whoever thought of such an ingenious idea... Just put some explosives on rats and unleash them into the city. Nobody pays attention to these creatures anyways. Way to create a mass scale chaos...
Nellgath got back to her senses when she notices a cloaked black figure slipped into the garden from the hole that rat opened. The man with the black cloak was rushing into the guild house. Nellgath took out her crossbow, noticing that the man quickly changed his direction and hid himself behind one of the trees.
Nellgath almost burst out laughing. She's been frequenting this guild house for many years. This was one of her strongholds. She had traps everywhere. And only Nellgath (and a few of the trusted and highly ranked guild members) knew about them... and how to activate them as well.
Pressing one of the tiny switches in the crossbow; Nellgath replaced the loaded bolt, with another one. This bolt had a magnet placed on its tip. Nellgath fired the bolt on the tree. As soon as it came in contact, several curved metal ribs emerged from inside the tree (destroying its bark) and immediately clasped the man hiding behind the tree, creating a rib cage like shape. It was not really a deadly trap, nor it had hurt the man; but it caught him quite well.
Nellgath calmly walked over the man. Upon her arrival she raised her hand as a means of greeting.
"Heyo! Cutie... Mind telling me what the heck is going around?"
"Like that'd make me talk. Heh" the man spit... Nellgath simply smiled it off... or maybe not?
She reached above the tree, finding another switch. As soon as she pulled it; the rib cage set him loose; and a pair of 2 feet long metal spikes emerged from the ground. The man, who was immediately released, was pushed forward and was falling on the spikes. Nellgath caught him in the head just before the spikes gauged his eyes out. Nellgath was still smiling.


"You want to do this the hard way then?"

"Ok! Ok! I'll talk... I'll talk, dammit get these things away from my eyes! Please!"

"I still didn't get my answers."

"I don't know much about my clients, but we're all ordered to assassinate certain people."

"Certain people being?"

"Get these things away from me first!"

Nellgath drew his eyes closer to the spikes. She was still smiling.

"Certain people being?"

"Big shots! The list is quite crowded. They're mostly important people. You know; guildmasters, ambassadors, nobility and such."

"Thank you! ~~ As a reward, I won't kill you!"

Nellgath pulled the man back up, pushed him to the tree and re-activated the metal rib cage. The man was trapped once again. Without paying much attention to his loud blabbering, Nellgath got back to the guild house and picked up her dismantled steel plate armor from her back pack. After re-attaching it and wearing it; she walked off into the chaotic streets of Enthir. She just had a great idea to make some more money.


"Now... Where would I go if I were a weak, fragile and defenseless rich-ass nobility..."



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