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Question Time with Défectueux

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#1 Makaze



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Posted 22 April 2014 - 02:44 PM

Welcome to Question Time with Défectueux! Ask away.
Remember to be respectful, and above all, enjoy yourselves.
  • You may ask a maximum of 5 questions unless the person being asked the questions agrees to answering more. We don't want to overwhelm them.
  • Follow the forum rules.
  • Further rules in the the discussion thread.
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I hold you in the highest regard, my friends.

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#2 Fulmine



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Posted 22 April 2014 - 03:00 PM

1. Top 10 favorite manga? (Whether you elaborate on them is your choice) All-time favorite? If you can only read one manga for the rest of your life which would it be?


2. 5 manga you would totally recommend for everyone? (may or may not be among those in question 1)


3. Top 5 male manga characters? 5 female? (be it because of badassery, trolling prowess, boobs, sexual presence, development, depth, appearance, abilities, power, intelligence etc.)

Top 5 characters of each of the Big3 you do read? (so 5 each)


4. You can choose 3 mangaka to make the greatest manga of all time, who would you choose? Who do what?

For example: 1 does art, 1 does storyline and character development, 1 is responsible for a specific task like comedy OR you can have 2 do art (1 draws characters, the other draws background, for example) and all 3 do storyline etc. It's up to you.


5. Top 5 favorite abilities/powers from manga?

Spoiler Favorite male characters in manga/hwa/hua

#3 Petite Fleur

Petite Fleur

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Posted 22 April 2014 - 03:15 PM

1. When you create a story you add a mundane idea with an extraordinary one. Let's imagine your life is the mundane idea and you are the protagonist. What sort of extraordinary idea would you inject into your life to make it interesting?


2. Now that we have a setting for our story, take all of your problems and troubles in life as well as your personal conflicts and doubts and personify them. What is your antagonist like?


3. An antagonist is a character who is meant to compliment the protagonist and vice versa. The antagonist exploits the protagonists weaknesses - how do they exploit you?


4. A protagonist is a character who overcomes their flaws and an antagonist is a character who succumbs to them. What do you do to overcome your weaknesses and how does the antagonist fall to their own?


5. Now that the story is over, what immediate changes do you see for yourself and your life in this world? What long term changes are there?


and if we're allowed to please ask more


6. First and current impressions of me


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#4 ZCOverload


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Posted 22 April 2014 - 03:20 PM

1. What's the obsession with "oddities" that you have taken a liking to in recent years? A lot of the stuff you're into seems to fall into the outright bizarre.


2. Of all the older members you interacted with who didn't make it to the new site, who do you miss the most?


3. Giro or Maki? Any RPs you miss?


I'll go with the mundane for this one.


4. First/Current impressions of me?

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#5 Archshot



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Posted 22 April 2014 - 03:23 PM

Alright, this is worth coming back to OMF for.


1) You have just conquered the world. What do you do now?


2) What standards do you set for yourself and try to follow?


3) First and current impressions of me?


More later. Possibly.


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#6 VegaKotes



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Posted 22 April 2014 - 07:04 PM

1. You have an unlimited supply of some kind of drink and some kind of food/snack, what are they?


2. But in exchange you can never again have this drink or this food/snack (something you currently enjoy :3) what are they?


3. You find yourself trapped in a virtual game that is a mixture between Sword Art Online and Minecraft with thousands of others, what do you do on the first night? (With the same rule of if you die in the game you die in real life)


4.  What do you do for the first year?


5.  You've survived for three years now, do you attempt to get back to real life, or do you continue living in this game?



Thanks Zc. :aww:

#7 Défectueux


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Posted 24 April 2014 - 01:30 PM

Everyone is allowed to ask more than five questions .~. Also, I will begin answering quicker now.


1. Top 10 favorite manga? (Whether you elaborate on them is your choice) All-time favorite? If you can only read one manga for the rest of your life which would it be?

2. 5 manga you would totally recommend for everyone? (may or may not be among those in question 1)

3. Top 5 male manga characters? 5 female? (be it because of badassery, trolling prowess, boobs, sexual presence, development, depth, appearance, abilities, power, intelligence etc.)
Top 5 characters of each of the Big3 you do read? (so 5 each)

4. You can choose 3 mangaka to make the greatest manga of all time, who would you choose? Who do what?
For example: 1 does art, 1 does storyline and character development, 1 is responsible for a specific task like comedy OR you can have 2 do art (1 draws characters, the other draws background, for example) and all 3 do storyline etc. It's up to you.

5. Top 5 favorite abilities/powers from manga?

1. Since elaborating on these would simply be a waste of time I have chosen not to do so. 1-3 are in order, 4-10 have no particular order.
Inugami, Deep Love - Pao no Monogatari, Shin Angyo Onshi, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure(Phantom Blood being my favorite arc), Parasyte, Suicide Island, Blade of the Immortal, Emerging, Rurouni Kenshin, and Vagabond.
My all-time favorite is Inugami. If I had to choose just one to read for the rest of my life it would be Inugami. Every time I read the manga it still feels like the first time.

2. Inugami: A manga about a boy named Fumiki and the "dog" 23 that he befriends. It is a relatively short, tragic manga about discovering where the "dog" came from and what his appearance means. It has lovable and detestable characters, an amazingly depressing style of art, and a steady story from beginning to end.
Deep Love - Pao no Monogatari: A story from a dog's point of view. It goes through his life from beginning to end as he is repeatedly abandoned and abused. It has quite a few comparisons to the everyday lives of humans and the point it is aiming for is not capable of being overlooked.
Shin Angyo Onshi: A manga centered around an ex-general from the destroyed country Jushin searching for the man that caused it to perish.
Suicide Island: A manga about an island near Japan where people that unsuccessfully try to commit suicide are sent by the government. A society is formed and survival of the fittest begins.
Parasyte: This one is about an outside race deciding that humans need to be exterminated for their disgusting ways of life. So the fight begins!

3. I have decided not to elaborate on these because I cannot do it without spoiling. I have a bad habit of doing so when I become excited about giving reasons for fancying characters. I am already too excited for it to work well.
Male: Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Aji Tae from Shin Angyo Onshi, Lucky from Inugami, Anotsu from Blade of the Immortal, 23 from Inugami, and Zero from Inugami.
Iggy from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure gets an honorable mention!

Female: Mori from Emerging, Makie from Blade of the Immortal, Chun Hyang/Sando from Shin Angyo Onshi, Azumi from Azumi, Doa from Blade of the Immortal.
I do not read any of the Big Three.

4. Hokazono Masaya on storyline/mood(his works(with Inugami and Emerging as examples)tend to be somber. The plot is introduced and carried out in an appropriate length of time without dragging on for too long)and art(nonhuman creatures/nature/scenery/anything considered abnormal, he draws all of this beautifully(personally I adore his human art as well but the others could also handle it beautifully)), Samura Hiroaki on storyline(I am using Blade of the Immortal as my only example but the pacing and general story in this is smooth)and art(females, weaponry), and Inoue Takehiko on art(males)and character development(I am using Vagabond as my only example but the character development in this manga is very well done and not rushed or too slow). I do wonder how much they would argue whilst working everything out though. Does this work well enough?

5. Lucky's Cell 23(Inugami)
Aji Tae's... I will just call it "Perish". Almighty Telekinesis From Hell might be better suited but oh well!(Shin Angyo Onshi)
Seta Sōjirō's Shukuchi(Rurouni Kenshin)
Gennosuke and Hyouma's Dojutsu(Basilisk)
Iggy's Stand The Fool(Jojo's Bizarre Adventure)


All of this took me hours to decide on because of how many things there are in each category that I adore. Indecision, indecision.

1. What's the obsession with "oddities" that you have taken a liking to in recent years? A lot of the stuff you're into seems to fall into the outright bizarre.

2. Of all the older members you interacted with who didn't make it to the new site, who do you miss the most?

3. Giro or Maki? Any RPs you miss?

I'll go with the mundane for this one.

4. First/Current impressions of me?

1. Things that others consider odd feel more soothing to me than what is commonly called "normal". Instead of making me feel like an unwanted guest they allow me to enjoy them as if they are stuffed animals on a sad day.

2. Devi-Angel. On my first account he was the second member I sent a Visitor Message to, but the first member that I chatted with daily when we were both fully active.

3. Giro! Maki always was a talentless crybaby. Until InuYasha: Renaissance, that is. Then she was a subpar character with decent aim.
Ravaging Warhounds, even though I was never very good at participating in it and I probably annoyed every other member .m.

4. First: A naughty, somewhat funny lad with a knack for Roleplaying.
Current: A mellowed out fellow that lacks most of what he was when I first met him. I get along with him a lot better now. Oh.. Oh goodness me.. Is it possible that I... LIKE HIM?

Alright, this is worth coming back to OMF for.

1) You have just conquered the world. What do you do now?

2) What standards do you set for yourself and try to follow?

3) First and current impressions of me?

More later. Possibly.

1. On the first night I begin to change the way the world works. Further information is not appropriate for prying eyes, so it shall not be posted here.

2. I only have one standard; to not(by nature)become what I loathe. I set it a long time ago and have yet to stray from it. I plan to always follow it.

3. First: A lad that enjoys gaming and seems quite smart.
Current: A close online friend. One that I have had for awhile and hope to have in the future. *Whacks him on the noggin a second time for asking*

1. You have an unlimited supply of some kind of drink and some kind of food/snack, what are they?

2. But in exchange you can never again have this drink or this food/snack (something you currently enjoy :3) what are they?

3. You find yourself trapped in a virtual game that is a mixture between Sword Art Online and Minecraft with thousands of others, what do you do on the first night? (With the same rule of if you die in the game you die in real life)

4. What do you do for the first year?

5. You've survived for three years now, do you attempt to get back to real life, or do you continue living in this game?

1. Water and unsweetened peach jam with fluffy bread!

2. Apple juice and green grapes!

I feel that I cannot answer 3-5, as I have never watched/read Sword Art Online nor have I played Minecraft.

@Petite Fleur
I feel awful for doing this but I will have to post your answers later today. Feel free to ask more of me, though ღ

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#8 Archshot



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Posted 24 April 2014 - 01:42 PM

Well, time for some more questions.


1) You have to read a manga you absolutely despise. What is it, and why do you despise it?


2) Which character is your all-time most hated? Can be from any source.


Tag made by ZCOverload.

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#9 kleckermaus



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Posted 24 April 2014 - 01:43 PM

I’m glad it’s you this time - so have fun answering! :D

  1. Is there any character trait of yourself that you don’t like or even hate? If so, which and why?
  2. What was your weirdest dream so far (in case you remember)?
  3. Which OMF members would you like to meet and what would you wanna do with them?
  4. If you don’t know where to go, would you rather go left or right (nothing else is possible)? :D
  5. What are your thoughts on open endings?

#10 azer_moli



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Posted 24 April 2014 - 01:59 PM

1. What are the cutest things in existence according to you? (can extend to living beings of course)


2. What would a perfect day be like to you?


3. If you could erase 5 things/persons/ways of thinking from existence, what or who would they be? (only things and beings currently existing --let's not change the past ^^) And why?


4. Who are the most stylish manga characters?


5. What are your favourite books (sans manga)? 

#11 ZCOverload


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Posted 24 April 2014 - 02:14 PM





5. Why are Caster Boards better than peasantboards (skateboards)?


6. How many cats do you have now anyway?


7. I'm sick so I can't think of a good question so I want you to write a haiku.

I'll clear this with no continues!


#12 Relinquisher



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Posted 24 April 2014 - 02:21 PM

I gotta think up some standard questions sometime x.x

i dont think i repeated but feel free to ignore any that i did xD


1. If you had to summarize your manga taste, somehow, how would you describe it?

2. Name your top 5 manga in terms of just art style.

3. If you could live anywhere in the world and have any job in the world what would they be?

4. What is the most important thing in looking for someone to be a good friend and someone to be in a relationship with?

5. What would you do if you heard an asteroid was going to hit the earth and kill everyone on the planet in 3 days?

6. First/current impressions of me?

7. What do you think of the idea of Question Time?

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#13 Metal Heart

Metal Heart

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Posted 24 April 2014 - 03:08 PM

Honeyblood .w.


1. What is the best thing about being my best friend?

2. Favorite chips flavor?

3. Favorite parasite?

4. First and middle impressions of Lord Metal?

5. How many Halloween does every year actually need?

6. Favorite NWOBHM band that is not Iron Maiden?

7. What does Colly think about all your waifus?

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#14 hollowhowl7



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Posted 24 April 2014 - 05:57 PM

Hello there, Kokobean~!


1. Can you describe the perfect adventure you would go on? (as in traveling companions, location, objective for the adventure, etc.)


2. Holloween or Halloween, which is better and why? ;3


3. If Mai and Metal were both heading towards impending doom, and you could only save one, whom would it be?


4. Initial opinion of me and how has it changed since then?


5. Has joining OMF and the Catroom changed you in anyway? And if so, would you care to share?

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#15 m1hawkgsm


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Posted 24 April 2014 - 06:13 PM

1. Favorite cultures you admire? Worst cultures you despair at? Why?

2. Reasons to join OMF? What would it take to make you leave? What do you think will in the end make you leave?

3. Is it possible to have a world without money?


4. Describe your favorite night life location (club, bar, restaurant, beach, theater, run down mansion/warehouse). Include details about environment, ambiance, type of people there, etc.


5. First and current impressions of me?

6. What separates you from the crowd?


#16 Maika



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Posted 26 April 2014 - 04:31 AM

Hello koko~

I'm so bad at thinking up questions, but I actually thought of 3 that I could ask you :3


1. What is your dream career/what career are you aiming towards right now? (they don't have to be the same, but could be of course)

2. First/Current impressions of me? (the usual question I've noticed XD)

3. If you woke up in the middle of the night and there was a fire, what are the 3 things you would save first? (assuming that your kitties and loved ones would be safe)

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#17 YoWid



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Posted 26 April 2014 - 01:27 PM

1. Some rustling noise awakens you in the middle of the night. You can barely make out the shapes of a slender three-foot-tall iguana, standing on its hind legs like a meerkat on sentry duty right beside a grey housecat the size of an adult Bengal tiger--the latter staring at you intently, eyes glistening light-green for a fraction of a second. Riding atop the giant cat is a brownish hare, normal-sized this one; wearing an eyepatch with haughty, aristocratic aura, long ears down its head, two pistols firmly nestled on both sides of the gun belt by its waist.
The iguana speaks in a high-pitched, high-spirited voice of a perky teenage girl, explaining that they are a band of interdimensional bounty hunters, interested in finding recruits to join them in the catching, or killing, of scums of the universe, for good fun. It introduces itself as Alice, exoherpetologist; the dire feline is Hazel; portal guardian; and the quiet yet formidable fellow mounted above it as Jubei; former senior gun-kata instructor of The Royal Guards of Lepudia--disbanded since the destruction of his planet and subsequent annihilation of most of its inhabitants by some of the aforementioned scums. He's currently employed as a hired gun(s?).
More details will be divulged later, Alice says. Now, there's only little time left before the portal shuts down, she continues. Would you or would you not join these peculiar guests on their peculiar quests?
2. What is (are) your favorite beverage(s)?
3. Marooned in an uninhabited planet by your mutinous subordinates, you are given the choice to pick two living beings (plants, animals, et al.) and one non-sentient thing to keep you company there for indefinite periods of time--your former crews, naturally, have ready access to Doraemon's magic pocket, and whatever you wish for will be thrown to you over the hovering spaceship before the vessel takes its leave on short notice. What would your three wishes be?
4. You have just finished a harsh and rigorous training with an old woman, a grand master of the martial arts you have been practicing under her tutelage for more than ten years. She taught you one last thing before she died of unspeakable cause: the Forbidden Ultimate Technique that might cost your life. What would that final technique be?

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#18 ArSoNiSt JoE

ArSoNiSt JoE


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Posted 29 April 2014 - 01:40 AM

Front Row Seats To History ohhh.png


Dark grey clouds formed a murky and dim overlay on the sky; not one patch of blue can be seen from the ground below. The sun's rays barely permeated this thick, gloomy stratum casting it's shadow over the earth, which was dank after a week of non-stop rain. The tall silhouettes of the hills and mountains can be seen in the distance, rising out of the earth looking like the shadows of demons emanating from the nadir of Hades. Flocks of vultures and crows flew around in circles like whirlpools; some silent, some the vociferators of harrowing screeches and shrieks. These winged scavengers kept their eyes on the large field below them, where violence and death bubbled furiously like soup being prepared on a fire. They waited patiently for the activity to cease, indicating that their meal is ready, so that they can swoop in and feast like starving children finally getting a warm meal after being denied such for so long.


On the battlefield, a plethora of bodies were locked in combat, with an even greater amount scattered across the grassy plains, locked in rigor mortis. Soldiers riding on horse back ploughed their way through groups of enemy soldiers, trampling on them or impaling them with spears. Even those soldiers perched on their faithful steeds weren't safe seeing that foot soldiers were able to knock them off of their horses in order to deal a killing blow. Intense fights on the ground, some one on one, some one vs many were underway. These fights were not well choreographed nor graceful.....


They were primal. 


Soldiers were striking opponents with rocks, some were rolling around in the mud trying to strangle the other using something resembling a chokehold, some were biting the arms and faces of other soldiers that confronted them. One soldier was surrounded by a group of enemy footsoldiers. They all closed in on him slowly, and proceeded with caution because their target was swinging his sword wildly like a cornered animal. One soldier managed to grab him from behind, disarm him and bring him to the ground. The other soldiers then all buried their swords and spears into the soldier, with blood spraying out of every orifice due to the sheer force of their combined attacks.


The inherent violent and demonic side of humanity was in full display today, October 21, 1600. It was as if the morbid and gloomy atmosphere brought about by the fighting had corrupted the entire landscape, and even the heavens. The once plush and green fields of Sekigahara have become rotten due to all of the bloodshed and the pure malice and hatred produced by the opposing forces, in a conflict that would determine the future ruling faction of Japan.


It was a spectacle of the macabre kind.


From a somewhat decent vantage point, on the outskirts of the battlefield, there were two spectators to this historic event. Two individuals who were not of this era, but still managed to appear at this point in human history due to the technological advances of the future.They both observed the famous Battle Of Sekigahara from behind some bushes. They made sure to remain a safe distance away from all of the fighting, in order to avoid being sucked into black hole that is this war. Even though they are both in awe of the fact that they have the opportunity to bear witness, only one of them ended up regretting it.


One of the spectators, a somewhat tall, black man, crouched behind some bushes and peeped through the shrubbery, in order to get a good view of the battle. He was dressed in a black t-shirt, blue jeans and sneakers, which were a little dirty because of the trek through the mud trying to find a safe spot to watch the battle along with his friend. He tried his best to stomach the blood and gore that he laid his eyes upon. But every time a soldier got a limb hacked off or dead bodies get stomped on by horses carrying soldiers to another part of the battle field to fight, he felt sick at the pit of his stomach. It had gotten to the point where he found himself closer and closer to throwing up...so when he saw a soldier get beheaded, with the head flying off of his body and landing a few feet away from where he was hiding, facing him with eyes rolled back and blood pouring out of the nose and mouth profusely, he realised that he had reached his limit.


He backed up a little bit, ended up on all fours and started vomiting.


His companion, a girl much younger than he is, was so captivated by the battle that she didn't even notice the man throwing up his lunch...which could lead to both of them being discovered, and most likely killed. . She too was crouched behind some bushes, not too far away from her friend. Her long sleeved black dress was also covered with mud, and small grasshoppers and mosquitoes were in her brown hair. She was enjoying the absolute mayhem and violence that was taking place right in front of her...so much that she even placed bets on random duels between enemy soldiers, determining the odds of one soldier surviving against another. She had her eyes on one particular soldier who was faring well in battle. So far he had completely dominated whoever opposed him, so he became a of a favourite of hers. However, much to her dismay, that soldier was eventually overwhelmed by a group of soldiers from the opposing army.  A team of 6 soldiers had ganged up on him and chopped him to pieces. 


"Awww mannn...he was doing so well...too bad, he was such a great warrior" "...how are you enjoying this JoE? As epic as we thought ja?" Koko then started shaking the random insects out of her hair, while awaiting a reply from JoE. After noticing a delay in JoE responding, she looked over at JoE and saw him hunched over wiping his mouth. She realised that he had been puking for a while now.


"Why did I agree to this...." JoE sat, parted his dreads from his face, tilted his head back and started breathing hard. " I.... didn't think....it would be....this brutal...dammit Koko...I should'nt have agreed to this..."


Koko's face bore a confused look, in reaction to JoE's statement  "Huh? What did you expect JoE? " She tried to keep her voice at a whisper, to avoid attracting the attention of the warriors on the battlefield. "It's a war!!" Koko crawled over to where JoE was, and sat down next to him. "You didn't think it was going to PG 13 did you? I mean look!"


Koko put her pale hands on both sides of JoE's head and playfully turned his head towards the battlefield, ensuring that JoE came face to face with the brutality that is war. "Isn't it beautiful? All of the violence, all of the blood, the dead bodies dispersed across the field...just look! LOOK!"


JoE slowly turned his head to face Koko, while her hands were still holding his head. When he finally made eye contact with her, he was a little disturbed by the sheer joy and exuberance painted on her face. JoE wondered if he was looking at the same battle that she was. To him this entire scenario felt like two people looking at a painting depicting something grotesque and vile, with both of them coming to two completely contrasting conclusions. One individual was just too put off by why he saw to even begin appreciating the artistic value in such a form of expression. The other individual was so enchanted by something that can be so ghastly, that he would spend every second relishing every bit of this twisted, masterpiece.


"Ahhh....uh...I...uh...I see...nice to see that you're..uh...having fun?" JoE slowly removed Koko's hands from his head. He chuckled nervously "I think that I've had my uh...fill...I'm gonna go back into the forest and see if I can clear ,my head a bit..."


Koko's facial expression quickly changed into one that expressed anxiety and dread "Are you crazy? A war is going on, some random soldier might see you and kill you on the spot! Stay here until we can use the watch to jump time again." 


Koko pulled up the long sleeve of her dress and glanced at the watch on her left wrist. It had a small screen that displayed the current date and time left before the next window to travel to a different time period. There were buttons on both sides of the watch that were used to specify the point in time the user wishes to travel to.  


"We have about a half hour..." Koko hid the watch back under the sleeve. "And more importantly, you're gonna miss the best part...Otani's forced are about to be outnumbers and even more fighting is yet to come...you sure you wanna pass that up?"


JoE, was already making his way back into the forest "I'm sorry Koko, but I really feel a bit woozy, you can enjoy your live pay-per-view if you want, I'll be back in about 15 minutes....and don't worry, I'll be quiet as a mouse."


"No, wait..come back here, JoE! JoE!!" Koko tried her best to keep her voice at a whisper, so that she wouldn't give away both her and JoE's position to the soldiers on the battlefield. JoE lazily waved goodbye with his back turned, and quickly disappeared into the forest.


"Argggh whatever....I hope he doesn't do anything stupid..." 



JoE does something stupid snoop.png

















JoE, playfully danced along the path he was walking, randomly rapping the lyrics to his favourite songs out loud. JoE didn't really see the harm in it. As far as he can tell, everyone's attention would be focused on the huge battle taking place on the battlefield behind him, there shouldn't be any soldiers roaming around this area. Besides, he was trying to get his mind off of the mortifying chaos he exposed himself to earlier, and singing seemed to be a big help in that regard. JoE also starting thinking about where he wanted to go next, seeing that it was his turn to use the watch.


"Ahhh man, I think I'll travel back to ancient Egypt....I wonder how well versed the women were behind closed doors back in those times. Oh my they must've been something else. Ahhh what I wouldn't give to sample Nefertiri for one night.... Ohhhhhh lawwwwd"


Unbeknownst to the now titillated JoE, there were 3 pairs of eyes scattered about in the bushes on either side of the muddy trail he was walking on. Individuals that have gathered here after hearing someone shouting really loudly in the distance. They expected the source of the noise to be some random traveller that they shall rob and then kill. However, they were not only disappointed to discover that the man has no noticeable valuable possessions, the concealed bodies of soldiers that have evaded the great battle of Sekigahara, held minds that were both confused by, and curious about, this strange looking individual.


"Long hair that looks like black strands of rope?"


"Such dark skin color and weird garments...."


"What are those things on his feet? Sandals that cover his entire foot.."


These were the thoughts running through the minds of the individuals closely watching JoE as he kicked rocks and wandered aimlessly amongst the flora and fauna. After vigilantly monitoring JoE for about 5 minutes, the soldiers decided that this person was not a threat, and that they should ambush him. After giving each other the signal, all 3 soldiers emerged from the bushes and blocked JoE's path, stopping him in his tracks.


"Ohhh shiiit!" JoE quickly backed up a few steps, to create some kind of distance between him and his new foes. JoE then observed the 3 samurai. The all wore the traditional armor that is used for battle, and they all had 3 swords, all sheathed. The soldiers gave JoE ice cold stares and stern facial expressions, exuding a great amount of murderous intent. JoE slowly raised his hands, as if he was trying to sheid himself from the killing intent of the soldiers that stood before him.


"Uh...hello? I don't think I have anything you want...." JoE slowly walked backwards...


The 3 soldiers looked at each other, puzzled. "What kind of language is he speaking?" they asked each other, in their own native language.Their confusion was short lived however, they weren't interested in trying to understand this foreigner. The soldiers slowly began to draw their swords, and slwoly approached JoE.


"Wait a minute, I'm in ancient Japan! I should try reasoning with them in Japanese of course!" JoE then reached into his pocket. This caused the 3 soldiers to stand still and put up their guard, for they expected JoE to draw a sword of his own.


Much to their confusion however, this strange individual pulled out a small black object and started pressing on it with his thumbs. The soldiers looked at the object with much curiosity.


"Alright, alright...how...to say...hello...in Japanese...." JoE tried to find the language translator app on his phone, but he was so nervous that he was pressing the wrong buttons and performing the wrong functions. JoE eventually managed to open up the translator app and fed it the phrase "Hello, my name is JoE!" the app quickly gave JoE the Japanese translation for that phrase.


With a proud smirk, JoE looked up at the 3 soldiers, stood tall and with a smirk on his face said:


"Anata wa bakadesu" jawalrus.png


The 3 soldiers looked at each other again, and after a short pause all 3 of them let out a loud war cry and ran frantically towards JoE.


"Uh oh...I must've gotten the translation wrong...." JoE himself turned around and ran as fast as he can. He dropped the phone on the ground, which one of the soldiers crushed when he stepped on it in pursuit of JoE. JoE zig-zagged through the forest, and it wasn't too long before JoE's frustration and desperation with his current state of affairs made him shout:







Japanese standoff dahell2.png



"Argghhhh dammit! He got killed!!" Koko then turned away from the battlefield and sat down and folded her arms in dissappointment. "Aw man he was doing pretty well too...he even fought 4 guys and killed them all! I thought he would've survived..."


Koko then checked the watch again... there were 10 minutes left until she and JoE would have to jump time again using the watch.


"Where the hell is JoE? He said 15 minutes....he's been gone for 20...I don't want to have to leave him here..."


At that moment Koko heard someone's voice coming out from in the forest, along the same path JoE went. The voice got a little louder and Koko was able to recognise it as JoE voice.


"Oh my God JoE what did you do!" Koko then got up and ran into the forest, following JoE's voice.


Koko ran and ran until she saw some bushes nearby rustling. She stopped and looked at the bush, and then cautiously approached it. JoE suddenly leapt out of the bush, startling Koko. JoE quickly knelt down and tried to catch his breath. He was randomly waving his hands and pointing behind him. Koko couldn't really understand what was going on. She went over to him and tried to talk to him.


"Goddammit JoE! You scared me! I heard you shouting so I ran over here...why are you running anyway? Are you trying to get us caugh---


Suddenly, 3 more bodies leapt out of the same bush that JoE just came from. They were the samurais that were chasing JoE earlier. All of them had their swords drawn, and they were slowly approaching JoE and Koko. JoE ran over to Koko's side and took a glance at the watch.  "Dammit! 8 more minutes? How are we gonna deal with these guys in the meantime?" 


The 3 samurais then spread out and surrounded JoE and Koko. One of them had taking a liking to Koko, looking at her with a lecherous grin. It was easy to see just what he had intended to do with her once they have made their move on the duo. The 3 samurai then started to walk around the duo like lions circling a herd of zebras


"Uh oh...I know that look Koko...I think they want to kill me, but to keep you alive...but only until he's had enough of you..." JoE couldn not allow his friend to suffer such a fate without him at least defending her. JoE looked around and saw a sturdy tree branch on the ground. He quickly dipped down and picked it up.


"Alright Koko, you just run and I will--"


"You don't need to do anything JoE..."


Koko just stared right back at the 3 samurai, and slowly she reached into the cleavage of her dress. The samurai didn't seem to be threatened by this move, at best they assumed that Koko was ready to submit herself to them...


The slowly but surely, a Koko's hand emerged from her cleavage, but it was holding something...it was all black, and it had a long cylindrical item attached to it's end. It was a gun, with a silencer...


The soldiers looked at this strange object with interesting. Is this supposed to be some kind of weapon? Or maybe it is some object that symbolises submission? Is it a gift?


Koko quickly pointed the gun at one of the samurai and shot him right between the eyes. A cloud of pink mist consisting of blood and brain matter appeared at the back of his head. The samurai immediately collapsed and his body was slumped on the ground. He was killed instantly of course.


The other two samurai stared at each other in shock, then looked at their fallen comrade on the floor. One of them became filled with rage and ran towards Koko waving his katana. 


Koko quickly aimed her gun at his chest and fired two shots, stopping him in his tracks. He immediately fell to his knees, with blood frothing out of his mouth. Koko then fired another shot at his head, causing his body lean back and fold backwards on his knees. his mouth and eyes were gaping open, as if he was in shock after seeing the image of death itself.


The last samurai, after witnessing what to him he can only explain as sorcery, immediately dropped his katana and turned to run away. Koko again aimed her gun at his back while he was running away. She closed on of her eyes so that she can keep her aim steady. She then fired one shot right to the back of his head. The bullet went straight through the back of his head and exited his forehead. The impact of the shot along with the momentum the soldier had while running caused him to flip over forwards and land on his back, dead.


JoE just stood there in amazement....he had no idea that Koko had a weapon on her...he didn't even think she was capable of shooting anyone...yet here he was...standing before 2 dead samura with another dead samurai s short distance away.


"you...you had a gun?"


Koko just put the gun back into the cleavage of her dress and walked past JoE. "Let's go...we have to hurry" Koko then made her way up the muddy trail, running though the bushes


"Yo...you had a gun! You had a gun!" JoE then clumsily followed her lead.



On one condition....5I5s8.png


After they both felt that they have ran far enough, they both stopped to catch their breath. Koko looked at the watch and saw that there was one minute left until the time jump. Although there was a bit of trouble during their visit to ancient Japan, Koko did really enjoy getting to see the battle of Sekigahara for herself. She knew it was JoE's turn but....she really wanted to visit another point in time where she can get her fill of blood and gore an everything morbid. Knowing JoE, she figured that she would have to put up with him 60s female celebrity, or some other form amore.


"Alright Koko, gimme the watch, it's my turn" JoE put out his hand for Koko to give him the watch.


"Ahhh...JoE, say...why don't you let me choose the next destination? Pleeeeassse?" Koko awkwardly tried to make her face into something resembling a begging puppy's face.  JoE found this both disturbing, and funny. But he was not about to let Koko choose where they go next....he feared that it might be some other time period where his life will be at risk.


"What? Nope! No way! Nooooooooooooo!" JoE then wiggled his fingers, signaling Koko to give him the watch.


"Aww come on, this wasn't so bad, and I have a gun! So like..I can protect us and stuff. Aww come on pleeeeeaasssse just one more time. I'll do anything!"


At that moment, JoE paused and thought a little. Then a crafty look came across his face, eybrow cocked and all.


"Anything?" JoE slyly replied.


Koko for a second regretted saying that, because now she wasn't sure what JoE was thinking about...but she could see those gears turning in his head, and the end result isn't going to be favorable for her.


"Uh..by anything I mean...ah..."


JoE laughed "Hahahha don't worry, I think I have something reasonable in mind....I'll ask you a couple question...and you have to answer them honestly. And if I like the answers I get, I'll let you decide where we go next. How does that sound?"


Koko thought for a second. Surely JoE's request isn't as bas as she thought it would've been. She was hesitant to grant JoE the permission to possibly ask her something personal, but at that moment she was so clouded by her desire to get what she wanted that she didn't think it was that big an issue.


"Alright.....but hurry up, we have less than a minute!"


"hehehehehhe alrighty then...." JoE though for a little while. he came up with 5 questions....


Spoiler The JoE's questions

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Posted 29 April 2014 - 04:05 AM

1. Claymore. I dislike it for being disappointing. It has a promising story, a pleasant start, and then it.. fails to deliver. At the current point in time those things make me hate it more than any other manga.

2. Osugi Hon'iden from Vagabond. She is the most useless, nosy character out of all of the manga I have read.

1. My habit of taking everything seriously and having anxiety over things I cannot complete because of it. It makes me feel glum for days, which prevents me from concentrating on what I have to do and normally causes tons of troublesome events to happen.

Spoiler 2. Vivisected Felines in a summarized, less graphic form

3. Metal Heart: We will live together someday .w. We can do lots of stuff!
hollowhowl7 & Maika: We would make tons of fun plans according to what happened to be available to do that day/week/etcetera. I think my girlfriend, Mettie, and Maika might have to put Howdy and I on leashes though .m.
Shinra: We shall prepare a bunch of vegan food, have a science fiction and horror marathon, and try on pretty princess thrift store dresses.
Archshot: We would probably play a lot of games and discuss things, or at least find something to chuckle about on the Internet.
ArSoNiSt JoE: I will travel to his country during the rainy season and buy a lot of vegan food. Then we will do what is considered fun there!
Petite Fleur: We could find kitties and spiders to watch for hours then we could play some of the games she fancies or watch things.
ZCOverload: We could try sparring and playing video games. I do not think either of us will be in danger of having an unprofessionally dug grave if we meet anymore.
I left out a few people, but I doubt they are viewing this so it should not be a problem for them.

4. Always left! Taking the paths to the right feels awkward.

5. That depends on how the open ending is carried out. I will normally feel disappointed if it seems like the creators slapped the open ending on it just because they wanted to finish whatever they were working on or if it is just sloppily thrown on there so they can extend the series to make an even more badly thrown together sequel. If the open ending is well done and seems like the best way to go instead of extending the material and risking ruining it then I am normally happy to imagine the ending that I want for it. I have quite a few things that I enjoy that have open endings.

1. Monkshood flowers(but I cannot cuddle those, that would be terrible for my health), cows, cats, cymothoa exigua, well preserved mummified corpses.. that is all that comes to mind at the moment.

2. Weather-wise the perfect day would be gloomy, with an overcast, light to heavy rain, and heavy wind. The perfect way to spend a day would be swimming in the ocean on a cool fall day before going home to cuddle up with my kitties for reading or television time.

3. The way that people treat nonhuman animals(especially vivisection and hunting for sport), most of the women in my blood family(my mother if I can only pick one to remove), general weakness in human nature(jealousy, greed, etcetera)so we might evolve into something better(by better I mean what I want because I am selfish, see?), I would completely remove abstract art, I cannot produce a fifth one. It is mostly because all of these things annoy or severely depress me. I have no other reasons.

4. Chun Hyang/Sando from Shin Angyo Onshi. A cloak, an unnaturally large bladed weapon, and straps covering her censored body parts are all she needs!
Dio Brando, the Zeppeli family, the Joestar family, Vanilla Ice.. alright mostly everyone from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. These are all self explanatory.
Yōtanwa, Kyou, Ouki, and Tou from Kingdom.

5. Battle Royale, Watership Down, The Plague Dogs, I Am Legend, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Lord of the Flies, Animal Farm, The Chronicles of Prydain(a very wonderful children's series), and Hell House. That is more than I normally list .~. Also, the graphic novel The Crow deserves a mention.

@Metal Heart

1. You have never been the best out of an annoying situation. We bonded because you are Mettie not because everyone else is intolerable. You were the first to do this ღ

2. Sea salt and vinegar.

3. Sacculina, the harsh crab castrating parasite that makes male crabs know
how to correctly act like a transitioned female crab should.

4. 6lCWQ.gif
Feel the suffocating affection, my precious man ღ

5. Everyday! Well, at least without all of the annoying trick or treating children and silly looking animal fetish costumes..
6. That is probably Blackmayne. Old Heavy Speed Metal.
7. She does not know about them yet. Sssh. I will tell her when I believe the time is correct. Her reaction will probably be speechlessness.

1. That question was blasphemy! No.. from what I recall they are more flexible than skateboards. Time to go fracture something just to figure it out!

2. Four! Four kitties. I will have more in the future because I adore them ;~;

3. I will just pamper my pride and not embarrass myself by publicly attempting poetry. Koko is not a formidable opponent for haiku for it mauls her every time.

1. My taste in manga is what I consider to be ranged. It goes from misanthropic tragedy, to historical tragedy, to morbid comedy, and sometimes just general comedy. I also tend to enjoy the more obscure things without realizing it.

2. Inugami, Fourteen, Gegege no Kitarō, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Blade of the Immortal.

3. I would like to live on a nonhuman animal sanctuary-farm in Sweden as a psychiatrist.

4. Honestly I have learned to search for people that do not annoy me above anything else. If they have annoying traits I avoid them, it is that simple for me when picking people to be around.

5. .. So be it. I would probably praise the asteroid if it turned out to be true. If it turned out to be false I would become disappointed.

6. My first impression was that you were a man with an avatar that I fancied, so I had to ask about it. You are still the man with the avatar that I fancy, for I have yet to not hide from our Skype conversations.

7. Question Time is a fun event that everyone should take their time to participate in. However I believe that mine felt far more uncomfortable than it should have for me.

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Posted 29 April 2014 - 05:01 AM


1. Assuming that we could time travel our destination would be the prehistoric era. Our objective would be to survive for what we call one year in those conditions(this seems very fun to me, okie? .m.)and record history for ourselves because it has no hands and it cannot write an autobiography. My companions on this adventure would probably be Howdy, Mai, Mettie, Colly, Archie, Joe, and.. I think that is everyone. Unless all of you rejected me, that is XD

2. Holloween! Koko can agree with the practice of a macabre, everyday Hollow-inspired event far more than a once-a-year commercialized holiday where bratty children fight over which one gets to keep the Hershey's chocolate bar.

3. Now this.. is cruel. Howdy's Mai or Koko's Mettie.. Since Mai is special to Howdy and I also care for Mai I would feel guilty about allowing her to die, it would also place my Howdy in the same situation as me if it were reversed; a life full of endless despair. But Mettie is my most special person.. I would never allow him to die either.. This would depend on if their deaths had rules, but I would probably aim to save both by rescuing Mettie and ensuring that at the exact same time someone else rescued Mai. I am sure that you and I could work out a plan to do so if we had even a little bit of time. In any scenario I would be determined to save both of them.

4. I cannot recall how I first thought of you, but now I consider you to be a very special companion with a wonderful innuendo filled sense of humor.

5. OneManga Forums in general slowly made me realize that I could remove the mask I had been wearing in reality since I was a small child. It helped me feel more comfortable socializing with people, before it had just felt hollow and I did not really enjoy it. When I joined the Catroom I was surrounded by people that I sincerely enjoyed spending time with, that made me realize that bonds can be formed over the Internet and that I much preferred them to the ones I had offline. So, it all helped me grow.


1. They are the same. I am aiming to be what I have always wanted to be; a psychiatrist. It will take a long time to get there though.

2. I first thought of you as Howdy's special Mai, as someone that I should become closer to because he thinks so highly of you. Now I consider you to be one of the nicest people I know, someone I am still interested in bonding with more, and one of the few people I fancy quite a bit.

3. You knew I would say kitties and my dearest companions first .~.
One would be my special stuffed animals and baby blankets, two would be any money or important documents that I can get to, and three would be my inverted rosaries with any clothing that I could get to.