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Question Time with Maika

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#1 Makaze



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Posted 27 April 2014 - 12:58 PM

Welcome to Question Time with Maika! Ask away.
Remember to be respectful, and above all, enjoy yourselves.
  • You may ask a maximum of 5 questions unless the person being asked the questions agrees to answering more. We don't want to overwhelm them.
  • Follow the forum rules.
  • Further rules in the the discussion thread.
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I hold you in the highest regard, my friends.

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#2 ZCOverload



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Posted 27 April 2014 - 01:03 PM

1. Do you like to press buttons?


2. What kind of emotional response does pressing buttons evoke?


3. Would you press a button if your life depended on it?


4. Implying pressing the button did something bad, would you still do it?

I'll clear this with no continues!


#3 Rimi


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Posted 27 April 2014 - 01:09 PM

You fit the "mad evil scientist's sexy lab assistant" archetype very well. Would you like to be my lab assistant?


#4 Fulmine



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Posted 27 April 2014 - 01:11 PM

1. Top 10 favorite manga? (Whether you elaborate on them is your choice) All-time favorite? If you can only read one manga for the rest of your life which would it be?


2. 5 manga you would totally recommend for everyone? (may or may not be among those in question 1)


3. Top 5 male manga characters? 5 female? (be it because of badassery, trolling prowess, boobs, sexual presence, development, depth, appearance, abilities, power, intelligence etc.)

Top 5 characters of each of the Big3 you do read? (so 5 each)


4. You can choose 3 mangaka to make the greatest manga of all time, who would you choose? Who do what?

For example: 1 does art, 1 does storyline and character development, 1 is responsible for a specific task like comedy OR you can have 2 do art (1 draws characters, the other draws background, for example) and all 3 do storyline etc. It's up to you.


5. Top 5 favorite abilities/powers from manga?

Spoiler Favorite male characters in manga/hwa/hua

#5 Hooded Crow

Hooded Crow


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Posted 27 April 2014 - 01:48 PM

:3 Hello Onee-chan <3


1. What's your ideal place to live in?

2. What's the perfect job for you?

3. Who made the first step you or Hollow? (bonus: How it happened?)

4. How long do you think you can stay in the catroom?

5. Name a thing you wish you never had to lose but you lost.

Spoiler My favorite things





#6 Meadow1



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Posted 27 April 2014 - 02:16 PM

Onee-chan Mai  :aww: <3


Random questions \o.o/


1. Can I borrow Hohl for a little while?

2. If you were a super hero what powers would you have, and what would your name be?

3. If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?

4. What historical figure would you like to see in 21st century life? 

5. What is your least favorite feature of the opposite gender? owo 

6. If you could steal one thing without consequence, what would it be?

7. Do you believe in aliens? O:

8. Which is cooler, dragons or dinosaurs? 

9. Who would win in a fight, robotic big foot or a two headed dinosaur?

10. What phobias do you have?

11. Which of the five senses would you say is your strongest?

12. If you could travel back in time, where would you go?

13. What fictional character do you wish was real?

14. Who are your favorite OMF users? owo

15. First and current impressions of me


Love you <3

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#7 Archshot



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Posted 27 April 2014 - 03:09 PM

What is it about 42 that makes it the answer to everything?

Edited by Archshot, 27 April 2014 - 05:23 PM.


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#8 Petite Fleur

Petite Fleur

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Posted 27 April 2014 - 05:19 PM

1. When you create a story you add a mundane idea with an extraordinary one. Let's imagine your life is the mundane idea and you are the protagonist. What sort of extraordinary idea would you inject into your life to make it interesting?


2. Now that we have a setting for our story, take all of your problems and troubles in life as well as your personal conflicts and doubts and personify them. What is your antagonist like?


3. An antagonist is a character who is meant to compliment the protagonist and vice versa. The antagonist exploits the protagonists weaknesses - how do they exploit you?


4. A protagonist is a character who overcomes their flaws and an antagonist is a character who succumbs to them. What do you do to overcome your weaknesses and how does the antagonist fall to their own?


5. Now that the story is over, what immediate changes do you see for yourself and your life in this world? What long term changes are there?


and if we're allowed to please ask more


6. First and current impressions of me


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#9 Maika



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Posted 29 April 2014 - 09:59 AM

Okay, I was way too busy yesterday to answer any questions but now I shall finally give it some time and answer as well as I can ^^

I will accept more than 5 questions, so feel free to ask more if you can think of more <3



1. Pressing buttons is alright, it's not like I don't mind it o__o

2. Hm I could be very philosophical and discuss how pressing buttons could bring up feelings of loneliness and boredom and whatnot.. but I'm gonna decide to be straight and say pressing buttons doesn't really bring out any emotional response.

3. Well probably I would, if pressing the button somehow saves my life without any other consequences then yes <_< >_>

4. Assuming it's still saving my life? Well that would depend on how 'bad' the consequence would be. If pressing the button breaks someone's leg, for example, I would probably press it because I'm not gonna die saving someone's leg when it can be nursed back to health. If it however means that someone else would die instead of me, then I would probably not press the button... (Since it's "only" pressing a button, it would be quite simple to not do it as well. Though the thought "I'm gonna die" will definitely not be easy to get used to. Hopefully, though, it would be a quick end .w.)

Hope this answers your questions XD



Lol I don't see how I fit that description XD but my answer would depend on what the benefits for me are :B I want a good salary for my work!



1. Oh on the old forums I used to have a spoiler with my ranked fav mangas and all that, but it's all gone ;_; though it would probably not be up-to-date anyways..

Hm so I'll try my best to rank them here (I can be very indecisive so don't take the rankings as facts):

Spoiler Top 10 manga

And if I only were to read one manga for the rest of my life... I think it'd still be One piece, because it's the manga that has helped me the most in the past to cheer me up on a bad day and such. I really love the sense of humor that Oda has.

2. Mangas I would recommend for everyone: One piece if you have a similar humor and like adventure and action as well, Fairy tail for pretty much the same reasons as OP, Love so life if you really like to read a cute and innocent story, GE- Good ending was a good love story as well with a lot of drama to it, Detective Conan if you don't mind reading a whole bunch of detective related stuff - I guess ^^

3. It's always so difficult when it can be from any manga XD but I'll try~

Spoiler Top 5 male/female characters

Spoiler Top 5 Big Three characters

4. Hm 3 mangakas huh. I would definitely choose Echiro Oda to be responsible for the comedy of the story XD Katou Kazue can be responsible for the art.. hm or Echiro Oda can be responsible for the whole storyline, while Katou Kazue is responsible for drawing the characters and Kouchi Kaede can draw the backgrounds :3


5. Hm this is gonna be difficult..

Spoiler Top 5 abilities/powers

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#10 Maika



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Posted 29 April 2014 - 12:19 PM

@Hooded Crow

Nii-san~ <3

1. Ideal place to live in? A house :hurr: Nah but to be more specific, I think I would rather wanna live in a villa somewhere outside town than in an apartment in the town/city :3 I'm used to it being pretty spacy where I live, so that and I would also want it to be cozy ^_^

Hope that answers your question XD

2. I don't know if there would be a "perfect" job for me XD I'm currently studying IT and economy so right now a "perfect" job would be a fun combination of the two, though right now I'd rather it be more towards working with IT. Maybe like a consultant or something? The most important thing for me though is that it's a job I will enjoy going to and putting effort in :3 also I want a pretty good salary owo

3. Haha that's kinda difficult to tell XD but I do believe hollow made more clear first steps than me ;3 bonus: well it all started with quite a lot of flirting on the old forums XD sadly we can't go back and read all those old vms anymore though D;

4. As long as I find it fun to come here :3 you guys will all be my friends forever though, no matter what happens <3

5. Hm.. that's a difficult question, I've lost many things that have just disappeared all of sudden ^^' like old toys and socks and whatnot.. but nothing too important what I can remember x__x unless this "thing" can be a human too.. .__.



woo for random questions \owo/

1. that depends <_< >_> can't be without my love for too long, or I'm gonna slowly start dying x__x but I guess I can let you borrow him for a while ^^

2. I'm not creative with names so I would probably just be "Super Mai" or something XD and my powers would be super speed and to be able to slice anything with my almighty wooden sword @~@

3. How much longer will I have to wait? .~.

4. Hm.. I really can't think of anyone XD (can't remember too much from my history classes) but I'd like to see someone inspiring :3

5. least favorite feature.. maybe them being way too loud sometimes x__x (I don't have anyone specific in mind)

6. At the moment it would probably be an apartment with everything I need in it XD (I'm currently trying to find a new one, but the demand is really high here atm x__x)

7. I believe that there could be life out there somewhere besides us in the universe, so yea o;

8. Dragons, totally :3

9. Hm I feel like the two headed dinosaur could just crush the robotic big foot so it would no longer function o__o though on the other hand the robotic big foot could maybe shoot lazers and whatnot... they would probably take each other out :3

10. Uh I have snake phobia .__. it was worse when I was little ofc, but I'm still not the biggest fan of snakes. Also I'm scared of falling, so I'd never walk too close to the edge of a mountainside or anything.. the evilness in people also scares me sometimes .w.

11. Okay so I have a pretty terrible eye sight when it comes to things farther away XD my smelling I wouldn't say is top class exactly, and I usually ask people what they previously said. My tasting isn't the very best either so the remaining one would be touch.. which I'd say is pretty normal XD conclusion: touch \o__o/

12. Hm well, I don't have a desire to go anywhere back in time XD I'd rather go to the future o: but if I had to answer something.. I guess see how it was in the 1980s :derp:

13. Spongebob Squarepants :3

14. Oh I hope I don't miss anyone now: hollowhowl7 (ofc<3), Gnag, Metal Heart, Hooded Crow, Meadow1, Défectueux, asphyxiateD, disastrousmaster, Relinquisher, Petite Fleur... there's of course all the people in the catroom, but I still feel like I don't know many of them that well XD yet :3

15. Hm first impressions.. I remember you from the old forums, you seemed like a nice and funny girl. I can't remember all that much though sadly ^^' and now I think you're still nice, funny and also a little silly and weird XD (just like me)



Oh I have no idea. Apparently many people said that that was the magical number to answer everything, so I guess it's just to go with the flow @~@


@Petite Fleur

1. Interesting question XD hm.. I don't know what this extraordinary idea would be like. Is it something about the world or is it something about me as the protagonist? I guess maybe I would make it kinda like a fantasy, and add mystical creatures or something? Hope that answers your question XD

2. Hm I guess I will have to force myself to be creative in answering these XD They would probably be someone that complains a lot, about anything really, and is also really selfish..

3. Probably by asking for my help and making me do all the work .w.

4. Probably by becoming more confident in myself and telling the antagonist to shut up and do it themself. The antagonist quiets down and realise that no one is listening to them anymore, or something XD

5. Haha it wasn't the most interesting story XD :3 but hm I guess that I can rely more on myself and also believing more in myself, hopefully for the long term too but that we will see XD

6. Hm can't remember my first impressions, but now I think you seem really good at writing and discussing, you seem social and nice in general and I hope we can be good friends :3

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#11 VegaKotes



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Posted 29 April 2014 - 12:48 PM

1. You now have an infinite source of one type of food/snack and one type of drink, what are they?


2. But in exchange you can never again have this one type of food/snack and this one type of drink (must be something you'd actually like :3 ) what are they?


3. Did you ever own a Playstation 1 or Nintendo 64 and if so what was your favorite game on it? (or say 2 of them if you had both)

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Thanks Zc. :aww:

#12 Meadow1



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Posted 29 April 2014 - 01:29 PM

Can I ask more?  :aww:


1. Has anything ever happened to you that you could not explain?

2. If you could bring any person back to life, who would it be, and why?

3. If you had to be trapped in a TV show for a week, what show would it be?

4. What is the best compliment you have ever received?

5. What is your first thought when you wake up in the morning?

6. What is the first thing you notice about people?

7. Do you believe that people can control their own destiny?

8. Do you believe people are basically good, or basically bad?

9. Do you think all people are equally valuable, or do you think some people in certain situations might be more valuable than others (say, a severely retarded patient vs. a doctor who could potentially save hundreds of lives)?

10. Would you kill an innocent person if you thought it might mean saving a dozen other people?

11. Would you rather be hated or forgotten?

12. What are your best physical features?

13. What are your best characteristics?

14. What inspires you?



#13 Relinquisher



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Posted 29 April 2014 - 05:26 PM

1. What do you think of a list that you rank #2 on?

2. Do you agree with your spot? 

3. How do you manage being afraid of snakes but also dating one, is it difficult?

4. Why did you get into drawing?

5. Do you think you will pursue drawing/art in the future? (not like in an educational way but for fun)

6. Do you believe in god or any religion?

7. Have you ever believed in either of those if no to the above?

8. If you and hollow could live together for free but you couldnt talk to anyone online ever again, would you do it? (i know its mean xD)

9. What is your favorite color? 

10. F/C impressions of me


sorry if i repeated anything XD feel free to just skip them if i did.

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#14 Candles



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Posted 30 April 2014 - 08:02 AM


#15 Maika



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Posted 30 April 2014 - 01:18 PM


1. I'd like to have an infinite source of dark chocolate :aww: not only cuz I love chocolate, but also so I don't have to feel guilty buying it anymore XD And for the drink I'm gonna go with tea - always good to have.

2. Hm I guess I'd give up.. tangerines and Sprite .~.

3. I did own a Playstation 1 when I was little. I got it when I was like 6-7 years old, so my first and probably favorite game on it was Rayman XD



yea sure, woo for more questions \owo/

1. hm probably o__o nothing I can think up at the moment though ^^'

2. not sure if you mean an historical person or just whoever XD but if it can be anyone, then I'd choose a friend of mine that passed away last year. I wanna try and be there for her more.

3. I don't have any specific in mind, but the last one I watched was the Ellen show, so let's go with that one XD

4. which one to choose x__x well this one is one of my favs at least: "everything gets funnier with you"

5. unngh I guess I have to get up ~__~  <--- that's me most of my mornings XD

6. I guess the first thing I notice is how the person looks like: clothes and hairstyle and whatnot.

7. yes I believe very much so. it's all up to you if you wanna try and make your life more interesting and fun .~.

8. basically good I would like to believe. as they say, every child are innocent and 'good' but it's the way they grow up that either change it or keep it

9. I'd say all people are of equal value, because who are we to decide that the 'retarded patient' is retarded? and how do we know that the doctor would save hundreds of lives?

10. no, I don't think I could live with myself if I killed someone .__. and there's no certainty that the people would be saved..

11. being forgotten could in a way be worse than being hated, because then you'd be quite lonely instead. as long as not everyone would hate me, then I'd rather be hated ^^'

12. hm well, I'm quite okay with my eyes and mouth :3

13. my best characteristics would probably that I'm loyal, kind and helpful ^^

14. the beautiful nature very often inspires me @~@



1. haha you mean that list? it was pretty funny and silly I guess XD

2. personally I don't agree with it, I'd say I'd be somewhere in the middle, but I don't really know of course XD

3. well you see, I know he wouldn't hurt me. my fear of snakes comes from them being really quick and also attacking quickly. besides, I see him more like a wolf :3 

4. I've always liked drawing, ever since I was little. my friends and cousins liked to draw to so it's not like I was alone with it either ^^ it was around when I started in middle school that I got into drawing manga characters though, also cuz I was influenced by my cousins and a friend. 

5. it would be fun if I'd have time to draw some in my sparetime, like a hobby, yea :3

6. well I don't really know myself XD I'm not exactly atheist; I kinda have my own religion. I think of God as some sort of spirit that flies around the world. weird right? ^^

8. it would be great to live with him for free, cuz then we wouldn't have to worry about rent nor all the complicated stuff involving moving to another country and whatnot x__x but at the same time; I have quite a lot of friends on the internet. not being able to talk with anyone online would be a pretty big issue since that's how I keep in touch with other friends and family as well. so no, I wouldn't do it if that was the consequence

9. my all time favorite is dark blue :3 other favorites: black and dark red

10. hmm I can't remember my first impressions x__x but current are: cool, social, funny and silly XD



1. I feel like this is such a big question and I know too little about the subject x__x

2. I have many fond memories of spending my days with my then best friend and cousin; we would draw things together and play silly games outside. One we were running around pretending to be super heros, thinking up names and all that XD

3. Nothing that I can think about no..

4. I think a very classic thing I've learned the hard way when I was little was to not touch the stove when it's hot .~.

5. my favorite 'vacation' this far is probably when I went to visit my boyfriend last august on the eastcoast, USA. A dream vacation would be to go somewhere warm, safe and close to the beach with my boyfriend and/or good friends ^~^

6. I did read a lot of psychology classes and from what I've learned I'd say that quite a lot depends on the environment you're born in. Some stuff are determinded by biological stuff, like if you inherit colorblindness or any other genetic stuff that will probably affect your personality as well, but it's not as big of a influence as the environment is. I'm not gonna be too detailed, but there's also the individual's own dreams and ideals to consider as well. And I think those phenomenas that you mention are pretty interesting and it wouldn't be difficult for me to believe in them.

7. Hm I would have to say thai food for now, though I can't say I have a specific favorite (for now)

8. I wouldn't really say I have any special talents XD I consider myself 'normal' and nothing special ^^' so I don't know, maybe I'd draw one from the jury and hope at least that person will like me XD

9. I have no idea x__x

10. Hm let's see.. 1. I wanna finish University 2. I wanna move in with my boyfriend, doesn't matter where as long as it won't cause too much trouble and 3. I wanna start a family. I don't really have any "big" goals like travel around the world or so, but for me it's important that I succeed in making these things reality :3

11. I've only really dated one guy, my current boyfriend, so I wouldn't really know XD I met him online so I didn't exactly know how he looked liked at first and all that. But personality wise I like men who are kind and considerate, honest and trustworthy. I also like that my boyfriend is taller than me, I always feel weird looking down on a guy somehow XD

12. Hm maybe that I'm kind and helpful, it's difficult for me to tell XD

13. I always think people aren't that in to me cuz I seem pretty boring on the outside. But it could be different if you got to know me :b

14. That's a very far away in the future x__x I do think that the Earth will have changed some in 300 years, the water level might be quite higher and more land might have become desert. The temperature all over Earth will probably have gone up as well..

15. Hm I'd bring my boyfriend of course (for obvious reasons) and my friend Elin, cuz it would be a good opportunity to get to know her better and I think she would enjoy going ^^ (she's not on the forums however)

16. I don't really have any favorite musicians, I'm really bad at remembering artist names and whatnot XD

17. I've actually never solved one yet XD that's because the only one I've had was one I had when I was little, and I kinda tried to cheat by removing the colors and replacing them on different spots XD but I would like to try it again on a new one ^^

18. It kinda alternated between drawing and watching movies I believe XD

19. Hm I think the last book I read was "The Plains of Passage" by Jean M. Auel. It's the 4th book in a series and I'm currently still waiting to buy the 5th book so I can continue reading it~ and yes, it was good ^^

20. Hm I'm gonna take some random manga ones: Rin-Shiemi (Ao no Excorist), Erza-Jellal (Fairy tail) and Zoro-Robin (One Piece)

21. Thinking about it, I'd say Christmas is my favorite holiday. I prefer to celebrate it with my close family and have the usual christmas dinner. The christmas spirits are just great. Oh and we always watch this show that comes on TV before having the dinner, Donald Duck's christmas.

22. Well I have Aries and Dog, and I think the dog might be a little more accurate when it comes to me. Though of course, both of them are right to some extents but incorrect with other stuff. While it's true that I'm kinda selfish, according to the Aries, I don't wanna be "on top of the world" or anything for example.

23. I would choose a charity that can be trusted with the money and accutally put it to good use. It would probably be towards saving poor children or an endangered species.

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#16 ArSoNiSt JoE

ArSoNiSt JoE


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Posted 30 April 2014 - 01:31 PM

Oi Mai! mynicca1.png



Just have a couple questions here for you...if you don't feel like answering them, that's okay  tocry.png


1) Fav aspect of your personality?


2) Least fav aspect of your personality?


3) Fav part of your body?


4) Least fav part of your body?


5) First and Current Impressions of the JoE-face Killah? (That's me heh.png)


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#17 hollowhowl7



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Posted 30 April 2014 - 08:15 PM

1. Can you describe the perfect adventure you would go on? (as in traveling companions, location, objective for the adventure, etc.)


2. Holloween or Halloween, which is better and why? ;3


3. Initial opinion of me and how has it changed since then?


4. Has joining OMF and the Catroom changed you in anyway? And if so, would you care to share?


5. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Next 10 years?


6. Favorite genre of games/books/movies etc. ? And any that you'd recommend?


(feel free to skip and that have been asked already)

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#18 Darthwin



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Posted 30 April 2014 - 10:11 PM

Top five movies?

Top five songs from any form of entertainment ?

Paper or plastic?

If stranded on an island what are five things you would have?

First/current impression?

Favorite movie genre?


#19 Archshot



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Posted 30 April 2014 - 10:17 PM

First/current impressions of me?


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#20 Maika



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Posted 01 May 2014 - 12:10 PM

@ArSoNiSt JoE

Hai there Joe, of course I'll answer your questions :3

1. Hm I guess it'll have to be my weirdness, life would be pretty boring without it ^^

2. I don't like that can be really selfish sometimes .~.

3. Maybe my eyes, not that I like my sight, but I like the color and shape of them :3

4. Hm I guess my arms, they look so skinny and weak :b

5. Haha my first and current impression of you haven't changed much what I know. You're a funny, positive, social and cool guy and I really like the faces you post :3



hello there love, so you decided to ask me some questions too :3

1. Well I would definitely take you with me :3 and maybe some of the catroomers could join us \owo/ I dunno where exactly we would go, there's too many places to choose from, but as long as it's a beautiful, fun and safe place I'm sure it'll be great. The objective would probably be to just explore the place and have fun together :3

2. Haha I'd say Holloween because it's just much better than the traditional Halloween, I think we all could agree on that ;3

3. The first time I saw you on the old OMF I thought you seemed like an interesting guy that I wanted to get to know. You were funny and charming/flirty as you know XD With my feelings for you growing stronger and stronger during time I now consider you my very best friend and lover, and I've never really felt this strongly for another person before <3

4. It has changed me quite a lot. When I first joined I was still a shy and innocent girl. Interested in manga I joined the forums to discuss the latest chapters and whatnot and I also saw it as an good opportunity to make my English better. But as the time went on I got to know more people and slowly I got more confident in myself and in my English. It really was one of my best decisions in life, especially since I found you there as well :3

5. Hm so the next 5 years I'm really hoping we'll be living together by then~ not sure where yet, as you know, but I'm sure we'll have a pretty peaceful life :3 in 10 years, well that feels so far away x__x, but maybe we'll have a kid by then that we're taking care of, who knows ^^

6. For books and movies I have pretty much the same favorite genres: comedy, adventure, action, romance and so. For games I guess I would say fantasy, cuz thinking about it; the games I've played are all fantasy based pretty much XD also a lot of action and whatnot I guess. And at the moment I can't really think of anything to recommend that you wouldn't know about ^^'



1. Hm I've never really had any favorites when it comes to movies/books/songs and so, but I'll try to list some movies I like:
The Host, Life as we know it, The Hunger Games: Catching fire, Marley & Me, The Book Thief (they're not in any specific order)

2. So I'm guessing you mean songs from movies/shows or so? That's gonna be even harder XD my song preferences change constantly. Nothing really comes to mind.. ah but there's this song: I See Fire - Ed Sheeran which is from the movie The Hobbit I believe :3 other than that I can't think of anything at the moment, so hope that's good enough ^^'

3. Hm well I would usually prefer a plastic plate, for example, rather than a paper plate but I think that paper is better for the environment? Hm well I guess I'll go with paper

4. Tent, sleeping bag, rope, flashlight and a knife ^^' (if the thing can be a human, then I'd replace the knife with hollow and hopefully he brought some more helpful stuff :b)

5. I think my first impression of you was when I joined one of your mafia test runs for the first time (it was my first time playing too). It hasn't really changed much since then, I think you're pretty nice and smart guy ^^

6. My absolute favorite is probably comedy, I just love to laugh :3



I can't remember my first impression of you, but I'm pretty sure it's basically the same as my current. I haven't really gotten to know you but you seem pretty nice and funny ^^

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