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[Bleach Fanfic] - Quincy Arc

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Posted 20 September 2014 - 05:20 AM

Bleach 534: One step closer

Scene opens in Soul Society. Byakuya stands facing off against Darius. Darius is still half sitting on a rock, relaxed, as the blades of Senbonzakura swirl around him. He looks amused at the anger on Byakuyas face. He speaks with his voice taking on a subtle mocking tone.

Darius: You know, I remember your fight with As Noldt. It’s surprising how such an experienced warrior such as yourself can be turned into a quivering, whimpering baby when fear hits them.

The anger disappears from Byakuyas face in an instant as he stares at Darius. His face is expressionless not giving away what he’s thinking; he turns his head slightly to look behind at Ginrei. He pauses for a brief moment before finally letting out a long deep breath and relaxing his tensed body.

Byakuya: I’ll thank you for reminding me of my past battle
Darius: what?...
Byakuya: Thus far what has been burning in me is rage, the rage of a man who has lost, who has failed. All that this rage has allowed is for me to fester over what has been taken from me, what has been stolen. In my stupor the why’s and how’s had become inconsequential. My actions in that state would likely have brought nothing else than more shame to my clan.
Byakuya: in gratitude… I offer to spare your life if you return Senbonzakura to me and leave here.

Darius stares at Byakuya for a few moments, surprise showing on his face at Byakuya’s words. Suddenly he bursts out laughing. He laughs so hard that he finds it difficult to breathe and has to forcefully control his breathing until finally coming to a stop.

Darius: Dude, I’ll give you this much, I definitely didn’t see that coming.

Darius straightens up and finally stands facing Byakuya his face turning a little serious.

Darius: I’ll tell you what, here’s some advice for you. I may not have the same ability that As Noldt that had you whimpering like a baby but I am far stronger than him alongside the fact that I have your beautiful Bankai at my disposal.
Darius: So simply because you gave me such a good laugh if you walk away now I will allow you to live.
Byakuya: You are mistaken

Byakuya draws his blade

Byakuya: My Bankai is useless to you, Senbonzkura Kageyoshi is not a bankai that someone with your level of skill or lack of experience can wield in battle.

Darius’s face tenses as anger spreads across it at the insult.

Byakuya: It will also forever be my shame that I allowed myself to be caught off guard enough to leave such an opening to be attacked. However it is not a mistake I ever intend to repeat again.
Darius: caught off guard?! Was that all?! Hah…well, I guess we’ll never know about that now will we?!
Darius: And as far as skill and experience goes I’m pretty sure I should be able to cope.

The blades of Senbonzakura suddenly all head towards Byakuya, the millions of blades surrounding him in mere seconds. Byakuya appears about 50 feet to Darius’s right. Darius turns to look at him.

Byakuya: I’ll say it once more, the likes of you have neither the skill nor experience to handle Senbonzakura, return it to me and leave if you wish to live.
Darius: we’ll see about that.

The blades attack Byakuya again, this time spreading out and coming at him like a wave, forcing him to flash step backwards. They don’t slow down as they reach him but carry on forward at speed making him flash step again and again as soon as he appears. Darius watches Byakuya flash stepping around him smiling.

Darius: Maybe it’s your skill and experience at fighting your own Bankai you should be worrying about captain.

Byakuya stops flash stepping and looks directly at Darius.

Byakuya: You are mistaken once again

As he says those words the millions of blades come crashing into him completely obscuring him from view. You see a close up of Darius’s face which is a little surprised and confused at Byakuya’s actions and words.

Darius: Well whatever, you’re done with now.
Byakuya: *Utsusemi* Way of Onmitsu, 3rd of the Shiho.

The view pans out and you see Byakuya standing directly behind Darius, his arm is outsretched and he has his index finger pointed at Darius’s right shoulder.

Byakuya: Hado No.4 *Byakurai*

A concentrated bolt of lightning shoots out of Byakuya’s finger and pierces through Darius’s shoulder shooting out the other side. Darius stumbles forward a few steps staggering and in pain. He turns around and faces Byakuya, his face clenched in pain.

Darius: Argh, (damn him, he caught me off guard, I didn’t even have my blut activated). You’re dead!!!

Darius throws out both of his hands and points them at Byakuya. Far behind him the blades of Senbonzakura come storming towards them.

Byakuya: Lack of experience in using a weapon means not knowing its weaknesses. If your opponent knows your weakness before you do then you have lost the battle before it has even begun.
Darius: I have no-
Byakuya: Senbonzakura is not generous enough to distinguish friend from foe.

Byakuya flashsteps away just as the millions of blades come crashing into Darius obliterating him from sight his screams ringing high in the air.

Scene change to Hueco Mundo.

Ichigo is still off to one side watching Halibel with the other two captains standing together further off. Zaraki’s hand can been seen, unmoving, out of the rubble down on the ground below.

Ichigo: Why are you protecting him?

Halibel just stares at Ichigo saying nothing. She swings her sword in front of her leaving a yellow trail of light. Behind her a dozen arrancar appear and countless hollows.

Ichigo: …. Tch fine, don’t answer but you know you can’t defeat me, you’re just committing suicide by attacking. Don’t force me to have to kill you!
???: Hey Ichigo! Don’t go thinking that you’re the only one who has grown in the time since our last encounter, many things have changed since then you know.

Ichigo turns around in surprise at the familiar voice. He looks high towards the ceiling where the voice came from. Sitting over the hole, which is now significantly bigger, that Zaraki originally crashed through, with a big grin on his face is Grimmjow in his released form.

Ichigo: Grimmjow?!!
Grimmjow: Hey Ichigo.
Halibel: Grimmjow!! Why have you come back?!!

Grimmjow pushes off the edge of the roof and comes down until he is standing roughly between the two captains and Ichigo. He turns to look towards Halibel his smile turning a little more serious.

Grimmjow: Did you really think I was going to leave you to do this by yourself?
Grimmjow: Me going wouldn’t have changed anything, we live or we die, either way it’s out of our hands now.

Grimmjow looks towards Ichigo once more smiling at the confused look on his face.

Grimmjow: Still don’t get it do you Ichigo?
Ichigo:…tell me Grimmjow.
Grimmjow: we held out for as long as we could, but from the onset you could tell it was useless. We didn’t stand a chance what with their numbers and abilities. They've also been recruiting the arrancars on the sly, all the ones that weren’t good enough for the espada, all the ones we told to get lost he’s slowly been recruiting and training up. We kept fighting though until…
Ichigo:…until they destroyed Soul society.
Grimmjow: yeh, after that it was pretty clear even for us. Keep fighting and be killed off until there’s no one left or join him and maybe he’ll decide to keep his word and let our people live.
Joushiro: our people?

Grimmjow turns to look at him his face now wild with anger.

Grimmjow: Why the hell do you think she is here you idiot?!!
Grimmjow: Do you think Bach expected her to live fighting against all three of you even with those arrancar behind her?!
Grimmjow: that was the deal she had to make, we all serve and in turn they stop killing us. You might hate us because of how we are driven by our hunger but that does not make us evil! We are not incapable of feeling-

Ichigo interrupts Grimmjos’s next words, speaking quietly, he is looking down at his sword.

Ichigo: -I don’t hate you
Ichigo: Neither did the captain commander. He knew… understood completely that you weren’t evil, no more so than any soul in soul society is inherently good. You are just the other end of the scale. Without you there is no soul society, and without them there is no you.
Ichigo: It’s why they never actively hunted you, he made sure that they did just enough to protect the humans and maintain the balance and that was all.

Ichigo turns to face Halibel once more

Ichigo: We can help you, we can help each other.

Halibels voice is soft and bitter as she replies.

Halibel: You couldn’t even help yourselves.
Halibel: Enough of this, it changes nothing. If I wish for my people to survive then I have no other choice. Grimmjow if you’re not going to go then fight the other two, I’l fight him!
Grimmjow: Hey No! if anyone is-

Halibel doesn’t wait for him to finish and launches herself at Ichigo. She starts attacking him, her strikes pushing Ichigo back through the air but he is able to deflect them comfortably without straining.
Grimmjow looks at them and sighs

Grimmjow: She even takes the fun out of dying.

He turns to face the two captains and grins

Grimmjow: well I guess I’ll just have to make do with you.

Shunsui raises both his hands in front of him.

Shunsui: no no no no, not me just him first if you don’t mind. I’d like to rest if that’s ok.
Joushiro (whispering): Kyoraku what are you doing?!
Shunsui (whispering): I think someone needs to go down and look after those two, plus I have no desire to kill him, so you’d be the best to handle him.
Jousiro:… I understand, I have no desire to see them dead myself…

Shunsui looks towards Grimmjow and gives him a big open mouthed smile and waves at him.

Shunsui: byeeeeeeebyeeeeeeee.

Shunsui disappears leaving Grimmjow and
Joushiro by themselves.

Grimmjow studies the talismans hovering in the air behind Jousiro.

Grimmjow: That looks like an interesting ability, unfortunately I missed the show earlier, so what does it do?
Joushiro: Why don’t you see if you can find out?

Grimmjow grins as he dashes forward.

Scene Changes to Soul Society

Byakuya stands over the shredded body of Darius, he bends down and picks up the medallion staring at it. Over his shoulder you see Ginrei walking towards them.

Byakuya: Sen...bon...zakura....
Ginrei: you make me proud young Byakuya, to lead your opponent like that was magnificent to watch. To be able to dictate the battle you want from the offset your battle strategy rivals the very best.
Byakuya: His arrogance was his ruin...as it almost was mine in the past.
Ginrei: You do yourself injustice young Byakuya, I don't believe I ever raised someone with 'such' an arrogance.
Ginrei: Winning and losing is a part of life and a part of battle, you should not see it as anything more. I won the right to protect the king but I lost the right to continue watching you grow.
Byakuya:...and yet I still have not managed to win back Senbonzakura.

Beside them Ryuken, Uryuu and Isshin appear, on the other side of them Wairudo appears also.

Wairudo: It seems your battle is finally over
Ginrei: Yes. Ishida Ryuken, are you able to release the Bankai from the medallion.
Ryuken: Yes I am, however I do not think it would be the most prudent thing to be doing at the moment, I'm sure you understand why Kuchiki Ginrei.
Ginrei:... I do.
Byakuya: What do you mean?!
Ginrei: The distance is somewhat far so you may not have been able to notice but Juha Bach has returned with what seems like six formidable allies.
Ryuken: Six pure blood quincies from what I can gather, on a completely different level to the pawns he's sent out so far.
Ginrei: If we return your bankai now it would just increase the chances of it being stolen again and used by the enemy.
Byakuya: Do you think I would use it again to be stolen?!
Ryuken: Which is precisely why I won't be returning it
Ryuken: Whilst it's sealed in the medallion it means it cannot be stolen which means you can use it at your leisure against your enemy.

Ryuken grins and takes a long puff on his cigarette and blows out the smoke in a huge cloud. He looks directly at Byakuya and grins widely.

Ryuken: I love being the bearer of good news!

Scene Change to Hueco Mundo

In the background you can still see Halibel pushing Ichigo around, he's deflecting her blows easily, however he is not counterattacking.
In the foreground you see Grimmjow strike down at Joushiro with his claws. Joushiro blocks it with his sword effortlessly, without flinching or taking a step back. Grimmjow seems surprised by this and strikes down with his other hand, Joushiro blocks his attack once more, his sword barely moving from the strike. Behind Joushiro two of the talismans light up. Grimmjow jumps back leaving some space between him and Joushiro the surprise still evident on his face.

Grimmjow: what exactly are you doing?!
Joushiro: hmmmm, maybe you're just not as strong as you think?
Grimmjow: hah you're almost as funny as Ichigo, fine don't tell me, I'll just have to work it out myself.

Grimmjow sticks out his palm. A cero shoots out heading straight towards Joushiro. As it strikes him it disappears, another talisman behind him lights up.

Grimmjow: you're absorbing them aren't you, my attacks?
Joushiro: am I?! I hadn't noticed.
Grimmjow: hah, fine lets see if you can absorb my gran rey cero.

Grimmjow slashes his left palm and holds it out. The gran rey cero builds and shoots out at Joushiro. Just as the normal cero it strikes Joushiro and dissapears, another talisman behind him lighting up.

Grimmjow: hmph, I wonder what happens once all those talismans fill up.

Joushiro turns around to look at them, as he turns to look back at Grimmjow he smiles.

Joushiro: oh I hadn't noticed, they look quite pretty don't they?

Grimmjow smirks at him and disappears, reappearing just above Joushiro to one side and coming down to strike. Joushiro once again blocks Grimmjows claws with ease with his left sword. This time he brings his right sword around and strikes quite casually at Grimmjow.
Grimmjow see's the strike coming and shifts so that it hits his upper left arm and stops.

Grimmjow: seriously you're gonna have to strike harder to pierce my-

Grimmjow goes rushing down towards the ground at great speed and crashes in amongst the rubble. Behind Joushirou one of the talismans dims. He points his right blade down towards Grimmjow and releases a Cero straight at him.

Grimmjow: ( what the?!! That felt like...that son of a!!!)

He comes flying back up dosging the cero easily and faces off against Joushiro. His face is angry now, Joushiro also looks very serious.

Grimmjow: you used my own attack against me, [spits out some blood].
Joushiro: I did.
Grimmjow: ...so I just have to make sure that you can't block my attacks with your swords, right?!
Joushiro: It may not be as easy as it sounds.
Grimmjow: [rushing forward] we'll see!!

Scene change to soul society.

Juha Bach stands in front of the six Quincies observing soul society with a smile on his face.
Mazrim appears to one side carrying Zenmaru. He drops him to the ground and bows down on one knee in front of Bach.

Mazrim: Your majesty, I have captured one of the zero squad as you commanded.
Bach: Splendid Mazrim, I expected nothing less, my apologies for making you work alongside that rabble for so long.
Mazrim: Whatever his majesty commands.

Bach grins and looks towards the lying body of Zenmaru.

Bach: Did he cause you much trouble?
Mazrim: No, fortunately the captains bankai assisted in capturing him quickly without having to harm him too much.
Bach: hmmmm, did you by any chance capture his Bankai?
Mazrim: My apologies your majesty, no, I didn't give him a chance to release it and incapacitated him the quickest way possible.
Bach: Do not worry, it was merely a whim to see the Bankai of the zero squad. I'm sure we'll get to see one soon enough.

Bach walks forward looking out and takes a deep breath.

Bach: Mazrim, take him to Jugo and tell him to begin the process and open up the portal as soon as he can.
Mazrim: Yes your majesty.
Bach: We'll see what fun we can have whilst we're waiting.

Mazrim disappears taking Zenmaru with him. As he does Bach focuses on something far off.

Bach: now lets see what the little ants plan to do next.

Next week Bleach 535: Resolve 2

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Bleach 535: Resolve 2

Scene opens up in soul society.

Bach sits on top of Soukyoku hill looking out on soul society. He sits on a tall backed chair lounging comfortably with a big smile on his face. Behind him lined up in single file standing to attention are the six Quincy.

Bach: it seems the ants have finally stopped moving, though they seem spread out a little thin don't they Freidrich?

The Quincy at the end of the line takes a few steps forward to come stand next to the left side of Bach's chair.

Freidrich: It would seem that they wish to tackle us one on one Bach sama.
Bach: Indeed, Indeed. I wonder if this is the idea of Ishida Ryuken? Does he have some tricks up his sleeve or is it maybe that the Zero squad members are over estimating themselves?
Freidrich: If Bach sama commands we can show them where their place truly lies.
Bach: Calm Freidrich, ever does pride come before the fall and why should we concern ourselves with the pride of ants.
Freidrich: Yes Bach sama.
Bach: Hmmmm, Mazrim hasn't returned yet though. There are six of them and six of you, I suppose you may as well go and get some of the rust off since I've not given you the chance recently. Go and have fun there's no need to rush, it seems we have a little bit of a wait ahead of us.

All six of the Quincies bow and disappear. Bach rests his elbow on the armchair propping his chin against his hand and grins.

Bach: Now let's see which fireworks are the brightest.

Scene change to outer Hueco Mundo.

Everything is still and quiet. Hundreds of hollows still remain but not a single one of them is moving, they all stand staring towards the palace. The captains in the ground have stopped fighting them too and are now staring at them in confusion. High up in the air Shinji seems to be shouting at Mayuri.

Shinji: Hey are you listening to me?! What do you mean by 'as expected'?! Don't go spouting stuff out without explaining it!
Mayuri: ...I assumed it would have been obvious, but I suppose with intellect at your level it would require some explanation.
Shinji: tch.
Mayuri: it should have been obvious that being such polar opposites,for the Quincy and Hollows to work together was never going to be a possibility.
Shinji: Then what-
Mayuri: This was quite obviously subjugation. They aren't working together, more to the fact the Hollows are serving the Quincy.
Shinji: Subjugation...
Mayuri: Indeed. And from within the palace recently I sensed six presences disappear along with Juha Bach.
Shinji:...are you trying to say-
Mayuri: From my extensive studies on them in the past I could easily deduce that these six were indeed Quincies even if they were masking their reiatsu.
It would seem that Juha Bach and his real disciples have now left Hueco Mundo and since we've taken out any presence of their underlings that there was out here it would explain why the hollows remaining have now stopped.
Mayuri: they are awaiting the current outcome of the battle going on within.

Scene change to inside the Palace.

Ichigo is still fighting against Halibel, he is still letting her do most of the attacking whilst he just deflects her attacks. Further away from them Grimmjow is still standing off against Joushiro. He is breathing a little heavily whilst Joushiro still seems composed and unhurt. Behind Joushiro all nine of his talismans have been lit up.

Joushiro: it seems like I have the full set.
Grimmjows: huh, yeh but they were all physical attacks! Which means you'll have to hit me to use them.
Joushiro: Wasn't it you that was attacking me? I'm happy to sit back.

Grimmjow slashes his palm and holds it out in front of him.

Grimmjow: more importantly now that all your talismans have filled up you can no longer absorb my attacks, which means I can now do this!

Grimmjow releases his gran ray cero once more, it flies straight towards Joushiro who strikes at it just as it is about to hit. The gran ray cero splits into two and flies off in different directions before exploding off in the distance.

Grimmjow: That was my gran rey cero, how could-
Joushiro: I did have a little help.

Joushiro points back at his talismans two of which are now no longer lit up.

Grimmjow: grrr, so you used my attacks to increase the force of your strike and cutting power.
Joushiro: Seems like we're back to square one aren't we? Any more ideas ?
Grimmjow: I'm gonna-

A blaze of energy lights up the whole palace for a moment startling the both of them. Grimmjow turns around to see Ichigo standing a few feet away from Halibel, she is standing still her arms lowered, blood sprays out from her chest as she begins to fall towards the ground below.

Grimmjow: Noooo!!

Grimmjow flies towards the falling Halibel and catches her just before she crashes to the ground, he comes skidding to a halt in the rubble as he places her down gently.

Grimmjow: What have you done?! Why take it so far?!

Halibel coughs in pain as Ichigo comes down and stands next to them.

Ichigo: I'm sorry Halibel, I wish it didn't have to come to this but I can no longer waste anytime here.
Halibel: There is nothing to apologise for, this is how it had to be...
Ichigo: If only you had trusted me, if only you had helped us instead it-
Halibel: Who says I'm not going to help you?
Halibel: You defeated Aizen when that should have been impossible, you (cough, cough), in fact ever since you became a shinigami you've done one impossible thing after another.
Halibel: If there is one person I would entrust to overcome these odds it would be you Kurosaki Ichigo... But I cannot risk my people's future on just those odds. My death by your hand is the only thing I can do to at least ensure the possibility of their survival and so I have, I entrust you to ensure my death doesn't go in vain.
Halibel: Bach has four additional Quiincy who he has left within the void between Hueco Mundo and Soul Society. Their purpose is to destroy any connections made attempting to bridge the two worlds, whilst they are there it is impossible for you to create a portal and go after him.
Ichigo:...so you can-
Halibel: no, even I don't have permission to go there and any attempt I make will also fail. However, their primary focus is on terminating any portals connecting to soul society not the human world.
Halibel: Hollows frequently make portals towards there and there are a vast number open to there at any one time and more constantly being opened and closed.
Grimmjow: Which is why they've left them alone, there's no reason to go there and terminating them would be a full time job.
Halibel: Grimmjow will help you get to the real world through one of these, from there you will have to work out your own way to get to soul society.
Grimmjow: I'm not-
Halibel: My price for helping you is for you to bring balance to our two worlds if you manage to defeat the Quincy and help guide the new ruler of Hueco Mundo.
Grimmjow:...New ruler?!
Halibel: Yes...you.

Halibel strikes out and pireces Grimmjow through the chest with her hand.

Grimmjow:?!! Aargh
Halibel: ...to help you rule well.
Grimmjow: Argh...no...don't!!

Halibel's whole body begins to glow, the glow increases as she slowly begins to dematerialise and she merges with Grimmjow.

Grimmjow: Nooooooooo!!!

A massive tower of reiatsu shoots out of Grimmjow rising high into the sky, his scream can still be heard over the roar as he begins to glow and then suddenly explodes.

Scene change to Soul Society

You observe the ground from very high up in the sky. Down below you can see Ryuken, Uryuu, Isshin, Ginrei, Wairudo and Byakuya spread out far and wide. They have given themselves enough space to battle in however they are still also able to see everyone else. They are spread out in what looks like a semi circle with Wairudo at one end and Ryuken at the other. Ryuken looks at the others lined up, Wairudo looking like a small speck on the far side. Almost simultaneously in front of all of them a Quincy appears standing off about twenty feet away. Ryuken turns back to look ahead of him and see's a Quincy standing there as well.

Freidrich: It has been a while Ryuken.
Ryuken: ...Freidrich?!!
Freidrich: So you still remember me. I'm honoured Last Quincy.
Ryuken: ...You trained me even harder than my father did, how could I ever forget you. I thought you'd died a long time ago...
Freidrich: I did.
Ryuken:?! Freidrich, you of all people, how could you join with him?! Your pride and resolve, you and father...how could you?!!
Freidrich: (sighs) I understand. I understand because I remember. Before I died, I remember the way I felt, I remember my immovable resolve.
Ryuken: ...
Freidrich: I remember the offer being made to me... I remember my family being murdered when I refused. I remember it all.
Freidrich: And yet I still joined him... do you think that was without reason?

Ryuken stares at him with an expression of grim sadness on his face.

Ryuken: Tell me.
Freidrich: Bach is able to track the souls of the Quincy he kills. After he killed my family and me, he tracked my soul before it was found by a shinigami and-
Ryuken: A Quincy's powers do not pass over when they die, it's not like how it is with the Shinigami, so how can you still...
Freidrich: As much as our abilities have to do with our dna they also equally are a part of our soul as well. They can be awakened if you know how.
Ryuken: and Bach does.
Freidrich: Yes, he filled his power into me causing my own to be re-awakened. He shared his memories with me at the same time and I finally understood. Understood why this is the just cause.
Ryuken: so he brainwashed you.
Freidrich: No!!

The echo of that one word reverberates out over battlefield.

Freidrich: He has promised that once we achieve victory and he takes the place of the soul king he will reunite our families to us but I tell you now that even if that was not the case I would still follow him.
Ryuken: ...
Freidrich: Do you not see Ryuken, what justice is there now?! The real world is corrupt in itself that requires little explanation, the hollows, they still continually kill people without the Shinigami being able to stop them in time. The shinigami themselves are no more naturally noble as we are naturally evil and they cannot stop infighting even amongst themselves.
Ryuken: ...
Freidrich: inequality, suffering, pain.
Chaos wrapped up in the cloak normality.
Ryuken: and he aims to resolve all that?
Freidrich: Yes. What has the soul king ever done to remedy it. Rather than change anything himself the only action he's ever taken is to stop us changing anything when we tried.
Ryuken: And once he's seized power, he decides what's right and wrong...who lives and dies?
Ryuken:... It was you who once told me that you were glad that he had lost. The world needed the freedom to choose. To choose whether to be good or bad, to strive for it, achieve it, so that we could learn and grow as individuals AND as a people...where will that choice go once he takes control.
Freidrich: (sighs)

Suddenly across the whole battlefield towers of energy shoot up into the sky one after the other as all of the other Quincy activate their Vollstandig.

Freidrich: I knew you wouldn't understand yet, but I wished you to remember this conversation after you died.
Freidrich: choice is an illusion, it is the indulgence of the strong nothing more.
Freidrich: for example, what choice do you think any of you now have in leaving here alive?

Next week: 536 & 537: knowing your enemy.

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Posted 09 October 2014 - 10:39 AM

Bleach 536 & 537: Knowing your enemy.

Scene opens high above soul society. Far down below you can see the swirling, turbulent atmosphere on the land as the towers of energy begin dissipating. The Scene zooms until you can now see Bach lounging in his chair with that ever gloating smile on his face. Mazrim appears next to him and bows low.

Mazrim: Your Majesty, Jugo has said it should not take too long.
Mazrim: Your Majesty, he also said that there was an unusually large spike of energy from Hueco Mundo not long ago.
Bach: Hmm, quite probably the life of Tier Halibel has ended, it matters not as long as they don’t disturb us until we are done.
Mazrim: Yes your Majesty. Should I assist the others?
Bach: No, it will be more fun to enjoy watching these one to one. I’m sure they have some plan on how to fight us and I would like to see what it is.
Bach:… isn’t that right Urahara Kisuke?
Bach: Come on out, there is no use in hiding, if I had wished to kill you I would have attacked before now.

No more than 20 feet away to the left of Bachs chair, the air begins to waiver and shimmer and Urahara Kisuke appears clothed head to foot in his black reiatsu hiding cloak. He lowers his hood so that his face can be seen clearly.

Kisuke: Well I guess I was going to get caught sometime, how long have you known I was here?
Bach: Hah, for as long as I’ve been sitting on this throne.
Kisuke: And yet you’ve chosen not to attack me?
Bach: hmph, you are the most intelligent man in and out of soul society.
Kisuke: Why thank you for the-
Bach: and an extremely tricky one too
Bach: who knows what traps you’ve got laid out or planned…also what guarantee do I have that that is the real you?
Kisuke:! I was not aware you knew of my Shikai’s abilities.
Bach: After all you’ve done did you not think I would learn as much of you as I could? You've kept your secrets well , but that was one you let slip.
Kisuke: Well I may have above average intelligence but no one’s perfect are they haha… and it’s not like you have any real interest in picking a fight…

Bach looks stone faced at Kisuke for a brief moment before suddenly bursting out in loud jovial laughter.

Bach: If there was anyone who would deduce my plans on their own it would be you. Tell me, what else have you deduced about us? i would find your deductions even more interesting than the battle below us.

Kisuke takes a few steps forward and peers out towards the battlefield.

Kisuke: I was in point of fact thinking of going down and lending them a hand.

The joviality disappears from Bachs face and instead his eyes take on a menacingly evil glint. As Urahara Kisuke turns to look at him he locks gazes and flashes an evil smile.

Bach: Well that would be very interesting, maybe interesting enough for me to take part as well!

Scene Changes down to the Battlefield.

Ishida is standing off against one of the Quincies. The energy circulating around the Quincy in their Volstandig form seems to be immense. As Uryuu watches him, the Quincy pulls off his cap and cloak and throws it to one side. A shocked looks passes Uryuu’s face as he sees that the Quincy looks to be a boy the same age as him, if not slightly younger. The Quincy looks at Uryuu, grinning widely. He has short blond hair with a fringe at the front and looks similar to a younger version of Shinji.

Manden: You seem surpised? Kote Manden at your service my liege.
Uryuu: …You’re mocking me…is there a reason why?

Manden begins to laugh out loud at Uryuu’s words.

Manden: Reason? Of course there’s a bloody reason! You! Last in the line of royalty and look how pathetic you are.
Manden: You see, I’ve been watching you for a long time Ishida Uryuu! To begin with I was curious, as one of my few peers left alive, and one with royal lineage on top, I wished to evaluate my own abilities against yours.
Manden: hmph, but you, you were just pathetic. Failing at every turn, relying on everyone to save your ass, you made me laugh and feel disgusted at the same time at how pitiful you are.

Manden spreads his arms out wide to either side and indicates the entire battlefield.

Manden: Why do you think we’re all just standing doing nothing. We’re not here just to kill you, we’re here to show how pathetic you are. How useless all your tactics and abilities are against us.

Manden expels out a huge amount of reiatsu, making the ground around him shake.

Manden: Come at me prince of the Quincy. Show me what you can do when your life is on the line. Today i get to show you how beneath me you have always been!!

Scene change to Wairudo

He stands before another released Quincy. This one is tall and seems muscularly built and looks similar to Sagat from street fighter. Wairudo is half crouched, his hand on his sheathed sword which is glowing slightly

Mashida: Well how much longer do you plan to wait? I thought that after you released your sword you would attack me immediately. Have I not explained it well enough? You are all to be given a chance at the first strike. Shouldn’t you make the best use of it?
Wairudo: …Indeed
Mashida: …after all…the longer you wait the longer we have to torture your comrade...

Mashido disappears appearing a few feet to his left, then again appearing to his right and then finally back in his original postion.

Far behind him a large mound of rubble suddenly explodes, debris flying in all directions.

Mashida: My my, isn’t that a quick attack. The Quickdraw I’ve never seen it before. It’s certainly an excellent technique, quite ideal to use against us as well. It’s speed would mean that we wouldn’t have enough time to absorb it. Unfortunately for you though, that technique still loses out to a Quincy for two reasons.
Mashida: Our speed…and our ability to detect reiatsu. Par on par it outclasses that of you shinigami. Even if I can’t absorb a technique like that, avoiding it is childs play.

Wairudo stiffens up as Mashido starts disappearing and flitting around the battlefield.

Mashida: Is that all you have? I’m afraid you’ll have to try something different… numbers will not assist you here.

Wairudo flashbacks to a little while earlier. He is standing in the 12th squads Barracks. He’s in front of some computer screens watching battles from the previous fights with the sternritters. Behind him Urahara Kisuke appears. Wairudo speaks to him without turning around.

Wairudo: So you didn’t go with them to Hueco Mundo. I’m not surprised.
Kisuke: Wairudo san. I think it’s time we put old differences to one side and speak frankly to one another. I have information you will need if you wish to survive the coming battles.

Wairudo comes out of his flashback and stands up straight once more. Mashida settles down on the ground facing him grinning widely.

Mashida: so? Thought of anything new??

Wairudo: No, entirely the opposite.

He unsheathes his sword in one big swing and holds it out out in front of him, the tip pointing down.

Wairudo: *Bankai*
Mashida: ( hah you fool)

Scene change to Urahara and Bach.

Urahara takes a few steps away from the cliff and looks over to Bach. He looks over at Bach and sighs.

Kisuke: Well...the pieces were all mixed up, but once you realise they're all there it wasn't hard to put them together.
Bach: indeed! (grins widely).
Kisuke: You attacked soul society, and that without your main force, and destroyed it. Yet you chose not to press your advantage and kill everyone.
Bach: and you found that unusual? (Still grinning widely)
Kisuke: You out of anyone has an understandable reason to want revenge. What has been done to your people, what has been done to you. Even if your primary intention was to mobilise the Zero squad and get them down here that still could have been achieved by killing everyone, and yet you chose not to do so.

Bach still grinning widely stands up and walks towards the edge of the cliff, he turns slightly so he is half facing Urahara and indicates him to carry on.

Kisuke: that seems to suggest that revenge was never on your mind. Yes, because of your history with us, you may not feel any sadness or sorrow at killing us indiscriminately, but our destruction was simply a means to an end.
Bach: Splendid Urahara Kisuke, and what would that end be?
Kisuke: You chose to attack after Aizen had been defeated, that itself is an indication. I doubt if you ever truly feared him any more than you feared Yamamoto genryusai. So why wait?
Bach: indeed.
Kisuke: it could be that you had yet to complete your full mobilisation of your forces, or maybe you couldn't fully act whilst he was there without revealing your presence to us.
Kisuke: but the most likely possibilities were that you were just biding your time. If he succeeded in finding another way of getting to Soul Kings realm then he would have completed your task for you.
Bach: so yet another confirmation for you as to my objective.
Kisuke: Yes, your objective was clear, and has now been confirmed once I saw you capture that Zero squad member.
Bach: Urahara Kisuke you certainly do not fail to disappoint. There is just one thing left for you to explain...What makes you think you can stop me?!
Kisuke:...Well your weaknesses are pretty obvious once you take the time to look at them-

Suddenly the whole area begins to shake, the vibrations in the air are intense. The sky dims and turns dark, both Bach and Kisuke look out towards the battlefield once again.
The view zooms out and high up to take in all of the battlefield. The view zooms in for a moment on Ginrei who is now being surrounded by shooting bolts of lightning. It changes to Byakuya who has Senbonzkura Kageyoshi released. Finally it changes to Isshin who has
Released Kokujo Tengen Myo with the massive samurai standing behind him with his sword drawn.
The scene zooms back to Bach's face who is grinning widely.

Bach: Are they indeed?! Let's see how well they can make use of those weaknesses!!

Scene change to Wairudo

Mashida stands looking at his medallion in confusion and surprise
Mashida: ?! Why isn't it working?!
Wairudo: Did you think you could keep using your abilities and your flaws would not be revealed?
Mashida:...what flaws?
Wairudo: hmph, don't you know? Or is that your master has not deemed it fit to tell you?
Wairudo: do not think I will grant any consideration to vermin such as yourself, die with your ignorance!

The ground 20 feet around Mashida explodes as if a bomb has gone off clouding the whole area in dust.

Scene change to Byakuya

He has enclosed himself and the Quincy in his Kaleidescope. The pink swords of the Senbonzakura rotate around them.
The Quincy (Mandarb) is observing the swords as they move.

Mandarb: Interesting technique, would I be right in presuming this focuses solely on attack.
Byakuya: you would be correct.
Mandarb: Granted that I cannot at present seal them away but do you believe this will be enough to kill me?
Byakuya: You are mistaken.

The swords moving around them stop. They begin to pulse with colour.

Byakuya: I was never meant to kill you.

The swords, all in unison point towards Mandarb and fly towards him with blinding speed.

Scene change to Ginrei

Ginrei stands with lightning bolts shooting down all around him striking the ground. They strike only in and around him and nowhere near the Quincy facing him. Ginrei is smiling pleasantly towards his opponent. The Quincy has long spiky hair, in similar style to Zaraki's.

Kensei: Why do you smile old man? Is it because you have gone senile, or do you find it funny that you have yet to hit me even once?
Ginrei: No not at all, I was just musing as to how long it would take someone of your calibre to ascertain my intentions.
Kensei:?!! Are you trying to slight me old man?!

Ginrei smiles more warmly towards Kensei.

Ginrei: well that depends? Have you figured out what I'm doing yet?

Scene change to Uryuu.

Uryuu is firing hundreds of arrows towards Manden who just stands there grinning as they all get absorbed. He begins laughing at Uryuu's failed attempts.

Manden: You truly are hopeless Ishida Uryuu, haven't you yet learned that your arrows are useless against our abilities.

Uryuu says nothing but begins to change locations as he fires from different angles.

Manden: Are you panicking already knowing that you're outclassed. That none of you're attacks can even touch me whilst I have my Volstandig and Sklaveri. I was better trained than you at half your age, I'm superior to you in every way!!

Uryuu appears in front of Manden still firing arrows. They have now increased in size some thicker than tree trunks. All get absorbed as soon as they close to Manden.

Uryuu: It seems you weren't trained in one thing however.
Uryuu: How to rid yourself of your arrogance.

Suddenly 5 steel bolts slam into Mandens body.

Manden: aargh
Uryuu: Quincy rule 19 - You are only outclassed when you fail to find your opponents weakness.

Scene change to Bach and Kisuke.

Bach: impressive, hiding those steel bolts within the reishi arrows. He was lucky in that he faced Manden. It wouldn't have been so easy against one of the others.
Mazrim: That boy has always been too arrogant for his own good.
Bach:...and he's always had a bone to pick with Ishida Ryukens son. Mazrim, I'd like to see the heart of your nephew but in debt of the actions you have had to take on my behalf, feel free to intercede if you so wish.
Mazrim: Thank you Bach sama.

Mazrim bows low and disappears. Bach looks towards Kisuke once more.

Bach: so they chose their weakest to spring the counter attack assuming we would provide him with the opportunity.
Kisuke: It does seem so, it was a risky strategy but most probably the only one they had.
Bach: Urahara Kisuke, what have you told them? You said our weaknesses were obvious and their actions seem to indicate some knowledge of them.

Kisuke: Well most of it is educated guesswork, but as I said before once you saw the pieces of the puzzle it wasn’t too hard to put together.
Kisuke: Why is it that you only chose to steal our Bankai and nothing else? Why was it that you always stole them almost immediately after they were released?
Kisuke: Knowing a little of the Quincy from before, and being fortunate to experience your Sklaveri first hand in Hueco Mundo, it was quite obvious that this technique was an offshoot of that.
Bach: Ah, so you have had some help after all, so that’s what you used to deduce our limits.
Kisuke: Indeed. I saw your Sklaveri tear apart the very surroundings and even a half living mindless beast, yet, it left everyone else around un-harm and untouched.
Bach: Hmph, and so you asked yourself your first question, if it’s ability is to steal and rip reishi away why didn’t it do so with us?
Kisuke: correct, since the matter our bodies are primarily made up with is reishi the easiest thing would be to steal it to the point that we were incapacitated or dead. You would have had the easiest victory in history of any battle.
Bach: and so you realised that the answer was quite obvious.
Kisuke: Yes, you did not do so because you could not do so.
Bach: And so you asked yourself the second question, Why couldn’t we?!
Kisuke: Precisely. As I have said this is an educated guess, but everything does seem to point towards. You cannot steal away reishi merged with a soul.
Bach: But your Bankai-
Kisuke: -to be more precise, you cannot steal anything linked too closesly to the soul. Un-attached reishi is easy enough to break down and absorb but the same isn’t true for resihi created by and part of a soul. You are unable to break that down, you do not have the power. Therefore your only option was to seal it away rather than absorb it. However you could not even do that when the resihi was closely merged with the soul. It is why you could not seal our reishi or even seal our Shikai where only a small portion of our power manifests externally because it was still too closely linked to persons soul.
Bach: Heh but when you use bankai the majority of your power takes an external and separate form weakening the link.
Kisuke: Weak enough for you to seal it away.
Bach: Splendid, splendid indeed Urahara Kisuke, you are correct on all counts. Did you not also ask why was it that we stole them almost immediately after they were released?
Kisuke: I would guess that, unlike your sklaveri, to increase the seals power to steal away the bankai it could no longer be omni-directional, therefore it had to be faced roughly in the right direction of the Bankai and within a certain distance to suck/draw it in.
Bach: Correct once again! Hah, you must be pleased to discern our limitations and weaknesses so quickly?!
Bach: Surely you must gloating with confidence being able to now prepare a counterattack!!
Bach:…Or maybe the reason you are unable to smile now is because I have not shown the slightest concern in your discovery?!

Scene change to the battlefield. As the scene changes from battle to battle you can still here Bach's voice in the background.
You see Freidrich and Ryuken moving using hirenkyaku appearing one place after another but, not a single shot is fired, not a single attack made.

Bach: the reason is simple.

You see Isshin who has already released his shikai. His ring of fire encircles him rotating extremely fast. The female Quincy facing off against him is laughing and shooting arrows from every single direction but they are all either absorbed by pressure of his flames or being struck down by the flames shooting out from his ring.
To one side you can see the giant of Kokujou Tengen myo walking away from them.

Bach: They were never given any instruction to survive.

You see Manden on his knees, the steel bolts still in his body. Uryuu unleashes a barrage of arrows towards him.

Bach: How long would you think it would take me to crush these ants beneath my feet if I so wished? What would happen if I released Yamamoto's Bankai right now??!

The arrows released by Uryuu crash into an ice wall just before they reach Manden. Behind the wall of ice you see Mazrim appear, he bends down and lifts up Manden in his arms. He looks towards Uryuu and gives an almost imperceptible nod before disappearing.

Bach: Their mission was never to defeat or kill you.

The black bubble of Kuchiki Byakuya explodes out from the top lightning bolts storming out through the breach into the sky.

Kensei:?!! Through the ground?!
Ginrei: (still smiling) that is correct.
Kensei: So you never had any intention of fighting us one on one.
Ginrei: whatever gave you that idea? This is a war after all.
Kensei: hmph, so how do you intend to stop me from killing you then old man?!

Tree roots break out from the ground and wind themselves around Kensei's legs binding him in place.

Ginrei: (little old man chuckle) as you said before

To the side you see the giant of Kokujou Tengen Myo arriving close and raising his sword high.

Ginrei: we never had any intention of fighting you one on one.

The sword comes crashing down obliterating everything around it.

Bach: Their mission was to keep you occupied and let this old man have some rest.

Suddenly before Bach and Kisuke the 5 Quincy appear standing. They look a little scuffled with some torn robes and a few scratches here or there but none look to have any serious injury. Behind Bach's throne Mazrim appears with Manden in his arms, gently laying him on the ground.

Bach: After all, why worry about dying when I can just bring them back once i sit on my new throne!!

Next week: 538 - Reinforcements.

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Bleach 538: Reinforcements?!

Scene opens up where it left off,
The Quincy stare down onto the battlefield they have just left.
Mashida has clean cuts across most of his clothes head to foot, a few of them are spattered with blood where the cut had reached though to the skin but for the most part he seems completely uninjured.

Mashida: Well that wasn't nearly as much fun as I'd have hoped. They seemed to know too much about us to enjoy it to its fullest.

Manden stands next to him his clothes and face looking quite singed.

Manden: Their teamwork was impressive too. To execute so well with so little time. I feel no embarrassment in admitting that if that lightning had struck me directly rather than through the ground I would have sustained much worse injuries.
Kensei: indeed, their misdirection was flawless.

Kensei seems to have suffered the worst injuries apart from Manden. His clothes around his arms and chest are all torn up and blood is caked all over them.

Kensei: That old fool made me think he was attacking me with that giant samurai and then runs lightning through his bloody tree roots. He almost had me incapacitated.

The female Quincy laughs, she looks completely unharmed.

Riifa: if he's the fool Kensei then what does that make you?
Kensei: Shut it Riifa.
Riifa: anyway, that's not the most curious thing if you had the chance to notice.

Freidrich: Kurosaki Ichigo, Zaraki Kenpachi, Urahara Kisuke, Ishida Ryuken and Aizen Souske. The five people with the greatest potential to either aid or hinder this war.

Mazrim walks over to join them and stands beside Freidrich, his arms soaked red with blood.

Mazrim: this being primarily because they were incalculable equations due to either the lack of information on their abilities and strength or because their growth hadn't reached its peak.
Riifa: And yet Kuraski Ichigo's father was able to dispel all my attacks with minimum effort. I may only have been having fun but I can tell-
Freidrich: we overlooked him since there were no records of him ever showing any particular talent or ability. We should have expected much more from Kurosaki Ichigo's father, it would seem he has been hiding his true potential even whilst he was a captain in the Gotei 13.
Mazrim: He's also the best friend of Ishida Ryuken, he probably knows better than anyone down there on how to fight a Quincy.
Manden: it was to be expected of the Zero squad, but for the captains and the young prince to be able to fight at such a level-

A loud bellowing laugh interrupts their conversation as they turn around to look at Juha Bach laughing out loud.

Bach: Did I not say patience would have its rewards. Look at the splendid calibre of your opponents.

He looks high above into the sky over the battlefield.

Bach: Now is the time to cut loose. Be free of any bonds or restrictions I have placed on you. The final hour is approaching, the time to show your pride as Quincy has come.

High in the sky above the battlefield a portal opens, streaking rockets of smoke shoot down and crash into the ground.

Bach: And here come your final challengers.

As the smoke and dust begins to clear you see the silhouettes of many figures.
Before the smoke fully clears you see the silhouettes of some disappearing until finally the air clears and standing there are Kurosaki Ichigo, Kyoraku Shunsui, Zaraki Kenpachi, Unohona Retsu, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, and Urahara Kisuke.

Bach turns to look at the Urahara Kisuke with a knowing smile on his face.

Bach: so you weren't the original after all.

Kisuke shrugs and smiles back.

Kisuke: surely you didn't expect me to do something so risky this soon?! After all, there's still some way to go.
Bach: Indeed, I wonder-

Behind Bach another portal appears interrupting what he was going to say. Out of it appear Jugo and 2 other Quincy. Jugo is holding an unconscious Zenmaru over his shoulder. As they step through and the portal closes, Urahara turns and flash steps instantly behind Jugo. A surprised look appears on Jugo's face and as you look behind him you see an equally surprised look mirrored on Kisukes face as well.
As the view pans out a little you see a sword sticking out of Kisukes midriff and Bach standing behind him grinning.
Bach pulls out the sword and plants it into the ground.

Bach: Surely you didn't think that I wouldn't deduce what you were up to?
Kisuke: : (cough, splutter) well...one could hope...
Bach: You'd managed to figure out my plans and so there must have been a reason why you chose to come and then stay here. If it wasn't to strike at me directly in some futile hope to stop me then the only other reason could have been to thwart the next step of my plan, opening the gate to the soul kings realm.
Kisuke: I suppose it was too much to expect of you not to figure it out (cough, cough)...but...
Bach: Disperse!!

Everyone instantly disappears as Kisuke, in a torrent of blood, explodes everywhere. Manden who is still lying semi-conscious close by gets drenched as the blood falls on him. As soon as it touches his skin he begins to scream and writhe in agony. His body begins to sizzles as it slowly breaks down and disintegrate until there's nothing left part from a pool of blood and a lingering scream in the air.

Mazrim: Manden!!!

Bach appears behind him and places a hand on his shoulder.

Bach: He is gone my friend, but do not worry, he fought bravely and shall return soon to our side.
Mazrim: (through gritted teeth) Yes, Bach sama.
Bach: To think he laid such a trap that would bypass our Blut so easily. Jugo! Open the portal immediately, there is no need to prolong this any further.
Jugo: Yes Bach sama.

Scene change to Ichigo.

Ichigo stares high up towards the cliff top where the Quincy are standing. Kisuke stands next to him.

Ichigo: What just happened up there? What was that scream? I could hear it all the way over here?!
Kisuke: A back up plan I created in advance to see if we could avoid any further bloodshed unfortunately it seems to have failed.

Unohona steps forward from behind Zaraki and joins them.

Unohona: Kurosaki san, my reiatsu has all but gone, I've done as much as I can for Zaraki Kenpachi. I'll retreat now with the others to rear guard and assist as best I can.
Zaraki: hmph, I told you there was nothing wrong with me woman! I only had a few broken bones and a punctured lung, I barely had to use any reiatsu fighting over there, you should have wasted your time on the others!
Kurisaki: ...Thank you Unohona san, please look after yourself as well, we'll require your knowledge and skills after this battle whatever the outcome.

Unohona nods in Ichigo's direction and flash steps away.

Shunsui: Even though we've managed to get back here, still, what a perfectly laid plan. Our forces are depleted from fighting in Hueco Mundo to the point where most are having to step back to recover. What's left remaining-

Suddenly Wairudo, Ginrei, Byakuya, Ryuken, Uryuu and Isshin appear in front of them.

Shunsui:- will have a tough time with it.

On top of the cliff a massive portal opens. It's so big that it can be seen by Ichigo and the others.

Urahara: It's much worse!! He's already opened the portal! We need to stop him going through before it's too late!!

In unison they all jump towards the cliff.
On top of the cliff Bach is walking towards the portal by himself, the rest of the Quincy are all lined up towards the edge of the cliff.

Bach: one way or another we shall see each other soon, now how about some fireworks to send me off in style.

Down on the battlefield you see Ichigo and the others speeding towards the cliff top. They all stop suddenly as millions of arrows shoot out into the sky and down towards them. The arrows are so numerous that the air cannot be seen between them clearly and they look like giant block of solid light descending upon them.

Shunsui: (it's too big, we can't dodge!)

They cover their eyes as the light getting closer blinds them and then engulfs them all.
High up on the cliff Bach walks through the portal, it immediately closing behind him.

Jugo: Now, let's go thank our friends for the entertainment they've provided.

As one, all the Quincy disappear.

Somewhere out in soul society

A large pile of broken earth has built up on the ground and has leaned over creating an overhang. Kisuke and Ichigo appear beneath this.

Ichigo: what are you doing Urahara san? Why did you pull me away?
Kisuke: Because I was hoping it wouldn't come to this. Bach getting to the soul kings realm makes this a lot more complicated.
Ichigo: ...anyone we send after him means we reduce our forces here.
Kisuke: Yes, they're pretty sparse as they are and there is the other problem of getting to the Soul Kings realm ourselves. Only the Zero squad have the capability to open up a portal to the Kings realm and once an official portal has been opened another one cannot be opened for a while. Unfortunately we cannot wait that long.
Ichigo: ...No, not ourselves Urahara san, just me. I'll face Bach in this alone.
Kisuke:... Do you think you can defeat him alone?
Ichigo: I don't know. He's strong as it is along with the fact that he has the captain commanders Bankai as well. I've built up some resistance to it thanks to my training and to Ryujin Jakka but that will only help me so far. The odds of anyone else being helpful are low and if I go alone there's a chance he'll provide more openings against just one attacker.
Kisuke: ...You truly have grown haven't you Kurosaki san? You've thought this out very well.
Kisuke: Well then, it's good that I've actually got another way for us to get to the soul kings realm. The only problem is distracting those guys out there long enough for us do it. As soon as they realise that we've opened up a portal they'll converge on is in an instant.
Ichigo: I'm sure you've already got a plan, you always do.

Urahara pulls out his sword smiling at Ichigo.

Kisuke: of course you are right Kurosaki Ichigo, I always do.

As he says that he stabs his sword into ichigo's stomach. A look of shock and surprise cross Ichigo's face as a trickle of blood flows from his lips.

Next week Bleach 539: Bankai: roiyaruti no taisho (subjects of royalty)

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Bleach 539: Bankai: Roiyaruti no taisho (subjects of royalty).

Scene opens up in Soul Society. Ishida Ryuken and Ishida Uryuu are standing at the bottom of the cliff staring up.
A little way behind them is Kyoraku Shunsui still picking himself up off of the ground. A little way to one side stands Zaraki Kenpachi, chuckling and dusting himself off.

Uryuu: Those arrows weren't anywhere near strong enough to harm us in any way.
Ryuken: aye. The weaker they are the more they can shoot making it less likely we can dodge or avoid them. Since their intention was to slow us down they made them just strong enough for us to have to block and unable to avoid.
Uryuu: And now we've lost our only chance to stop them.
Ryuken: ...Maybe not, Urahara and Ichigo have disappeared as well as Kurotsuchi Mayuri. I'm sure they've got something up their sleeves.

Zaraki begins laughing loudly and everyone turns around to look at him.

Zaraki: Well this couldn't have turned out any better, now there's more for me to play with!

He looks over at Ryuken and the others

Zaraki: Now quit your yapping and let's go sharpen our swords!!

Zaraki rips off his eye patch and throws it to the ground. His reiatsu swells and explodes out of him like a torrent into the sky.
Almost immediately 4 Quincy appear surrounding him, bows drawn with huge reishi arrows ready to be released.

Manden: one of the special war potentials-
Mashida: Zaraki Kenpachi you will be eliminated first.

All four Quincies release their arrows at once at point blank range towards Zaraki. Zaraki is grinning throughout this.

Scene changes to the underground training area beneath Urahara's shop some time earlier.

You can see many of the captains resting or lying down in exhaustion, some receiving treatment. A few other captains seem to be huddled around the senkaimon.

Zaraki's sitting on boulder to one side grumbling. Standing Behind him is captain Unohona treating his injuries. As he sits their grumbling Urahara sidles up to him, his hat tilted forward covering his eyes.

Zaraki: (hmph) what the fuck do you want?
Kisuke: Aah Zaraki san, why the long face?
Zaraki: Shut it. I'm aching to give someone a beating and I'll happily start on you!
Kisuke: Actually Zaraki san, we could do with your help. Depending on how things are going in soul society, we may need a distraction-

Zaraki raises his sword and slashes straight down in front causing a huge tremor and creating a long chasm in the ground in front of him.

Unohona: Zaraki san, please don't strain yourself.
Zaraki: Are you fucking kidding me, I've had enough of playing backup and fighting weaklings. I'm taking out anyone that gets in my way once I get there.

Urahara grins widely and tilts up his hat to look Zaraki directly in the eyes.

Kisuke: In that case Zaraki san, I think you're really going to enjoy what I have in mind!

The flashback ends and we see Zaraki grinning again as all four Quincies release their arrows.

Zaraki: Fools, you fell for it. Bankai!! *Tokihanatsu! Meikai no mao*. (Unleash! Demon King of the Underworld)

The Quincy and their arrows get blown back by the sudden explosion of reiatsu that pours forth from Zaraki.
The sky all around suddenly dims turning almost black. Green and purple mist appears all around the battlefield, trailing around even without any wind. High above in the air a large semi transparent skull appears with its mouth open (picture the skull like form of Zaraki’s reiatsu when he first fought Ichigo). Dim lights shine within its eye sockets, the left one purple, the right one green.
Zaraki's hand and most of the hilt of his sword have completely disappeared covered by what looks like a glove shaped like a skull. The hilt is being held between the teeth of the skull.
All four Quincy have managed to steady themselves at a little distance, Mashida is glancing at the skull up in the sky.

Mashida: Zaraki Kenpachi, so you have managed to achieve Bankai.
Manden: (standing off to the other side of Zaraki) it was within our calculations that you may do so after our first attack.
Kensei: (holding out his medallion) it seems that it can't be sealed either, a possibility which was also considered.
Zaraki: pah, my Bankai isn't focused in one area, it's an area of effect Bankai and it's release is pretty much instantaneous too or some bullshit like that anyway according to that Urahara. I don't give a shit what all that means as long as it means that I can fight!
Wilhelm: (one of the new Quincy to arrive with Jugo): Zaraki Kenpachi, what do you think a single Bankai can do against four Quincy?!

A figure steps up to the side of Zaraki

Wairudo: Well why don't we see if two can even the odds?

Zaraki turns to look at Wairudo and his smile vanishes replaced with anger.

Zaraki: Fuck off, I've a score to settle with you as well, I'll make you regret ever coming to Zaraki once I've dealt with them.
Wairudo:....(sighs and mutters something under his breath) how about we quickly clear out the vermin together and then we can take our time later?
Zaraki: (child?!!!) hmph, fine I'll clear out the trash all in one go.

Wairudo aims a knowing smile towards Zaraki and then coughs as a treacle of blood runs down his mouth. As he looks around, all four Quincy seem to be suffering the same effect. He looks towards Zaraki once more with a confused look. Zaraki grins manically enjoying the confusion and looks over towards Wilhelm.

Zaraki: what can one Bankai do? Well that depends on how long it takes you fuckers to take me down!!

Scene change to Ryuken and Uryuu.

Standing before them are Freidrich and the other new Quincy to arrive. The new Quincy has his lower face, neck and arms all bandaged up and is completely bald.

Freidrich: Oga you take care of the young prince.
Oga: Yes sir Freidrich.
Ryuken: I guess the time for small talk is over.
Freidrich: indeed

All four of them vanish.

Scene change to Isshin

He stands looking at Riifa who is grinning at him.

Isshin: come back for some more have you?
Riifa: you know, you are pretty handsome, why don't you become my pet, I'll treat you nice, promise.
Isshin: heh, no thanks, not interested.
Riifa: aww why not, don't I look pretty enough?
Isshin: nah, you're ok I suppose. My wife always told me if she caught me with another woman she'd make my life a living hell. She never said whether it applied after she died but knowing her I wouldn't want to risk it, she had a dangerous temper.
Riifa: (ok I suppose?!!) well then, I SUPPOSE it'd only be right for me to kill you so that you can go be with her.

She powers up making the ground rumble and shake. Isshin smiles as he draws his sword.

Isshin: uh oh, it seems like a I have a knack for making women mad.

Scene change to the top of the cliff.

Jugo appears drawing out his sword.

Jugo: stop slinking around and show yourself, did you really think you could evade me?!

A little way in front of him the air wavers and Urahara and Ichigo appear clad in the black reiatsu hiding cloaks.

Urahara: (sighs) I was certainly hoping.
Ichigo: what do you think you can achieve now that Bach is gone? Your men are highly skilled but even with our losses they're outnumbered. How long do you think you can delay us from going after him?

Jugo smiles a little and begins to slowly walk away from them.

Jugo: Do you not think that we were aware of our lack of numbers, don't you think we would have thought of a countermeasure?
Urahara: ...and what would that countermeasure be?
Jugo: Me.
Ichigo: ...your skill is that great that you don't need to fear being overpowered or overwhelmed by numbers?

As he reaches towards the edge of the cliff he turns around to face them once more. He plants his sword into the ground in front of him and rests the palm of his hand on top of of its hilt.

Jugo: Here in soul society where I can absorb as much reishi as I need, the question of me being overpowered or overwhelmed does not even arise. *Bankai! Kishi kaisi* (wake from death and return to life)*.

The ground on top of the cliff and down below all begins to rumble, hundreds upon hundreds of wisps of dust and earth begin lift into the air throughout the battlefield and coalesce together. Slowly they begin to take the forms of men until finally the battlefield is filled with an army of Figures that look like zombies.

Urahara: so you also have shinigami powers.
Jugo: I have, all the people I've killed as well as all the people that have died on this battlefield are now in my service and I can channel as much reishi as I wish into them to make them stronger than before.
Urahara: ...that is indeed an overwhelming power.
Ichigo: Urahara san, we can't delay any longer.
Urahara: I know.
Jugo: you still think that you will be able to leave?
Urahara: when you have friends covering your back, and not just mindless zombies, you do have to show a little faith. (He holds his hand to his ear) Mayuri san, anytime now if you please.
Jugo: ...?

High above the battlefield the air rips opening up a portal, countless beams of energy blast down to the ground all over the battlefield below but none of them near where Urahara and Ichigo are.

Jugo: I see, so they are supposed to be your backup are they.

Urahara pulls out his his sword and holds it out in from of him.

Urahara: I'm afraid not, those are only their backups. *Bankai: Roiyaruti no taisho* (subjects of royalty).

Urahara's sword glows red and vanishes.

Suddenly from all around them you hear loud booming snapping noises. As you hear each snap, a piece of Urahara's sword appears surrounding them until you see a total of six pieces, blade to hilt, surrounding them all. They begin to glow a deeper red and spin in the air, suddenly blood bursts out and swirls around them until they are enclosed in globe of it. The globes of blood begin to bulge out, forming limbs until finally there are six people surrounding the battlefield.

Urahara: these are supposed to be our backups.

The scene changes as he says these words to show each of he individuals that has appeared. Surrounding them towards their left are Kurosaki Ichigo and Aizen Souske. towards their right are Ishida Soken and Genryusai Shikeguni Yamamoto. Directly ahead of them stands another Urahara Kisuke. From behind the real Ichigo and Urahara a female voice is heard.

???: So it finally came to this, I don't think Isshin will be pleased.

Ichigo has a surprised look as he and Urahara turn around to look behind them. Standing there with a smile on her face is Ichigo's mother, Kurosake Masaki.

Masaki: Hello Ichigo, are you married yet?

Next week bleach 540: The most powerful team vs The most tenacious army!

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Bleach 540: The most powerful team vs The most tenacious army!

The scene opens up in Soul Society

You see Jugo standing near the edge of the cliff with his back to the open air, in front of him stand close to a hundred ashen faced figures that he has raised from the dead. Hovering, encircling them all are the figures brought back by Urahara.
The scene moves closer focusing on Yamamoto and Ishida Soken who are hovering close together.
Soken turns his head slightly to glance at Yamamoto.

Soken: Hmmm so you as well, things must really have changed since my death, I would never have thought you'd allow yourself to be used like this.
Yamamoto: Hmph, as if you can talk. When have I ever wavered when it came to protecting soul society.
Soken: Indeed, if my eyes don't fail me it seems like you've lost a hand there.
Yamamoto: a small price to pay and better than losing my life to a bunch of mere hollows.
Soken: When your time comes it comes does it not old friend, I was not the young man I used to be, age caught up on me a lot faster than it did on you.
Yamamoto: That should still not have been your time!

Soken looks at Yamamoto enquiringly for a moment.

Soken: ...I see. You're upset that I didn't contact you or ask for aid.
Yamamoto: ...you should never have been there.
Soken: (sighs) that is true, but neither should my grandson have.
Soken: he was not too far away snoozing in the sun after a hard days training. I can't say what caused that many hollows to appear all at once but running away and calling for backup would have put his life danger.
Soken: so fighting them and keeping there attention focused on me was all I could do. And they kept coming wave after wave after wave until this old body finally gave out.
Yamamoto: ...how is it that you remember all this?
Soken: I left some of my reiatsu stored with Urahara Kisuke and told him to use my blood immediately after my death so that I would retain all my memories up to that point.
Yamamoto: hmph... I suppose at least it was a meaningful death.
Soken: (chuckles) It's good to see you as well old friend, now, let's see what we can do about your hand.

Scene change to the fake Aizen and Ichigo hovering.

Ichigo looks towards Aizen. Aizen stands there smiling faintly clearly aware that Ichigo is watching him.

Ichigo: Aizen, when did you-
Aizen: You disappoint me Kurosaki Ichigo, shouldn't it be obvious? Or is it that Urahara Kisuke hasn't explained to you all the details of his Bankai?
Aizen: Soon after I walked out of that cell. I bumped into Urahara and he asked me to help, evidently I made him explain exactly what that entailed before I permitted such an action. Urahara's ability doesn't permit him to control those he brings back. If he brings back a friend then obviously they'll help him. Bring back an enemy however and well...
Aizen: Ok Kurosaki Ichigo? Is that all? No doubts at my change of heart? No hesitation that my character may change yet again?
Ichigo: No, I've already seen the depth of your resolve Aizen, it's good to have you fighting with us again.

Scene change to the real Ichigo and Masaki.

Ichigo has a shocked look on his face as he looks at the face of the smiling mother.

Ichigo: Mom?!
Masaki: (chuckles) still so easily surprised? You must still be a bachelor Ichigo.

She turns to face Urahara and shakes her head at him whilst still smiling.

Masaki: You didn't tell him even though you planned on bringing me back?
Kisuke: Aah no, sorry Masaki, there wasn't really any time for explanations, and it was your condition that no one know about this, not even Isshin.

Suddenly a faint blue beam of energy passes through the side of Masaki, it comes out the other side and carries on going. All three of them look up, the beam of light is coming out of Soken and has now connected Soken, Yamamoto, and Masaki and is heading towards Aizen and the other Ichigo. In a few moments all 6 of them are connected by the pulsating blue beam of light.

Masaki: looks like there's not much time to talk, Kisuke, a moment please.
Kisuke: of course, I have a few things to get ready.

Urahara flash steps away.

Masaki: not much time now Ichigo, hopefully we can talk later once this is over, but is there anything you'd like to tell me?
Ichigo: when did you let Urahara-

Masaki smacks Ichigo across the back of the head knocking him to the ground. He looks up at her stern face with her hands on her hips as he picks himself back up slowly.

Masaki: All these years and that's all you can ask?! No, I'm doing good mom, I'm happy mom, I've got three kids and thinking of some more -

Ichigo hugs Masako tightly, tears falling from his eyes. Masaki smiles and hugs him back.

Ichigo: I'm good mom, I'm happy.

Ichigo is unable to say more, overwhelmed by his emotions. Masaki pats his back soothingly.

Masaki: That's good enough, I guess I'll have to wait for the grand kids.

She pulls away from Ichigo's embrace and looks him in the eyes.

Masaki: Now, to answer your question. I'm sure Kisuke told you how his Zanpaktou works. It absorbs the blood and reiatsu of anybody it cuts allowing him to create exact duplicates by replicating the DNA and reiatsu, two in his shikai form and six in his Bankai. We retain everything from the moment we were cut, memories, experience, everything.
Ichigo: [wiping away tears] Yeh he did.
Masaki: Soon after I had you kids and we were settled, I asked Urahara to do this. I already knew about the Kurosaki history and Urahara had learned of Bach and our history as well. We both knew that he would come back one day and were afraid it would be during our time.
He'd already told me of his abilities when discussing possibilities for standing against him. Once I was ready, I made him promise not to tell anyone even Isshin and only use me if Bach returned. As much as I wanted to see you grow up, I wanted to be a loving memory in your mind rather than a ghost that would haunt your present.

Far behind them you begin to see Jugo's zombies rushing forward towards them. Ichigo wipes his eyes a final time and turns to stand beside his mother and readies his sword.

Ichigo: Ok, we'll save the rest for later.

Masaki crosses her arms across her chest looking at the oncoming horde with a smile on her face.

Ichigo: but what is this light connecting you all?
Masaki: Kisuke may be strong but even he doesn't have the ability to bring this many strong people back at full power. His ability duplicates our growth at the time but there's only so much reiatsu he can give us, at the moment you would say that we're all like quarter charged batteries.
Masaki: This is a technique of grandpa Sokens, he's charging up our batteries using the reiatsu from soul society through it, like an umbilical cord.

As the oncoming horde draw closer Ichigo slowly raises his sword above his head. Just as the horde get within 20 feet a blazing wall off fire spreads out across the battlefield cutting them off. Yamamoto and Urahara appear in front of them. Yamamoto has his sword drawn

Kisuke: the others should be able to keep them occupied for the moment.
Yamamoto: Long enough for us to complete our task.

Yamamoto turns to face Kurosaki Ichigo and stares at him for a moment.

Yamamoto: I feel the presence of Ryujin Jaka within you Kurosaki Ichigo, I'm pleased he found another worthy enough to wield him.
Ichigo: Genryu san...he didn't make it easy.
Kisuke: Genryu san, if you could please open the portal, we've left it quite late already.
Ichigo: What?! You can do that?!

Yamamoto draws his sword out before him.

Yamamoto: it was a right granted to me by the soul king as the Captain Commander of the Gotei 13 after many years of service. No other soul but you three now are aware of this.
Kisuke: The captain commander entrusted this information to me once he realised that Bach may well get to the Soul Kings realm. Not knowing what would happen in the battles to come we needed to ensure a fail-safe method of getting there if that were to happen.

Yamamoto stabs his sword forward into the air, it seems to pierce through it with half of the blade disappearing. He twists the blade clockwise and a screen door appears around it. Yamamoto withdraws his sword out if it and the doors open.

Yamamoto: Kurosaki Ichigo, come over here.

Ichigo walks towards the captain commander and stands next him. Yamamoto turns his head to look at Ichigo.

Yamamoto: Only one person can pass through this portal. As much as I would have liked to avoid it, the fate of us all once again will lie on your shoulders.
Yamamoto: but this much, at the very least, i can do for you.

Yamamoto grabs Ichigo's arm by the shoulder and powers up his reiatsu. As he does so you see his reiatsu being drawn in by Ichigo. A look of surprise crosses Ichigos face

Ichigo: My reiatsu?!
Yamamoto: Ryujin Jakka is attuned to my reiatsu, he can now absorb my reiatsu and merge with it yours.
Ichigo:...thank you
Yamamoto: Do not soften yourself Kurosaki Ichigo!
Yamamoto: you are not going to fight a man. You go to fight a deranged army housed in the shell of a man. You have not yet seen his true power and you will need every bit of strength and skill that you have attained so far to defeat him!

Scene change to the other side of the wall of fire.

The wall of fire stretches from one end of the cliff to the other. Hovering high in the air, facing the battlefield with their backs to the wall are Ishida Soken and Urahara Kisuke. Down below them, slicing through the zombie army are Ichigo and Aizen.

Urahara: They seem to be having a lot of fun. It feels quite boring to have to stand on defence. Maybe we should go down an join in?

Ishida Soken smiles a little at Urahara's comments.

Soken: Ah Kisuke, I have missed your banter. You know why we can't go down there, as your real self stated, it's too dangerous for the four of us to be close together. It might be enough to allow that Quincy to seal us away.
Kisuke: Aye true, but we may not have a choice soon, they're not making any headway.
Soken: Yes, as soon as they cut those Zombies down they begin regenerating almost immediately.
Kisuke: Their strength is no joke either. Though their attacks seem to lack any finesse or skill the power behind each swing and attack is easily at least of captain level.
Soken: Yes, taken unawares just one strike could take us down.
Kisuke: He must be channeling a great amount of Reishi into them, i wonder how distracted he is at the moment?

Soken glances at Urahara and smiles. Far across the battlefield Jugo swings the sword in his right hand smoothly down and back behind him. There does not seem any haste or urgency in the motion but it is not slow. The sword swings back just in time to deflect a reishi arrow flying towards his back. The arrow goes flying askew to one side. Jugo lifts his head up an gazes directly at both Urahara and Soken.

Soken: Not nearly distracted enough it seems.
Kisuke: heh, too much to ask for it to be that easy eh. I do love how you can make those arrows appear though, i've always found it fascinating.
Soken: We may not have had a chance to discuss our techniques in too much depth during my time but you know perfectly well how our abilities work, so why such fascination?

Behind them the wall of fire begins to come down before finally disappearing. Urahara and Soken turn to see Yamamoto being supported by Masaki. He looks weary, his body drooping a little and looking thinner before. The real Urahara is nowhere to be seen.

Kisuke: Well I guess the captain commander will need some time to recharge, so what now?
Soken: Well i suppose if we are unable to kill all of these undead foes then we'd best see if we can at least see if we can keep them still.

High above them hundreds upon hundreds of reishi arrows appear, thicker than tree trunks and longer. They are angled down diagonally, pointing towards Jugo and his horde of zombies.

Far across the battlefield Ishida Uryuu is fighting and dodging from his opponent. A look of shock appears across his face as the Reishi arrows appear atop of Sokyoku hill.

Uryuu: Grandpa?!!

Next Week Bleach 541: The Divine Rain.

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It's taken a long time but I finally found time to put something together. Hope you enjoy.

Bleach 541: The Divine Rain.

Scene opens up in soul society.

You see Friedrich and Ryuken dodging and disappearing around each other. Arrows of reishi fly around from all directions, missing each of them by a hairs breadth, with no indication to who is shooting them. Suddenly Friedrich stops, a look of surprise on his face, he looks towards Soukyoku hill. Ryuken stops 20 yards in front of him smiling.

Ryuken: Looks like the families all back together.
Friedrich: ...Urahara. His Majesty warned me about the possibilities of his ability...I would not have thought Soken would ever have allowed himself to be used like this.
Ryuken: Used? Well i suppose you should know about that, the way you're being used by the memory of your dead family.

A hard look crosses over Friedrich's face.

Friedrich: I told you before, this has nothing to do with them. I'm here because i believe in his majesties dream.
Ryuken: So you say, well your friend up there does not share your belief, even death did not change that fact...for him.
Ryuken: still going to tell me you're not being manipulated?

Scene changes to Soukyoku Hill.

Yamamoto stands supported by Masaki. They are both looking up into the sky full of Reishi arrows.

Masaki: I didn't know Grandpa Souken could do something like that.
Yamamoto: grandpa? You always did get sentimentally attached to people.
Masaki: He was very kind to us, even when we least expected help from anyone.
Yamamoto: Hmph, no doubt it became increasingly difficult for him to use such a technique as he got older.
Masaki: You seem to be good friends, I'm glad.
Yamamoto: Yes, long before you decided to betray me.
Masaki: ...I'm sorry Yamaji, I had no desire to hurt you.
Yamamoto: Hmph, Impudent child. You made your choice. You chose love over duty, a family over your clan.
Masaki: ...No Yamaji, I didn't.
Masaki: If it had just been love i would never have accepted the position in the zero squad, after all, it was only just then that I came to realise how much he truly loved me and was finally able to admit to myself how much I truly loved him.
Masaki: My love was easy to forsake, for my duty, for my clan. What I couldn't forsake was him. I could see him, from all the way up there, see him suffering on without me.
Yamamoto: ...
Masaki: Yamaji, what would you have had me do? Here was a man who had given up everything, forsook everything to be with me. And when I told him I was going, he didn't stop me, he didn't ask me how I could do this to him. He bid me farewell with biggest smile on his face. This man, who I could see dying slowly, day by day, inch by inch, simply because he could not give up the memory of me...how could I not come back for him?!

Yamamoto looks at Masaki as her eyes begin to well up.

Yamamoto: Compose yourself Kurosaki Masaki, I taught you better than that.
Masaki: sniff, yes Yamaji.
Yamamoto: I never agreed with your decision before and I am not about to change my mind now just because I've died.
Masaki: Yes Yamaji.
Yamamoto: However, it is not a decision I have ever held against you either.

Masaki smiles faintly and looks up at him in surprise.

Yamamoto: Hmph, it seems I get all the foolish disciples.
Masaki: (chuckles lightly)
Yamamoto: now observe the technique of the man that took you in after you left soul society, of a man who was equal to me in his prime!

Scene change to fake Ichigo & Aizen

They're both flash stepping across the battlefield blocking and ducking past strikes. Every slash of their sword cuts an enemy in two. Their movements are devoid of any stress or tension and they move smoothly across the battlefield almost as if dancing.
Every time an enemy falls to their swords two more are there striking down on them.
Each fallen enemy seems to draw in dust, it slowly covering their body cocooning them.
Within a few moments they rise up shaking the dust off, their injuries healed.
As the arrows of Reishi begin covering the sky Aizen signals towards Ichigo and they both instantly flash away to the far left side of the cliff away from the zombie horde.

Ichigo: what is going on?
Aizen: I cannot be sure, but if I was to guess, I would say this looks like the beginning of the Divine Rain technique I once read about. It was a technique created in the early days of the Quincy but no one was ever able to master it apart from its creator. It was thought to be lost until Ishida Souken, the only other person known to use this technique.

Ichigo : But how is he able to control ALL of that reishi all over the battlefield?
Aizen:?... Kurosaki Ichigo, you've fought alongside a Quincy all this time, you've been to Hueco Mundo and fought with Juha Bach directly, you have the knowledge of the captain Commanders Shikai itself, do you mean to tell me you still do not understand how a Quincies abilities work?
Ichigo: ...It is not something that we ever discussed. There were always more pressing matters at hand.
Aizen: I hope your real self has a chance to learn of it before facing Juha Bach, or it will be a considerably short battle.
Aizen: (sighs) to try to explain this to you briefly, understand that there is a hierarchy and balance to this world and although you may believe that the Shinigami sit at the top of this hierarchy, that is false, in fact they sit at the bottom.
Ichigo: what?!
Aizen: It is true, why do you think I had the desire to try and evolve us to the very top. In fact I began my experimentations on the Quincy first, manipulating Kurotsuchi Mayuri and his division to hunt down the Quincy for experimentation.

Aizen looks at the expression on Ichigo's face with a faint smile.

Aizen: I wasn't always a nice guy Kurosaki Ichigo. In fact I was the one that manipulated Mayuri to the point that he had Ishida Souken attacked, all in aid to see this very technique! I was, however, unfortunate at that time. Anyway it quickly became apparent that what the Quincy did was not something that could be replicated. They were for all intents and purposes unique. Even attempting to to try to study and learn the techniques ended up being a fruitless endeavour.

Ichigo: So after you failed with them you moved onto experimentation with the hollows.

Aizen: Yes. Though it is not accurate and has exceptions based on power and experience the general rule is that a Shingami of captain level is inferior to a hollow Vasto Lorde. You can already see how general this rule is since the more experienced and powerful captains defeated the Vasto Lords I had at my command. By the same token a Vasto Lord is inferior to a Quincy Master.
Ichigo: ...they're that strong?!
Aizen: stronger than you think. Their powers are only balanced by their frail bodies and limited lifespans and the immense difficulty of attaining that level. The fact that the Shingami have seemed to sit at the top has less to do with their own power and more to do with the fact that Hollows have always been self destructive and could never work together and that their have only been a handful of Quincy to ever reach the pinnacle of their power. Shinigami on the other hand were united under the captain commander and were able to train and improve their abilities relatively fast.
Ichigo: I understood, fighting Bach and seeing his Quincy, how immensely strong they were, I just wasn't expecting something so different. Shooting hundreds of thousands of arrows almost instantly, that i've seen. But to hold and control this many arrows, and with such power over the whole of a battlefield seems like something completely different.
Aizen: Well true, I doubt what you are seeing at present is something any of the other Quincy fighting here today could achieve as easily. However, you are still failing to understand their true abilities. You must ignore whatever you thought you understood about Quincy through observing Ishida Uryuu. He would barely have been classed an apprentice at the point in time he came to Hueco Mundo with you. If he was a shinigami he would not even have qualified for a seated position.
Aizen: Simply put, the Quincy have the ability to freely control Reishi and use it at their will. Their bows which they use for offence are merely an aid to focus. A tool, which is a requisite for all the lower levels who are unable to use their abilities without them, the Masters however, well, they're masters and need no such 'tool'.

A surprised look crosses Ichigo's face.

Aizen: I see you understand what that means. They have influence over a certain amount of area around them, which can increase as they grow in strength and skill. Within that area they can use reishi however they like and do with it what they wish, hence arrows not being fired from bows. In fact arrows are just their natural choice of weapon based on their early training, if they wished, and had the skill to, they could create what they wished.

Ichigo: Thus creating hundreds of arrows of that size and holding them over a battlefield at your beck and call is nothing to a Quincy master.
Aizen: No, I'm afraid you've missed the mark once again Kurosaki Ichigo.
Aizen: Using reishi freely and controlling it are two separate things altogether. As I said before this technique is not something any of the other Quincy fighting here today could achieve as easily. Additionally, a technique such as that, though visually impressive and overbearingly powerful, would not necessarily be the end of beings like you and I, or any of similar strength for that matter. We would be able to deflect a few, allow some to hit and dodge the others. Our own techniques may also assist us in resisting this technique. Also it is of no great feat for Quincy to create a large quantity of arrows in a short period of time.
So why create a technique so difficult that supposedly only 2 people in history have been able to master it.
Aizen: now you begin to see. No, I believe if we wait, we may yet see the true threat of this technique and why it should truly be feared.

Scene change to fake Urahara Kisuke and Ishida Soken.

Urahara is staring at Soken gleefully his smile reaching ear to ear.

Kisuke: Hah, the irony! You ask me why such fascination and then go pull a stunt like this!
You entrusted me enough to give me your blood and reiatsu, knowing what I could do with it, yet in all the time I've known you, you wouldn't even confirm that you could use this technique let alone show it to me.

Sokens face is full of strain yet he chuckles lightly to himself at Urahara's words.

Kisuke: I wasn't even sure the rumour was true, I never could find out who started it.
Soken: I'd be very surprised if you had, it was after all, your Captain Commander that started those rumours.
Kisuke: what?!
Soken: Yes. We were very good friends a long time back, especially given our stations. We used to keep each other apprised of matters we thought important. We also used to train together quite a bit as well, though he made sure that no one found out about it.
Kisuke: You used to train together?
Soken: Indeed. For him, it was good to have an opponent that he could push himself against openly, which isn't something he could do with any of the shinigami that were under him. For me, well, I did tend get bored quite a lot.
I rediscovered the technique whilst training with him a long long time ago. He was the only one to witness it at the time, in fact, quite a few of the scars all over his body are from that day in particular, he's not one to admit defeat easily your captain commander.
Soken: I'm pretty sure letting the rumour out was his way of testing me to make sure I stayed in line under pressure.
Kisuke: hmmmm
Soken: as well as a little bit of petulant revenge at being defeated that day.

Urahara's smile is a frozen mask on his face, he looks utterly dumbfounded. He gives himself a little shake as if clearing his head.

Kisuke: Well come on then, hurry it up old man, I haven't got all day you know, now I really want to see it!

Soken chuckles and closes his eyes.

Soken: What do you think I've been doing whilst talking to you you impatient boy, I'm trying to stop an army here not just one man, it takes some preparation to-

Soken gets cut off as reishi arrows fly at him from all directions. Far below you can see Jugo directing the arrows with his hands. Soken dodges each arrow even with his eyes closed, disappearing from one place to another.

Soken: Too late cub, once these eyes are closed I can see everything clearly.

Urahara, who has flash stepped some distance away to avoid the arrows himself, watches Soken dodging them all.

Kisuke: He's gotten serious all of a sudden, looks like he understands the danger somewhat.

Urahara looks up at the arrows in the sky in surprise. They are all beginning to get thinner and thinner. Arrows that were as thick as tree trunks are now no thicker than a mans arm. They keep getting thinner and thinner until finally they disappear altogether.

Urahara turns his gaze towards Soken, who is still dodging arrows all around him, and murmurs to himself.

Kisuke: I can't even sense them anymore, was it too much for him in the end?

Soken looks towards Urahara as if hearing what he said or maybe just knowing what he was thinking, he has a glint in his eye. Urahara hears his soft lingering voice in the air as it reaches him almost as if a whisper.

Soken: Have you ever seen a god Urahara Kisuke? No? Then why would you expect to see his divinity? (Soft chuckle). Observe now, if you can, the divine rain.

Urahara looks up into the sky once again focusing his eyes.

Kisuke: I think...

He suddenly looks down as if trying to follow something. All movement on the battlefield has stopped. Every single reanimated enemy is frozen in place.
Soken appears next to Urahara, his eyes open once again, looking down. Urahara speaks without turning or looking away from the scene below.

Kisuke: paralysis?
Soken: somewhat yes, the arrows are condensed and compressed to the point they are no longer visible to the naked eye but for a slight glimmer when they move. They are also imperceptible any other way. In this state of compression their power is amplified 1000 fold and focuses on one thing alone.
Kisuke: The point.
Soken: Correct. They give up on destruction and focus on piercing alone and in this state there is nothing that they cannot pierce, your captain commander can assure you of this much.
Once they pierce their target the condensed reishi essentially overloads it making it incapacitated and unable to do or think anything whilst they remain in there which fyi is as long as I please (soft chuckle).
Kisuke: ...and due to their dense nature due to the compression and the immense energy held within it means that they cannot be damaged, destroyed, removed or affected in any way.
Soken: Indeed, even with my death they would still remain as they are now a disparate entity.

Urahara finally turns to look at Soken, his face serious and with a little awe in his voice.

Kisuke:... Such a technique, you could take out the whole Gotei 13 in one go... if only I'd known.
Soken: It was precisely for that very reason that you did NOT know Urahara Kisuke. I did not aim to be your trump card for every Aizen or other villain that turned up.
Kisuke: But Bach?!
Soken: Yes, I had intended to use this against Bach, which is why I permitted you to use me in the first place, however, I'm not sure now how affective it would have been against him given that I've even managed to underestimate his underling.

Urahara looks down towards the battlefield this time toward Jugo.
You see Jugo climbing out of a huge mountain of bodies that were piled over him.

Soken: He guessed my intent and whilst he distracted me with his arrows at the last moment he directed all the nearest reanimated zombies to pile on top of him layer after layer. He seems to have managed to get enough on top of him to shield himself from the arrows.
Kisuke:...You couldn't do anything else. Focusing just on him would have given him enough space to dodge. You're only option was to cover the whole field limiting the number of arrows you could aim at him directly.
Soken: Indeed, but now what is our next step, he's seen the technique now, catching him with it will not be as easy.

Down below on the battlefield Jugo stands up straight and looks towards Soken, he slowly bows down low in acknowledgement. As he rises out of his bow he flourishes his sword, it begins to glow steadily getting stronger and more zombies begin rising out of the ground.

Kisuke: He can make more of them still?!
Soken: No, not more. He stopped feeding his reishi to the ones I've incapacitated, they're completely out of his control, he can't even release them. No, he's now brought the ones that were fighting on the battlefield down below to keep us occupied.
Kisuke: so now we need another strategy for these and quickly. The others below may still need our help given hat they're fighting Quincy masters.

Yamamoto appears next to both of them still looking drained and weary.

Yamamoto: Urahara take Kurosaki Ichigo and Aizen Sousuke and go down below and assist the others.
Kisuke: But captain commander-
Yamamoto: That was not a request but an order Urahara Kisuke!!
Yamamoto: You cannot remain here for what will happen next, leave this to us.

Kisuke pauses for a moment and then gives a brief nod and flash steps away.

Soken: [smiling] You do realise that you're no longer the captain commander don't you?
Yamamoto: hmph, we do not have time to waste
Soken: So what's the plan?
Yamamoto: You once asked me a question on behalf of someone else, do you remember?
Spoken: I do
Yamamoto: Today you will have your answer.

Next Week: Bleach 542

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