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[Discussion] Things that could have been expanded upon and those that you will prefer was never included in the manga.

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#41 Dark King

Dark King


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Posted 04 November 2014 - 01:01 PM

I wanted for Sasuke to become a badass villain, and kill everyone who stands in his way. Didn't happen. :(

#42 Urazz



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Posted 05 November 2014 - 01:59 AM

One thing I would've preferred would've been Hinata getting more development and actually having a friendship developing with Naruto at first and then have it develop into a romantic relationship when she confessed to Naruto when Pain attacked.  Naruto would also react to her confession as well or at least be shown thinking about it.  It was due to the lack of development on Hinata and any kind of relationship to Naruto that caused me to really be against it.  It reminds me of Harry/Ginny in the Harry Potter series with how little development the romance got.


Sakura needed to move on from Sasuke in my opinion and I think Sasuke should not have survived the end of the story.


I wish Danzo/Root would've gotten more detail to it and that Kaguya never existed.

#43 Sarahmint



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Posted 05 November 2014 - 02:40 AM

Wow!  I have a long list of these.  Guess not.


#1 is the Uchiha's side of the coup.  Where were they the night of the Kyuubi attack?  They were either fighting Kurama or doing something else.  How did their decision for the coup go down?  How bad was their oppression?  Were they arrogant?  What convinced Shisui to NOT join the coup if so many Uchiha were for it, etc.


And the rest in no particular order


- Taka backgrounds.  They have so much potential to be the most complex broken characters with success stories breaking out of their past tragedies, but Suigetsu and Karin are reduced to unfunny joke fodder at the end and Juugo who would live and die for Sasuke is not even considered a friend by him!  goddamn!


- . . . Guess that's all I truly care about


Kaguya. She had basically no character development. Her arc was completely random

It should be obvious by now it was to hype (or make sense of) the movie The Last.

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#44 Morgion



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Posted 27 October 2017 - 06:01 AM

1. More expansion on the potential of Byakugan! I agree with everything that has been said about it previously in this thread. It wasn't introduced as an immensely inferior eye power to the Sharingan and shouldn't have ended up that way, especially knowing what we do now about the Byakugan origins. 


2. Not focusing so much on the whole Sasuke/Naruto drama. Instead, some time should have been spent on developing their fellow shinobi academy attendants! By the end of the manga most of them where basically fodder compared to Naruto and Sasuke. The power gap should never have been made that big. 


3. Less of the waste of space Sakura or just making her close to being Narutos and Sauskes equal in terms of power and talent from the get-go! I will never understand manga artists, that focus on the sh┼Źnen genre, love affair with the weak damsel and distress archetype in general!


4. Kishi trolling Orochimaru and not letting him live up to his full potential as a villain! Seriously, you build up a villain like that, nerf him early on, and never really give him a fight where he's at full power, going all out, and not playing around? I know some people would argue that he gave Oro that fight against Sarutobi, but in my eyes, the skills he showed later in a weakened state was more impressive than what he did in his fight against Sarutobi.  And yes, maybe that is because Kishi kept raising the bar for what is considered a powerful character, but that doesn't negate the fact that by the end, it looked like Oro was just messing around when he fought Sarutobi and paid a steep price because of it.  

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#45 Jekkusormi



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Posted 12 September 2018 - 09:23 AM

"A bit" late with this but here goes:

1st the Sharingan. The idea with 3 eye-based kekkei kenkais was nice and I was okay that 2 of them were in Konoha. So first Sharingan gave the user ability to mimic opponenta movements but suddenly it also gave free genjutsu on eye contact? Ok fine, Byakugan was taijutsu based so I guess Sharingan was good at genjutsu and it would have been cool for 3rd one to be ninjutsu based (which actually turned out to be true). But because Sasuke needed powerup and ofcourse it had to be done by the most emo way possible: killing the dearest person you have... and what you get? Some random special power + access to Susan'o. And oh man the naming of those... How does God of Storm and Seas related to free phantomarmor? Or black flames of Amaterasu to Goddes of Sun?
Oh wait, there's more. Kishi introduced Rinnegan and accidentally made Rinnegan better and/or cooler than Sharingan and because Sasuke HAS to be the coolest emo there is, suddenly Sharingan evolves into Rinnegan... pretty farfetched leap from mimicin movement and free genjutsu.

2nd is Naruto and his destiny. He starts as lonely orphan, who wants to become Hokage so people will notice him and he has demon fox inside him. Tragic, sad backstory, good goal, main character is set and off we go. He gets friends obviously, as well as nemesis. Fine, fine.
Later it is revealed he's son of 4th Hokage (not sure if he knew that or not), ok he's somewhat destined to become Hokage in first place but ok, moving on. Naruto gets stronger and stronger as he should since he's main character and all. But (luckily just) in the final chapters it's revealed that he and his nemesis are the reincarnations of Sage of 6 Paths' sons... I mean c'moon that takes so much from Narutos hard work if he was destined to become that strong anyway........
God I hate destiny, it's a way to lazy writing and whitetrash name for girl who is, well, destined to become a stripper.

3rd big flaw and maybe the biggest since it more or less revolves around 1st and 2nd rants and that is Konoha, more precisely Konoha and how EVERYTHING is connected to it.
1st there was the Byakugan lady (whose name I can't or even want to remember because she was just so overly hax and stupid). She had a son or two, who then had sons and so on until we get to era with many ninja clans, including Senju and Uchiha. And these 2 clans do something apparently unthinkable, they join up and make a village named Konoha. Apparently no other village formed later doesn't have such a history and deep roots...
Konoha is the only village with more than 3 mentionable clans, including ALL eye-based ones.
Kishi introduces us this rogue organization called Akatsuki which was actually cool. But who formed it? Oh yeah, Madara, Obito and Zetsu and where were the 2 Sharingan users from? Konoha... But maybe Zet...(Byagugan lady, 6 Paths' sons, Senju and Uchiha) oh fuck me...
Akatsuki has many members and surprise surprise every, single, one of them gets killed by Konoha ninja. I had hope Kisame in Bees and Raikages hands but I got bamboozled and it was just Zetsu clone. Kisame himself was killed by Guy, the strongest taijutsu user, also from Konoha.
Hashirama and Madara were the 2 most strongest ninjas ever and what did they form?Exactly...
Well atleast Konoha didn't have all the Jinchuurikis/Bijuus, maybe just tje strongest one.
Yes I'm aware that our main cast is from Konoha and obviously it's playing a big role but honestly Kishi, give other villages something.

Those were the Big 3 of my rants and have some others too like neglecting other Narutos classmates, Itachi being OP because he needs to be cool Sakuras insane obsession with Sasuke.

There are a few things I liked like basically everything before timeskip, elemental ninjutsu and their compatibles, elemental kekkei kenkai and Akatsuki but nevertheless in my right mind and body I just can't possibly recommend this series to anyone, ever.

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