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Attack on Titan: Chapter Discussion Thread (Part 2)

Attack on Titan

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#1841 masterbio



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Posted 12 January 2019 - 11:00 AM

See? This what I wanted.

Sure, a deep plot and betrayal and character development is all good and nice, but nothing compares to the pure essence of this manga, people vs Titan. Seeing Levi just slicing up titans left and right felt good, and that Zeke torture, my oh my, it was perfect! I really laughed when Levi casually sliced off his feet and legs!!


Unfortunately we also had the Eren faction, which for me is just boring tbh. I get it, Froch gets in off by torturing old dudes, but he's really boring, and did we really need more "brainwashed by war" characters? We've had Bert, Annie and Reiner, and we've just come out of (fuck) Gabi. We get, everyone just want to kill each other.

But let's be real, all this could end if Armin just snapped and went full Colossal. Dude could just kick Eren away a couple of Km and while Eren ran back he could just single handedly defeat the Eren faction

#1842 Krizalid



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Posted 13 January 2019 - 05:22 PM

Floch believes he is special because he is the only unwounded survivor of the Zeke's barrage at Shiganshina.


He is madly royal to Eren because he thinks he already lost a savior to humanity (Erwin) and tries as hard as possible not to lose another one (Eren).


Lame, but somewhat consistent imho.

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