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[Sign Up] One Piece RP - Uncharted Waters Character Submissions

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Name: Samemaru Shigetsuna

Nickname: -
Age: 28

Gender: Male
Race:  BullShark fishman


Personality: Aggressive individual. Not too bright. Manly man. 
Character History:


Goal:To find the ninja that killed his master and obtain vengeance. 
Crew/Job/Marine/Government Position: Unassigned 
Other Crew Members: Maybe in the future but none right now

Ship: He swims. 
Bounty: I'll let the GM decide. I'm leaning towards zero right now as he wasn't a pirate till just recently. 

Character's Skills:


Devil Fruit: None
Weapons & Equipment: The unnamed sword the found at the bottom of the pool of dark water at Lake Naga Island. 
Fighting Style: Samemaru uses a fishman style of samurai swordsmanship. It has come from adapting his own knowledge of fishman karate with the movements and attacks from his Wano-Ryu kenjutsu learned in the land Wano.


Additional Strengths & Weaknesses: He has great strength and speed as well as excellent swordsmanship. He is even stronger under water than he is on land but on land he is no slouch. His weaknesses would be that he can't go for long periods of time without water (such as in desserts) and his haki skills are rudimentary. He is bull headed about most things which makes him predictable and his pride often gets in the way of taking advantages that he should. He sticks to the code of bushido (for the most part). 

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