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[RP] One Piece - Uncharted Waters

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Posted 06 March 2015 - 01:47 AM




A sea of onlookers gather in front of a large platform readying themselves for what is about to happen.  A sense of uneasiness fills the air as they think about what they are about to witness and of the events that lead them to this moment. The place they are gathered is the ruined headquarters of the Marines, Marineford, where not long ago a tremendous battle took place that shook the entire world. Many of the people gathered here took part in that fateful battle and their memories of that day, and of the events that followed it, are still fresh on their minds. The reason these people and marines are gathered here is to witness the introduction of their new Fleet Admiral, Sakazuki.


Suddenly the crowd falls silent as a figure slowly makes his way to the top of the platform overlooking the crowd. Each step that moves himself forward carries with it the entire weight of the Marines his shoulders. As he makes his way the memories that lead them all to this moment start to reappear in the minds of the onlookers. Shortly after the battle at Marineford it was announced that Fleet Admiral Sengoku would be stepping down from his position. Quickly two candidates were nominated to take over for him but each possessed opposing ideologies. One was Admiral Akainu, who favored a more aggressive philosophy, and Admiral Akoji, who favored a stance similar to the now former Fleet Admiral. Their opposing wills clashed as they battled each other for 10 straight days pushing each of them to their very limit. Finally the battle came to an end and as a result the man who lost resigned from the Marines being unable to follow their new direction, and the man that won is now making his way to the top of the platform overlooking the crowed that came to witness his introduction as Fleet Admiral. Gathered all around to witness this are the very people that make up the Marines. People from the lowly recruits of the infantry division to the powerful Vice Admirals that surround the platform. Even the former Fleet Admiral, Sengoku, is there to see what his successor will say. As the man reaches the top of the platform he moves to the edge overlooking the crowd and begins his speech.




"My fellow Marines, thank you for being here on this day that marks the dawning of a new era.

After many difficult trials I am finally able to stand before you now as your new Fleet Admiral.

It is an honor to take on such a responsibility and I promise to uphold the position to the level

needed for the challenges we are about to face. We stand on the remains of the Marine Headquarters

that are still being repaired. Together we fought a battle here not long ago where we held our ground

against a barrage of pirates and criminals, but looking at this place now I have to wonder if

we really did. I never want to put us in a situation where we are fighting on our own doorstep again.

That isn't where the battle we need to win is. If criminals are able to reach us here where I am

standing then we have failed to do our job. The battle we need to win lies in the sea across

the Red Line. The place where those criminals and pirates resign that left our headquarters in

the state it is in today. So that is why I shall announce the immediate construction of a

new Marine Headquarters located not here in Marineford but instead in the battleground where

we need to be to face those that oppose us head on. The new Marine Headquarters shall be

moved to the New World."




News of this announcement quickly spread across the world. From the four blue seas to all parts of the Grand Line and the New World. People immediately wondered what this new aggressive approach from the Marines would mean and how the powerful forces in the New World would combat this. "How much more fighting would there be?" "Would the public be safe?" "And how would the Marines gain the forces needed to fight against so many powerful pirates including the The Yonko?" "Whitebeard had been defeated, but surely there would be more pirates clamoring to take his place, right?" Quickly some of these questions were answered. As news of the Marines moving their headquarters to the New World spread so did the implementation of a World Draft. To strengthen the Marine forces the Marines and World Government issued a draft where allied nations would be made to enlist their powerful citizens to battle alongside the Marines in order to fight against those criminals and pirates that rule the New World. This too caused a drastic change in the world.


In the wake of all this news the stage has been set. Pirates, Marines, and people from all different nations and backgrounds began to race towards the New World where the future for everyone would be decided. People who sought fame, fortune or battle would surely find it there. The man that had taken the life of Whitebeard, his former subordinate Marshall D. Teach, had already started causing and uproar in the New World in the wake of Whitebeard's death and others would be sure to follow. This is where the dawning of a new era begins as the people of the world react to all these sudden changes and wonder what this means for each of them personally and some begin to set their eyes on the New World.

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Posted 06 March 2015 - 04:35 AM

Leaving the Square, Xiaosu quickly searched for a street food stall, because restaurant's atmosphere is too solemn for her current mood, to stuff her empty stomach. Xiaosu's been so absorbed in the mystery novel series she stole from that Tenryuubito Lady that she didn't stop to eat anything for nearly 2 days. And just now, the news ignited some sort of excitement that just directly stirred her stomach to an almost inhumanely cruel hunger. After ten minutes, she settled in a nice, polite Sea King Okonomiyaki stall in Grove 35. The owner was an old man, around 80, who was proudly advertising his family's secret recipe to attract the passengers while a cute little boy, seemed to be his grandchildren, was cleaning the tables. The view was magnificent since the bustling pavement and Sapphire Plaza were right in the sight. Xiaosu decided to pick a table in the corner and ordered her dishes.


10 delicious sea pangolin Okonomiyaki with 23 types of vegetable sauces surely did the trick, Xiaosu felt almost like she had gained 20kg. The meal was so good that for a second, she intended to ask for the cooking method but the old man's claim of utmost secrecy in his speech back then stopped her. Full of energy, her mind started to process the news she just heard, "Hehe, Akainu, you really do have some brain. That is indeed a smart move. I'm looking forward to seeing how you kill every pirate and criminal in the world. Just don't die before we meet!''. She paused to put some blueberries into her mouth, "This does not really change my plan of going to New World and find Crocodile and One Piece though if they station capable Marines right at the entrance to New World then maybe it would be trouble. The relocation would not happen that fast but carefulness does not hurt. Better wait for a bigger herd of pirates and slip into the crowd. And I still have the last volume of the series to finish and the coating may takes a few more days''. She looked up at the sky and smiled. Everything felt so peaceful, like the terrifying silence before a storm hits. ''I should use these last days before the new adventure to relax. The Marines do not know my face yet so I still have freedom. Poor those Comodores'', thought Xiaosu. She turned her head to the waitress boy and asked for a hefty dessert and 5 Whisky-flavored Okonomiyaki, all made from different kinds of meat, which was enough for her till she finished her book. After everything was neatly packed, Xiaosu walked back to her Hotel where a first-class room was waiting for her.

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This particular building was scheduled for repairs sometimes in next two months. Until then, it was wide open to elements, roof blown away by stray explosion and two walls knocked down as someone was punched  through them. 


I move back to my chair after watching the speech. It was interesting gambit. For quite some time now, strongest fighters on both sides were entrenched in their territories, creating status quo. After all, only strongest could challenge their peers. That was one of things this battle has proven, that number and strength of fodder is irrelevant. In light of that, Akainu choose to move strongest to enemy, escalating not so peaceful coexistence into outright war. And at the same time "retired" Admirals were still there, ready to defend if Pirates or Revolutionaries tried to invade while Fleet Admiral is away. They may not be enough on their own, but they could hold on until main bulk swings back, putting would be invader between rock and the hard place. 




"You going?" I inquire rather average looking old man sitting on the other side of the table. You could dump him in food store and he wouldn't look out of place.


"Yes." He simply replies without rising head, his arm moving as he was finishing his report. It was my fault for coming early. Old spymaster liked order, and while dealing with me now would be easier for both of us, it would also mean altering his schedule, something he is extremely unwilling to do.


Given that his combat prowess was nothing to write home about, it would seem that Akainu was smart enough to realize that having someone to gather information was essential.


I wait for Mister Zero, as he introduced himself, to finish, then stash documents away. His eyes move towards me, his hand gesturing towards chest on the table. Without word i open it, finding a sack on top of an folder. 


Sack was heavy. Opening it i found number of balls, smaller than ones i currently posses. Few hundreds of them were fit in the sash, judging by looks of it.


"You can take that as an apology of sorts, for the missing ship" he suddenly speaks up, "They are similar in power to ones you currently posses, and while smaller shape may require you to get used to it, you should see advantages of being able to carry more". 


I nod. He was probably pissed as i was about that episode, seeing that he hated watching his plans fall apart. Although there was another reason for giving me increased supply of this thing. He is not expecting to see me anytime soon.


"New World, huh?"


Taking the folder, i pull something out of it. A ticket.


"You mission is to get to end of that journey. There you will find rest of your instructions. There is a ship in the Harbor, ready to sail to Sabaody . You will go there and wait for ship to board with that ticket. Along the way, you can clear the islands and ship itself if you can, although that shouldn't get in way of your journey. Getting there is essential."


It made sense. Everyone would want to be on the big stage right now. Revolutionaries will try to bolster their numbers in New World, and i would be there to stop them, or at least cause as much damage as humanly possible. Compared to them, hunting cells on some backwards islands meant little.


Mr. Zero already started working on his next report, which meant that our meeting was over. Without word, i leave my old sash behind and start making my way towards docks. 


Seems i'll be in New World sooner than i imagined.

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Somewhere in Sabaody...
  "Yeah, that's right! Move the headquarters to the New World, where the monsters are!"
  The laughters echoed throughout the bar, giving it a slightly more friendly atmosphere in its damp darkness. Not that the humidity or darkness bothered Ankoushi anyway, but he understood that anyone who walked down the old stairs in that empty back alley to reach this filthy bar would from only these two factors immediately realize that this was not a place where normal citizens hung out. The barkeep had somehow procured a Visual Den Den Mushi which directly broadcasted the new Fleet Admiral's speech; probably to appease some of the more infamous criminals that were sitting in their own private booths, with the drapes only left open so they could see Sakazuki in all his glory. "He's dangerous", they mumbled, "But his ideas will decrease Marine presence where we are" "There's no way I'm going to the New World!". What a bunch of cowards.
  Of course, there were dreamers as well. How couldn't there be? Whitebeard's final words had inspired a new generation of pirates, who were now all on their way to the New World. To seek glory. To find One Piece. There were dreamers, but they stayed silent. Normally, they would shout and start fights; but not in this bar. This was where the ones who had given up on the New World came. A meeting place for pirate syndicates in the first half of the Grand Line, Paradise, or for brokers to scheme and get drunk. Any dreamer who came here would get a glower if he was lucky, or a bullet between the eyes if he was not. Ankoushi wasn't sure what he viewed himself as. He had no interest in One Piece, at least not because of the glory or riches. But he dreamed of a world without discrimination; a world where his people would be able to live the way they wanted. Perhaps reaching Raftel would give him the opportunity to send a message the world would actually care about?
  "Akainu sure is making an interesting move. This will without a doubt decrease the number of pirates getting past the Red Line.", the patron next to Ankoushi said. They were alone at the counter, the barkeep was over at the screen doing something and every other guest here sat at their own table. 
  Ankoushi raised an eyebrow at the sudden remark from the patron, but responded calmly. "Sakazuki-san is making a mistake. You cannot destroy crime by killing pirates. The only way to do that is to stop the need for it. Make the world a better place and no one will have to steal."
  The patron laughed and took a sip from his cup. Then froth got stuck in his gray beard and flew all over the counter as he coughed into the cup. Ankoushi simply observed the wanted posters on the walls. Even though he could feel lukewarm beer on his cheek, he still harboured no ill will towards the man.
  "I don't think it's that easy, sadly.", the old patron mumbled as he dried off his face with a his sleeve. He put down the cup and showed Ankoushi a toothless grin. "Look at all of us here. Some of the men in here are making millions of beli every week. Do you really think they would give up on that just because they don't have to? It doesn't matter if you're a fishman or a human, sentient beings will always want more, no matter how much they have!"
  "Any sentient being would also always feel compassion for others. That's why they're sentient!", Ankoushi responded, somewhat harshly. He felt someone turn around in their chair behind him for a second, and knew he had been too loud.
  "Boy, you're really naive, aren't you?", the old man said, his grin having shrunk to a soft smile. Behind them, Ankoushi could hear how the whispers started.
  "You can't just ask me to give up on humanity!", Ankoushi whispered. Behind him, he heard how words like fishman and gross were repeated. He felt an angry blush spread across his cheeks.
  The old patron simply shook his head as the barkeep walked up from behind them and jumped the counter. "Can I serve you anything?", he asked, seemingly not caring about whether there was a fishman in front of him or not. But there were clearly others who did, and the damage was already done.
  "Thank you, but I was just about to leave", Ankoushi assured him as he left a few bills on the counter and stood. He grabbed his hoodie which would allow him to stay concealed on the street and took several quick steps towards the door. As he turned and glanced back into the bar one last time, he saw the old man take another sip; his face frowning over what Ankoushi had said; he saw two pirates with guns in their hands; waiting for him to leave silently; and he saw Sakazuki's determined face on the screen above them all. 
  At that moment, he truly felt alone.
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The Santiago Pirates

Somewhere on the Grandline



The Newscoo cooed, dropped a newspaper, collected the money - a greedy sum - and took off again, just as it did every morning. Hubble, the Navigator of the Banana Jenny, picked up the paper. "Hey", he shouted towards the crew, "you have to see this!". Captain Nelson was still sleeping, and would have a brutal hangover once he woke up anyway, so Crozier, his Vice-Captain, usually took over most of the daily duties: "What's it?"
"After Sengoku stepped down, the Marines made Akainu - Sakazuki - the new Fleet Admiral - you know that, right?"
"Of course. He fought Aokiji over it and won"
"Exactly. Well, now he officially took the position. Was apparently a great ceremony... and he held a speech - and that's the topic here."
"Anything outrageous?"
"Yes. He's going to move Marine HQ to the New World"
"What?!", shouted another sailor.
Crozier frowned. "My luck again" he said and shook his head, "nine years as a pirate, and just when I'm about to enter the New World, the Marines move their HQ there."
"It's even worse than that", replied Hubble, "Sakazuki basically claimed that, now that Whitebeard was done for, the Marines would go on an offensive in the New World."
Crozier rolled his eyes, and mumbled again: "My luck..."
The other sailor, his name was Blane, asked: "What about the rest of the New World? Surely, after Whitebeard's death it can't have gone without changes..."
Hubble nodded: "Indeed. Seems like all the scum of the seas is trying to get a piece of the cake, but the one that grabs the most is that Blackbeard fellow - you know, the guy that betrayed the Shichibukai and killed Whitebeard at the war. At this rate, it wouldn't surprise me if they made him Yonkou."
"I see..." replied Blane, and Crozier had to ask: "Does it affect our routes to the New World?"
"It would seem so. Fishman Island was one of Whitebeard's territories, and so far, nobody has claimed it yet. Wouldn't surprise me if we ran straight into a battle down there. And Sabaody is of course bolstered with Marines now. I don't even know if there are still coating engineers that work for pirates."
"Is there a way to get the Jenny over the Red Line? Instead of diving below it?"
"No. We could take that route, but we would need to find a new ship afterwards."
Blane patted the mast. "I don't wanna leave the Jenny", he said, "we should take the underwater route, even if its hard." Blane was the carpenter, and he had invested a lot of work into their ship.

"Balloons", said a third voice. It was Rooke, the cook. He was a slightly strange fellow, with many odd ideas puring out of his head. But he cooked well. "If we cling some balloons to the ship, we can fly up the Red Line, cross it, and move down on the other side."
Hubble shook his head: "The Red Line is ten kilometers high, with strong winds, fog, and rain. It would be suicide even if had the materials to build balloons. Which we don't."
"We could catch birds and let them drag us up."
"That's not even possible in theory."
"We could find a Devil Fruit user that is able to counter gravity..."
"Yes, we will hire the Golden Lion to fly us over the Red Line", said Crozier and rolled his eyes, "maybe he will give us discount if we swear to hate Gold Roger. Now back to the kitchen, Rooke. You still have to prepare the next meal, don't you?"
"Yessir", said Rooke unhappily, and left.

Now Hubble took over the word again: "We are still six days away from the Red Line, and five from Sabaody.. We have one Eternal Pose to the... old... Marineford from those two Commodores Vice-Capt'n beat at the Torch. That should suffice to get to Sabaody, since they are close together. Our normal Pose is still set to an island in the New World. But the needle is constantly shaking, so, I don't know what exactly is going on over there. I've read that islands in the New World are more dangerous the more the needle pointing to them shakes. If I'm not mistaken, we'll need a special Log to avoid this too - one with multiple needles and bigger accuracy. That's another reason why we should reach Sabaody first."
"We should wait for the Captain for the final decision", said Crozier, "but until he wakes up, set sail to Sabaody. I don't want to lose that much time to the Marines." He gave the command to the crew.
"Ayeaye", they shouted and followed the order.

It was already late noon when Captain Santiago Nelson woke up with a brutal hangover. He yawned long and heartily, grabbed a bottle of rum, and took a good mouthful. "Ah", he said, and stood up. He didn't have to change any clothes, because he rarealy ever changed his clothes. Essentially never. He walked up to deck, and roared "ROSHA!!!". He had never bothered to properly pronounce Crozier's name - or maybe he knew just well, and played a joke. Crozier was never really sure about Capt'n Nelson. He was monstrous in battle, but often usless in other things. He was always drunk, barely ever bothered with the details of the ship, and didn't provide any help to the ship other than occasionally reading a map or giving a command. But he was charismatic in his own way. And none of his crew really had a problem with Nelson's lifestyle. It was Nelson's crew, and even though Crozier took over most of the daily duties, Nelson was the captain and nobody else. They were the Santiago Pirates.

"Yes, Captain?", Crozier awaited him on deck.
"Any news?"
"Akainu is about to move Marine HQ to the New World. You should ask Hubble for details. I decided to take course to Sabaody - it's still five days if the weather stays calm like this - and we can adjust the course if necessary. But we need coating, and we need it quickly - and Sabaody is still be the best spot for that, Marines or not. That's the news so far."
"Sabody, heh? Been there once. Pretty shiny. Nice bubbles e'rywhere"
"It will be loaded with Marines and other pirates. Strong ones."
"Yaah..." Nelson scratched his neck, and two fleas sprung away. "Any otha places on the way we could get coating from. Whaddya think, Rosha?"
"I think its only assured in Sabaody. But I won't rule it out. I have never been to that part of the sea", replied Crozier.
"HUBBLE!", yelled Nelson, and this name he had always right. The navigator quickly joined them.
"Yes, Capt'n?"
"Are there any islands close to Sabaody we could hit up first?"
"Come to my table. I'll get the maps."

Crozier was always thankful that they had at least a skillful navigator. When he had joined Nelson, the captain did the work himself, and more often than not failed at it. Hubble's table was part of his private room, and was loaded with various maps. A lot of them he had drawn himself, others were bought, several stolen. His sources were never really clear, and Hubble refused to talk about his past - the past before he joined the Banana Jenny two years ago.
"Here we go", Hubble said. "Sabaody. This is Marineford - and that the giant whirpool connecting it to Impel Down and the judicial island. This is our position. What do we have here... Snowjon Island. Mr. Crozier, could you give me that book over there? Thank you. Ah... a barely populated winter island, with more wolves than men and some omnious ruins behind a huge wall... I don't think that will help us." Hubble took another look on the map. "This island here is only inhabited by man-eating sparrows, and this one... wait."
"What about it?"
Hubble read through a few pages of his book.
"Forget what I said. The map misspelled 'duck' for 'dock'. It's Duckpoint Dune, not Dockpoint Dune, right here. Let me fix that... well, I don't think we want to go there."
"So we have to stay focused on Sabaody?", asked Nelson.
"I fear so."

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The Science Pirates

Various locales


The long corridors of fused flesh and metal creaked and pulsed in time to a cyborg heartbeat. Smoky energy coruscated along the circuits running every which way around, and chugs and clangs unnatural echoed in intervals from unknown depths. Yet otherwise, there was silence and dust gathering and for a long while now the both have endured.


But suddenly the silence and dust were disturbed by an elegant bass, singing the discordant sounds together with the kind of rising melody that travels through many many miles of ocean. Hearing it, the corridors become less uncanny and distant. Instead the attention begins to smile at the warmth of blubber, protecting from the harshness of weather and cold sea; and the nose notices the sweet, faint smell of ambergris. The sonorous music reminds of a mother lovingly singing to the baby in her womb. This was Jane Goodall's whale song and to the Science Pirates, hearing it was to hear the call of home.


The second of the crew to hear it, fittingly enough was the Musician. Of late she had taken to performing in seedy speakeasies, the wretched denizens of which was poor audience to her college educated compositions- since most of them were deaf in the ear. To comfort Pytho, her instrument, she sometimes plays to the sea who was always ever willing to sing. But as she began, her triangle tingled, resonating to a song that the sea was relaying. A familiar, long looked for song.  There was only one response she could have possibly given. From the shore came a single clear high note, right where the note should be. "At last, the Work continues.", Dr. Melody Vide murmured.


The hot sun stared down at the two duelists, one of which was a woman eyeing the other for the fatal draw. When the dean decided for disbandment she had lost her main source of data, but she'll be damned if she was going to just stop. Thus she had decided to pursue a career in bounty hunting in the mean time. But samples were harder to come by here in this part of the Grand Line, not to mention of inferior quality. Indeed the coward enemy had jumped behind a building hoping to use it for cover whilst peppering her with haki infused bullets through the wall. Bullets that hit nothing but ground. For the Sharpshooter had finished calculations shortly after stepping into the plaza- to plug in the required set of actions to dodge the attack and ricochet a bullet to a nearby lamp post and then to the back of his skull was but a trifle. Shaking her head, she bent to pick up the Haki infused bullets. But then Dr. Yue Ban's countenance improved when the sea breeze rolled in, bringing cool air, the sound of crashing waves, and of one other thing. "About time! Now the Work can continue!"


High on a single lonesome island mountain was a goat idly munching on a herb. But not just any herb; a herb renowned for its exquisite crunchiness, nutritional value and a unique taste reminiscent of lightning and ozone. Eating this, the goat wistfully gazed at the distant horizon and thought 'Eh... Not baaaaaad. But I've had better'. Suddenly the goat's ears twitched and its feet stomped until unable to contain it any longer, he bounded down to the dome roofed human dwelling at the side of the mountain. Expertly, the goat opened the door and clomped to the human staring out the window. The Cook transformed back to his human form and proclaimed "At laaaaast-"


He had been studying the signs. The moons were in the right quadrants, and the cards corroborated. When the Marineford war happened, the Lookout knew to focus on it and was one of the few who watched the events unfold live. Thus he was prepared ever since then, had been prepared for a while now. Hence why he invited to his observatory the only other crew member he knew the whereabouts of with the excuse of scrumptious rare ingredients. He regretted though, having to leave the mountain with the clear atmosphere, and how correspondence wasn't going to be as easy as now. But truth be told, his research had stalled, and besides, she was somewhere out there! Who knows what might happen? Dr. Nicolas Ptolemy gazed out the window as Dr. Gordon Knot began to confirm what he had hoped was going to come and finished the sentence for him. "-the Work moves apace!"


Dr. Ericka Ketchum, ran to the pier listening to the song with a great smile on her face despite the flashing lightning and torrential rain. She knew as sure as the sound carried over the waves, that the others would be just as happy to hear it. For it meant that the captain-dean was finished brooding and healing his hurts. He probably didn't mean to, but when he disbanded the crew and cursed that he'll sail again only when he was finished with despair, that for them it was not a hopeless ultimatum but instead a prophecy. Thus although they went about their own ways for a while, it was a given that theirs was but a temporary rest, and a time to gather strength until it was opportune to weather the storms again. She laughed in joy as the great familiar bulk of the Jane Goodall rose from under the distressed waters to fetch the Ship Doctor.  "I knew it, the Work progresses."


'Aye, it does.' the ship replied.


And upon the the gunwale (in other words, at the top of the cyborg West Blue whale, near the blowhole), opened a hatch from which stepped out a course and grinning man, strangely upright despite the lashing wind and sea spray. "You heard the first mate, beloved wife, navigator and lady of my life, Jane Elizabeth Fuchsia! And no doubt you heard the summons of our good Jane Goodall as well.",  he said tapping his stump on the deck. " The summons of sea and adventure, of seeking and spreading knowledge obscure, hidden or forbidden, of contending with the powers and the principalities that be to break their hold on science and thereby save and uplift lives human, fishman or otherwise. In short the Work; what say you to that?"


"I say what took you so long? Where to cap'n and dean?"


"What took me? Well the world isn't as devoid of hope as I thought and the enemies not as absolute; but you all have tried to tell me that after all, fool that I am. Welcome aboard and onwards towards the New World!"


As the last of his crewmen entered the ship through a plank and side-door, Dr. Nemo Ishmael surveyed the horizon awhile, waves swelling and rolling with the thunder and flash of lightning.


"Dearie, would you please hoist the flag? The Science Pirates sail again! JäJäJäJäJä! "

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It was a fairly long journey aboard Eldrick’s ship, and a wondrous one for John who spent his entire existence up to that point in Elbaf. Truth be told it wasn’t that eventful, everything went as expected for an experienced man of the sea such as Eldrick. By choosing the safest routes they avoided an encounter with any notorious pirate or the most dangerous weather phenomenons and no sea monster or sea king got too close to the ship when they dived towards the Fishman Island, or on the way up to Sabaody Archipelago. Even so,  John could witness a variety of weather phenomenons unlike those he was familiar with, the Fishman Island itself was a sight to behold, and the fishmen as well he found to be fascinating with their variety in types compared to the giants, who were for the most part a lot more similar to each other. The territory of the Little’s was deep within Elbaf, in the center of the gigantic island, so John rarely encountered the few pirates or merchants that made their way to the coast of Elbaf. Eldrick himself was a merchant, and he was called “the Bold” due to his courage of exploring routes from the New World to Paradise in his chase for profit. He gave a few words of advice to John, among which the most important was to never, no matter the circumstance attack a Celestial Dragon. John listened, as he usually did with a serious face when a situation was presented as serious to him, but Eldrick knew that the young giant’s mind was probably more on the adventure ahead than the speech of an old man. As soon as Eldrick finished his speech a wide smile appeared on John’s face


“"GYOHOhohohoho ! Relax Eldrick, i’ll be fine !” John laughed, while slapping a hand way to heavy for his size on Eldricks foot. „You take care of yourself old man, and just wait for my return two years from now, when i will claim my place as The First Warrior of Elbaf !”


Eldrick’s huge ship didn’t receive the usual attention when they arrived at Sabaody, and John’s initial excitement at the presence of the floating large bubbles only stopped him for a short while from noticing the large mass of people that gathered in front of a huge monitor. He made way in that direction and as he got there, suddenly everyone got quiet when the figure of a man appeared on the monitor and he began his speech. Most listened in silence, with various exclamations here and there while the man John found out was the new leader of the marines described his plans for the future. It was the silence before the storm though, and as soon as the speech ended the crowd became aggitated, many making way towards their ships, others demanding information in regards to the location of the nearest coating mechanic, others heading towards the nearest bar, thinking this is the best possible time to discuss their and the World's future in front of a drink. John stood his ground, grinning at the figure that he immediately recognized as a formidable opponent, one that as he was now he could not defeat.


„That guy’s an Admiral ? He’s their boss ? He seems strong, determined, overwhelmingly so. This is what i’m up against ? GYOHOhohohoho ! I’ll take on this challenge ! I’ll just have to get that much stronger myself ! Now then, this calls for a drink !”


It didn’t take long for John to find the closest drinking establishment, as plenty were declaring their intention of having a drink while heading in that direction. He entered the bar and demanded a barrel of sake. He sat himself down on the floor, since no chair would support his weight, put a hole in the barrel with his sword, and drank it all in one go.


GYOHOhohohoho ! This is some good sake, tiny human ! Now then, could anyone tell me where i can find an old man who goes by the name of Rayleigh ?”


His voice was that of a giant, covering all the conversations around him and he imediately found himself the center of the attention.


„My friend here just had a little bit too much drink ! Please, everyone excuse him and continue your drinking ! The next round is on the house since this was such a successful business day !” Said the barkeeper out loud so that everyone could hear, and then got close to John and asked him to follow outside. John listened and once outside the barkeeper continued „Young man, you don’t want that much attention focused on you around here and i don’t want a fight in my bar with all the destruction caused at my expense !” Rayleigh is not the kind of man you can discuss with or about so lightly, and unfortunately for you he’s rumored to no longer be in Sabaody. If that’s why you came here you’re better of going back home.


„I guess i have to give up on talking with him right now then.” Said John while scratching his head, as the barkeeper went back inside the local. „Seems like i’m better off heading back into the New World right away, since the marines are heading there as well. There should be no better training ground according to Eldrick’s stories. I wonder how i should go about doing that.”


The giant sat himself in front of the building, watching people walk by, thinking about what he was supposed to do from now on. He was used to looking up at the giants around him, so he found this miniature world filled with tiny people entertaining. He wondered if there were more strong tiny people like the man on the monitor, or this Rayleigh that once managed to defeat his father. The world is so big and the humans are so many that there would have to be more, right ? Maybe that’s what he should do, find some strong tiny people to sail to the New World with.

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Sabaody Archipelago Grove 60: Marine Base


Inside a communications center in a marine base located at GR 60 a marine officer stands in front of a panel of monitors that show several views of Sabaody Archipelago's groves throughout the island. Behind him are a group of marines frantically managing all the incoming and outgoing calls from the center dispatching orders trying to coordinate their troops to the best of their abilities trying to deal with the situation they are now confronted with. "Lieutenant!", a marine subordinate shouts while rushing into the room, "we have an updated report of the zones." The marine quickly hands the officer a map of Sabaody Archipelago which shows all the zones within the groves and how the lawless zone has spread in the wake of the Marineford War, Whitebeard's death and the news of the Marine Headquarters moving to the New World.





"It seems that the spread of the Lawless Area into the other zones has been stopped for now and the non impacted zones have been able to resume their normal activities safely", the marine reports while the officer stares at the map he was given. "Some good news for a change", the officer says with a slight smirk on his face. "It was very worrying there for a while, but the Base Commander deciding to focus most of our forces in the Hotel, Amusement Park, and Tourist Zones was the right call. We've been able to push back the chaos into something more manageable in those civilian populated areas. The Shipyards are still a bit of a madhouse. The Lawless area has spread across more than half of the groves in that area, but at least that mainly concerns pirates fighting amongst themselves and trying to seal or sabotage each others' ships as they all try to rush to the New World ahead of one another. So it isn't an immediate concern for us." The officer paused for a few seconds to stare at the monitors in front of him thinking about the next best possible move in dealing with the growing threat of pirates and criminals on the Archipelago. "Just continue doing what the Commander said and send messages to any civilian ships moving towards the Shipyard to warn them and try and get them to land as close to the Marine base as they can. It is all we can do at the moment."


After all the fallout of the Marineford War pirates began to make a mad dash to the New World. That chaos created a bottleneck situation as they all came to Sabaody Archipelago to make their way to Fishman Island. With Whitebeard now dead and the status of Fishman Island uncertain as a possible passage to the New World many wanted to pass through there as soon as they could in fear of Fishman Island becoming inaccessible eventually. Along the Marine Headquarters being moved to the New World this left the greatest deterrent Sabaody Archipelago had against the criminals on Sabaody gone and the Lawless Area began to spread into the other zones. 

"Speaking of the Commander we haven't heard back from him lately, have we?", the officer said out loud to the room filled with marines. Each stopped what they were doing and glanced at the officer and gave a slight gesture signifying they didn't know where he was. The marine that rushed into the room and gave the officer the zone map suddenly spoke up and said, "I believe he was on his way to the Amusement Park..." "AMUSEMENT PARK!", shouted the officer cutting off the marine mid sentence. "He better not be skipping his duties while so much is going on to go ride the rides again or I am going to actually kill him." "No no no!", the marine quickly responded. "I believe he received a message that the owner of the Amusement Park is on his way to Sabaody and he went there to meet him." The officer looked at the marine skeptically having a difficult time believing that was actually the case. "I swear, the only reason he continues to refuse any promotions is because it would break his heart to leave Sabaody's and not be able to go to the Amusement Park every day."


Lieutenant!", shouted one of the marines from behind the officer who was manning the communications. "We've finally heard back from the G-1 Base." The officer turned around to face the marine. "Finally. It took them long enough to get back to us. I know they are busy moving the Marine Headquarters and having it swap places with the G-1 base in the New World, but they could have given our base here on Sabaody a little more attention." Clearly annoyed, but also a bit relieved, the officer walks over to the communications desk of the marine and picks up the Den Den Mushi. His conversation with the G-1 base is very short and and to the point. After the conversation had ended he quickly hangs up the Den Den Mushi and is excited to tell the others the news he had received. "Good news everyone, the G-1 base is sending us some reinforcements to check on our situation soon lead by the commander of the G-1 base himself, and accompanying him is some people from the Science Division to investigate that monstrous Pacifista thing we found in one of the groves a few weeks ago unresponsive." The room's atmosphere had changed drastically in response to this news. The room that had been filled with such tension and panic at dealing with the growing threat on Sabaody had been replaced with a sense of excitement with impending arrival of the reinforcements and the G-1 Commander. "Okay, so lets get this base ready for their arrival. Hop to it men!"

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It had been a breezy day for Jazz, clear weather, calm waters. No nightly storms or cold water in his face, just the soothing white noise of waves and the obnoxious snoring of Julius, the giant panda who happens to be Jazz's quartermaster – although he is currently nothing more than head of eating-all-the-food and executive chief of sleeping, a title heavily contested by Jazz himself. 

   But for this night, Jazz found himself waking up in the wee hours, laying under a cozy blanket on the dirty sofa that is currently his throne, sitting just in front of the wheelhouse, where incidentally the helm is located. He was not used to waking up this early, but it made for a refreshing start of the day, as this was the day he was arriving at his next destination, the Shababody Arch island. He had bought a map to this island by an elderly man who blabbered on and on about how cool the map was. Jazz ended up buying it, and figured he might as well go see what was so great about it. He had a feeling something was fishy about it, though, because the map stunk of sea creature, a smell he was far too familiar with – it brought him horrifying flashbacks of the time he was forced to hide in a barrel full of fish. Even the time when he got stung by a killer bee on the tongue paled in comparison. It was repulsive. 

   So, cleansing his mind off of the shady map, and the pungent memories, he decided to make himself some breakfast. Julius the bear was lying stretched out over the floor of the deck, looking as blissful as ever, and with a couple of blankets thrown over him, as if his thick fur wouldn't insulate him from the only slightly chilly breeze of the nights at sea. It was indeed a very warm climate, far warmer than Jazz would've expected it to be; after all, the salesman had pointed out that the Shabobandy Arch island was a winter island, comprised of nothing but steep mountains and spikes of ice. Perhaps it would become colder as the boat neared the island.


As was the routine breakfast for the pirate gang of two, Jazz cooked up some delicious noodles, á la chart, as he would call it, and chomped it down while sitting on the couch with his feet propped up on the frail coffee table. Soon his companion awoke from the fumes of ramen, and found the can of noodles Jazz had placed down on the deck for him. The panda was happy as he licked the contents out of the can, and emptied it faster than Jazz could say good morning. 

   After the quiet morning, things started getting more exiting. It became warmer and warmer as Jazz could start to see something on the horizon, and he soon discovered the island was not a cold land of spiky mountains, but a giant mess of gigantic trees. He had been fooled, after all! Jazz wanted to turn the ship around and go find that rotten salesman, but the island intrigued him far more. 


"So this is the Shabaoboody island, eh, Julius?" he said with a smile on his face as he looked over the bow of the ship, the archipelago so near now that he could see the ships at its harbor. The panda yawned in response and slumped down to take another nap again, although that seemed to have escaped Jazz's attention, who continued talking:

"It looks pretty cool... There's bubbles everywhere."


Jazz quickly anchored the ship to the docks and patted his comrade on the head before he jumped out of the boat and immediately started playing around with the strange bubbles which he had never seen before. The grass was sticky and soft, and bubbles were forming from it and slowly rising to the skies. They were big enough to fit Jazz's entire head inside of them, and they didn't pop even if you poked your entire arm into them. Jazz hopped onto one and sat on it as it rose, giving him a great view of the port town.

   Everything looked so blissful and surreal. As he neared the crown of the trees, he noticed all the bubbles around him were popping, and the one he was on, too, eventually burst and he fell down toward the docks again. He managed to bounce on a few bubbles before hitting the grass, making his fall a bit easier. Slightly embarassed, he quickly rose and started walking into town, muttering to himself and casting glances to the sides to see if anyone saw him fall – no one did. Jazz 1, Shabanabody 0.

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The Science Pirates

The Dean - Dr. Nemo Ishmael

Sabaody Archipelago: Grove 55, Shipyards


Located at the conning tower of the ship, Dr. Ishmael sat in the captain's chair, puffing his tobacco as he gazed at the retreating backs of his crewmates. The girls had opted to go to the Amusement Park, while thankfully Gordon had left to restock the pantry with something else other than seafood. After all, it's all well and good that Jane shares her catch with the rest of the crew, but eating pre-digested squid gets old really fast. 


Meanwhile, Nick was holed up in the observatory. Again. Theirs might well be the only lookout in the vast varied sea without an honest tan.


He cleared his throat, a sign for Jane to activate the DDM intercom system.


"Lookout! All this time and that habit of yours still hasn't changed.. still fortyfy'n your self against the whole wide world in that guana hole of yours. You should get some sun, you're no bat!", he cried out seemingly to no-one in particular.


The DDM intercom was developed by Ericka and installed after some help by Jane in persuading her husband. It was a closed circuit network of den-den mushis throughout the ship and interfaced with Jane Goodall's neural net. Jane Fuchsia with her higher faculties provides the crucial control and bridge, creating what can only be described as a whale-human-snail symbiotic relationship that allows easy communication and real-time information relay between various parts of the ship.


There was a click as Dr. Ptolemy replied with the den-den mushi in the periscope/observatory room.


"Forgive me Dean but there is after all, only so much I can do researching the Grand Line weather underwater. I must thus use the rare opportunities when I can actually see the sky to gather data.", he replied.


"You live in the damn periscope, you can see the sky any damn time you like! Bah, if you're not going then I might as well. Take care of Jane while I'm away. 'M going to find someone worthy of fixing our coating mechanism (Damn. I knew I should have taken that elective, now I have to suffer some flea-ridden stranger touching Jane).


"You should have taken that elective.", butted the hermit.


"You're just snarky because  your sweetheart's love letters have a hard time finding a sub-marine address!",


"Wha- they're not- they're scientific correspo-", and with that Dr. Ishmael ended the call. Smirking, he stood up and prepared to leave. "Just going outside dear."


"Take care honey. You know my size, and good luck."


With that he made his way outside, searching for someone he could trust with his wife amongst the various low-lifes, vagabonds and government lap-dogs of the archipelago.


(Heh good luck indeed.)

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"Crimson Bulllet" was just docking at grove 60 when a tall man in sporting marine attire left the ship, that was unique among the several other Marine Battleships, because it was not a Battleship but a Huntership. The man was the captain of the Crimson Bullet, simply named Smellsgood and he was a Rear admiral from the old Marine HQ.


"Alright guys, please coat my ship as fast as possible. I want to hunt some pirates that try to get through Fishman Island. I missed Sakazuki's speech because of this order, so don't make me wait too long" 


Although he missed the speech, he of course read the newspaper and so knew what Sakazuki's plans were. And he don't know what he should think of them. Smellsgood was proud to be a marine and he looked up to Sengoku and Garp, who both now retired and now they are led by Sakazuki, who is a pretty radical person, and Smellsgood isn't yet sure if that is a good or a bad thing. Well at least he can proof himself further once he enters the New World for the first time, but before that his ship first has to get coated, so he has to find something to do in the mean time.


While Smellsgood walked around the Marinebase he heard the complaints about the "Lawless Zone" spreading further than before, which makes him smile a bit I think that is a good way to spend my time, a bit practice and maybe I find a big fish he thought to himself and picked up a brown cloack with a hood to disguise himself and started moving towards  the Lawless zone at grove 0.

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The Sky's Salvation was docked in a port in the Shipyard while a coating mechanic worked on it. Lower-ranked members of the crew were hustling and bustling to get the ship prepared for voyage into the New World. Crates of food, ammunition, and other supplies were being loaded onto the ship.

On top of the Sky's Salvation's tallest mast sat Oz. The zealot was eating an apple and overlooking the chaos below. He was hoping to recruit strong people but all he saw was weaklings. Not one pirate had the bravery to even come near their ship.

"If only I had Mantra like Master, I could find worthy people," lamented Oz. "I can't bother Messiah-sama with this trivial task either." Oz laid down on top of the mast and closed his eyes as his mind raced for ideas. Minutes passed without an idea, and then he heard the sound of a guitar. Oz's eyes snapped open.

"That's it!"

Oz took a final bite out of the apple and threw the core into the sea behind him. He jumped down from the mast and landed in front of a crew member who was handling a box of ammunition.

"You there. Do you know where Sagara is?"

"He is in his cabin, sir."

"Thanks," said Oz as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a golden nugget the size of a pebble. He placed it into the hand of the crew member. "Take this as a reward. Remember, Eneru-sama is always watching."

"T-thank you sir!"

Oz ran to Sagara's cabin and knocked on the door before entering. The fishman was practising his guitar like he thought.

"Hey Sagara, I need your help. Bring your mic and amp and follow me."


The duo made their way to a large hill tossing aside the weaklings who dared challenge them on the way. The hill was in the center of the Shipyard and gave them a good view of all the other ports. Oz motioned to Sagara for the microphone.

"Listen up pirates of Sabaody Archipelago! The Pandemonium Pirates have enough space for two more strong guys. We'll take you to Fishman Island on one condition: you impress us in a fight."

Oz handed the microphone back to the rockstar. "It's probably best we don't use our abilities or Haki. It'll be fucking boring otherwise."

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Walking through the city, many thoughts entered Ankoushi's head.

  Where do I go? Where can I sleep? What should I do?

  Arriving at one of the many groves, he stopped to lean his back against the tree and admire the bubbles. Sabaody Archipelago really was one of the most beautiful places Ankoushi had been to, and he had had the opportunity to see more islands of the Grand Line than most fishmen. Or people, for that matter.

  Maybe I really should go to the New World? 

  Only the thought of it being a mysterious and unexplored sea made Ankoushi shudder slightly, but it also filled him with something he knew that he would never experience unless he travelled to the deadly sea on the other side of the Red Line; a deep desire. Mixed feelings of setting his foot on unclaimed islands and the distant dream of the accepting of his people. And when all he knew was how to fight, taking that path felt like the only logical way to go about the message he would send to the world.

  In the distance, several blocks away, Ankoushi could see ships in the docks or the shipyards. Some of them in the process of coating. Maybe Fishman Island would be a good first stop? He would definitely have lots of time to finally decide on the journey there.

  Besides, it had been a really long time since he last set foot at home.


  Reaching the docks, Ankoushi arrived just in time to hear one of the many pirates present announce two free spots on the ship of the Pandemonium Pirates. Headed for Fishman Island. Impressive fighters only. It almost sounded too good to be true.

  Cracking his fists, Ankoushi ascended the shipyard hill and looked at the two men on top of it. He made sure to look as threatening as he could.


  "Who do I fight to get on this ship?"

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Xiaosu woke up from a long sleep. She finished the last book in the mystery novel series last night, sooner than expected. After doing all the morning chores, she headed out to the Shipyard to check the progression on her ship. ''It's also a way to relax to walk in this nice sunlight'', thought Xiaosu.


When she reached the center hill of the Shipyard, a crowd is gathering in front of 2 pirates. They were talking about recruiting new members. As a loner, Xiaosu does not really like staying with people but these 2 guys look okay (or exotic) enough to spend 2 nights with, ''or maybe just one night'', naughty Xiaosu amused herself. She walked towards them, readily for any challenge.

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Sabaody Archipelago

The Banana Jenny arrived at Sabaody at early noon. They harbored at one of the illegal groves, and Captain Nelson had decided that Crozier, Hubble and Blane would search for a coating engineer, while he would *cough* "guard" the ship (which of course meant that he'd get drunk). Thankfully, a sober Nelson was not in any way stronger than a drunken one, and probably less ferocious on top of that, so Crozier wasn't really in a hurry to come back to the ship.

The island was full of pirates, and full of all kinds of freaks, ships, and weaponry. As they wandered the groves and the shipyards, they even saw a ship that looked like a mechanical whale. Crozier was excited about this ship, especially because he had worked on Water 7 and cared for ships, and for a moment, he thought about sneaking on board, but he dropped the idea because Hubble realized that the ship's captain had a bounty even higher than Nelson's. So they moved on, and came to talk to an old, worn-down man selling fried chestnuts at a corner.
"Are you new on this island?", asked the cook, clearly bored.
Crozier nodded. "Just arrived", he said, "looking for coating. Like everyone."
"Aye", replied the cook, "are ya any big shot? Because the small fries get eaten alive by the trash walking around here."
Now it was Blane's turn, who had taken a position behind Crozier: "We are big enough. Pick a fight, and the whole street will be turned to dust."
"Ah", said the cook, "that would buy ya some respect. And bounty hunters in your neck. But respect. Listen, this island has turned into a hellhole, with or without you guys. I hear that in one of the harbors, a crew is hosting a fighting festival to gather new members. I have heard rumours about rogue-Marines going on massacre sprees. You should search the shipyard a bit longer. They aren't all willing to help pirates, but most take the chance to make money. Wanna buy some chestnuts now?"


They bought chestnuts, and just as they were done eating them, they heard a load, cheering noise from a dock just close. "That must be tournament thing I told you about." Crozier looked to Blane and Hubble. "Can you search for a coater? I'd like to watch that thing. If I go up on one of the groves, I'll be able to watch the fight and give you back-up if necessary."


Quickly, Crozier hopped on a bubble and floated upwards.

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"Listen up pirates of Sabaody Archipelago! The Pandemonium Pirates have enough space for two more strong guys. We'll take you to Fishman Island on one condition: you impress us in a fight."


„A fight ?!” John’s eyes sparkled at the prospect of battle. „I would not call myself a Little if i’d be one to ignore such a challenge !” He picked himself up from the ground, carrying the sword over his shoulder, and picked up the pace towards the hill from where the voice came from. As he got closer to the base of the hill he was able to see what appeared to be a fishman and a human.


„Hey you, tiny creatures standing on top of that hill !” Yelled John and pointed at them with his left hand, while still holding the sword over his shoulder with his right. „ You’re the loud one’s that talked about a challenge of sorts ? GYOHOhohohoho ! It seems i’m in luck to find such brave souls as soon as i get here ! So towards which one am i to point my sword first ? Or would you rather both come at once ?!"



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Shabondy Archipelago 


The cacophony of voices below barely registered on Ukkonen’s mind. He had taken flight to escape it, but once in the air, he became aware of the incessant popping of the bubbles as they floated above the giant mangrove trees. As a compromise, he had speared one of the trees with his glaive midway between the two sounds, where both were too dim to call for his attention, and now stood perched on the hilt of his glaive, surveying what he could see of the archipelago. Hundreds of meters below, the fluttering of a newspaper folded carelessly on the lap of a snoring pirate caught his attention. Ukkonen’s golden eyes had no trouble picking out the words on the front page through the haze of smoke that hung over the tightly packed buildings below. Whitebeard dead. The battle between two former Admirals. The world shifting in response.


Quibbles of mortals, Ukkonen thought. But he had seen this report before and had already memorized anything which might be significant, so he was not wholly indifferent. A notorious crime hotspot like Shabondy was unlikely to remain unaffected by such a development, and Ukkonen was using his haki to study the ordered movements of marines all over the archipelago, which could be easily distinguished from the chaos of the lawless zones.


A new emotion came to him from an unlikely place, one had he been expecting.


So the God has not chosen to save you.


A scream, somewhere above his left, disrupted Ukkonen’s vigil. Arms flailing, a bounty hunter plummeted through the air, straight towards the ground. Wanted posters spiraled downwards above the man, buffeted by the wind. Ukkonen’s poster was still clutched in the man’s hand.


The bounty hunter spotted the magnificent golden bird as he fell. “Ukkoneeeeeen! Please! Please!”


Idiot. That’s not how you pray.


Ukkonen spread his wings and took flight, ripping the glaive out of the mangrove’s bark as he went, clutching it in his talons. He did not dive after the man. Ignoring the sudden surge of hope beneath him, he headed for the Shipyards, sensing a commotion and fighting spirits around Oz.

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Posted 26 March 2015 - 05:25 AM

Sagara followed Oz to the hill in the middle of the ship yard, plugging his microphone into the amp he had brought along and tossing it to his comrade upon request.  He watched with a bit of curiosity as the man began making an announcement to the entire area, but soon grinned in approval at what the warrior-priest was planning.


"Hell yeah, this'll be just the thing to warm up for the New World.  Perfect timing, I was getting tired of just waiting on the ship."  He took back the microphone, looking down at the shipyard as he spotted a few figures begin to break off from the crowd to head towards their location.


"You hear that all of ya out there?  It'd be a shame to have any strong guys hanging around this island get left behind in the race for the New World.  Here's your chance to get in on the chance of a lifetime just by giving us some entertainment!  And as for you lot who have a route to Fishman Island already but are still spoiling for a fight... I'll personally offer up a prize of 50,000,000 if you can prove your strength!  C'mon and try to get yourselves some spending money for the journey to come!  But gotta warn you... you'll be facing the power of Pandemonium's Twin Thunderbolts!  I think this calls for a demonstration!"


He pulled his guitar off of his back, gesturing at a crowd who had begun to approach the hill and lowering the microphone.  "I'll weed out the small fries, and we'll divide the strong guys up after that."  He faced the mob, striking his guitar and beginning a fast paced tune.  "Muchitsujona Dokusou: Kyoufu!" 


The sound of his music swept through the surrounding area, causing most of the approaching pirates to freeze in their tracks.  As those with high willpower in the area watched unaffected, the lesser would-be winners of the makeshift tournament began to panic.  Some fainted dead away from pure terror, others collapsed to the ground in huddled heaps while practically foaming at the mouth.  Others managed to keep themselves from being incapacitated completely, merely turning tail and running from the hill howling in fear.


Sagara looked down at the aftermath, expression brightening at the sight of several who had been unphased by the technique.  He glanced at each in turn before looking back at Oz.  "Heh, that's more than I expected.  Great, this'll be fun!"


The closest was a fellow Fishman.  Sagara turned to him first.  "Hey there, brother.  Who do you fight, you ask?  You're looking right at 'em.  You headed back home?  Or all the way to the New World?  But I guess the real question here is just how tough you are!"


He noticed the only female member of the group next, grinning as he took a few steps towards the attractive human woman to address her next.  "Look what we've got here.  Strong enough to resist that level of technique and easy on the eyes too.  I just gotta have the chance to go a few rounds with you." 


"Oz!"  He turned and called out to his crewmate.  "Swordsman's yours!  I'll spar with my fellow Fishman here, first one to finish their fight gets dibs on the babe or whoever else shows up!"


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Ankoushi looked at the spinner-shark fishman in front of him with his head tilted. He forced his frown into a weak smile of approval and nodded.

"You ask where I want to go, brother? Let's just say Fishman Island is my first stop; we'll see if I continue further into the New World after that...", Ankoushi mumbled.

Glancing towards the water, Ankoushi frowned again. The water in the port looked filthy and polluted. Humans really did not know how to take care of the oceans. The long angler swayed slowly back and forth in the air before him, seemingly moving to the sound of a melody.

"Let me warn you, brother. I am a lot tougher than you think, you may not be able to finish your fight that easily", he continued and raised a hand to make an inviting gesture towards the ocean. "We're two fishmen, and the sea is right there, so what are we waiting for?"

He smiled again.

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@Damanos @DaEvilWithin


Upon walking closer, Xiaosu had a complete clear look at the two men. She immediately recognized, thanks to the wanted posters everywhere on her way here, two of the most famous individuals among the latest wave of rookies, to which she belonged (or at least that was what she thought cause no one had an idea yet since she hadn't made her name or appearance known), Sagara ''The Blue Flash'' and Oz ''The Golden Flash'' of the Pandemonium pirates under Ukkonen ''The Pandemonium'', probably the brightest star after the Supernova. In fact, Xiaosu thought very highly of Ukkonen and regarded him as even better than most of the Supernova, basically the best on par with Luffy and Hawkins, because the former beat her idol Crocodile and the latter's birthday was next to her. The reason was Ukkonen prayed to God Enel, who she had the honor of seeing ruling Skypiea when she visited the place.


''What a crew of hotties, from captain to members!'', thought satisfied Xiaosu. ''Let see, this dark skin...may look good and contrast with my white, fair skin...he's cute and only 25 IIRC. Well, younger man can be very fun. I can dote on him like he's a kid and I can teach him a bit, hihi...and such healthy, strong blue skin with that body...how is it different with Fishman?'', Xiaosu blushed a bit. ''His bounty is nearly the same as me (179 and 175) and he's the same age, can this be some sort of sign?''...suddenly Xiaosu paused and was surprised at herself. This was because she had always been aggressive when it came to chasing men, the ''My lust likes his look so I go to have him. Women don't need love or feelings as reasons to do others'' type, but just now, with these thoughts, it felt as if she was a guilty virgin who had to make up some reason to explain and convince herself to overcome ''first-time'' fear. She mulled over ''Perhaps those two were special in some way that it triggered such a reaction in me. Well, even without that, they totally worth a ride''.


Just when she moved her foot forward, Sagara shouted "Muchitsujona Dokusou: Kyoufu!". It was just a moment and pirates falling left and right, some was out cold instantly, some was staggering, some looked a bit affected and there were a few who were totally fine like Xiaosu. There was another Fishman who looked quite impressively built and a long-haired, wildly handsome young man whose each step left quite a deep footprint on the ground. ''Nice technique. Guys who can channel their inner force into music are quite rare and his piece is not half bad. Though I hope he has more'', Xiaosu blushed again cause she knew her expectation was not about his fighting.


Sagara and Oz stepped forward and started talking with each other. Then Sagara addressed the Fishman while Oz was left with the other young man. ''Aha, leaving me out like a reward. He does not want to fight me cause he's afraid he might ruin his fun later or because he thinks I'm weak? Well, should not care anw, they're just for killing time until I set out to New World.'' Xiaosu stepped back to let the 4 men solving their problem. She was also a bit curious about the Pandemonium's real prowess which meant this was a great chance to witness it with her own eyes, plus Sagara's music technique was actually just a branch in martial arts where people use their qi through sound which was not really paid much attention in her clan's long history of studying martial arts' theories and applications because her ancestors deemed it unnecessary. But she couldn't help butting in a bit ''You two's epithets, sure remind me of a certain guy called Yellow Flash I met in the past on a faraway land. I hope you two would be even better than him. I heard he was gotten by a fox. Maybe you should be careful with this fox*.''



*: For people who don't know, nine-tailed demon fox (or just demon fox) is generally an attractive female who goes around seducing men and brings bad luck (either killing men they sleep with or whatever) in many Chinese (Japanese and Korean, too) stories. So women are called fox if they are pretty, flirty, seductive, salacious and try to ''eat'' men , all the more when it's married men. Xiaosu is flirtily and teasingly referring to herself as such to warn them about her and it has double meaning if we think about Yellow Flash context.

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