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[Manga] Samurai Usagi

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Posted 21 March 2015 - 04:49 PM

Samurai Usagi

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The main character Udagawa Gosuke has inherited his father's dojo, mainly because his father and elder brother were made to commit hara-kiri. He wasn't really supposed to get it simply because he's a second son. Due to the way his father and brother died, he doesn't have a whole lot of self confidence, so he practices fencing daily at a nearby dojo. However, because the people at that dojo are asses, he soon tries to invent a dojo and a style for people who just want to enjoy themselves. However, what really sets this aside from most shounen is that the male and female main characters are actually married. His wife, Udagawa Shino, is the younger sister of his senpai, and is a bit... weird, to say the least. She makes rabbit masks to help bring in a bit of money, although to say that she's obsessed with rabbits would be an understatement. She claims it's because "the rabbits will someday reach the moon." When Gosuke founds his new dojo, he decides to create a style of swordsmanship known as "Rabbit Style Fencing."
Why You Should Read This:
As some of you know from reading Bakuman, Weekly Shounen Jump is notorious for their cut-throat approach to axing under performing series. Over the years, there have been several rare gems from WSJ that failed to become a long-running mainstream success, but still managed to find a dedicated group of core fans that helped keep a series going without suffering a horrific abrupt end. Although this series was certainly cut short, it is a series that managed to deliver a satisfying finish nonetheless under the support of its core fans.. 
Set more as a satire/comedy than a traditional shounen action, Samurai Usagi boils down to a story about a struggling samurai who does whatever it takes to make his dojo a success, not for personal glory or for the sake of winning, but for the sake of his newly wed wife. The main strength of this series is the characters and the relationships between them. Although they are presented as shallow and cliche at first, you get to see different sides of each characters and what motivates their actions. It's also a plus if you can pick up the satires and jokes about the traditional samurai culture.
It's certainly not a series for everyone, but it is one worth checking out if you are looking for a light-hearted, heart warming story.

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I'll get to this after Kokou no Hito. Too many things to do in the meantime, but I'll try my best.