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[Interest Check] Stranger in a strange land

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Posted 07 April 2015 - 03:08 AM

Not really OOC, but i have no clue where to put this. 


Well, let's move to actual point. As some of you may know, i've tried running a quest of this board. It didn't work out. Mostly because i have writing skills of a ten year old. 


But let it not be said that i am not tenacious! With a lot of free time at my hands, i've decided to have another shoot at this. 


Hopefully this will end better. 


Ssl is a quest. It is CYOA type of story where i write update, and then you people debate where it should go next.  


This particular story will feature a Servant being dropped into a setting for unknown reason. Depowered, he will seek to get his powers back and find out why is he there in the first place. During the story you will interact and fight with variety of people, most of them from setting you choose. 


As for choices, first one will be which Servant you are, which can be any of canon ones except Gil or more quirky stuff like HCA, or some new Servants you or i will design as well as setting you will get dropped into, for example Bleach. Second post will continue character and setting generation, allowing you to assign your skill points and choose time and place in setting where you appear.


As far as the skills points go, you start with a tiny bit which you can spend on stats and abilities. Don't expect too much though. Enemies themselves will be Nasufied as far as their abilities will go meaning that they will get stat sheet just for fun, while i will do my best to make power difference relevant. Which is to say that regardless of settings power, Servant will have same difficulty one way or another. Power fantasy gets old real quick.


Finally, i would like to invite one of forumers to act like my beta. That means that i will pester you about setting that was chosen since my knowledge about shounen in general is rusty, and i will send you update to check character interactions and grammar before i post it in the thread.


The goal is simple. I want to get better at writing, and we all can have fun at the same time. Hopefully. 


Let's see if this can take off. Please do comment about any little thing you can think off. 

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Posted 27 April 2015 - 02:31 AM

Quite some time passed, huh? Still, given that someone willing to beta this approached me, i think that i will end up doing this anyway.


Some things to note. First, rather than giving you to pick character and setting, it was already decided by me, for a number of reasons. If you want to hear those reasons or you want to have freedom to pick setting or Servant, feel free to comment here. Ones i choose are 5th War Lancer and Bleach.


Other than that, i should talk about Servant points, stats and skill. 


Servant points are rewards for certain accomplishment both in and out of character. You start with nine to spend on your starting stats and skill. They are reward for various contributions to thread, such as good arguments, clever plans, omakes, artwork and so on. Your character will also earn points fora various things in setting, including simple time passage. Note that this quest wont last very long in setting, at most two weeks or so. Finally, you can consume souls of others to gain the points, although that will have predictable consequences as far as your PR goes. 


Stats and skills are what you can do and they are what you spend your Servant points on. They have effect both on story level and they add modifiers to d20 dices you people are going to roll. There are four different classes here:


Stats: Strength, Agility, Endurance, Mana, Luck. You start at E, and each level costs 2 points more to level up: E -(2)> D -(4)> C -(6)> B -(8)> A. In other words, in order to move from E to A you need 20 points.  


Class skills: In your case Magic Resistance and DIsengage. You start at E, and each level costs 1 point more to level up: E -(1)> D -(2)> C -(3)> B -(4)> A. You need to spend 10 to get to A. 


Skills: Other skills. Unlike class skills these cost more and you need to spend more to level up: -(1)> E -(2)> D -(3)> C -(4)> B -(5)> A So 15 points to A. 


Noble Phantasm: This is pretty much your version of Shikai/Bankai. Spending goes like this: -(3)> E -(4)> D -(5)> C -(6)> B -(7)> A. So you need 25 points to max that out. 


In setting, stats correspond to different powerlevels. E is mook shinigami level, D is average Hollow level, C is stronger Hollow level, B is Lieutenant level and A is Captain level. On the other hand, you will get specific description for each level of skills. FOr example: 


Battle Continuation(Passive, Always on): Ability to keep on fighting even with serious injuries. Doesn't regenerate the wounds.

E: You can completely ignore minor cuts. You are slightly harder.

D: Pain is no longer an issue. Even deep cuts wont affect your combat capability. Unless enemy finishes you off, chances are you will survive. 

C: At this point, only massive damage to your organs can kill you. You can easily fight with broken limbs.

B: As long as your brain or heart are not damaged, you will survive and keep fighting.

A: You wont die unless both your heart and brain are destroyed


There is a pool of about ten skills you can pick for. If you wish, you could make some skills on your own. If they fit, i will put them in as valid choice.

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Posted 27 April 2015 - 03:01 AM

I'll be the beta / proofreader. Figured being an assistant would be a good way to practice until I could GM an RP on my own :P