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[Info Cache/Sign Up] Is it Wrong to Want an RP that Moves Faster than a Snail?

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Posted 17 October 2015 - 12:08 AM

It's been 660 years since civilization first discovered magic. 600 years since a magic experiment resulted in a large increase in mana density. 416 years since the mana density resulted in the creation of dungeons and demi-humans. 200 years since the God of Knowledge, Tach, appeared and established the Adventurer System.

Between the high mana density and the adventurer system, the continent of Ferrault became a place for the fantastic and unbelievable. There were rumours of Archdemons, organized monsters, and legendary beasts brought to life. In turn, the people of Ferrault rose to the challenge. Adventurers of the highest rank went out on missions to clear dungeons, fight dragons, save countries. They became legends themselves -- Leonardo the White, Lonely Witch Alice, Demon Fighter Craig -- these are names known to every adventurer.

Ferrault has become a considerably more peaceful place in the last sixty years. Dungeons and monsters still exist, but they are kept in check by a now mature Adventurer System. There were fewer surprises with every dungeon having been discovered. The profession was also no longer one exclusively for thrill-seekers and the otherwise useless. More and more Ferrossi became adventurers every year.

A new dungeon was discovered in 655 AM. Many foolhardy adventurers met their untimely doom challenging it. Even the A-rank adventurers suffered heavy losses. It was deemed so dangerous that the Adventurer Guild restricted all information about the dungeon for adventurers under A-rank. The Guild even went so far as to seal the entrance.

The year is 660 AM. This is where your story begins.

Adventurer System
The center of the Adventurer System was the Adventurer's Guild. The Guild controlled everything related to dungeons, monster materials, missions, and adventurer qualifications. As materials found in dungeons were reinforced with mana, they were often superior to their standard counterparts. As such, it was no exaggeration to say that the Adventurer's Guild was the center of everything in Ferrault.

The Adventurer System as it pertains to adventurer was simple. The Guild received mission requests and sorted them according to ranks. Only adventurers of that rank or higher could take those requests. This was for the safety of adventurers. Further, ranking up was a strict and rigorous system. Adventurers would need to meet the stat requirements as determined by Tach a century ago and pass an additional examination. The exams may be (and often are) waived according to an adventurer group's accomplishments.

The Adventurer's Guild also provides facilities beyond adventurer management. They keep a stockpile of equipment and consumables, can hold items in emergencies, and have access to the largest knowledge base in the world. The knowledge base is comprised of copies of tomes, scrolls, and manuals from the guilds of other professions. Naturally, this meant that the one-of-a-kind, super secret spells and skills were not present. However, this base of knowledge is sufficient for the 98% of adventurers below A-rank.

Ranking System




Elves are a race that is silently looked down upon by other races. The reason for this is the race's nearly ubiquitous addiction to mana. The high an elf feels from using magic is said to be a feeling unparalleled by any other drug except one: Mana Dust. Created by crushing mana crystals into dust, Mana Dust greatly increases the mana of the user. This usually results in a high and comes with adverse side-effects. Organ damage (particularly the brain), nerve damage, increased spell-casting prowess, these were but a few results of Mana Dust. The worst cases could result in mutation and death. This drug was banned everywhere except Forleroth, the country of elves.


Mana Dust was easily acquired in Forleroth given that a dungeon nearby produced vast quantities of mana crystals with little danger. This meant that Mana Dust became a household item and many of the elves became addicted to it. With so many of the citizens living a life of hedonism and drug abuse the country of Forleroth was a mess. Corruption and crime were everywhere with elves doing anything to get the next hit. Gangs formed shortly and there were gang wars nearly everyday. This left the country torn and it was only when a single gang managed to squash its rivals that Forleroth began to recover.


Despite this start to recovery, it would be no exaggeration to say that elves experienced the worst living conditions of any race in Ferrault. It was rare to find a family with all its members or a teenager not hopped up on Mana Dust. In fact, it was rare to find a family at all -- death rates had been staggeringly high during the peak of the gang wars.


If there was a positive to such a society it would be the strength of the elves who do manage to survive. These elves were almost exclusively mages and wielded such power that neighboring natures feared to invoke their wrath. Indeed, it is the strength of this Cabal that keeps Forleroth from being invaded for 'peacekeeping' reasons. They totally wouldn't invade for that useful dungeon nearby.



Nomadik are famous in Ferrault for their high-quality dairy products, agricultural techniques, and general proficiency as labourers.


Who Are You?
You are an adventurer-in-training about to start their final exam. The past three exams were rigorous and eliminated most of the candidates. You and your cohorts are the cream of the crop. Still, you are only babies compared to the experienced adventurers. This is the story of your adventurer group and whatever you may encounter. Will you become legends? Gods? Or will you get in over your head and die?

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Posted 17 October 2015 - 01:15 AM

For the purpose of explanation all examples will use the Cleric, DEW, and an NPC named @Insane Soul.

System In Depth
This RP will be using the Dungeon World core system. This system usually means that the players roll, but a roll is a roll and it's easier on me to do it. What this also means is that during combat / non-trivial instances the posts will be a shorter back and forth.

Moves are the core mechanic behind this system. Most non-trivial actions are considered Moves. These include basic actions such as Hack and Slash, Defy Danger, and stretch to your skills themselves.

Moves can be broken down to two parts: trigger and effect. You cannot have one with another. With the exception of mentioning specific skills these Moves are never explicitly named. They are determined by the description of your action (so try not to do too much at once).

Example 1
Insane Soul throws a barrage of poop at DEW. Not wanting his new robe to be tainted by fecal matter, DEW tries to dodge the poop as he approaches Insane Soul.

Bolded: Here we roll for Defy Danger using the Dexterity stat as it takes dexterity to avoid poop. Assume we rolled a 8. This is a partial success.

DEW arrives in front of Insane Soul without being hit once, but he gave Insane Soul enough time to be prepared. Insane Soul looks at DEW with a crazed grin and runs at him with a dagger. Instead of dodging or blocking, DEW uses his range to his advantage and swings at Insane Soul with the blunt side of his staff.

Bolded 1: Insane Soul being ready is an effect of only being partially successful. This effect (like the descriptions in general) are not always the same.
Bolded 2: Here we roll for Hack and Slash (though it's not a Hack and Slash). This uses the Strength stat, obviously. Assume we rolled a 10. This is a complete success.

The speed of DEW's swing catches Insane Soul off-guard and sends the bandit hurtling into a tree. DEW follows up with a kick to the nuts. Insane Soul froths at the mouth and is knocked unconscious.

Bolded: This is a side-effect of a complete success.

As you can see, the player does not need to worry about Moves for the most part as they are 'automatically' triggered by the description. This also applies outside of combat.

Example 2
DEW ties the unconscious Insane Soul to a tree and waits for the bandit to awaken. Hours pass, but eventually the bandit stirs. DEW has a menacing expression as he looks the bandit straight in his eyes and says, "Tell me where the nearest town is or I'll give you a wedgie."

Bolded: Here we have leverage (a threat) over another character. Thus, we are using the Parley Move. We roll using the Charisma stat to be as convincing as possible.

Lastly, there are scenarios where you might think a Move is triggered, but it wasn't. For example, a Thief may be fighting a giant armored golem. He tries to stab the golem's toe with his completely standard dagger. This does not trigger Hack and Slash as it would be totally ineffective.

Dungeon World is a rules-lite system. This design decision means that there are not many stats or rules to remember. In fact, the only time the player needs to care about stats is when creating their character, and when leveling up.

There are six stats: Strength (STR), Dexterity (DEX), Constitution (CON), Intelligence (INT), Wisdom (WIS), Charisma (CHA). The score of your stat determines the modifier according to the following table:

The modifier affects the dice rolls that use that relevant stat. For example, if you are trying to do Discern Realities (understanding a situation), you will be using the WIS stat. Let's say you are a particularly wise character with a wisdom of 16. Then your actual total would be the outcome of 2d6 + 2!

Mathematically this means you only have a ~16.67% chance of failure! This isn't even including items or other such things.

In the event that you are attempting something risky / stupid (instead of impossible) I will likely deduct one from your modifier rather than write it off. For example, using a polearm to fight a bunch of quick, short, goblins is probably a bad idea.

Leveling Up / Progression
Now for one of the greatest parts about having an actual system: a semi-objective, tangible, progression system!

Leveling Up
At the end of each chapter you will be rewarded XP. You can consume XP equivalent to your level + 7 to level your character. Upon leveling up, you are award a stat point and the ability to pick a Move.

Gaining XP
You can gain XP in a variety of ways: exploring, learning more about the world, fighting, acquiring treasure. You can also get XP by acting towards your alignment and for anything I determine XP worthy.

In Dungeon World you also get XP for satisfying 'Bonds', but I find that mechanic boring and it easily becomes stale. As such, I'm changing it 'Objectives'. It's a slightly more specific version.

Objectives can be anything actionable and non-trivial. They must be something that we can clearly agree on at the end of a session. Unlike bonds, these do not have to be limited to your band of adventurers, but they can be. "Clear Perilous Caverns" is a good example of an Objective. "Protect Insane Soul from himself" is another example. "Make Insane Soul feel like trash" is not a good Objective, as it's hard to quantify "trash".

You may choose to get XP for one Objective at the end of each session. You may then replace it with another one of your choosing.

Items / Equipment
Most items are mundane and do not affect Moves. That is, most items do not give boosts to the initial success roll. Some items do, however, modify outcomes such as your damage roll and whether or not it's a good idea to fight an enemy up close.

There will be magic items that do affect Moves and have unique effects. These will not always be beneficial. For example, there might be a "Mask of Insane Soul", which lowers your Charisma by 20 and forces all people of 'Neutral' to 'Good' alignment to attack on sight.

Lastly, most items have a 'weight'. Unlike an MMORPG, you aren't going to be able to carry 12 Buster swords.

Advanced Moves
You can acquire advanced moves as you level up. You can choose these from your class' respective page, as it is too much work to type it all out again. If you wish to create your own Move that is fine too. Just run it by me.
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Posted 17 October 2015 - 02:11 AM

Go to this homepage and pick a class that isn't Arcane Fencer. Follow the link and (most) of the instructions.

For clarity's sake I will go through the process of creating a character, Durid, the Druid:


Note that explanations for Moves are not required. You may include them for your sake, but it's fairly easy to look up a reference. Also I'll probably balance encounters / Moves as necessary.

Here is an empty character sheet for reference:
Spoiler Empty Character Sheet

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Posted 18 October 2015 - 10:37 PM

Name: Kobayashi Rinka
Race: Human



Class: Thief
Alignment: Neutral
HP: 6+Constitution = 15
DMG: d8
STR: 9
DEX: 16(+2)
CON: 9(-)
INT: 13 (+1)
CHA: 15(+1)

Starting Moves:

  • Trap Expert
  • Tricks of the Trade
  • Backstab
  • Flexible Morals
  • Poisoner (Goldenroot)

Advanced Moves:
[Empty for now]

Starting Gear:
Load: 9+Str = 8

  • 5x Dungeon Rations | wg. 1
  • 1x Leather Armor | wg. 1
  • 3x Goldenroot | wg. 0
  • 6x Coin | wg. 0
  • Dagger (hand) | wg. 1
  • Short Sword (close) | wg. 1
  • Ragged Bow (near) | wg. 2
  • 20x Arrow | wg. 1
  • 1x Healing Potion | wg. 0

Total Weight: 7/8



  • Discover the identity of her doppelganger
  • Find whoever is responsible for framing her, and make them pay
  • Clear her name and avenge her mother and matriarch

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I'll clear this with no continues!


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Posted 19 October 2015 - 09:00 PM

Name: [Richard Ventura]
Race: [Human]

Age: Early Fourties
Looks: [http://i.imgur.com/gyfyvAX.jpg]

Spoiler History

Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral Good
HP: [10+Constitution = 26]
DMG: [1d10]

STR: (15) +1
DEX: (8) -1
CON: (16) +2
INT: (9) -
WIS: (12) -
CHA: (13) +1

[Once per battle you may reroll a single damage roll (yours or someone else’s).]
Starting Moves:
[Bend Bars, Lift Gates]
[Signature Weapon]
Advanced Moves:
[Empty for now]

Starting Gear:
Load: [12+STR = 13]
Signature Weapon [Spear "Spike" Reach, Sharp, Versatile, Unblemished] 2 weight
Dungeon Rations (5 uses 1 weight)
Chainmail; (1 armor, 1 weight) Adventuring Gear (1 weight)
2 Healing Potions (0 weight)
Shield (+1 armor, 2 weight)
Total weight: 6/13
[Become a certified adventurer]
[Protect someone powerless from their fate]
[Find a group worth putting your life on the line for]

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“I promised, remember? I said I would save you even if it meant fighting the entire world.” “Yes…you did.”

Othinus narrowed her eye as the boy held her in his arms. She looked happy. She looked truly happy.

“But you don’t have to worry. I was already saved from the moment you said that to me.”

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Posted 22 October 2015 - 04:31 AM

Name: Wakana

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Height: 159cm.
Race: Nomadik. Nomadic tribe scattered in Ferrault that descends from a forest of magic-infused trees that can shapeshift into human form (the skin is like tree skin though). They can suck nutritions from ground just like tree. The origin of the magical blessing is still a mystery till now.

Looks: Can't find anything nice on Internet. Just imagine a handsome, cold with short black hair 15 year-old boy. No, not Hitsugaya.




Personality and Characteristic: Calm, good-willed, likes challenge, friendly but reserved and quiet at the same time. His cold expression kinda makes people have the wrong impression. He's also naive about how the world works but not stupid and can learn from mistakes.


Class: Fighter
Alignment: Neutral
STR: 16 (+2)
DEX: 13 (+1)
CON: 15 (+1)
INT: 12 (-)
WIS: 9 (-)
CHA: 8 (-1)

HP: 10 + CON = 10 + 15 = 25
DMG: d10

[+1 to Discern Realities / Spout Lore when related to plants]

Starting Moves:
[Bend Bars, Lift Gates]
[Signature Weapon]

Advanced Moves:
[Empty for now]

Starting Gear:
Load: 12 + STR modifier = 12 + 2 = 14.

  • Sword: Close, sharp (+2 piercing), serrated edges (+1 damage), ancient (2 weight)
  • Dungeon Rations (5 uses, 1 weight)
  • Scale armor (2 armor, 3 weight)
  • 2 healing potions (0 weight)
  • 22 coins.
  • 50 credits

Total Weight: 6/14



  • Pass the exam and become adventurer.
  • Defeat at least 3 monsters.
  • Clear Perilous Caverns
  • Reach rank A-1
  • Find out how his race came to existence.

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Spoiler Favorite male characters in manga/hwa/hua

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Posted 23 October 2015 - 11:53 PM

Name: Imila
Race: Human
Spoiler Mikhail

Belonging to a village known by their lineage of marksmen, Imila grew up to be a fine hunter. The custom of the citizens, or rather the skilled would be taking small jobs to maintain the stability of the village, usually acting in groups to hunt a monster stalking the village, or gathering food and other resources, this of course, was one of the most annoying tasks Imila had to do; Imila found enjoyement in the raids against monsters and beasts, but those acts were mostly when the village was in danger, so they wouldn't come very often. This raised the idea to become an adventurer herself, she would have the freedom to do as she pleased, and rewards would come if she suceeded.
Some villagers were able to tame an animal companion, which they were able to communicate with and get their assist. Imila's personal companion is Mikail, a Crimson Hound, a species known by their big size and overall strength; also has a scarf given by Imila herself.
Alignment: Good
HP: 8+ Constitution = 21
DMG: d8
[assign one of 16 (+2), 15 (+1), 13 (+1), 12 (-), 9 (-), 8 (-) to a stat]
STR: 12 (-)
DEX: 16 (+2)
CON: 13 (+1)
INT: 8 (-)
WIS: 9(-)
CHA: 15(+1)
Mikhail Stats

[When you make camp in a dungeon or city, you don’t need to consume a ration.]

Starting Moves:
-Hunt and Track
-Called Shot
Advanced Moves:

Starting Gear:
Load: 11
-Rifle and sword. (2 Weight)
-Leather Armor (1 Weight)
-Pack of Bullets (9) (1 Weight)
Total: 4/11

-Pass the Adventurer Exam
-Get fame by taking missions, Imila aims for challenging requests and dangeroues foes, the harder the mission is, the better.
-Rabbits annoy her to no end. Rid the world of them

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Posted 24 October 2015 - 12:52 PM

Spoiler Ein Zelretch

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Posted 25 October 2015 - 01:35 AM

Name: Vaeri Elenmin

Race: Elf




Alignment: Lawful Neutral
HP: 23
DMG: d10


STR: 16 (+2)
DEX: 9 (-)
CON: 13 (+1)
INT: 8 (-1)
WIS: 12 (-)
CHA: 16 (+2)

Racial: +1 to Defy Danger CON in the case of mental attacks

Starting Moves:

-Lay On Hands


-I Am the Law



Advanced Moves:
-Divine Favor


Spoiler Deity:

Starting Gear:
Load: 12+Str
-Long sword (close, +1 damage, 1 weight)

-Shield (+1 armor, 2 weight)

-Scale armor (2 armor, 3 weight)

-Dungeon rations (1 weight)

-Healing potion (0 weight)

-Talisman of Faith - A ring crafted out of pure stone, the design of a hammer carved into it. (0 weight)

Total: 6/14



-Pass the exam to become a fully certified adventurer. 

-Spread the virtues of her god throughout the land and become a renowned paladin

-Bring justice to the lands of her people, willingly or by force

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Posted 25 October 2015 - 12:33 PM

Reposting my bio under my account, Spam will delete his post once this goes up:



Name: [Arnold Clearwater]
Race: [Human]

Age: Late Twenties

History: Arnold is a pardoner, working for the church of Skalt to absolve those who have commited sin in exchange for small donations. His childhood is unknown to anyone but him, he was found in the streets as a teenage youth, almost starved, and taken in by the church. Arnold is very dedicated to his belief that no sin is too great to be forgiven. Recently, he has become tired of the same old scene of wealthy people begging forgiveness for minor infractions, and has decided to travel the world to spread the work of Skalt, and learn more about what Sin really is. His means to this end are becoming an adventurer, which is why he is taking this exam.

Class: Cleric
Alignment: Neutral
HP: [8+Constitution = 17]
DMG: [1d6]

STR: (12) -
DEX: (8) -1
CON: (9) -
INT: (15) +1
WIS: (16) +2
CHA: (13) +1


[Choose one wizard spell, you can cast and be granted this spell as if it were a cleric spell] [Magic Missile]

Starting Moves:
Skalt; Deity of Sins and Forgiveness

Petition: Confession

(I'm wondering if making this new petition is alright since the others dont really fit and it doesn't look as though the other petitions have a lot of material pre made either)


[Divine Guidance]


[Turn Undead]

[Cast a spell, Magic Missile and Cure Light Wounds prepared]
Advanced Moves:
[Empty for now]

Starting Gear:
Load: [10+STR = 10]
Mace (close, 1 weight)
Dungeon Rations (5 uses 1 weight)
Chainmail; (1 armor, 1 weight)

Adventuring Gear (1 weight)
Total weight: 4/10

[Become a certified adventurer]
[Absolve a sinner of a grievous sin]

[Establish a church of Skalt in a remote culture]

[Cure the Wounds of a lost soul nearing Death]

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Posted 22 February 2016 - 05:00 PM

Name: Brutalitops (The Magician)


Race: Dark Elf


Age: Unknown (looks like late in his late 20s)










Class: Wizard

Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Use magic to cause terror and fear.)




HP: 4+ (9) = 13

DMG: [d4]


STR: (8) - 1
DEX: (15) + 1
CON: (9) + 0
INT: (16) + 2 + 1
WIS: (13) + 1
CHA: (12) + 0





Deity: Jeff the Liar (What Lies Beneath)


Cantrips: Light; Unseen Servant; Prestidigitation; Detect Magic (Race bonus)


Level 1 Spells:


Contact Spirits (Lvl 1 Summoning)

Magic Missile (Lvl 1 Evocation)

Alarm (Lvl 1)

Invisibility (Lvl 1 Illusion Ongoing)


Petition: Personal Victory


Starting Gear:
Load: [5+STR = 14]
Weapon: Gnarly Staff (close, two hands, 1 weight)
Dungeon Rations (5 uses 1 weight)
Leather Armor; (1 weight, 1ac)

Spellbook (1 weight)

Healing Potion (1 weight)


Total weight: 5/12





[Become a certified adventurer]

[Investigate his origins]

[Fulfill whatever destiny he was set to do]

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Posted 23 February 2016 - 05:34 PM

Name: Al-Ashir Mohamed

Race: Human

Sex: Male

Age: 37





Weight: 97 kilograms

Height: 196 centimetres





Alignment: Neutral.

Class: Fighter



  • STR: 13 (+1)

  • DEX: 9 (0)

  • CON: 17 (+2)

  • INT: 12 (0)

  • WIS: 15 (+1)

  • CHA: 8 (-1)


Health Points: 26 HP

Damage: 1d10


  • Once per battle you may reroll a single damage roll (yours or someone else's) [Racial]

  • Bend Bars, Lift Gates [Basic, STR]

  • Armored [Basic]

  • Signature Weapon [Basic]

Advanced moves:

  • Hadi, Ethereal Strike - Once per battle, Al-Shir may swing his spirithunting blade in it's ethereal form, making it unblockable, though by no means unavoidable. Since this is pretty stamina draining, Al-Ashir can only do one such strike per battle. 


Starting Gear:


Carry capacity: 12 + STR Mod. = 13

  • Signature Weapon (Hadi) - an heirloom from his father. A spirit-hunting blade. 2 weight

    • Sword (saber)

    • Reach.

    • Serrated edges. +1 damage.

    • Glows in the presence of spirits (ghosts).

    • (Very ornate with ancient scripples and small gems.)

  • Rations – 5 uses of dungeon rations. 1 weight

  • Scale armor – Provides 2 armor. 3 weight.

  • 2 Healing Potions – 0 weight.

  • Antitoxin – 0 weight.

  • Extra Dungeon Rations - 1 weight.

  • Poultices and Herbs – 1 weight.

Total Weight: 8/13



  • Use the adventurer system to find the spirit, who destroyed his clan and take revenge.

  • Restore the clan's reputation and presence once more.

  • Bring justice or peace to any spirit or apparition he encounters during his time in the Adventurer System.

Edited by Morfeus, 12 May 2016 - 07:04 AM.

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Posted 08 May 2016 - 05:05 PM

Name: Aspen Dicorio
Race: Human

Spoiler Looks

Spoiler History

Alignment: Good

Class: Bard (Level 2) 
HP: 15
DMG: 1d6
STR: 8 (-1)
DEX: 12 (+1)
CON: 9 
INT: 16 (+2)
WIS: 13 (+1)
CHA: 16 (+2)

Starting Moves:

  • Arcane Art
  • Bardic Lore -- Grand Histories of the Known World
  • Charming and Open

Advanced Moves:

  • Eldritch Tones

Starting Gear:
Load: 16

  • Lute | 0 wg.
  • Leather armor | 1 wg.
  • Worn bow [near] | 2 wg. 
  • 5 x Bundle of arrows [15 ammo] | 5 wg.
  • Short sword [close] | 1 wg.
  • 3 coins
  • 46 cr.

Total: 9/16


  • Be entrusted with a secret
  • Perform for a group
  • Educate someone about the histories of the world

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Posted 10 May 2016 - 03:09 AM

Name: Rodrigo de Asturias
Race: Skeleton



Alignment: Chaotic Good
HP: 15
DMG: d6
STR:: 12(-)
DEX: 15(+1)
CHA: 16(+2)

Racial: Healthy Bones
+1 Constitution for a day upon drinking MILK.
Starting Moves:
Bardic Lore: The Dead and Undead

Charming and Open

Port in the Storm
Advanced Moves:
It Goes to Eleven

Starting Gear:
Load: Stolen Horn

Ostentatious Clothes

Adventuring Gear

Dueling Rapier, his name inscribed upon it, 

  • Dueling rapier (close, precise, 2 weight)

To write an epic song or poem of love, loss, and romantic adventure.

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