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[Discussion] Your Year In Review: 2015

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Posted 01 January 2016 - 01:47 PM

Dunno if anyone is familiar with TopAnimeWeekly, but every season/year he does a variety of "top lists" based on seasonal (and long completed) anime and for this particular video he did a year end awards type of thing based on pretty much every category you can think of except in addition to showing his own personal picks, he also did one based on results from this community poll that he did (I think he had at least 10k votes in total too - I myself voted as well)

I agreed with most of his picks, but for some of the ones that I didn't agree on (Like Best Shoujo), the community picks ended up agreeing with me there but at the same time the community had some picks that I didn't agree with (Like the best romance series of the year)

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Posted 01 January 2016 - 01:50 PM

We're a few days from the end of 2015, and like every year, it was a year with anime in it. Some good, some bad, most not watched (unless your name is Tokoya...). I have no idea how to word this post in a way that doesn't sound like a survey. Thus, a survey.



1. What did you watch this year? Both airing this year and already completed.

2. What were your favorites?

3. Which anime do you believe deserved more praise?

4. Which anime do you believe deserved more criticism?

5. Anime that you feel has objective -- if there is such a thing; feel free to discuss -- merit but you didn't like?

6. Anime that you feel was objectively nonsense but liked regardless?

7. What do you wish / expect from 2016?


Clubhouse Related

1. How do you feel about the choices for shows so far? I'll admit that Fall 2015's selection was kind of half-assed by me because of all my work, but the other three seasons should have been fine.

2. Favorite series we've picked? Per season if you wish.

3. Favorite series we haven't picked? Again, per season if you wish.

4. Genres / themes you would like us to focus on more?

5. Any suggestions in terms of incentives to stir the discussion pot a bit more? I was thinking awards (which I still owe to a few members), but I'm not sure if that is cool enough.




1. Yona of the Dawn, Haikyuu(both seasons), Return of Kings, Death Parade, Sakurako, Perfect Insider, Place to Place, Freezing, both seasons of DxD, Missing Kings, One Punch Man and all the seasons of Durarara 2 and a lot more that I can't fucking remember.


2. Death Parade and Yona. Definitely my favorites for the year.  ETA: One Punch Man was hilarious


3. The ones that got hype I agree with.


4. With the exception of Haikyuu, stop making sequel seasons, unless you do them right. Yes, RoK, I'm looking at you.


5. Not sure what this means. But I am also hungover.


6. Despite RoK's lesser stats, I still liked it. Then again, it's not like K was ever Ghibli anyway.


7. I don't really expect anything though as long as there's something I like each season, I"m sure I'll be fine. I'd like to see more general comedy like Working though...not high school set stuff, but something with adults/young adults. Or if someone's going to make an otome anime, have a smart MC.


I'm still hoping for an announcement of a Touken Ranbu anime though....





Honestly, I just posted in the threads for shows I like. I don't really think you need to change anything. If I had to pick a favorite...I guess Perfect Insider. 


If you want a suggestion for the future...how about something for Durarara? More people watch that.

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Posted 30 January 2016 - 02:14 PM

What did you watch this year? Both airing this year and already completed.


UBW and yes it finished.

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