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[Concept/Interest Check] Fairy Tail: Fiore Reborn

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Posted 08 January 2016 - 01:53 AM



An Ancient Story Comes Back To Life!


Hundreds of years after the events of Fairy Tail, Fiore has come to a relative peace. Mage guilds continue to operate as usual. For hundreds of years, the world had finally reached a status quo.

However, far, far to the north of Fiore, a darkness rises. It started with a farming village or two going dark. No word from them... No sign they ever existed. Unrest begins to boil in the north as society begins to destabilize out of paranoia. Stories tell of an army of the dead ravaging cities and laying waste to them in a single night. To those who do not know, it is mere legend. To those who do know, they bring only news of impending doom. The Warlock-Knight Illthas and his Fell Army of the undead march south towards Fiore for reasons unknown.

Suddenly, everything turns for the worst as the neighboring nations of Fallfox and Eridell go to war. Mage guilds the world over send their best to join the effort. Sister-guilds and political affiliations force those who once considered themselves allies to break those ties to fight. Those remaining are stunted, as the weakened guilds find themselves incapable of maintaining order when faced with criminals and dark guilds who seek to take advantage of the civil unrest. In particular, a dangerous dark guild known as Rottweiler now targets Fiore as their prey.

Weakened, the guilds are barely on their last legs. It is now that we find Fairy Tail working overtime to keep Magnolia Town, a final bastion of security in a world that's breaking down. Outnumbered and outmatched, they are barely keeping themselves afloat.

The Current State Of The Guild, Or, Where You Come In


With Fairy Tail's previous guild master having disappeared without a trace, and his only successor gone north to launch an assault on Illthas, Fairy Tail is without a leader, and instead is governed jointly by the three commanding officers. They have formed a council of three in the absence of a leader, and oversee all guild operations.


You are a new recruit to Fairy Tail. In the state of emergency, you were allowed to forgo any examinations in favor of earning reputation in the guild through work. Your job is to take missions around Magnolia and protect it from anyone who threatens to harm your way of life. Above all, the guild exists to make the world a better place, and that is what you are here for.

Just be warned. Being in a guild is a dangerous job these days, and Fairy Tail is famous for collateral damage.

Who You Answer To





Spoiler NPCs

How We Do Things


As a new member of Fairy Tail, you're assigned to a team based upon your rank.

Nikolai Vetrov is in charge of Team Chariot, and as a member, your job will be to journey across Fiore for weeks or even months on end to combat beasts and villains alike, and ultimately find a way to repel the Warlock Knight Illthas and bring an end to his reign of terror. You will be the face of Fairy Tail on the world theatre, so you are expected to be resilient, respectable, and chivalrous. You are working under a respected General and he demands you represent your kin properly. Chariot Route is for players who want a more story-based experience, as you will be spending months outside the guild on average. This is a more long-winded route with you working towards a singular objective for a prolonged amount of time.

Ryuki Weston is in charge of Team Cavalry, and as a member, you are supposed to journey to high-profile war zones and provide aid either in the form of freelance work on the battlefield or humanitarian aid to those either wounded or misplaced as a result of the war. You often will not travel beyond the neighboring countries of Fallfox, Eridell, and Marthon, and will spend most of your time inside Fiore proper. Ryuki is an impatient leader, so be prepared to be on the move often and be ready for anything. Cavalry Route is a sort of middle-ground where you will take on a more traditional RPG quest playstyle. This is for casual players who want something of a story-based experience, but also want more variation in locales, characters, et cetera.

Sirena Altuena is in charge of Team Counterattack, and as a member, you are expected to provide civil security to Magnolia Town and the outlying areas. Your job is to combat crime inside and outside of Magnolia Town and be on the lookout for dark guild activity. You are also expected to be the first response to the activities of Fairy Tail's rival guild, Rottweiler, who are hell-bent on tearing Magnolia Town - and Fiore - to pieces. You are the disciples of a strict leader who expects dedication, discipline, and above all, an iron will. Counterattack Route is for casual players who may not have the time to dedicate to a more story-based experience. While story arcs will be run, the main focus of this route will be frequent action in short bursts, similar to a video game. You are not expected to make long posts and this will be run as a more laid-back experience for more relaxed players.

Fairy Tail Prospective Member Application


As a bright-eyed hopeful future member of Fairy Tail, you are still expected to fill out this form. No worries, it's nothing but physical information and background/psych evaluations. Please be detailed.

Spoiler Character Sheet

Spoiler Example Sheet

I'll clear this with no continues!


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Posted 21 August 2016 - 04:54 PM

I'll play if this picks up. 


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