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Posted 08 March 2016 - 06:18 PM



Bluebark Island

"Are you sure about this?"
"Positive. We have intel from one of our Crows. Sir, if you don't mind me asking... what do you plan to do?"
"Get me on a ship to Bluebark."
The day was said to become a stormy one. It was only the wee hours of the morning, and yet waves were already crashing wildly against the giant boulders that formed the coastline of Bluebark. Only during the worst of weathers, water would leap over the mountain-like rocks and douze the streets of Bluebark in water. The whole island was a bowl, with only these remains of what once was a hilly island protecting it from the vast ocean. There was one dam, by the South East port, that let in a steady stream of water towards the one great lake at the middle and bottom of the island. This was the only way in and out of the island, and hundreds of ships were docked at the lake at all times, filled with items to be sold. 
   Despite being a country of delinquents, refugees, ex-slaves and criminals, Bluebark could prosper. The only way to keep a country from becoming a disastrous anarchy is, surprisingly, to inhabit it with the scum of the earth. There was no innocent man there, not one that couldn't fend for themselves. If nobody is ever safe, everyone is; at least under the de facto rule of the Redbeard Pirates, led by a man feared by all of Bluebark - Balthazar Love, nicknamed Redbeard after his great, red beard and equally red hair and bushy eyebrows. If anything got out of hand, there was sure to be one or two pirates of his to quickly quell the fighting.
The Green Lake of Bluebark (called so for obvious, algae-related reasons) was always bustling with activity. There is not a single bit of land next to the coast that has not been transformed into piers and docks with market places and stalls. The two small islands in the lake, close to the eastern docks, are the main fortress of the Redbeard pirates, protected by dozens of pirate ships stationed in a circle around the biggest of the two islands, including their main ship, the Yellow Snapper. The only access point being a rickety rope bridge that was commonly submerged under the water to prevent any unwanted visitors. 
   The inhabitans of Bluebark had by long understood that, although the island teemed with capable bounty hunters, pirate crews, ex-Marines and professional fighters, Redbeard was no easy target. His two most loyal subordinates alone were strong enough to beat any resident, not to mention the Captain himself. Lack of respect for this pirate crew is the reason why new arrivals never last long on Bluebark.
On this particular day, Redbeard would be deep underground. On the north eastern side of Bluebark, tunnels had been dug underneath the surface, and the blackest of the black market dealings transpired here. This day, it was a grand underground fighting match. Redbeard's own right hand man and Quartermaster, Rook, a big beast who looked much more like a bear than a human, was taking part in the tournament, as were many other experienced and infamous fighters. The winner was to receive a grand prize, but its contents was yet subject to nothing but rumours. Some say it will be a vast fortune, others a mystical heirloom. The truth would be revealed at the start of the event, at sundown.

In other parts of the island, people were less occupied by fantasizing about treasures, and much more into venturing out to find them themselves. Many pirating crews were formed and disbanded on Bluebark, and although this day was, to say the least, not a favourable day to head out to sea, there was a handful of passionate pirates itching to recruit new members, fighting among each other to be the most successful one. They were all quite infamous, most had already sailed the seas for years, save for the least successful one of them - a human-sized doll that hadn't acquired a single recruit. These soon-to-be pirate captains had all set up camps in different corners of the North Plaza, most occupying different bars and taverns. 
It was quite apparent that even on a day where the forecast actually warned of death, business was booming as usual on Bluebark. One thing is for sure - it's going to take more than a simple storm to shake this island.
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Posted 10 March 2016 - 09:03 AM

"Hey, are you gonna participate in tonights tournament?"


"Hell no, I'm too weak for it and so are you, you know."


Those were the only interesting words Funa heard in the bar called Dirty Heroine. The two pirates who spouted them were sitting in next table. The previosu 3 weeks had been dull and Funa wanted to have some exitement for a change. He finished the beer he "borrowed" from the unconcious man lieing next to him in in the booth and sat down with the duo.


"Hello there, can you tell me some more about the tour- *hic* tournament?"


"It's being held in north-eastern part of island at sundawn"


"Hey thanks alot, next round is on me! HEY BARKEEP! 3 BEERS TO THESE LOVELY GENT- *HIC* GENTLEMEN!"


"What the hell are you still doing here!? I just threw you out 5 minutes ago!" Said the angry barkeep.


"Sorry guys, seems like I nee- *hic* need to go now, bye~" Funa said and sprinted outside. Might have knocked down a table or two on his way out.


After getting to the streets Funa tried to remember where he was in the first place. It took some time (and a nice passerby) to remember he was in west side of North Plaza. He was supposed to spend the day again drinking and finding a strong pirate captain to follow, but the tournament sounded too tempting to pass.


"Heck, why think what to choose from these activities when I can choose all of them!"

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