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Posted 25 April 2016 - 05:14 AM

Hi everyone...its nice to be here again...i used to write stories here but in the old version of the forum so its all gone when the updates came..^^"


anyway i'll write again a new story i really wish everyone will like it


so like I always do I write in the same style of the manga's..so the character will Japanese names and environment...so lets started the introduction..


the title is




The Story


Tanabe Mikoto transferred to another school in her second year of high school due to her father work..there she met a boy named kazuaki shinji...this boy is going to make mikoto life upside down..!


Genres: shoujo,slice of life,romance,drama.





tanabe mikoto : main character and our heroine..she got used to be transferred from city to city due to her father business..she is a strong girl in school but she might be weak in some points..energetic and she likes to meet and know the people around her.



How she look like: she got brown short hair beautiful brown eyes..and she looks nice ^_~


Kazuaki Shinji: our second main character..he is a very sweet boy..always smiling but he seems not fully opened up .. girls always trying to date him but no use.


how he looks like: he got black hair brownish eyes with a long eyes lash...very handsome..tall..but not very tall..he likes to paint and he is good at it.



Suzuki Mayumi: she get to know mikoto and they will be friends and classmate..she know a lot of stuff about Shinji...she is a nice girl and got a boyfriend.


Omori Haruto: he gonna be mikoto classmate...and he got feelings for her.


Tanabe kaoru: mikoto big sister...she is in college and she get to see her family from while to another cause she busy in her studies..she is nice with her sister and she love her so much...and mikoto also feel the same.




others: some characters I won't introduce them cause they don't have much in the story like mikoto parents or the teachers or other side characters like students...so that's all for now stay tune for the first chapter of this story...maybe tomorrow i'll post it..till the take care and see ya!!.

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Posted 27 April 2016 - 05:07 AM

chapter 1: transferred girl&a coffee


mr.tanabe: Mikoto wake up you are late for your school...don't forget to take the train I showed you last week...understood?


mikoto: oh dad...what time is it??


mr.tanabe: you are late..the opening ceremony will be after 20 min...hurry up..me and your mom gonna go finish the house papers..see ya.


mikoto: wait...


mr tanabe closed the door and got away..


mikoto: wasn't easier if he drop me by the school..naaaah he is always like this...I have to hurry up..


mikoto got finish dressing and took her bag and start running to the near station..


mikoto: ohh they have coffee machine...I will take one didn't have time for breakfast...


mikoto bought a cup of coffee from the machine and bought a ticket and got in the train entrance..it was crowded..


mikoto: excuse me can I go through I am in a hurry...waaahh


mikoto got pushed from behind it was very crowded and her coffee flies from he hand and spilled on a boy in front of her...


mikoto: ohh...I..i am sorry..i am really sorry I didn't meant it..!


the boy: its ok..nobody got hurt...


mikoto: but your shirt got drenched..


the boy: don't worry about it..its ok..


mikoto: (he is nice...and he kinda had a girly face..??)


mikoto arrived at her school


mikoto: I made it in time...offffff a new school this on my second year of high school...its boring to get transferred so many times...ok lets see which class I am in...hmmmm..D12..


girl: ohh my name is here..D12..


mikoto: (she is in my class) Hi..


the girl: Hi


mikoto: looks like we are in the same class...my name is tanabe mikoto..nice to meet you.


mayumi: nice to meet you mikoto-san..my name is Suzuki mayumi..


mikoto: uhhh..I am new here..please take care of me..


mayumi: ohh its no big deal..i'll show you around in the break..for now lets go to our class..


the girls got to their class...they finished the introduction period and the second one and the break started..


mayumi: ohh so you transferred due to your father business..


mikoto: yea...we might settle here in this city...my parents bought a house so I think we won't go from place to place anymore..its really depressing to transfer from time to time.


mayumi: uhh yes it is..i understand you...ohh hey..


a boy waving to mayumi..saying hi..


mikoto: umm..who's that?


mayumi: its my boyfriend..he is in the school football team..


mikoto: sounds cool..


suddenly another boy came to mayumi..


the boy: good morning mayumi-san


mayumi: ohh good morning haruto..we didn't get to talk in class..


haruto: ha ha you were busy..


mayumi: ohh this is our classmate tanabe mikoto she is new here..


haruto: nice to meet you tanabe-san..i am omori haruto..


mikoto: nice to meet you too.


haruto: so you are new here tanabe-san...what do you think about our school?


mikoto: well..didn't see every thing yet...so..


mayumi: cut the chit chat...now shuuu shuuu haruto we are busy we want to eat...its girls time..see ya..


haruto: ohh ok..sorry to waste your precious time mayumi he he..


the girls took their breakfast and sat with other girls..some of them a friend of mayumi..


mikoto: you were so casual with omori-kun...you even calling him by his first name..


mayumi: he is my childhood friend..we are like brother and sister..


mikoto: ohh I see.....huh..!


mikoto saw the boy on the train..he was on a far table eating his breakfast..


mikoto: (its the girly face boy...so he is in our school...)


mayumi: why are you staring at kazuaki??


mikoto: ohh..wh..who!?


mayumi: yes that boy is kazuaki shiji..don't tell me his pretty face seduced you..?? hmm?


mikoto got blushed


mikoto: wha..what are you saying its not like that...I just saw him on the train that's all.


mayumi: on the train?


mikoto: well..you see..


mikoto told mayumi what happened and how she met kazuaki shinji..


mayumi: hahaaa that's embarrassing..


mikoto: stop laughing already!!


mayumi: I am so sorry..but don't worry shinji-kun is quiet a nice guy.


mikoto: yea he wasn't angry at all...well you seems to know him?


mayumi: yea we were in the same elementary school even middle school.


mikoto: you are friends then?


mayumi: naaah we aren't..we were just in the same school that's all.


mikoto: oh I see.


the break ends and everyone goes to there class...and the first school day ended with cub activities


mikoto: (hmmm I really didn't think which club should I register too)


mayumi: mikoto-san..you wanna register to art club?? I am in theater section.


mikoto: no I am not good at acting.


mayumi: there is another sections in my club..like music&lyrics also painting section..what do you think?


mikoto: I might go to the painting section (well I liked painting since I was little)


mikoto register to the painting section


painting club girl: my name is hayate narumi welcome to the painting club tanbe-san


mikoto: nice to meet you narumi senpai


narumi: come let me show you our club room and introduce you to everyone.


mikoto got to the painting club room with her senpai...when they opened the door she saw two boys and one girl..one of the two boys was painting and wasn't paying attention..


narumi: this is tanabe mikoto she is new comer in our club..this is maimi omomo and shigaya tsuruga and the one painting there is kazuaki shinji


mikoto: ehhh nice to meet you everyone (what he is in this club!!??)


omomo&shigaya: nice to meet you too welcome to our club


narumi: whats wrong mikoto-san?


mikoto: no-no-nothing.


narumi: aaahh he is spacing out in his painting again..shinji-kun are you still with us?...well you at least welcome our knew member here?


shinji: ohh sorry I was busy..


shinji turned around and..


shinji: welcome to our club..hmm..its you..you are the coffee girl


mikoto: umm ahh hahaa



{at that time...I didn't know that this nice boy going to turn my life upside down...}



to be continued

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