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[Concept/Interest] Making Themerica Good Again

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Posted 21 August 2016 - 01:57 AM

A topical and tongue-in-cheek fugitive themed roleplay with bad-taste jokes and trollish posts all are welcome. Might not be appropriate for the kiddies though


Imagine an America where Trump had a chance of winning and it happened and was commented on by John Cleese. This is Themerica.



A year after the election of the controversial jillionaire, Ronald Gump, several wide-sweeping reforms have been made which have shaken the nation including the ongoing construction of a contentious moat at the border, the outlaw of the entire Porcslim faith after the religion of Pigslam was considered treasonous, the mandatory carrying of firearms by every landowner and men are fined for the possession of condoms.


                The most recent of applied policies includes the deportation of foreign nationals in fear that they will seek illegal permanent residency. A most recent gaff which has happened in terms of this have been the massive deportations of populations to the wrong place including 2,000 Margeandtinians to Drugsico. A similar occurrence was where several communities of the turban-wearing Sheekhs were deported to the Pigslamic Republic of Iranistan. 




Recently this policy of mass deportation has been turned upon foreign students. Universities are now targeted for harbouring “potential illegals”, college campuses are being swept in an attempt to “send these immigrants back to where they came from”. Due to, among many other reasons, the poor track record of the destination they send people to, foreign students are now hiding from authorities en masse to avoid this clumsy policy. Your current college is next.


You are an overseas students attending Quail University, studying and working on your now defunct student visas. Avoid the police for as long as you can. Seek help in avoiding deportation and be wary of anyone, even an accent can be detrimental should a sympathiser of the government hear. 




So this is here to see if there's much interest in it. Link to Info Cache, character and sign up stuff below:

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