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[Ccaracters/Sign up] Making Themerica Good Again

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Posted 21 August 2016 - 02:27 AM

Hey look, just the title has captured one of my typos :|

Hi, are you here before you read this thing? What the hell are you doing, go read this thing first!


Cool, so character sheet below







Nationality (If you’re an Themerican, you’re assumed sympathetic with the foreigners unless I’m PM’d otherwise. You may have noticed that nation names are charactures of real nations. Doutcheland is Germany, Pants is France, China could be the 一個完全不同的書寫系統我不明白, Israel and Palestine could be Is-real and Palestinvisible, go mad):


Course studied:


Appearance (Image or description):


Background (get back to yo roots!):


Personality (often people put the person they want to be here, unwittingly revealing their insecurities and perceived flaws:


Other (skills, possessions, preference in erotic literature, etc):


Example below....



And for the opening scene should this ever get off the ground, here we go:

“Now for the 6 o’clock news with Jason Vorhees”


“Good Evening,

The headlines on BOX NEWS: An unbelievable outcome for Orange Juice Simpson case as he is found not guilty, many citing bias in the jury as many of them were from the citrus-themerican community and; The people of Grate Kitten have spoken after the referendumb has been resolved for leaving the Confederate United Newropean Territories resulting in diverse reactions both on both the markets and on Tumblr. The Keksit compaingers have said that this has been the biggest win ever, they swear on their mum.


More on those later but first we update you on President Ronald Gump’s promised policy known as the “Prerterct Er Jerbs Act”. So far efforts towards the objective of deporting noncitizens from our nation and sending them back where they came from has been overwhelmingly successful should you ignore the second half of said objective. Universities are seen as the last harbour of these jerb terkers. President Gump has stated that this justifies his love of the poorly educated. Authorities state that the next campus in their sights is Quale University and that the sweep will start tonight. Detractors insist this is a draconian and harmful policy , stating this hurts Themarica’s stance on human rights, its economy and international relations but they are just dumb.'


In other news, another terrorist attack has occurred in the city of Parish, the capital of Pants. The Pançais government aren’t yet saying it’s Porcslimists, but it’s Porcslimists….”

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