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Naruto: New World Order RP

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Posted 24 October 2016 - 05:37 AM






18px-Kirigakure_Symbol.svg.png - MITOSHI







“Patience is a virtue, but one I don't have. “

Setsuna looked at everyone scrambling and decided his first move would be to play it safe. Spotting Kaito in the hustle and bustle Setsuna proceeded to grab his attention. Sticking his thumb and pointer in his mouth he blew a low but high pitched whistle in his direction. 

“Yo Kaito!” Setsuna shouted as he waved his hand in the air. Walking forward to meet him halfway he said

“I think we should team up for this one, but since most teams are teams of four - one of which is a leader - I think we should grab one more." 


Kaito couldn't have been more relieved by Setsuna's offer. He saved him the trouble of running around like a madman, looking for people to team up with.


Scanning the room, Setsuna noticed the creepy kid from Kirigakure standing off to the side by himself. 

“What about him?” Setsuna said pointing. 


Unfortunately, Kaito's relief would soon turn into full blown anxiety when he saw the person that Setsuna wanted to team up with them. Even from a distance, Mitoshi was giving off some serious bad vibes.


"I...uhh...I dunno, Setsuna. That guy's kinda weird, don'cha think?"


"Decline, you idiot!"


"Go away!"


Kaito did his best to hide his...inner struggle from Setsuna. At this point he had pretty much mastered talking to people and internally battling his other half at the same time. But his mother and Kyoko-Sensei had told him that he slips up every now and then and starts staring off into space in the middle of conversations. He never notices. He didn't think that's happening now, anyway. Setsuna was not looking at him like he was insane... That had to be a good sign, right?


"You really sure you want him? I mean...he's not as scary as the girl from Suna but...look at him. He looks like he'd sooner chop our heads off than be our friend."


"Don't be silly, despite his looks maaaaybe he is not that bad."

Setsuna made to raise his hand to grab Mitoshi's attention but stopped. The cute hobbit from Suna was making her way towards the weirdo.

"Well, that sucks for us. " Setsuna thought to himself.

Mitoshi had noticed that two of the Konoha shinobi he'd observed previously were staring in his direction and were having a discussion of sorts. They seemed to have teamed up already. No wonder. Mitoshi had already guessed that a lot of the teams would be nationally inbred. Though Mitoshi didn't exactly want to team up with his own countrymen. Lazy bunch most of them. No wonder Kirigakure had a rumor as one of the weakest nations...


It didn't take long for Mitoshi to figure out what the two Konoha shinobi were talking about. 

"...Huh. I'm actually amazed anyone is even considering m-"


"I am Sunina of the Eien clan. You may choose the number."


Oh no. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the voice he absolutely did not want to hear. Her. She had bowed before him, impatiently waiting for a response.


"... Uhm...", was the only thing he could mutter.


Why would she do this? What on Earth did she expect? That he would just calmly join up with a force that he knew was as malevolent as the sandstorms whence she came?


... Was she actually already plotting to kill him? Mitoshi had figured out that she would be out to get him at some point but such an agressive move had taken him by outmost surprise. Even though it was a popular idea - especially in the more ruthless countries such as Mizu and Kaze - to join up with your rival or enemy on a mission, only to make a mistake which would end your target's life prematurely. Mitoshi had heard of this concept before but never taken part in its practition. Was this what Sunina was trying to pull...? 


So many thoughts, so little grasp of what was inside that girl's head. He had to be cautious, he knew that much. Perhaps this was an opportunity for Mitoshi, too. Maybe he could learn more about Sunina's motives. What made bloodlust secrete into her chakra like that.


But... Allowing himself to be exposed to her through work as a group was not an option. She would definitely try to figure out his tricks and jutsus. And if Mitoshi had made a correct analysis of her intellect, she would most likely be successful. One day she might pull him out of the comfort of the shadows and...


His gaze moved away from her ringblades that moved casually in the wind.


Sunina looked away for a second, turned her head and let her eyes run off into the direction of the female nuisance from Konoha who now seemed to be pushing the one called Boulder in his and Eien's direction. Well, she might be an obnoxious kunoichi but right now, Mitoshi couldn't thank her enough for the distraction. This was a good opportunity to showcase his stealth once more as he moved back silently and slipped into Sunina's blind spot.


Setsuna had watched as Sunina and Mitoshi had engaged in conversation. It was funny because the girl kinda had to crane her neck to look up at him. Then the unthinkable happened. The weird kid walked away from her while she was distracted and started making his way toward them.

"No..." he thought.


Yes, the dude had seen them looking and made the conscious decision to go with them instead.


Mitoshi took a few long strides in the opposite direction. Setsuna... and Kaito, was it? Both ninjas from Konoha... Might be interesting. Such a relatively prosperous nation ought to have secrets to discover. 


Even from afar Mitoshi could see Kaito's pupils dilate as he moved closer. Almost using his fellow Konoha ninja as a shield, Kaito hid behind Setsuna in a manner that said...


"Please don't look at mePlease don't look at me. Please don't look at me. "


As Mitoshi moved closer to the two shinobi, Setsuna meassuringly observed the Ninja from Kirigakure while Kaito made his best efforts not to stare at Mitoshi's disfigured facial features. 


... Though it was uncertain whether it was because Kaito was creeped out or trying to maintain some degree politeness, it made the whole approach easier for Mitoshi. 


Kaito's head was pounding. As Mitoshi grew nearer, his Focused Mode was going crazy.


"He's coming. Stay on guard. Don't do anything stupid."


"Enough! Just shut up so I can think straight! It feels like you're splitting my skull open!" He scolded his inner self.


"That's nothing compared to what this freak could do to us if you let your guard down in front of him"


Once again, Kaito went back to ignoring his Focused Mode. As long as he didn't give his other half the attention it wanted, it usually went away. He accidentally let out a small wince of pain. He hoped the other two didn't notice. Nevertheless he did his best to regain his composure as Mitoshi approached them.


"The name's Yamasaki Mitoshi. Genin from Kirigakure. Would you mind considering me for your team?", he asked them.


Kaito was afraid of that. But he really didn't have much of a reason to say no. He gave off some sort of dark aura. But it wasn't exactly murderous. No. That was the Sunna girl. What scared Kaito the most was that he actually couldn't figure this guy out. Why did he look like a walking skeleton? Why was he so badly scarred? Why did he practically glide when he moved, like a ghost? Maybe if they were on a team together, he'd get his answers. So against his better judgement....


"I...uh...sure. I guess. If it's okay with Setsuna."




Kaito smiled and held out his hand, desperately hoping the gesture wasn't lost on his strange new... friend?


"They have handshakes in Kirigakure, right?" he thought.


Mitoshi took the other boy's hand with a light touch and accepted the handshake.


"Absolutely, I'm Setsuna, and this is Kaito."

As opposed to Kaito's handshake gesture Setsuna held out a closed fist to bump.

"So what number should we pick?"


Mitoshi looked at the clenched hand a couple of seconds before he actually realized what Setsuna wanted him to do. He was stunned. Was this a secret Konoha meeting ritual? He did know that spies from around the nations would often use weird handshakes to approach one another. Was he already uncovering some of Konoha's secrets...?


Slowly, Mitoshi raised his fist and their knuckles met.


"... I like the number three."






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Chariku and Baku didn't even have time to answer Aotsuchis question when the Konoha Kunoichi butted in. She told them to get out of their comfort zone and to Charikus (quite a pleasant) surprise clinged on his shoulders and showed a couple of Genin who might use him, and then she headed towards a Kumo shinobi. "That Konoha Sparkles might be on to something. I think we should make our own teams." Baku said. As much both Chariku and Aotsuchi wanted to stay with Baku, they both agreed. "See ya later, 'Gentle Giant!'" Baku yelled when they took off.


Since Chariku didn't have much of a plan for this, he decided to head towards Suna and Kiri shi- "Oh great, both of their villages aren't in Iwas favor" He was about to turn around but decide to check them with his Chakra Sensory. "Holy shit, what is it with those beasts?!" He decided to tag along so he might be able to stop them from killing eachother. Afterall he doesn't want the idea of maybe stopping a massacre to haunt him. But to his relieve he noticed the Kiri Shinobi slipping away and heading towards some Konoha Shinobis. When he got closer to Suna Kunoichi he noticed how beautiful she was and for a second thought he saw a goddes. "Do you have someone? I-I mean do you have a team yet?" Way to got Chariku, what is it with you and women today?

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 Eɪᴇɴ Sᴜɴɪɴᴀ 



     Let's begin by stating the obvious: she's pretty bad at this whole "making friends"  thing. 

She's never bothered with it before. Never had to. It's a testament not to her independence, but to her thirteen and a half years of growing up under the barbed wire wings of her mentors-- a conservative and austere clan that pours their energy into a full-throttle practice of the country's traditions before devoting a drop to adhering to the human condition. In short, Suna ninja don't have friends. They have enemies, rage, and sand in their pockets. The friendliest relationships they have are, by default, with their teammates, but civic duties and missions will always take priority over a comrade's life and feelings. Sunina's team was assigned to her, and she let them die early. Her future marriage would be arranged for her, and her family only needed him to sustain the clan. She never needed to be emotionally invested in anybody around her, and she never cared to. Relationships were meaningless, and so were people. Social interactions didn't carry much weight for her.


     But, boy oh boy, she never imagined rejection could feel anything like that. She's staring at Mitoshi's new friends with her tiny lips pursed and her tremendous ego fractured and she feels damn near violated. Her brain was so conditioned to the formal system of teamwork, she didn't consider that he had the option to turn her down. She didn't realize she was making herself so vulnerable to him. What was he thinking? What kind of snake would leave her bleeding out like that? Had to be a power play. He's threatened by her and he fled like a coward. ...Or did he think she was  w e a k ?  Did he think he would get his job done faster with the second loudest Konoha ninja and his slovenly friend? Could he really underestimate her like that? Fool! Craven, disrespectful, unambitious, cold, soulless fool!


      Her fists clench exactly as she's approached by the ogre from Iwagakure. Okay, fine. She's not a total reject, then. Someone wants to work with her. Although, "someone" would be used subjectively here. Could this big rock with legs qualify as a person?


     "Do you have someone?"


     No. As a matter of fact, she has no one. She is forlorn and pathetic, and she really needs him right now. So she looks him directly in the eye and says,


     "...Step away from me."


     Her pride is bruised, but not enough for her to associate with some bumbling brute from Rocks-for-Brains Country. She crosses her arms and starts walking off, isolates herself with the intention of working alone; and she tries to find a group of Suna ninja to stand near, lest some pesky jounin force her to join the nearest group.


Spoiler TLDR

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“You, and me, and Mashin makes three, my friend!” Well that wasn't so difficult or it was just luck on his part, but they still had to find a third member anyway.


​"I don't think that Mashin counts as a team-member..." He said to Rui, to make clear that they still need another Genin for their team, when they, or rather Rui, were approached by a Amegakure Genin. He was pretty big and looked also older than most of the other Genin around here, but aside from that he looked quite normal, though Ryuma doesn't know if he wants to work with someone who ignores him on their first time meeting.


Rui already made clear that she and Ryuma were part of a two-man, team so far, but she didn't seem to mind if the Amegakure kid and the Samurai that followed him would join up with them. Ryuma was unsure what to do. Should he say something to the unfriendly Amegakure kid? Would the Amegakure kid even listen or just ignore him again? Well it's worth a try, since Rui already seems to know the guy and even called him a sweetie (Ryuma is unsure what to think ofthat description about a boy).


"Well, I was the top of my class in Kumogakure, that's why I was sent here and what about you? I'm Ryuma by the way"

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Akito Jin


Welcome everyone. If you would like to escape from the cold and get a little warm please make you way inside. If you can make it up the wall that is.”


After hearing the mans words all the genin gathered in the frozen land scurried up the wall, well all but one. The one kid from Kumo just sat in the snow plucking at his guitar. "I'll get to it eventually......I never heard of a ninja dying in the snow." What was the young ninja doing that was so important? Preparing his tools for the long climb? Gathering himself mentally to face the harsh winds? Nope, the young ninja was busy trying to find the forgotten note in his song so the wall would wait for a second. So spaced out Jin didn't notice the fact that his body was shivering violently and nobody was on the wall anymore. "CRA-AAAA--PPP!"  Jin refused to die in this frozen land so he took off scanning the wall. On the left side he saw a genin that dwarfed him in size. The big bulk of the unknown ninja slowed him down tremendously but it also protected him from the harsh winds. "Gotcha!" Jin said as he channeled charka to limbs, he was coming up fast on the ninja.


With a soft smack to ninja's body Jin latched on to him without his consent. "HEY, HEY! Get off me don't you have any pride?! This wall is the first test we have to face!" The ninja's words reached Jin through the howling winds but they went right in his ear and out the other. With a sigh the ninja gave up and continued to climb up the wall with the now extra weight. He thought about swiping the lazy ninja with one of his kunai but that took the risk of falling down the wall. Any idea he came up with ended with both of them falling off the wall. He just had to live with the leech on his back. Sensing the frustration Jin swiped the snow off his saviors face and offered him some kind words. "Come on....errr whatever your name is. This was the reason we all came here to this ice box in the first place. Teamwork makes the dream work!" 


After a couple minutes Jin could clearly see the the edge of the wall so it was time to branch off from his friend. Moving his way to the genin shoulders Jin bounced his way to the top and let out a sigh of relief. He was finally able to see the genin that went ahead earlier but before he left he turned around to help his new. "Hmmm..." The only thing Jin saw when he looked down were two kunai stuck in the wall.  His friend must have used all his energy to get Jin up the wall. Tears of joy fell down his face as he ran back to the group. "I'll carry on for you whatever your name was!"


The land they walked through was so peaceful Jin completely forgot about the genin that fell down the wall. Eventually they made their way to a huge castle that seemed to reach to the heavens. The same man who instructed them to climb the wall directed them inside the castle towards the center to mingle with the other genin. Everyone seemed to form a team already besides some huge guy and a girl. Making his way towards them Jin heard the huge ninja confess his love to the Suna ninja, but sadly she rejected him. 


"A pretty girl shouldn't reject love." Playing a song of romance for the two ninja Jin hoped this would melt the ice heart the girl seemed to have.

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Can you play nice with others?


As entertaining, and disappointing, as it was watching the young scramble together a brief look at the sun let Ryoma know that their time was up.


“I think it's time we begin.”


It was Jafar, whispering to Ryoma in a voice almost as deep as his own.


Yeah, I believe I’ve already heard some numbers mentioned, let's give them a glimpse of what the next few months will involve. “ Chirped Misao, the other Jounin nodding their approval.


“Fine, round them up.


Each Jounin created multiple clones of themselves and started appearing next to the teams that had without knowing chosen their number. One by one each team then disappeared taken to whichever area they were to be tested.





“Has he never bumped fists before?” Setsuna thought to himself as Mitoshi awkwardly touched his knuckles.  Before any more could be said there was a chuckle above them and one of their newly, not well, introduced Jounin instructors landed in a sitting position on top of Setsuna.




Watch your language around around a lady kid. My name is Shinomori Misao, but you guys will call me Misao-sensei. I heard handsome over there say the number 3, so since you don't have a choice follow meeeeeee."


At the end of her sentence she locked her legs around Setsuna’s back and displaying strength one would not think she had, she proceeded to flip back and take Setsuna with her, almost as if to slam his head into the ground.


Watching the ground rapidly approaching was a feeling Setsuna only accepted from few people, none of which were Misao-sensei as she demanded to be called.


Get out of here." He thought to himself. As the world shifted around him Setsuna targeted the moment her muscles were working more on the flip turn than restraining him. At that moment he sucked his stomach in as much as he could and started to pull himself from between her legs. As he landed on his hand and knee he looked up to see that he, Kaito, and Mitoshi were now all in a different room.


What he couldn't see while he was getting flipped was that Misao had released a seal underneath where his group was standing and the floor literally evaporated beneath them. Looking around Setsuna could barely make out the dark room. Before he could even begin to conceive what was going on the room around him started swirling, images of doctors and a giant needle drawing closer to drain his blood were picture perfect in front of him. Succumbing to the illusion he fell forward, looking to his right he saw Kaito falling as well. The only one of them still standing was that weirdo Mitoshi, and that was barely. As he hit the ground even in his weakened state Setsuna couldn't mistake the feeling of water on his face.


How could this happen, when did she even activate her genjutsu?





Ruino/Issei/Ryuma (and Tetsuno)


In the center of their group a puff of smoke erupted, as it cleared the leaf village Jounin appeared before them.


My name is Jafar and Ms. Yamanaka has called my number. It would be within all of your best interests not to move.”


Raising his hand up to his mouth, his middle and pointer fingers the only ones up, Jafar then transported them outside. However, it was not the frozen tundra where they were taken, no, they stood atop a bridge in what looked like the middle of spring. There surroundings were beautiful, but upon regaining their composure they would see that Jafar was no longer in the middle. He was standing now at the end of the bridge. Halfway in between the genin and Jafar was a post with four bells hanging from it.


Get the bell!” was all he shouted as he then took a seat and watched them.







He is absolutely right you know.” The Kumo Jounin had walked up behind Chariku and gave him what was to her a light tap on the back but nearly knocked him over.


As my countrymen has said, a pretty girl such as yourself should never reject love, even though you will be getting a lot of it. You also shouldn't reject it from a man such as him.” She said this last part as she stood on her tiptoes to pinch Chariku’s cheeks.


Sigh look at him he reminds me of my husband. Well, moving on, my name is Izumi but you may call me Pulse. I’m still not sure why they have called a simple housewife such as myself here to teach such fine ninja but I will do my part.


Stepping closer to Sunina, Izumi gripped her shoulder, the vice grip a clear indication she was going nowhere.


Now if you would follow me.”


Izumi began to lead them through the castle, and up the stairs.


“Since you guys haven't picked a number yet I have personally decided to oversee this exercise.”


Izumi led them up about 20 flights of stairs. Turning she took them outside to a ledge where they could see another team sparring with a clone of her several yards down. Kneeling she felt the ground with her hands and nodded her approval. Standing she looked at them and said


Your job is to save your classmates.” As they looked at her perplexed she clenched her fist and cocked it back.


AND GO!!” Izumi punched the ground and the side of the ledge immediately crumbled from the force of her blow. Dirt, small boulders, a mini landslide had begun and was rapidly falling toward that other team.








The Kage summit had been progressing as expected, with nothing getting accomplished. The raikage believed the assault on their daimyo’s life was the fault of Sunagakure. The Tsuchikage claimed that the Mizukage was going out of his way to poach clients from Iwagakure in order to suffocate her village. The Hokage tried to play peacemaker but everyone silently believed that he was just out to extend the reach of the Land of Fire..


General Lyn sat back in her chair, quietly observing and listening to the cacophony taking place before her. Although it was hard to disagree with some of the claims being made, especially since the victims were the last wars aggressors, something did not feel right about these attacks and the methods employed. Even more so this soon after the war. Before any proper headway could be made though she needed to calm the group down. Standing up she drew the attention of the room. Once all eyes were on her she said


How about a show, at this point the JSA’s first joint exercise should be under way. I;m sure you should be just as curious as I am about how your ninja are doing, and who the standouts will be?


Immediately, almost as if they were competitive children the five Kage sat back and each nodded their approval to watch what was going on, a set of monitors rising from the floor displaying each training session.


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 "...Step away from me."


That was her response? A casual 'Nah' or 'No thanks' would have been enough but that? Rude comment like that might have gotten someone upset, but not Chariku since he was used to that kind of treatment. However that had some effect: Chariku lost his interest in her.


"A pretty girl shouldn't reject love."


Once again Chariku was surprised. What is that Kumo Guitarist talking about? However he seemd to be alone too so Chariku decided to ask him if he wanted to team up. But before he could do that a Kumo Jounin had sneaked... or walked, Chariku was so confused about everything resent so he wasn't sure, behind him and Chariku could swear that she punched him in his back and almost made him tumble over.


    As my countrymen has said, a pretty girl such as yourself should never reject love, even though you will be getting a lot of it. You also shouldn't reject it from a man such as him.”


"Again, what love are they talking about? You mess your words once and suddenly you are apparently in love. Well, atleast not for that Miss Rude." Chariku thought while the seemingly nice Kumo Jounin pinched his cheek. Kumo Jounin explained that Chariku, Kumo Guitarist  and that Suna Genin were a team now since the time to look one was up and she asked them to follow her. While they were climbing up stairs Chariku intorduced himself and his abilities to his new teammates and turned towards Suna Genin and said "Like it or not, it seems we are a team now so lets try to get along".


Finally they arrived to a ledge outside the castle, where Chariku noticed (aside from the freezing wind) that there was another team fighting a clone of their Jounin below them. Their instructor felt the ground below them and said Your job is to save your classmates.” Then she punched the ground, which started a landslide.


Chariku fell over and started to slide with dirt, snow and rocks towards the other team. "Oh shit, need to think fast" Chariku thought while sliding and then used Earth Style: Earth Wall. "It doesn't need to be as high as it needs to be thick and long".  The wall stopped most of the smaller depris, but some heavier boulders got over it. "Guys I need you to handle the bigger rocks!"

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Kaito was totally caught off guard by the random Kirigakure Jounin's attack. One minute he and his "team" are in a big room full of other Genin, and the next, they're being thrust into a much smaller room with just themselves and their attacker. Setsuna had already been taken down with ease. But she made the fatal mistake of not going after all three of them at once (maybe she thought the change in scenery would distract the team long enough for her to take them all out one at a time). As soon as she let go of her target, Kaito took out three Senbon and prepared to throw them right at her face. But in the split second he took his eyes off her to draw his weapon, she was gone. In fact...everyone was gone. The room was empty.


"What..what the hell?"


"What's the matter, Kaito? Did you lose your focus?"


Kaito sighed in annoyance. Why was his Focused Mode trying to activate already? He wasn't anywhere near stressed enough for it to be as loud as it was. And yet...something was off. He wasn't hearing its voice in his head. He heard it with his ears...as if it was in the room with him. But. That was impossible...wasn't it?


Just then, he felt a playful tap on his shoulder. No doubt, the Jounin had returned to fight him. He turned around to face his opponent, but then immediately froze in horror. His Senbon dropped to the floor with a quiet "ting. ting. ting" as he stood face to face with an exact copy of himself. But this was no ordinary clone. The copy wore an evil grin on his face as he looked at Kaito like a hungry predator stalking its prey. His royal blue eyes glowed so brightly that Kaito had to resist the urge to look away. This was no clone. This was his Focused Mode


Kaito was completely frozen win shock as his other half grabbed him by the shoulder and pulled him into a tight hug. All he could do was cry and shake like a scared child, as the Focused Mode gently stroked his hair and let out a few deranged giggles.


"I've waited so long for this day, Kaito." He spoke in a soft voice "I'm finally free. And I don't need you anymore."


Kaito let out a loud yelp as he felt a sharp sensation in the back of his neck. He felt the blood pour down his back as he started to lose consciousness. As he fell back onto the ground, he saw the other half, looking down on him with a twisted smile on his face. He held a handful of bloody senbon in his hands. The last things Kaito heard before he completely blacked out was his Focused Mode's wild laughter.




Back in reality....


Kaito dropped like a fly, immediately after Misao placed the group under her Genjutsu.


"Jeez. Talk about your low tolerance" she thought


She turned to Mitsuki, the only one left standing. He hadn't completely dispelled the Genjutsu's affects but he was doing a damn good job resisting it. Misao was actually impressed.


"You got talent, kid. But I guess that goes without saying. You are from my village, after all. Too bad about your teammates, though. I didn't expect them both to do down so quickly."


She lightly nudges Kaito's head with her foot


"I mean, what are they teaching these kids in Konoha? They can't even fight back against a low level Genjutsu?"


"I wouldn't count us all out just yet."


Suddenly, Kaito's hand sprang to life and reached for Misao's foot. She yelped in surprise and instinctively kicked him in the face, sending him flying. His back hit the wall with a loud "thud" and he slumped over, appearing to be unconscious again. Misao relaxed a little but remained on edge.


"Okay...that was weird? Was he just playing possum or something? There's no way he could have broken free from the Genjutsu that fast." she thought


Kaito's shoulders moved up and down as a quiet laugh escaped from his mouth. He looked up at Misao. She immediately noticed the difference.


"His..his eyes? Weren't they green before?"


Kaito stood up and brushed the dirt off his clothes. He drew his Sendon again and looked at Misao with a wild expression.


"I don't know what the hell you did but my lesser half is out cold. So you have my gratitude...whoever you are."


Misao didn't know what was going on. But she wasn't about to let this Genin know just how freaked out she was right now. Taking a moment to clear her throat, she answered him in her most formal and dignified voice.


"My name is Shinomori Misao. I am a Jounin from the Village Hidden in the Mist. I take it you're...not Kaito Saigen."


Kaito let out a dry laugh "Well, Ms. Shinomori, you'd be half right. I've never really been given a name so I guess you could call me Kaito. Though I'd rather not be compared to that lazy brat."


"Okay, this is just getting freaky. This kid could be dangerous. Better take him down now before he actually hurts someone."


"Well then, Shinomori. I don't know how much longer I've got till the boring me wakes up. So why don't you be a good girl and keep me entertained until then?"


Kaito threw his Senbon, hitting her square in the neck. She let out a weak gurgling noise before her body turned to water and disappeared. Kaito let out an annoyed grunt and began looking around the room for where the real Misao could be hiding.


"Seriously?" He called out with a laugh "That's a little rude, don'cha think? Do you always use clones to talk to people you just met?"


Kaito jumped as he felt a hand touch his shoulder. Drawing his weapons again, he turned to face whoever it was....but nobody was there.


"Gotcha!" he heard a voice behind him cheer


His eyes widened as he realized the fatal mistake he had made "Oh sh-"




It was over before he could even finish his sentence. There he was. Trapped in a sphere of water, the Jounin looking down at him with a smug grin on her face. The only thing he could do was look back at her with sheer annoyance. As much as he hated to admit it, he knows when he's been beaten. He just wishes he had gotten a chance to fight back.


"Oh well" He thought "I can hold my breathe for a while, I guess. Nothing left to do but sit here and wait for the 'real' Kaito to wake up."



TL;DR version:


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18px-Kirigakure_Symbol.svg.png - MITOSHI


Mitoshi recognized the jounin as soon as she appeared. Misao. What a terrible presence.


She was fabled, notorious almost. One of the most distinguished jounin of Kirigakure, achieving the rank at a very early age. Originally, the Shinomori and Yamasaki had been part of the same family. Both practised genjutsu with superb proficiency but while the Yamasaki clan's techniques revolved around the dark and stealth, the Shinomori had their Water-based Kekkei Genkai which allowed them to be more up-front and personal.


Eventually the two clans developed different paths. A series of scandals and rumors of unspeakable deeds sent the Yamasaki clan's reputation spinning down a black hole while the Shinomori clan had made several successful marriages into other prominent clans. This caused a divide between the two groups - the Yamasaki developing a jealous grudge on the Shinomori.


Depite their initial downfall, the Yamasaki clan would be recognized again but not in the way it was before. They worked as trained hitmen. Assassins for hire. Extremely efficient and highly sought-after by both clans and businessmen. Even the Mizukage had been involved at one point, though it was unclear how. The Shinomori eventually revoked and erased all connections to the Yamasaki, the prominent clan wanting to distance themselves from their shadow-relatives.


And here she stood. A reunion between the two families. Mitoshi was already feeling sick. 


Misao was a very good... No, actually she might be the best Genjutsu-user in all of the Land of Water. He was stunned as she appeared on top of Setsuna's shoulders. And as soon as she had finished her merry speech, Mitoshi knew he had to react fast. But he couldn't react fast enough. He felt the world swirling around him in a strange, twisted manner, until he finally regained his balance. 
Finding himself trapped in a small, circular room... Slowly being filled with water.


Mitoshi knew at that moment that they had been done in. And extremely efficiently so. He saw Kaito drop to the ground,, soon to be followed by Setsuna, both with painful grimaces on their faces, like they were experiencing their worst nightmare - over and over. 


At that moment, Mitoshi noticed them. The shadows. Moving all around him. Silhouttes in a dark night. Shifting, turning apparitions. He recognized some of them.


"... No..." he mumbled.


They were scarred, wounded, some almost torn apart. Shapes of flesh hanging from their torsos. 


"No..." he said again. Mitoshi felt his eyes burning and cold sweat gathering in his palms as the ghastly figures' faces contorted into tormented expressions. 


He tried to get his thoughts together. He knew what it was he was witnessing. And why he was witnessing it... 

It was a Genjutsu, her specialty of course. Damn, if only he had been faster to react.

He closed his eyes and tried to control his breathing. But he was shaking and his legs were inches away from simply disappearing beneath him. The Genjutsu was near perfect but maybe he could still...


Mitoshi focused all of his chakra. This was it. He would probably only have one shot at this... The most important thing; The water. It was the mitochondria for her Genjutsu. That was his top priority. Saving the other two depended on him being able to maintain his consciousness throughout this whole affair...


He took a deep breath, then quickly opened his eyes and made the Tiger-seal with his hands.




The silhouettes withdrew and his black vision cleared. He breathed out, exhausted. He felt a short rush of relief run through him but he knew this would only last for a brief period of time as long as the water kept dropping into the room. He would have to investigate the holes first, see if there was some kind of closing mechanism or anything like that. There had to be a way to counter her technique. This was a test afterall.


... Right?


Mitoshi quickly scanned his surroundings looking for the closest wall. He only just recognized the shape of Kaito stuck inside a Water Prison being maintained by none other than Misao herself. He could see his teammates eyes open in surprise and Misao looked at him the same way... But shortly after, Mitoshi registered a small smile on her lips... Why was Kaito in the Water Prison in the first place? And concscious that is...
No time to let her act, no matter her facial expressions. 


Mitoshi lifted his hands in the way that was absolutely characteristic for the jutsu, he was about to perform. One hand in front of him and the other stretched out above him, both forming seals...


"Water Release: Hiding in the Mist technique!"


She might see through it. And it had cost him quite a bit of chakra. But he had to optimize his chances of success. Mist slowly gathered around him and covered his movements as he made a dash for the nearest wall. It was not covered by dark curtains and Mitoshi's speed was high, as he jumped upwards. But after a few steps up the wall, he realized this was an even more difficult task than climping the icy wall he had faced previously. He had to focus what little chakra he had left into both the water that was slowly drooling down the sides of the chamber and into the wall itself. This was near impossible and he could feel his vision blackening again.


He made a leap to the side and planted a kunai into one of the dark pieces of velvet that was slowly moving in the slight breeze in the room. He caught his breath. Damn. He wouldn't be able to make it to the water openings. He hadn't even been sure what he would do once he reached them. But just maybe, he could have stopped her Genjutsu from getting any stronger. Curses.


... Then he noticed it. The black powder clinging to his slightly humid fingers. He inspected it. And recognized it soon after.


"... No way. It couldn't be... And on the whole curtain, too?"


It was Ninja Begonia Opticus. Or more accurately, it was its seeds processed by a mortar. A plant native only to Kirigakure, as far as Mitoshi knew. Besides its pain-killing and anti-inflammatory effects, it was said that if a person had successfully been cast under a genjutsu, its seeds could make the afflicted regain control of their body and senses for a good amount of time by simply being applied to the person's forehead 


Mitoshi was just about to smear it on his head when he heard an all too familiar sound. He only just managed to move his neck as the fast kunai hit the curtain near his throat. Blood was dripping from a small wound on the side of his neck and Mitoshi stared off into the mist. Misao had known where he was and what he was doing the whole time... And he couldn't both fight off Misao, the Genjutsu and use the seeds all at the same time... Curses...


"... But... Misao had prepared the seeds on the curtains. They were there for a reason. But she didn't want me to use them? That could only mean... Oh, was that the point of this? Then... The only solution would be to..."


Mitoshi quickly leapt off the wall into the mist in an agile jump and landed in the water not too far from where he had seen Setsuna lay and stumbingly ran over to his teammate and knelt while leaning over him with a good portion of the Opticus powder on his fingers. He quickly began to apply it his temmate's forehead. A few drops of Mitoshi's blood from the neck wound landed on Setsuna, as Mitoshi ran the last bit of dust down along his teammates cheeks and sighed, absolutely drained.


"... Brother."


Mitoshi looked up to see his little sister's face right in front of him. Bloody, deformed and missing an eye, the empty socket staring into his very soul.




The last thing Mitoshi heard before succumbing to the Genjutsu were his own terrified screams.

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Take, take all you need

And I'll compensate your greed

With broken hearts

Sell, I'll sell your memories

For 15 pounds per year

But just the good days


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Akito Jin

Before he could get a response Jin heard a familiar voice walk up towards the group. He is absolutely right you know.” The Kumo jounin made her ways towards them and laid a heavy tap on the big guys shoulder. One day Jin asked his sensei about and he only got one response, heavy handed. Jin was quite surprised with the people behind the JSA. Bringing in young ninjas from every village was no easy task, but they did they impossible and brought in the Jounin also. Just thinking of all the arguing and hard work made his skin shiver.

After abusing the guy again Mrs. Izumi explained to them that they were a team now. Jin felt at easy but he wondered how exactly his new teammates would feel about some foreign ninja teaching them. The big one seemed like he wouldn't care who taught him anything but the Suna ninja seemed different. "One bad word or action could start something crazy here....." Jin couldn't help but think about these things but he again shook them off. He didn't come here to do any politics and those thoughts just made him tense up since.

After the introductions were finished Mrs.Izumi asked for the team to follow her up some stairs. During the walk Chariku introduced himself and all of his abilities to the group. After that he turned towards the Suna ninja and told her like or not we're a team. "Man, for you two to just meet you argue like a 90 year old couple. But.....my names Akito Jin aka Kumo's Dragon aka JSA's best ninja aka..." The whole time they walked up the stairs Jin played his guitar and gave them countless monikers. He didn't care if they listened past his name, now he just wanted see how far he could go before they reached their destination. Soon they ended up outside and Mrs.Izumi started to touch the ground and nod.

Your job is to save your classmates.”

Jin didn't understand what she meant. Did she want them to jump down and fight the clone with them? Just when he started to question the jounin he saw her cock her fist back and slam it into the ground. Guess this was the reason she was called heavy handed the "house wife" started a land slide with just one punch. Placing chakra in his feet so he wouldn't slide down with the rocks and before he could move he saw Chariku start to slide with them. Before he needed to be saved the big guy went on the offense and made a Earth Wall to stop the landslide.

"Guys I need you to handle the bigger rocks!"

Hanging onto the side of the castle Jin heard his teammate cries for help so he sprang into action. Dragon Technique In the a matter of seconds Jin's hair turned red and he raced down the castle. Before the rocks could fall any further Jin used his Great Fireball Technique to destroy any boulders still flying his way. Then using the flames from his technique he set his chakra guitar on fire and used it to blast away the last of the debris. "You can always count on me to help out Chariku!"

"Hmmm...I don't think so." In reality Jin didn't move a muscle or use any jutsu since the landslide started. He wanted to help but all this stopping rubble seemed liked hard work to him, Mrs. Izumi never said stop the boulders she said save the team. But since Chariku did help Jin figured it was only right if he did his best to help out his new friend. Gathering as much air as he could into his lungs Jin yelled at the group that the landslide was heading towards. "HEY! LOOK OUT UNLESS YOU WANNA DIE!"

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“Oh you have got to be kidding me. No, no no no no NO!!!! I don’t like shots!!


Within the confines of Setsuna’s mind the situation had only grown worse. The needle had grown twice as large as it was before, and the more Setsuna struggled against his bonds, the more bonds appeared upon his body. Shaking, twisting and turning, applying pressure to what should be weak areas. Nothing he had learned from the academy or from Jafar was working, he was trapped. The point moved ever closer to his eye, only a breath away now. As it made to make it’s final plunge Setsuna just repeated to himself


Kai, Kai, KA--"


Then he saw it, the image of the person holding the needle. A female about his age maybe a little younger with jet black hair stood over him, a look of satisfaction on her face as she made for him to succumb to one of his fears.


But you shouldn’t be here.


As quick as a blink Setsuna was back in that dark room, water burning the inside of his nose as he had accidently taken a deep breath of it. His forehead was wet, whether it was from the water on the ground or the cold sweat he wasn’t sure, and he didn't care to find out. Sitting up and getting his bearing he looked around and barely reacted in time to catch a screaming Mitoshi who was no doubt falling prey to the genjutsu that had already claimed both himself and Kaito. Looking around Setsuna realized it was harder to see than before and he could no longer locate Kaito, there was a freaking mist obscuring his vision now along with the darkness.


Oooof course, why wouldn’t things get harder after I woke up.” Setsuna mumbled to himself. Then reacting purely by instinct, he grabbed Mitoshi and jumped back away from the kunai that had just been thrown at him and Mitoshi.


Jafar wasn’t kidding you are quick on your feet, at running away that is. I’m more impressed with the unconscious one though, I definitely expected him to leave the both of you behind. Instead he decided to try and save you guys, admirable but a failure nonetheless.


Setsuna couldn’t find her jumping back had obviously taken him further from Misao-sensei but now that he was at the edge of the mist his vision was primarily only hampered by the darkness, something that the light from the hole up above help alleviate. As Setsuna tried to form a plan a stinging sensation struck his eye, as he wiped it away he felt something weird on the back of his hand. It was sticky and grainy and also had a weird scent to it.


The hell is this?” Setsuna thought. Raising his hand to his nose he sniffed the substance, it smelled organic but there was something else hidden within it’s smell, and that was when it clicked, it was explosive powder. Whatever that plant scent was it was used to mask the smell of the powder. Looking around Setsuna could make out where at least two black curtains were,one of which was right above his head, and it dripped the same substance that was on his face.




A plan had begun to form in Setsuna’s mind,but if the thrown kunai from earlier were an indication of anything, it was that Misao-sensei could see through the mist and darkness and still strike with painful accuracy. Reaching into his bag Setsuna grabbed a flash bang and two explosive tags. Moving fast he wrapped the two explosive tags around two more kunai, and the flash bang around a third. The one up above would be easy, it was the other curtain in the distance that would be tricky, but Setsuna committed it’s position to his memory and then acted. First he threw the kunai with the flash bang as high and as close to the center as he could. With ridiculous aim Misao hit it out of the sky but it had gone far enough once it blew. Asthe cave,lower level, whatever the hell this place was became engulfed in a blinding light Setsuna threw the two kunai with the explosive tags at two of the curtains. Then bending over Mitoshi, Setsuna counted down to the explosion. As the room was rocked by the force of the two explosions sections of the wall were blown out causing the water in the room to rapidly drain. At the same time Setsuna released Mitoshi from the genjutsu that he had been cast under.


Before even getting the chance to breathe shuriken were once again thrown at he and Mitoshi, in one smooth sword swing Setsuna drew and blocked the oncoming assault.


Once again your reaction time continues to impress...a little. So what will you do now?


Misao-sensei was now in clear view, the explosions blowing away the mist as well as the walls. To Setsuna’s surprise the mystery of Kaito’s location was no longer a mystery. He had been captured in a water prison by her, and based on the semi strained look on his face it had been for quite a while. As Mitoshi began to stir Setsuan attacked, using all of his kunai and shuriken he threw them all at Misao-sensei. Although direct that was not the limit to this strike. As they got closer Setsuna focused his chakra and clapped his hands together using his Violent Wind palm jutsu to increase the speed and and ferocity of his attack. Still as if taking a stroll Misao held her ground against the wind, then she grabbed one of the kunai as it came hurtling toward her and blocked a few of the other shuriken and kunai. The ones she couldn’t she leapt to avoid. That was the moment Setsuna had been waiting for, weaving hand signs as fast as he can before she landed he followed up his first justu with his Great Breakthrough, focusing the gust of wind primarily from behind Misao and on the hand that had Kaito trapped,blasting him free of the water prison and over to where Setsuna and Mitoshi were. As Kaito came to a sliding stop by them Setsuna dropped down and let out a gasp of air, the back to back jutsu expending him some.


Bravo, bravo! This was definitely more than I expected of you, any of you actually. I can honestly say I like you guys a little.”


“Buuuut” Suddenly Misao-sensei’s voice was starting to echo. Then one by one multiples of her were appearing around them.


“I suggest you guys find a way out of here, because the hurt is really about to begin.” The clones said in unison.

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"Why would you pick a fight with me? You have no chance of winning."


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"What..the hell!?" Were the first thoughts that came to Kaito's mind when he finally woke up from the Genjutsu, only to find himself trapped in a Water Prison. Well...that's not entirely accurate.Waking up from a bad nightmare is bad enough. But waking up dazed, confused, and unable to move or breathe was almost enough to induce a panic attack in the young Genin. And on top of all that, he had the same splitting headache that he always experiences after recovering from the use of his Focused Mode.


"Great. He got out. God, I hope he didn't embarass me in front of everyone."


Kaito tried his best to assess the situation, but between the headache and his inability to breathe, he didn't know how much longer he could even stay awake, let alone make sense of his predicament. Through blurred vision, he could just barely make out what appeared to be a struggle between his teammates and Misao. But there was no way of knowing exactly what was going on.


His chest tightened, his lungs felt like they were on fire. If he didn't get out of the Water Prison soon, he would surely drown.


"I gotta get out of here!" he panicked "She won't actually let me drown, will she!?"


Almost as soon as these thoughts entered his mind, his salvation came in the form of Setsuna's jutsu. With no time to spare, Kaito took in a huge breathe of fresh air and yelled at the top of his lungs:




Kaito landed face first into the water that was slowly filling the room, and with all the grace of a drunken sailor, slid over to his team. He stood up and composed himself, savoring each and every breath he took.


"Th...thank you." He panted "Whoever let me out. I thought I was a goner."


He looked at Misao-Sensei, who simply smirked back. Oh she was gonna pay for making a fool out of him. He was gonna use all this lovely water she provided for him to take her down. He made the tiger seal with his hands and focused his chakra on the water around him.


"Water clone Jutsu!"


As soon as those words escaped his mouth, seven exact replicas of himself rose from the water and surrounded him and his teammates. Each clone pulled out three senbon and assumed various fighting stances. Usually he's only able to make two clones. Three if he's lucky. But with all this water at his disposal, he could keep making more and more until he runs out of chakra.


Kaito crossed his arms and, with a smug grin on his face, issued the command to his army.


"Okay boys. Take her down."


And with that, they charged.

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