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[Character] Roronoa Zoro (Part 30)

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#281 Furinji Saiga

Furinji Saiga

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Posted Yesterday, 03:52 PM

Do you guys want Zoro to have another backstory like Sanji that comes from Wano?


Not gonna lie, gonna feel a little to simple if his origins lie in land of the rising sun.

It likely could happen given with what has happened with Sanji on whole cake, and so far Zoro's background has not been given much attention. ( its 7 pages entirely) 


But personally I don't trust Oda with handling such a thing( he could ruin Zoro's character) , so I would rather he forgoes it and focus on something else. 

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#282 TrolonoaZoro



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Posted Yesterday, 05:06 PM

The thing about our main man Roronoa Zoro is that his character and the way Oda views him makes it impossible for his backstory to be ruin. The way Zoro is, he won't be emotionally affected by in family drama (a la sanji) so that automatically loses it value. (If his Fam is dramatic he would literally just one shot em)


Now, another aspect to Zoro is his respect for old things. (Bushido, shame for defeating Ryuuma as corpse, budist reference as observed by the modern japanese) If Zoro does come from the bloodline of someone great from Wano, then it wouldn't mean anything to his action. In fact, seeing Zoro do the right thing because he wants to as oppose to some destiny bloodline stuff would be great. 


Zoro's character, as long as he's proactive. Is always great. Literally difficult as hell to do him wrong. Only Dressrosa messed with his character because he explicitly said something and then that wasn't acknowledge. (Probably due to Oda pacing his power's revelation) But even in the chopper island, he literally just took a swing and was the greatest part of the arc. 


You add a little bit more subtext to him, probably about being a man. And he'll do wonder with it.


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#283 Enbima



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Posted Yesterday, 05:12 PM

I just wanna see his parents. Must be some monsters!

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Posted Yesterday, 09:28 PM

If Bepo could get lost on a ship and was carried from Zou to North Blue then I don't see why the same thing cannot happen to Mr. I-can't-direction.

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