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[Info Cache] Digimon Story: Cyber Linkz

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The Setting/Universe –


The story takes place in the near future, where advances in technology has greatly affected how the world handles transference of international information and communication. With certain equipment you can literally see a menu of options with a slide of the hand. A personal device that handles the same personal needs your phone does today and more. Also nearly everyone has access to the ICSM (Interconnected Cyber Space Metropolis), which will be explained.


There are mostly three settings: The Original world, Digital World, and the InterSpace between them. The original world is about the same as ours, just think 50 years from now. With a little pie in the sky with how the world is connected but that’s for plot sake. The digital world hasn’t been fully developed yet however if you’ve seen any of the first four series or all of them think of a mix between Adventure and Frontier. InterSpace is kind of a mystery you’ll have to solve as a player. 


This is in the future but not super far, think about possibly 40 - 50 years or so. Meaning no commercial flying cars, and such yet however they are concepts that are close to that stage.




Interconnected Cyber Space Metropolis or ICSM for short is as stated an interconnected world hub that was created around 20 years ago. The general difference between this and the once remembered internet is that instead of transmitting information on a screen, your mind can “physically” interact with the digital environment. By using a headset or one of the many stationed booths (ICSM or M - Spots) for the service, you can transfer a digital image that allows “feeling” though nervous system controls. The physical actions allow users to engage in many widespread services such as shopping, business transitions, and administrative procedures. The most important feature however is allowing people living in different counties to meet one another easily. They’re public and private connection points where people can meet, however for crime prevention purposes the avatar you appear as must look exactly like the Real World User. Even though ICSM is the acronym, people have shorted it even more, calling the space simply Metropolis. This is heavily based on EDEN from Digimon CyberSleuth and the internet from Digimon Our War Game if you want a visual representation.  


Hackers are individuals that have the ability to force programs or systems to deviate from its intended function for the hackers our ends. Through the use of the ICSM life has been made somewhat easier to deceive and steal valuable resources such as money, items, and information. Malicious hackers who are skilled enough are able to use avatars with different appearances. Not all hackers set out with malicious intent however they are still considered illegal in all forms. They are still called Red Hats for a reason.


Savers are individuals that have the ability and authority to force programs or systems to deviate from there intended function however choose to use that ability to help the common people. They can be hired by authority figures (government, police, ect.) for payment but also can be freelance as long as they have the correct certifications and licenses. Any Saver using their rights for malicious intent are deemed Hackers on the spot and face the same charges.  


Viruses are a type of malicious software program that when executed, replicates or infects other computer programs/systems. They take many shapes and forms but over the last decade they have rapidly changed in appearance, looking like little or sometimes larger monstrous. Many are advised to stay away from such programs. However unknown to most of the populous these “viruses” already have a name, Digimon.


D-Links, once known as a Linkers, are a personal devices that have in all ways surpassed the need for old smart phone technology. They have all the same functions and more, allowing people to make configurations based off one’s own style and personal needs. They all have a holographic display which you can operate by touching icons to access various applications. Along with that to further personalize your experience you could also buy Wizards that come in basic models or custom. However, as a player you’ll go far beyond what is capable of the Linkers when they transform into the D-Links, your digivice. Not only do they make evolution possible but they also house other features you’ll have to discover over time. 


Characters –


Every character starts out as someone who’s just living out their everyday lives. Due to ICSM you can generally make any character you’d like without worrying about their origins. I like the original concept of the show so younger characters will be requested. Ages can range from Seven to Sixteen. (which basically means you’re older but still have a lot of growing to do) I’m aiming for up to nine players overall, but can easily start with as low as four.  


Characters and their relationships with each other along with their partners play a huge role in what makes Digimon work. While there will be NPCs and some plot threads, the story is focused on your characters and how they develop.


You will have to pick an embodiment of traits which is tailored to your character at some point. Meaning, you will have to choose a Crests from the original series. Those being: Courage, Friendship, Love, Sincerity, Knowledge, Reliability, Hope, Light, and Kindness. While your character doesn’t have to be based completely off the ideals behind the crest you should still embody some of the traits depending on the crest chosen. If you want to suggest another type of crest run it by me however I doubt it’ll be taken it since the original crest cover a lot of bases.


When it comes to the Digimon choice I’m being kind of super lax on which ones you can have. Majority of them are for the taking however certain evolution lines have important placement in the plot so you’ll be notified about that.


Progression –


I’m still in the process of deciding if I should make a stat system or just kind of let you guys wing it with approval from me.


I kind of want the Digimon to have different moves, based off their theme/weapon/ect. since being locked to the same two or three “Super Special Beam/Claw/Weapon” attack might get dull.


I might allow characters to have unique mental or physiological traits, but not sure just yet. In general I want your characters to do more then look at your monster buddy knock fist with another but we’ll see.


When it comes to the progress of the RPs story, I was thinking about kind of having an episodic flow. That would be at least be for the first arc I have planned. Each character will get the main focus for a couple of updates and switch with another, and we can bounce ideas off of each other to make that work out better. 


I’m overall planning a three major arc/saga structure for story. I’m being very flexible with it because I want to get a feel for the characters first but I have ideas for the general structure. I also will have a little help with the lore so I’ll have someone cleaning up any errors in writing I might make.


If you want your character to have some kind of deeper influence on the universe let me know in a PM and we’ll talk about it.  


Posting Activity –


Aiming for once a week, if not two depending on the turn out/unforeseen circumstances. While you don’t need to write out your entire life story, you should put some meat into your responses. At least a paragraph is welcomed. If you feel you don’t have much to work with in the update just let me know. 


Character Sheets (Human/Digimon) -


Spoiler Human

Spoiler Digimon

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