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Digimon Story: Cyber Linkz RP

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Posted 10 November 2016 - 11:52 AM



And So It Begins…Afloat? Adventures in a New Digital World!


Humanity. For over hundreds of years, they have grown more intelligent, stronger, and wiser? Well some might argue with the latter statement however one has to admit that humanities advancements in technology have truly helped them evolve to new heights. During the start of the technological boom of the late 90s, they probably never thought they’d make anything more impressive then the internet. Little did they know, humanity always finds away. They always find away…


Skip about fifty or so years into the future and you’d be amazed what you’ll find. Conflicts and wars popped up, and sizzled away in given time. Cures for certain diseases came in just as new ones were discovered. Even the unthinkable happened. The internet had been surpassed, the future is now!


The Interconnected Cyber Space Metropolis or, ICSM for short, is the internet taken to a more physical level. This platform was created by a bunch of eggheads, some of the most intellectually gifted people in the world. It took a total of thirty years to even get off the ground until a fresher, younger pack came to finish what was started. The platform has been upgrading throughout the years until it’s reach this point today. With a headset one can transfer a data image of themselves that allows for interaction within a digital environment. Need to try on those nice pair of shoes before you buy? You can now! Want to see how product works before the purchase? Easily done. Over these past few years’ people have gotten so enamored with the experience that they have supply started dubbing the ICSM, Metropolis.


To go along with this advancement, humanity had to move pass the basic ideals of the cellular phone and move on to Linkers. These deceives have all the same functions and more, allowing people to make configurations based off one’s own style and personal needs. They all have a holographic display which you can operate by touching icons to access various applications.  Along with that to further personalize your experience you could also buy Wizards that come in basic models or custom. But…Why such a lame name such as Linkers…Well computer scientist has never been known for creative names, but the basic idea come from what brought them together. Connections! That was the whole idea behind the Metropolis. To bring the world together. To keep advancing!


They knew however that not everyone was going to share the ideals they had. Hackers began to run ramped, throughout the Metropolis, using tricks and schemes to get whatever they wanted. This is why a law was passed that all Metropolis users needed to appear just as they are in real life. There are some expectations, such as Role-Playing games and privately own servers however. This made the governments of the world come to an agreement they need some kind of balance. That is where the creation of Savers came in. They are individuals that have the ability and authority to force programs or systems to deviate from there intended function however choose to use that ability to help the common people. The have to get certifications for the job, and since it’s a job they expect some kind of payment for services.


Hackers are quite the troublesome bunch. They somehow were able to do what was thought impossible at the time. That being, Viruses. At these were very simple codes that had no will of their own. However, over the years they have grown in size and intellect, with some people saying that these are nothing but myth created to scare the populous. These “myths” however seem to be popping up more frequently which have put some people on edge for how dangerous they can be. In fact, the common people have no idea that this is the sign of something big being set in motion. Among these common people are a few individuals’, young people that were about to be within the center of this event.  


They world had no idea what was coming. These young few had no idea about what the world has in store for them…




Within the city like structure of the ICSM, lines of digital code began flying about throughout the sky. It was another day within this otherworldly plain of existence. Business men were having important meetings within the walls of a private chatroom. Deals were being made that would change the very structure of how people view the world. However, this story isn’t about them.


Then you have the trendy young adults that are leading their nations towards a different future. For now, they are simply having fun and enjoying their youth. Taking life one day at a time. Soon they’ll be the ones within those business suits or owning a business, or working some kind of nine to five, taking care of their families. The individuals that will continue where older people left off. Even still, this story isn’t about them.


Yes, this story is about a group of kids, still figuring out their place in this world. What they like, who the like. What they hate, who they hate. What to do, what to wear, what to say, and what to play. They’re still finding their own identities and place in this world. This story is about them, but specifically about a select few that were a bit more special then you’d think. Those kids are about to make history. This story is about them!


Center Hub, Japan, 3:00 PM


Each nation has a specific Center Hub that people can gather at any place or time. The USA and Germany for example have different cultures that is reflected within their Center Hub. Today however was a special day for a certain county and they were willing to share it to the world. Japan was celebrating the annual Coming of Age festival for their upcoming youth entering adulthood. This was a common thing for over the last decade. Nations allowing other nations to partake a little bit into their culture to promote connections, ties to one another. While you’re not allowed to enter all the activities you can still dress up in kimono and play games. On the fairgrounds while people were detracted by the attractions, little did they know that their digital pockets were getting lighter. A spread out group of shady individuals were walking away from the commotion, each with a snarky grin ear to ear. Almost escaping those grins would soon turn upside-down.


“LOCKDOWN!” A voice screamed from the crowed.  The group of pickpocket were shocked as now their logout access had been blocked.  “Hehe, thought you could get away huh?” A dark haired young man walked for out a confused crowd looking on. “I can smell when someone’s up to no good!” He pointed thumb toward his chest with a proud smirk. “That’s why the call me the Cyberhound!”


“Damn! Let’s get moving!” One of the shady bunch yelled, ordering the others to start moving. Bursting out into a frantic run, the dark haired young man followed suit.


“Run if you like but you’re not getting away!” He pulled out his Linker, ready to take action.


“Yeah Right! Try this out!” One of the bunch spun around and throw some kind a sphere at the man of action. Hitting him, the sphere opened up as a digital vile that surrounded him that changed into a cage like shape.


“Damn!” He throws a punch but did no damage. “This is a firewall!...”


“Ha! Later punk!” The group continued their escape, however little did they know what was coming to them. As the dark haired young began his escape, trying to crack his way out of the cage. A few individuals were looking on.


And they were about to take matters into their own hands.




South of the Center Hub, Japan, 3:30


While commotion was going on within the center hub, another completely different type of event was taking place within a large arena. Here today a special event was being held for a World Wide fantasy MMO that was becoming quite the phenomenon. In order to register for this event a select few had to go on hell of a quest that was not for the faint of heart. If you have made it in however you have the chances to win rare prizes and in heavy amount of game currency if you are able to complete the event.


“Good afternoon everyone! It’s me, Maia you’re Grand Fate Waver, here to tell you all that we have quite the event in store for you today!” A young peppy MC was smiling happily from to box office. “Due to this event being held within the land of rising sun, we have alerted the event slightly to fit in with the ceremony!” She held her palm out towards a grand door, opening up with a huge cage pushing out from the shadows. Inside the cage held an eastern styled dragon that had the most beautiful red scales that sparkled like gems. “The main goal for this event is to take down this mighty beast in any way possible, but there is a catch!...” Suddenly the cage that was holding the beast was smashed apart, with effects raining down on the arena. The dragon began to fly, circling the arena until something, or should I say someone caught his attention. Flying down towards the crowed stands he grabbed a little elfin girl with a grab of his claws. “Not only are you take down the beast but someone else can claim the prize of rescuing the captive. Here’s the treat however! If you’re able to accomplish both you’ll be given double your prizes!” The crowd went crazy at this point, letting their excitement echo throughout the stadium.


“Slay the Dragon! Slay the Dragon!”


The few that were able to complete the challenging quest were preparing their weapons. Among them are some of those young people that will change this world, what would they do?


“Right! Begin in…3…2…1!...Fight!”


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Posted 13 November 2016 - 02:00 AM

The ICSM, a revolutionary platform that expanded how humanity was able to do their daily tasks, from easy tasks to nation wide business, you could say this easily changed how people interacted in that time and future years to come. 




Even trivial things such as watching the latest performance of your favorite band, or buying a single pair of shoes, or even social interaction...changed drastically.


"When is it starting again...?" A girl checked the date displayed on a screen projected in front of her body, after she confirmed it, she sighed and closed the hologram. 


You could say this was an important date, but to the girl currently laying on top of a wooden bench, it held no meaning, rather, she was waiting anxiously the aperture of an event she was waiting for weeks, to the point she didn't sleep at all the previous night.


 "Couldn't they just schedule it during the night...the sun reduces my HP regeneration..."  


Elizabeth Moore lamented as she opened a bag of chips, waiting for the opening of an event in one of the most popular games at the time, an MMO she spent a lot of time playing, even going as far as taking her sacred hours of sleeping to keep playing. 


"*yaaawn* I spent all night crafting the latest equipment but..." she opened the hologram again, and browsed its contents until she found a picture detailing her avatar in the game, with all stats and equipment. "It was worth it ha...haha" she began to drool as she checked all the bonuses her current character had. "The loot will be for Plenair!"


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Posted 16 November 2016 - 02:28 PM

A blonde, blue-eyed, porcelain-skinned young boy marching around with a suit of armor and cape equipped wasn't exactly a regular sight at the Japanese Center Hub. Naturally, this brought the youth a certain amount of attention as he navigated the lanes of this corner of the ICSM he wasn't familiar with. Cyril Drake however, was completely oblivious to all the eyes he was catching with his unusual appearance. It might not have been so out of place if it were in the MMO that was having the special event today, but this was a little north of where it was being hosted. The British boy hummed to himself as his cape fluttered behind him.


"Now, where did we conspire to rendezvous again? The time of the event draws ever so near," Cyril remarked as he stopped and crossed his arms in meditation, checking the time on a nearby display. "If Sir Drago accompanied me, this would perchance not be the quandary that it is." His narrow eyes scanned the route he was taking side to side. It shouldn't be that difficult to spot someone like that, not when they were adorned in a conspicuous hoodie such as that. Finally, his blue irises locked on to something. It wasn't the hoodie he was keeping a look out for, but an avatar's display screen with a game character on it. One he had gone on countless quests with.


"Lady Plenair!" he shouted to get her attention. Cyril ran straight to her, adapting into a bowing stance on one knee with an arm over his chest. "It is I, your humble knight, Cyrius!" Of course, such a public spectacle and all the unwanted scrutiny it brought from everyone around them was the last thing his party member would desire, but that was unknown to the knight. Cyril and Liz met in the MMO and formed a party, eventually meeting outside of the game, although they never exchanged real names yet or discussed much outside of that shared interest in the MMO.


Returning to his feet, Cyril still bowed his head respectfully. "I wish not to be discourteous, milady, but we must make haste should we want to attend the event on schedule. We may be tardy for the opening ceremony, but the affair itself should still be within our grasp!" As if it were on a timer, right then a broadcast of the introduction to the event came into view for the two teens on one of those jumbo monitors secured to tall buildings, almost like in urban areas in real life. One could see Cyril's face visibly light up in elation as the red dragon debuted on the feed and abducted the young elf. He was stammering, pointing at the monitor with one arm while flailing the other to his side like a child as he looked back at his quest partner.


"L-La-Lady Plenair, we must save that poor maiden and slay the dragon at once!" he exclaimed, finally finding his words again. The arm that was flailing ceased its spasms, now clenching into a fist as Cyril's face steeled in resolution. "This... is what I live for! If I were to fail here, I could not call myself a knight! Onward, milady!" As he was about to sprint toward the arena for his chance at glory, a couple of passerby ran past the two of the gamers, being called out by a young dark-haired man who was giving chase. Cyril had seen enough Hacker pursuits in his time to know one when he saw it, having tried to interfere with a few himself back in England's Center Hub to the chagrin of official Savers in the area.


This led to quite the dilemma for young Cyril Drake... slay the dragon like the knight he dreamed of being, or bringing some rapscallions to justice like the Saver he aspired to be one day? He held his head in his hands in distress as he went through a crisis of faith, or perhaps identity. No matter what option he went with, he was short on time to accomplish either. This harsh ultimatum and how he would act would determine how legitimate Cyril's knighthood was. The knight came to a decision. How could he call himself a knight of England if he stood by and let lawbreakers go by unheeded? As much as he wanted to save a damsel from a dragon his entire life, it would have to wait. Although first, he would have to sort this out with his party member.


"Forgive my insolence, Lady Plenair," Cyril exclaimed with his body bent almost ninety degrees, "but I must humbly request that we delay our quest! Those knaves that crossed us moments ago were vile Hackers! I am a knight, and I cannot those transgressions go unpunished when done before me! It is not my place to ask, but please accompany me, milady! Proficient I may be, but that many scoundrels is too much for me alone. As you are by my side during quests, I beseech you to be at my side here! Time is of the essence, Lady Plenair!" Cyril remained bowing, waiting for Liz's answer.

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Posted 16 November 2016 - 04:26 PM

Landon was walking around the ICSM, looking for any clues on how to navigate to the MMO world.  He was told a special event was being held for prizes, and his brother wanted to get some rewards for the quest. However, his brother was unable to accompany him, after he spent much time helping out Landon to become a well enough level to be able to help with the event, Landon decided to try to beat the dragon and save the damsel himself.


"Um, excuse me do you know how to get to the MMO event today?" He asked various bystanders, and although he was given directions, Landon was consistently getting lost in the crowd. "Didn't think this Japan festival would be so big..." He said in an off-handed comment.  


Finally Landon spotted a type of knight in full blown armor.  The knight seemed to be walking gallantly, as if he was the only one in the world that mattered.  Automatically Landon understood that this guy was a nerdy kid that would participate in the event.  He decided to follow him, watching where he would go so that he could get to the event.  Soon enough, he saw the boy in knight armor meet up with another.  Landon saw the boy make many strange outbursts, and couldn't help but overhear what was going on.


Landon heard the boy talk as if he was part of a medieval festival rather than a Japanese festival.  He decided that he did not really care for the kid's talk and put on his headphones. Sitting down on a nearby bench, waiting for the kid to know.  Then just as suddenly as he sat down, Landon noticed a chase scene going on.  Passing by the boy in knight armor. Taking off his headphones, Landon went close to the knight and girl to see if the both of them were alright hearing the ending of the knight's statement. That they would chase after the 'hackers' as deemed by the knight.


Landon decided to chime in with his own response, "I think you shouldn't chase after them.  Leave it to the officials. No offense Mr. Knight, but I'm not even sure if you could catch up to them in that armor."  

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Posted 16 November 2016 - 08:12 PM

"Lady Plenair!" 


Huh? Elizabeth closed the screen and paid attention to the source addressing her, not by her real name, but by her avatar's nickname, the source was a young man making his way towards her.


."It is I, your humble knight, Cyrius!" he introduced himself, with a tone you would see from a hero in one of those fantasy movies.


"Oh..." she rubbed her eyes and looked at the person calling for her once more, she already knew who he was "Sooorry~...I was focused in the interface that I...*yawn*..................never mind, hi hi Cyrius~ They both were acquaintances in the same MMO, and would do quests together or in parties of 4; because Liz's class consisted of the role of supporting, she relied on teammates to win against difficult bosses, Cyrius was one of them. As both lived in the same country, they were able to meet in real life before, to discuss the strategy to take in an upcoming raid boss that happened at the time, though Liz suffered major losses in that ordeal (such as sleeping), so it did not exactly happen that frequently. They knew each other by their aliases, as information of real life did not matter in the game, so they skipped that.


Cyrius was also going to take part on the event, excited to slay the dragon and save the npc; you could say this is what he was looking for. His joy was interrupted as a chase incident happened nearby, urging Liz to help him assist the pursuers.


"I think you shouldn't chase after them.  Leave it to the officials. No offense Mr. Knight, but I'm not even sure if you could catch up to them in that armor."  Another person joined the conversation, answering Cyrius's statement Eh I am not good with crowds, thought liz as she took a quick look at the young man.


" I didn't sacrifice my hours of restoration for a wacky chase scene..." *munch* She continue to eat her chips as she continued "...besides...a friend is *munch* waiting for me to play in the arena, so I might as well go"  she stood up, after she fixed her hood she made her way to the arena "I will be waiting for you inside the game *yawn*" 

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Posted 19 November 2016 - 11:13 AM

Thomas came home from an uneventful day at school and went straight to his room to have some privacy. He didn't wait long to put on his ICSM headset and finally enter the Metropolis, his beloved online world, that was so much better than the real world for him. Also today was a great day he spent a lot of hours to achieve. He managed to get an entrance to the special event of his favorite game.


It was a fantasy MMO game and it made so much fun. The glorious quest he went on and the epic monsters he could slay, that were things he really enjoyed and today he could show the world that he was actual good in something. When his normal avatar appeared in the German Central HUB World he rushed to the teleportation pads, to get a quick transport to the Japanese Central HUB, where the event is being hold.


After he entered the Japanese Central HUB he didn't spend any time to look around or converse with somebody, although he was a big anime and manga fan and this was the birthplace of these mediums, he had no time to lose, so he rushed to the event site.


He could already hear the cheering and the words from the MC, when he finally arrived at the arena. He made his way to the Player Entrance and showed the Guard there his ticket to finally enter the arena. with his first step into the Arena, his normal Avatar changed into his Game Avatar and he checked quickly his inventory if he also didn't forget anything that he prepared especially for this day. Yep he had the high-level magical scrolls in his inventory and quite a bunch of potions, that should help him win this competition.


So he finally stepped out into the combat zone and took in the cheering of the crowd to then shout "I'm the mighty dwarven warrior Thogrim son of Thoram! And I WILL slay this foul beast and save the princess!" he grinned widely and smashed his hammer on his shield and he was ready for this fight.

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Posted 26 November 2016 - 06:11 PM

" I didn't sacrifice my hours of restoration for a wacky chase scene..." *munch* She continue to eat her chips as she continued "...besides...a friend is *munch* waiting for me to play in the arena, so I might as well go"  she stood up, after she fixed her hood she made her way to the arena "I will be waiting for you inside the game *yawn*"


As the girl started to leave, Landon tried to chase after her, finally able to get to the game. Hey wait up, will ya?! He yelled throughout the crowd but soon enough the mysterious girl was nowhere to be found.  However, when looking back Landon couldn't help but notice one very prominent figure.  Going back toward the boy in knight armor he decided to stick with him.


Hey I'm Landon, He introduced himself, Look I understand that you want to help out the authorities, but I don't think we should stick our nose into something dangerous.  However, if you really want to go, I'll help you out. He put out his hand in order to shake hands with the knight. But can you even run in that get up?

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